BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1767


Chapter 1767 – Badly Battered

The headquarters of the Violent Demon Sect was located on the Crossing Mountains. It was a sect that lasted for tens of thousands of years. Although they weren’t a powerful sect, most sects wouldn’t cause them trouble. This was because the Violent Demon Sect never failed to produce an Immortal Expert every generation. This became a guarantee for the survival of the sect. 

Actually, there’s another reason why the Violent Demon Sect was able to pass down their inheritance for so long. And this was their location, the Crossing Mountains. The Crossing Mountains wasn’t a good location. Its spiritual qi density was poor and it doesn’t have a lot of resources. It was considered a bad location.

Because of this, nobody bothered to attack the sect. Big sects wouldn’t bother looking at the sect while smaller sects couldn’t attack a sect with poor resources. Therefore, the Violent Demon Sect was able to survive for a very long time.

However, the current generation of the Violent Demon Sect was discontented of their current state. In their opinion, it was time for the sect to become more powerful. They also needed a bigger territory. They couldn’t always stay in the Crossing Mountains. Therefore, the current generation plans to hug the leg of a powerful sect. So when news about dealing with Zhao Hai spread out, the Sect Master immediately took the sect’s most elite force in order to participate.

But the Sect Master of the Violent Demon Sect wasn’t a fool. He still left behind two Immortal Experts to guard the sect. He also activated the sect’s mountain guarding formation.

Zhao Hai was currently watching the main hall of the Violent Demon Sect. Zhao Hai has no good impressions of the main hall. In fact, he was here to destroy it.

Zhao Hai was also aware that there were two Immortal Experts inside the sect. He only has one chance to strike before he needs to leave. Therefore, Zhao Hai waited for the perfect opportunity to attack.

A day passed, two days, three days. But Zhao Hai didn’t make a move. He was patient while waiting for any holes in the Violent Demon Sect’s defense.

It takes a thousand days to become a thief, but more than a thousand days to prevent a thief. This was true. The various sects used a lot of effort to look for Zhao Hai. But until now, they only found his old hideout. This caused them to begin slacking off. They suspected that Zhao Hai might have already left.

The surrounding sects were now aware of Zhao Hai’s name. This was because Zhao Hai introduced himself when he fought against Mo Guan. And since Mo Guan survived, he naturally revealed everything he knew. Both Zhao Hai’s image and name has been spread out.

Unfortunately, none of them were able to find Zhao Hai. It was naturally impossible for them to be on high alert all the time, so they began to relax. And once they relax, Zhao Hai’s opportunity would arrive.

Mo Yang was an inner disciple of the Violent Demon Sect. He wasn’t very strong. Unlike the majority of Heavenly Demons, Mo Yang was very timid. It was because of this that he was called Mo Yang(Mo Sheep).

Mo Yang didn’t follow the Sect Master to search for Zhao Hai. He stayed in the sect to guard it. However, Mo Yang believed that nothing would happen to the sect.

On this day, Mo Yang was working as usual as he inspected the periphery of the sect. Then he returned to his cave residence to prepare to cultivate. Then at this moment, he suddenly felt a powerful aura coming down on the Violent Demon Sect. Mo Yang was stunned. He immediately went out of his residence. As soon as he went out, he was immediately stunned.

The sky above the main hall has disappeared. Instead, there was an enormous city above him. No mistake, it was an enormous city. How the city appeared was not important at this time, this was because the city was currently falling towards the main hall!

Mo Yang couldn’t even make a sound as the giant city fell into the main hall. Before long, the Violent Demon Sect’s main hall has been flattened into a pancake. All those in the main hall were also crushed.

Right after falling down, the enormous city disappeared. Nobody survived in the main hall. Even those who were inside their cave residences weren’t saved as their cave residences were also crushed.

Naturally, this was Zhao Hai’s doing. Zhao Hai used the people of the Violent Demon Sect to bring a silver needle into the sect’s center. With this, he could appear in the sect’s main hall. However, Zhao Hai didn’t appear personally. Instead, he released Firegod City to slam into the main hall. Then he received Firegod City right after. Nobody would find his traces no matter what.

Just as Zhao Hai received Firegod City, two powerful auras rushed towards the Violent Demon Sect’s main hall. Naturally, they appeared too late.

The two auras wandered around the main hall in anger. Then they expanded their scope of searching, but they still found nothing. This caused them to be even more angry. They searched more frantically but it was no use.

After dealing with the Violent Demon Sect, Zhao Hai turned his attention to the other sects. He already decided that he wouldn’t capture Heavenly Demons in the meantime. He was going to kill as many Heavenly Demons as he could. He wanted to see what else the Heavenly Demons could do to him.

In the next few days, except the Cloud Demon Sect, all sects who participated in the alliance to capture Zhao Hai were attacked to varying degrees. What’s common among these attacks was that there were no living witnesses that survived.

Moreover, the cause of death of these Heavenly Demons were strange. Some of them were burnt to death, some were flattened to paste, while some succumbed to fire poison. There were all kinds of death that the Heavenly Demons could witness.

When the sects who joined the operation heard what happened to their sects, they immediately knew who did it. However, until now, they weren’t able to find Zhao Hai.

Then something happened that caused all the sects to feel a headache. A new type of insect appeared in their sects. These insects were in strange shapes. But all of these insects were very powerful. They have underground nests that could isolate spiritual force. This made them even more difficult to deal with.

Most importantly, these new insects could eat anything. Whether it be medicinal herbs or ores, they were all consumed. As long as it was there, it was eaten. They were like locusts who caused desolation to anything they passed through.

Moreover, these new insects weren’t afraid of death. They only knew to consume and slaughter. Even if they were killed, they would do their hardest to eat their opponent.

Before long, the various sects could no longer sit still. They had to send their troops back to exterminate these insects. Although they managed to beat these insects back to their nests, it became almost impossible to eradicate them all.

Moreover, as they were dealing with these insects, the sects lost a lot of troops. To the surprise of the sects, when their people died and were consumed, the insects became stronger. As the battles proceeded, the sects discovered that the insects were becoming more and more difficult to fight.

Because of this, the sects could no longer focus fully on dealing with Zhao Hai. As they focused more and more on these insects, Zhao Hai was put in the back of their minds.

In contrast to the sects, Zhao Hai was very relaxed and calm in this period of time. While sitting in the Space watching the sects fight, he dealt with groups of Heavenly Demons from time to time. He also captured some of them for the vermillion bird space. As for the Heavenly Demons who were killed, Zhao Hai didn’t bother reviving them. 

The reason Zhao Hai didn’t turn the Heavenly Demons into Undead wasn’t because he respected them. Instead, he wanted to use their deaths to shock the sects.

As Zhao Hai caused endless troubles to the sects, his name slowly became known throughout the Heavenly Demon Realm. The great sects of the realm have no choice but to pay attention to Zhao Hai. 

The great sects of the Heavenly Demon Sect naturally have a lot of Immortal Experts to guard themselves. However, there were also several sects like the Cloud Demon Sect that sent Immortal Experts to deal with Zhao Hai. However, they failed in their plans. Instead, Zhao Hai was able to wound Immortal Experts. This caused the Heavenly Demons to have a headache.

If Immortal Experts couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai, then how do they deal with him? 

However, the Heavenly Demons were also more intent in hunting Zhao Hai down. Firstly, Zhao Hai was a cultivator of the Great World of Cultivation. If Zhao Hai wasn’t removed, then he would be a huge threat to the Heavenly Demon Realm in the future. Secondly, they wanted to kill Zhao Hai for Firegod City.

Mo Guan had no intentions of deceiving people. He said he was wounded by Zhao Hai because he has a formidable artifact. The artifact was a huge city that could injure even Immortal Experts.

Because of this information, the big sects decided to kill Zhao Hai and snatch his artifact. This wasn’t a magic artifact, but a magic treasure instead.

Although magic artifact and magic treasure differ in one word, the meaning became completely different. Magic treasures were believed to only exist in legends. Magic artifacts were what people generally use.

Legend tells about ancient sects having magic treasures. Each of these treasures held earth-shattering power. If a low-level cultivator used a magic treasure, they would be able to defeat cultivators more powerful than them. Because of this, everyone wanted to get their hands on a magic treasure.

Unfortunately, it has been many years since news about magic treasures appeared in the Heavenly Demon Realm. In the end, people regarded these treasures as mere myth. Only a few people believed that they really existed.

Now, Zhao Hai’s Firegod City caused people to immediately think about magic treasures. To confirm their ideas, Zhao Hai needed to die!


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