BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1766


Chapter 1766 – Surrounding

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Mo Guan’s dao avatar continually attacked. Zhao Hai didn’t dare meet the attacks of the enemy. He repeatedly dodged to the side. Mo Guan’s attacks caused violent explosions which explained the sounds.

Zhao Hai was very fast and he also used the Cosmos Technique. This movement technique was truly a high-rank Buddhist Technique. Under Mo Guan’s endless attacks, Zhao Hai was able to dodge every time.

Seeing that he kept missing Zhao Hai, Mo Guan was angered. He roared as his dao avatar reduced in size. But at the same time, it looked more solid. Finally, it became the same size as Zhao Hai’s dao avatar. At this moment, Mo Guan’s dao avatar already looked like a real being. It looks like it wasn’t a dao avatar at all.

When Mo Guan’s dao avatar shrank, its speed also increased. Its strength was also greater than before. The explosions that were once rumbles were now full-blown explosions.

Zhao Hai’s expression couldn’t help but change when he saw this. He hid his dao avatar as he kept dodging the attacks. However, Zhao Hai’s hands weren’t idle. He also sent attacks towards Mo Guan.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s actions, Mo Guan couldn’t help but sneer. Without his dao avatar, Zhao Hai was now smaller. However, this also meant that his defenses were much weaker. Once he was hit, that would be over for him.

Moreover, without his dao avatar, Zhao Hai’s supply of spiritual qi was smaller. He wouldn’t be able to last in battle for long. In this case, it would be more difficult for Zhao Hai to defeat Mo Guan.

Zhao Hai was also aware of his present situation. His expression was difficult to look at. Then a stone stamp appeared in his hand. Zhao Hai threw the stamp over and before long a huge city came out of the stamp. The city proceeded to fall towards Mo Guan.

Mo Guan paid close attention to Zhao Hai’s actions. Seeing Zhao Hai take out a stamp, he immediately became vigilant. He knew that whatever Zhao Hai takes out at this time wouldn’t be simple.

While Mo Guan was being vigilant, he suddenly saw a huge city crashing down on him. Mo Guan’s expression changed. Then he quickly dodged to the side.

But this time, the city suddenly became bigger. Then the city ignited with sky-high flames. Mo Guan has no other way other than to defend.

Boom! A loud sound was heard as Mo Guan’s dao avatar shook. It looked as if the dao avatar would shatter at any time. Mo Guan’s face paled, he looked at Zhao Hai with an expression of fear.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect Firegod City to be this formidable. It was able to cause an Immortal-stage Heavenly Demon to pale upon blocking it. It must be known that this wasn’t the full-strength blow of the city.

But upon seeing that Firegod City was effective, Zhao Hai no longer held back. He planned to drop Firegod City once more. At the same time, he sighed in secret. He lamented his low strength. If he was strong, then he could decompose Firegod City and then create more of them using the Space. When that happens, let alone Mo Guan, even if he was against the entire Cloud Demon Sect or all of the Heavenly Demon Realm, he could just drop Firegod Cities on top of them.

Mo Guan paled as he blocked Zhao Hai’s attacks. At the same time, he retreated. Naturally, Zhao Hai chased after him, using Firegod City to attack him one more time.

Mo Guan’s retreat was very fast. At the same time, he defended with all of his strength. Boom! Boom! Boom! Zhao Hai attacked Mo Guan again and again. Mo Guan wasn’t able to dodge, so he could only repeatedly defend against the attacks.

After three consecutive attacks, Mo Guan’s dao avatar was on the verge of being destroyed. Mo Guan had a trickle of blood coming out of his mouth. Then at this moment, Zhao Hai felt another powerful aura coming from the Cloud Demon Sect. Zhao Hai estimated that it would be impossible for him to deal with Mo Guan before that Immortal Expert arrived. If he stayed, then he would be under the attack of two Immortal Experts. Then he would be in greater danger.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai immediately received Firegod City as well as the vermillion bird stamp. He looked at Mo Guan and then coldly snorted as he said, “I’ll let you off this time. We will meet again.” After he said that, he retreated and then disappeared a distance away from Mo Guan. Although Mo Guan wanted to chase, he suddenly felt a burst of pain from his meridians. He knew that he had been injured, so he calmed his spiritual qi down. He has no choice other than to look at Zhao Hai leaving.

Mo Guan was so angry that he gritted his teeth. But there was nothing he could do. After a while, a figure appeared next to him. The man looked at Mo Guan and said, “Second, how are you? You look like you’re injured.”

Mo Guan looked at the man and said, “First Brother, fortunately you arrived quickly. Otherwise, you won’t be seeing me today.”

The First Brother’s expression couldn’t help but change. Then he said, “What happened? Is it a powerhouse from the Great World of Cultivation? From what the other sects said, although the people that the Great World of Cultivation sent were strong, they weren’t a threat. How could they injure you?”

Mo Guan smiled bitterly and said, “That person is different from the rest of them. He has a formidable artifact that looks like a huge city. It is tough and very powerful. I can only block three attacks from it with my strength. If he didn’t sense that you were coming, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to survive.”

The First Brother replied, “We cannot let him survive for long. It would be bad for the Heavenly Demon Realm if he stays alive. I think we should report this matter and let the other sects make a unified effort with us to deal with him. We can allow the other people from the Great World of Cultivation to go. But we cannot let this person to escape.”

Mo Guan nodded and said, “He cannot live.” The First Brother nodded and then took Mo Guan back to the Cloud Demon Sect.

Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space looking at the conversation between the two. Hearing them, Zhao Hai snorted and said, “The Cloud Demon Sect hasn’t learned their lesson. I won’t hold back next time.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “We cannot let the Cloud Demon Sect to take a breather. But if they really group up to deal with you, then I think it would be better for you to stay inside the Space.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I don’t think so. The more I go out, the more they want to surround me. And they need people to surround and suppress me. If that happens, I would appear in their sects and loot it. I have to cause great disturbance to the sects of the Heavenly Demon Realm.”

Julie, who rarely spoke, Smiled faintly and said, “Brother Hai, if you want, you can unleash a few Bug Mother Nests. That would be enough to cause them some trouble.”

Hearing Julie, Zhao Hai’s eyes shone as he said, “That’s a great idea. The dark element energy in the Heavenly Demon Realm is just suited for the Bug Race. Alright, we’ll put some mother nests here.”

Juli smiled faintly and said, “Let them absorb some genes of the Heavenly Demon Race. Then they would be more difficult to deal with.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Good. Cai’er, immediately make the preparations. We won’t release too many, five mother nests are enough.’ Cai’er nodded.

Zhao Hai relaxed in the next few days. He didn’t attack the Cloud Demon Sect. This was because the sect’s defenses had increased. Several Immortal Experts were paying attention to the entire sect. Zhao Hai wasn’t able to find any opportunity to go out.

And because Mo Guan was able to come back alive, it became known that Zhao Hai had acquired a flying iron centipede. Therefore, all of the sect’s flying iron centipedes had been grounded. Mo Lihe becoming a traitor to the sect has also been reported. So if Zhao Hai wanted to raid the Cloud Demon Sect, then he would have to use the Space.

However, Zhao Hai has no plans to use the Space too much. These Immortal Experts were too strong. If they discover the Space, then that would be bad news.

Because of the Cloud Demon Sect’s increased vigilance, Zhao Hai could only stay inside the Space. He put a temporary stop to his plans of raiding the sect.

But this doesn’t mean that Zhao Hai had been idle. He used this time to monitor the other sects around the Cloud Demon Sect. This was because Zhao Hai knew that Mo Guan and the others would definitely invite more experts of the Heavenly Demon Realm. Their plan of surrounding Zhao Hai wasn’t just talk. There would definitely be an accompanying action.

Sure enough, the sects around the Cloud Demon Sect sent a large army to surround the place where Zhao Hai and Mo Guan fought. At the same time, they carried out a carpet search on all places that they suspected Zhao Hai would be.

The Cloud Demon Sect was also coordinating with other sects to search the borders. The cave that Zhao Hai hid inside before has also been found.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. He knows that the moment he appears, the sects would immediately surround him. The surrounding sects have already been mapped by the Space. Once he made sure that he was clear, he would immediately attack.

Now that the surrounding sects have sent their troops to the Cloud Demon Sect, Zhao Hai decided that it was time to move. His first target was the sect northeast of the Cloud Demon Sect. This sect was a bit worse in strength compared to the Cloud Demon Sect. Zhao Hai doesn’t know if the sect has any Immortal Experts or not. He just knew that he would be safer if he attacked this sect.

The sect that Zhao Hai decided to attack was known as the Violent Demon Sect. The Violent Demon Sect has been very receptive of the news. The Sect Master personally led the experts of the sect to participate. Because of this, there weren’t many experts left in the sect. It was because of this that Zhao Hai chose this sect. From the conversations he heard, there were two Immortal Experts left behind to guard the sect.

 However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about this. He just wanted to attack the sect one time and then leave. He wouldn’t give the Violent Demon Sect any chance to attack.

Naturally, this time, he could only depend on the Space. But since he doesn’t have to face any Immortal Experts, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. Zhao Hai was also preparing to put a mother nest in the Violent Demon Sect. These bugs would be a headache to the sect.

The Violent Demon Sect could only be regarded as a lower middle grade sect. Any treasures of the Heavenly Demon Realm wouldn’t fall into the hands of such a sect. It was because of this that the sect was so eager to participate in surrounding Zhao Hai. They were hoping to get benefits from this operation.

In the mind of the Sect Master, if they perform well during this operation, then those big sects would take notice of them. The Sect Master knew that they couldn’t contend against those large sects. It was good enough that they entered the eyes of those sects. It would be great if they gain a backing from this operation. Therefore, this operation was very important for the sect.

It wasn’t easy for a small sect to survive in the Heavenly Demon Realm. They could be destroyed by the large sects at any time. But if they find a large sect that could support them, then they wouldn’t need to worry about their survival. For a small sect, being subordinated to a large sect wasn’t a loss of face. It was a strategy for survival.

But at the same time, the Violent Demon Sect weren’t fools. From the information they received, it seems like the Cloud Demon Sect suffered a huge loss under Zhao Hai. This was the reason they wanted to act with the other sects to deal with Zhao Hai. Although the Sect Master also wanted to capture Zhao Hai and get his secrets, he didn’t want to steal a chicken but instead lose the rice.

Although the Sect Master took away most of the sect’s experts, he still left two Immortal Stage Elders to guard the sect. No matter what happens to the sect, the two Elders could still react immediately. If Zhao Hai dared to cause trouble in their sect, those two elders would be able to deal with him. Even if they cannot deal with Zhao Hai, they could still hold him back with enough time for the others to arrive.

Naturally, this was just the Violent Demon Sect’s idea. They didn’t know Zhao Hai’s true capabilities. In Zhao Hai’s eyes, the Violent Demon Sect was a fat piece of meat, waiting for him to take a huge bite out of.

After his previous raid of the Cloud Demon Sect, the ratio between male and female Heavenly Demons inside the vermillion bird space has reached a normal ratio. So even if he no longer captured Heavenly Demons, the vermillion bird space would still form a civilization before long.

Last time when he fought against Mo Guan, Zhao Hai transferred the Heavenly Demons of Firegod City to the Space. Although the faith power of the Heavenly Demons could provide a huge boost to Firegod City, they would also suffer losses if used to fight against an Immortal Expert. Zhao Hai didn’t want to sacrifice the Heavenly Demons, so he transferred them out before he fought.


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