BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1765


Chapter 1765 – Clashing With An Immortal-stage Expert

Zhao Hai calmly controlled the flying iron centipede to fly forward. The centipede was flying at its fastest speed. Now the centipede was no longer swinging like a snake, it was flying like a sharp arrow.

Mo Guan stared straight ahead of him with a calm face. However, his heart wasn’t calm at all. As the Supreme Elder of the Cloud Demon Sect, Mo Guan hasn’t made a move for many years. This was his first action after a long time.

Mo Guan didn’t expect a cultivator from the Great World of Cultivation to cause this much trouble in the Heavenly Demon Realm. When this cultivator caused trouble in the Cloud Demon Sect, Mo Guan didn’t care about it at that time. He has lived for thousands of years and has experienced a lot of things. He knew that the juniors of the Great World of Cultivation would undergo a trial in the Heavenly Demon Realm. Because of this, he was used to ignoring this matter.

As Zhao Hai’s actions became bigger and bigger, Mo Guan began to think that something wasn’t right. Finally, once Mo Lihe was reported to have fallen, Mo Guan treated the matter seriously.

Mo Guan didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so courageous. He actually attacked the Cloud Demon Sect.

While he was thinking about this, he used his spiritual force to scan the entire Cloud Demon Sect. He found a flying iron centipede that was capturing female Heavenly Demons. He felt that this was Zhao Hai, so he ran after him immediately.

However, Mo Guan didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s flying iron centipede to be so fast. But this also cemented his plan to completely destroy Zhao Hai. In addition to the flying iron centipede, Mo Guan also sensed several Heavenly Demons serving Zhao Hai. And among those Heavenly Demons was Mo Lihe.

He certainly knew what it meant for a Heavenly Demon to serve a human. The Heavenly Demon has fully surrendered. This wasn’t good news for him.

It has been years since a Heavenly Demon surrendered to a cultivator. If other sects knew that the disciples of the Cloud Demon Sect surrendered to a cultivator, then the reputation of the sect would be dragged to the mud. Everyone would look down on the Cloud Demon Sect. Moreover, among those who surrendered was an expert on Mo Lihe’s level.

Naturally, there’s another point that Mo Guan thought about, and that was Zhao Hai used a technique to subdue the Heavenly Demons. If this was the case, then Zhao Hai was even more dangerous. He was the enemy of the entire Heavenly Demon Race. If Zhao Hai has a technique to subdue Heavenly Demons, then he would be able to dominate the Heavenly Demon Realm. 

Mo Guan also got news from the top figures of the Heavenly Demon Realm about the invaders of the Great Demon Realm. Their plan had always been to send their younger generations to fight the invaders. This way, they would gain experience in fighting the cultivators.

But this time, the top figures of the Heavenly Demon Realm decided to wipe out all the cultivators from the Great World of Cultivation. This was certainly unusual. It can be said that the Heavenly Demon Realm was planning to make a huge move against the Great World of Cultivation. 

If Mo Guan’s guess was right, then this meant that the Heavenly Demon Realm and the Great Realm of Cultivation would have a large war. If the Great World of Cultivation has this technique in their hands, then they would be able to subdue Heavenly Demons on a large scale. This would doom the entire Heavenly Demon Race.

Because of this, Mo Guan decided to chase Zhao Hai no matter what. He would kill Zhao Hai and search his soul to see whether there was indeed a technique to subdue Heavenly Demons.

Zhao Hai was now in a very serene state. He knew that in a few minutes, Mo Guan would be able to catch up to him. Zhao Hai has now chosen a direction to go to, which was the buffer zone between the Cloud Demon Sect and another sect. Usually, nobody would be there, so even if he and Mo Guan turned the place upside-down, nobody would notice.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived at the place he chose. As soon as he arrived, Zhao Hai waved his hand and received the flying iron centipede. Zhao Hai stood in the air as he looked at Mo Guan who was fast approaching.

Seeing the flying iron centipede disappear, Mo Guan was stunned. However, he didn’t stop until he was a hundred meters away from Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at Mo Guan with a calm expression. Then he smiled faintly and said, “This one is Zhao Hai. You must be the Supreme Elder of the Cloud Demon Sect. Forgive me for being rude.”

Seeing Zhao Hai being polite, Mo Guan couldn’t help but be stunned. Then his expression changed as he coldly snorted and said, “Don’t get familiar with me, Zhao Hai. You dare run wild in our Cloud Demon Sect. I’ll make sure that you suffer a bad end today!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Elder, the Great World of Cultivation and the Heavenly Demon Realm share a great enmity. Even if I didn’t do anything, the Cloud Demon Sect still wouldn’t let me go. Saying such things is useless. If you want my life, then take it.”

Mo Guan sneered, “Kid, you’re too arrogant for your level of strength. This world has a lot of people who are stronger than you. Today I’ll make you experience the gap in our strength!” Then he waved his hand as he sent a large palm towards Zhao Hai.

Seeing this palm, Zhao Hai’s expression changed. Although palm attacks were among the most common attacks that cultivators use, Zhao Hai could feel how strong this particular palm was.

Zhao Hai immediately slashed the palm with his sword. Zhao Hai used the Brightsword technique this time. The Brightsword Technique sent very quick swords towards the enemy. The faster the swords, the more powerful the technique was.

The Brightsword Technique was indeed very quick and its offensive strength wasn’t any inferior to other techniques. The Brightsword Technique was like a machine gun as it sent sword after sword. But in terms of strength during long ranged combat, the technique wasn’t comparable to cannons. Therefore, Zhao Hai rarely used this technique.

But now, Zhao Hai was more inclined to use it. After successive increases in strength, the Brightsword Technique was now quite good. Additionally, with Zhao Hai’s recent acquisition of tribulation lightning, the sword qi sent by the technique carried the might of the tribulation lightning. Therefore, although Zhao Hai didn’t use all of his strength, his counter-attack was still very strong.

Moreover, as Zhao Hai released sword qi, his body also retreated. So the amount of sword qi heading towards Mo Guan’s palm kept increasing.

It took more than 50 sword qi before Zhao Hai defeated Mo Guan’s palm. Mo Guan couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw this. He could clearly feel that Zhao Hai was just at the transcending tribulation stage. But he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have such strength. It was practically impossible for a transcending tribulation expert to defeat his palm attack.

Mo Guan coldly snorted and said, “I admit you have skill. No wonder you’re able to deal with Mo Lihe. However, you’ll have to die today!” After he said that, Mo Guan clenched his fist and sent a punch towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai could feel the intense amount of energy coming towards him.

Seeing Mo Guan’s fist attack, Zhao Hai immediately released his dao avatar. The upper half of the avatar moved and released all kinds of abilities to counter Mo Guan’s fist.

Boom! The fist qi and Zhao Hai’s attacks collided with each other. The demon fist qi immediately vanished. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s attack still has some leftover strength which went towards Mo Guan.

Mo Guan’s expression changed. Then he coldly snorted and released a burst of energy, which erased the residual energy of Zhao Hai’s attack. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Good, but this ends here!” Mo Guan roared and then a huge dao avatar appeared behind his body.

The dao avatar was enormous, about ten times larger than Zhao Hai’s dao avatar. When the dao avatar appeared, it immediately clawed Zhao Hai. With its size, it looks as if it was just picking up an apple.

Zhao Hai immediately reacted. All of the arms of the dao avatar faced upwards and then released a combined energy attack to meet the claw that was coming towards him.

Bang! There was a loud noise, then Zhao Hai’s dao avatar swayed a couple of times. Zhao Hai’s complexion changed. Mo Guan’s attack exceeded his expectations. He didn’t expect an Immortal Expert’s attack to be so terrifying. His previous estimates were wrong. He thought that his full-strength attack was comparable to an Immortal Stage Expert. However, he realized that he was mistaken.

Actually, Zhao Hai’s thinking was wrong. His guess was right. His combined energy attack was indeed comparable to an Immortal Stage Expert. However, Mo Guan wasn’t an ordinary Immortal Stage Expert.

In fact, Mo Guan was on the top level of Immortal Experts in the Cloud Demon Sect. His attacks weren’t simple. Even most Immortal Experts wouldn’t be able to block it. For Zhao Hai to be able to disperse the attack was truly a surprise.

But at the same time, this result also reinforced Mo Guan’s intention of killing Zhao Hai. This time, his left claw attacked. His eyes were now red. It seemed like he wouldn’t stop until Zhao Hai was killed.


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