BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1764


Chapter 1764 – Pursuit of an Immortal Expert

Zhao Hai had a calm expression as he looked at the screen. He was only looking at the Cloud Demon Sect’s vicinity. As for the inner parts of the sect, Zhao Hai didn’t dare probe too deeply.

Zhao Hai already learned about the situation of the Cloud Demon Sect from Mo Lihe and the others. Armed with this information, Zhao Hai was now more informed about the condition of the sect. This time, Zhao Hai’s target was the Cloud Demon Sect’s medicine garden.

The Heavenly Demon Sect also has medicine gardens. No matter where, sects need pills, the Cloud Demon Sect was the same. Although Heavenly Demons have formidable bodies, they would be at a disadvantage without the help of pills.

The reason why Zhao Hai chose the medicine garden was because it wasn’t in the inner parts of the sect. Moreover, the people sent by the Cloud Demon Sect to take care of the medicinal herbs were female Heavenly Demons.

Zhao Hai already has a lot of male Heavenly Demons. Just inside Mo Lihe’s flying iron centipede were several thousand male Heavenly Demons. Counting the Heavenly Demons captured before, Zhao Hai now had about ten thousand Heavenly Demons. All of which were male.

Therefore, Zhao Hai urgently needed female Heavenly Demons if he wanted the vermillion bird space to thrive in the future. Therefore, Zhao Hai chose to attack the medicine garden. The medicine garden was quite a distance away from the core of the sect. Even if the Immortal Expert of the Cloud Demon Sect were to head over, it would still require them some time to arrive.

Zhao Hai has yet to begin his move. This was because the Sect Master of the Cloud Demon Sect is still en route to the place Mo Lihe fought it. Once they arrive, Zhao Hai would begin his move.

Laura and the others were also looking at the screen. They knew that the Cloud Demon Sect has an Immortal Expert. With Zhao Hai’s present strength, he still couldn’t fight against an Immortal Expert. If he sees an Immortal Expert, he could only run away.

At this time, Cai’er said, “Young Master, it’s time.”

Zhao Hai understood what Cai’er meant. The Sect Master of the Cloud Demon Sect was about to arrive at the place where he and Mo Lihe fought. In an instant, Zhao Hai appeared outside. The place he appeared was a place near the medicine garden. Beside him was a flying iron centipede.

The flying iron centipede was a status symbol in the Cloud Demon Sect. Besides the top core disciples, only the elders and the Sect Master have one.

Because of this, as long as Zhao Hai uses the flying iron centipede, he would be able to go anywhere besides forbidden areas. 

Zhao Hai entered the flying iron centipede and then controlled it to fly towards the medicine garden. Before long, he was outside the garden.

The medicine garden had quite some people inside, but it wasn’t lively. Besides those who plant and manage the herbs, other Heavenly Demons rarely came here. Once in a while, female Heavenly Demons would come and collect medicinal materials to be sent back to the sect. Additionally, because the sect was afraid of people coming over to steal herbs, those without permission couldn’t come to the medicinal garden.

Naturally, elders were an exception, especially elders on flying iron centipedes. Owners of flying iron centipedes had extraordinary status. They naturally had the qualifications to enter the medicinal garden.

Zhao Hai already investigated the inside and outside of the medicine garden. He knew that there’s no threat present inside the garden. As long as he takes action, nobody would be able to escape.

Flying iron centipedes are fast, but Zhao Hai didn’t use the centipede’s maximum speed. He just flew forward slowly and leisurely. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Showing little vigilance.

However, the huge flying iron centipede attracted the attention of those in the medicine garden. Seeing the flying iron centipede, the female Heavenly Demons bowed their heads. They didn’t dare interrogate the person inside the centipede. Among the Heavenly Demons, divisions were strictly enforced. If you disrespect someone with a higher status than you, then you might be killed.

Female Heavenly Demons didn’t have as high of a status in the Heavenly Demon Realm compared to their male counterparts. None of them dared to stop the flying iron centipede.

Before long, Zhao Hai was on top of the medicine garden. He also sealed the transmission formation of the medicine garden. The flying iron centipede looked like a large dragon as it floated in the sky. The female Heavenly Demons bowed deeply, their hearts somewhat uneasy. They didn’t know why this elder came over.

At this time, a female Heavenly Demon discovered a large opening on the centipede. Soon after, large numbers of Heavenly Demons came out and charged towards them. Before they understood what was happening, most of them were already captured.

The female Heavenly Demons were somewhat stunned. They don’t know what was going on. They even forgot to resist. At the same time, Zhao Hai sent out Mo Lihe and the others to uproot the entire medicine garden to be sent to the Space.

The entire process went by very fast. The female Heavenly Demons simply didn’t rebel.

However, there were only more than a thousand female Heavenly Demons in the medicine garden. Zhao Hai still needed to capture more female Heavenly Demons. The vermillion bird space could accommodate hundreds of thousands of people. Zhao Hai can capture as many Heavenly Demons as he can.

After sweeping this medicine garden, Zhao Hai went to the next. With the Cloud Demon Sect’s large domain, it was impossible for there to be only one medicine garden. The sect has more than 100 large and small medicine gardens.

Before long, Zhao Hai swept through five medicine gardens. But at this time, something went wrong. Just as Zhao Hai was sweeping his fifth medicine garden, a female Heavenly Demon who went to hand over the medicinal herbs found that she couldn’t use the transmission formation to return. Zhao Hai sealed the transmission formations. Noticing something strange, the female Heavenly Demon reported the situation. The Cloud Demon Sect immediately sent people to check. As it turns out, the entire medicinal garden was gone, including the female Heavenly Demons. 

The scout immediately reported back to the sect, causing the sect to shake. It must be known that although medicine gardens weren’t located in the core of the sect, they were part of the foundations of the sect. If something happened to them, the Cloud Demon Sect would be affected. The sect immediately sent a message to the Sect Master.

After receiving the information, the Sect Master’s complexion changed. He turned to the Supreme Elder and said, “Supreme Elder, something happened back in the sect. Medicinal gardens have disappeared along with the disciples in them. We have lost a lot of precious herbs.”

The Supreme Elder wasn’t stupid, as soon as he heard the Sect Master, his expression also changed as he said, “Someone attacked the sect? Could it be him?”

The ‘him’ that the Supreme Elder pointed to was naturally Zhao Hai. The Sect Master replied, “I’m unable to confirm it. However, we need to go back and look. If it is really him, then his attack on Mo Lihe is surely intentional.”

The Supreme Elder gave a heavy nod as he said, “Alright, if it is really him, then his actions are deliberate. He wanted to shift our attention.” The Sect Master nodded. They returned to the flying iron centipede and rushed back to the sect.

Zhao Hai was also aware that he had been discovered. However, since the Cloud Demon Sect has yet to arrive, he swept through two more medicinal gardens. As he was about to attack the eight, he felt an overbearing aura coming down on him. Zhao Hai was stunned, then his expression changed. He knew that the powerhouses of the Cloud Demon Sect had arrived.

Zhao Hai knew that he was in danger. He used his quickest speed to capture the female Heavenly Demons and the medicinal garden. Then he used the flying iron centipede to run. He noticed a spiritual force locking onto him. If he escaped using the Space, then the other party would surely discover him. So instead of teleporting, Zhao Hai used the flying iron centipede to run away.

The Immortal Expert of the Cloud Demon Sect also discovered Zhao Hai’s escape. He quickly pursued him. Zhao Hai didn’t dare neglect his opponent as he drove the centipede with all of its speed.

It must be known that although both sides were using flying iron centipedes, one of them had a yin-yang lightning pond inside. Zhao Hai’s centipede was faster than the other centipedes.

However, Zhao Hai still underestimated the Immortal Experts’ strength. The Heavenly Demon who was chasing him was able to follow behind. The expert’s speed was beyond Zhao Hai’s expectation. As time went by, he was able to close his distance with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai also felt this, his expression couldn’t help but change. He immediately commanded the Undead of the Space to pour spiritual force into the centipede. Wanting to throw off the immortal expert was merely a dream. However, he could cause the immortal expert to chase him for some time.

Despite his situation, Zhao Hai wasn’t startled. Instead, he said, “Cai’er, calculate how long it would take him to catch up to me. Choose a route that would take me the farthest from the Cloud Demon Sect.” Cai’er nodded and began the calculations.


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