BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1763


Chapter 1763 – Defeating Mo Lihe

Mo Lihe had an ugly complexion as he saw in his flying iron centipede. He didn’t expect the cultivator who stirred up a storm a month ago to reappear. Moreover, he began to capture dozens of Cloud Demon Sect disciples. This was something that he couldn’t forgive.

Mo Lihe couldn’t help but remember the loss of Mo Yu. Mo Yu was Mo Lihe’s most well-regarded disciple. Losing Mo Yu had a huge impact on Mo Lihe. But then Zhao Hai just vanished for a month. Mo Lihe couldn’t find Zhao Hai even if he wanted to.

Zhao Hai’s return enraged Mo Lihe but also made him happy. As soon as he received information, he would immediately fly over. Along with him were his subordinates, including ten transcending tribulation experts.

Just as the flying iron centipede was flying, a blac figure suddenly appeared in its path, causing the centipede to stop.

Mo Lihe immediately got word and he appeared on the centipede’s head. As soon as he looked at what’s in front of him, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath. This was because what he saw was a huge fleet.

There’s no mistake, it was a fleet of 100 ships. Each ship was gigantic. Putting 100 of them in one group was an astonishing sight.

With his great eyesight, Mo Lihe saw a person on the ship in front. It was a cultivator from the Great World of Cultivation. The cultivator had a calm expression on his face. Naturally, the cultivator saw him too. The cultivator smiled faintly and then cupped his fists.

Mo Lihe clenched his teeth in anger as he said, “Tell me your name. This Mo Lihe doesn’t kill nameless people.”

 “Hahahaha” The cultivator laughed. Then he replied, “Zhao Hai has seen Elder Mo Lihe. I heard that Elder has been looking for me recently. However, I’ve been very busy. Forgive me for being disrespectful. I just had the time to accompany the Elder today.”

Mo Lihe coldly snorted and said, “Accompany me, you? A criminal? Tell me, did you kill my disciple Mo Yu?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That’s right.”

Mo Lihe roared, “Zhao Hai, you’re dead. I will smash your body into a thousand pieces!” After he said that, Mo Lihe charged towards Zhao Hai. It was as if he wasn’t fazed by the fleet of ships.

In fact, with Mo Lihe’s strength, he really has no need to care about large artifacts. To him, large artifacts were mere decorations. They weren’t useful against him.

When Mo Lihe charged over, he didn’t release his dao avatar. Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he saw Mo Lihe coming over. Then he also flew out of the Hell King’s Ship and charged towards Mo Lihe.

Mo Lihe didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would dare to clash with him. This caused him to stare for a moment before his eyes lit up. Although Mo Lihe wasn’t afraid of large artifacts, he would have to break through them to get to Zhao Hai. He might not care about them, but it was annoying. Zhao Hai rushing over just saved Mo Lihe a lot of trouble.

The two quickly approached each other. When they were very close to each other, Mo Lihe roared as he clawed towards Zhao Hai. At the same time, Zhao Hai raised his fists. The two quickly went into a brawl.

Heavenly Demons were very good at close-combat. And with their lifestyle, their bodies were much stronger compared to cultivators. Because of this, close-combat became their strongest point.

However, Mo Lihe quickly discovered that he wasn’t able to capitalize on his advantages against Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was also very strong, he was able to properly clash with Mo Lihe.

This greatly surprised Mo Lihe. He didn’t expect the Great World of Cultivation to send such an expert to the Heavenly Demon Realm. If this was the case, the Heavenly Demon Realm wouldn’t be in a good situation. Now he knew that Mo Yu’s demise wasn’t unjust.

At the same time, Mo Lihe expressed his killing intent. In his mind, such an expert cannot return to the Great World of Cultivation. He was a threat to the Heavenly Demon Realm.

The battle between the two was very intense. The other Cloud Demon Sect experts weren’t able to help Mo Lihe. 

As Zhao Hai and Mo Lihe were fighting, Zhao Hai’s fleet attacked Mo Lihe’s flying iron centipede. The Heavenly Demons that Mo Lihe brought with him could only fight the incoming large artifacts.

In the beginning, the Cloud Demon Sect’s experts didn’t treat the large artifacts seriously. This was because transcending tribulation experts could easily deal with large artifacts.

However, they soon found out that things weren’t as easy as they thought. The large artifacts weren’t ordinary. They weren’t afraid of attacks from transcending tribulation experts.

The large artifacts were very fierce. At most, the attacks of the transcending tribulation experts would slow the large artifacts down. Now being able to deal with the large artifacts was a shock to the experts of the Cloud Demon Sect. They couldn’t understand how such large artifacts could be so strong.

Actually, these large artifacts weren’t strong in the beginning. But since Zhao Hai condensed his demon god and combined his good and evil sides, the large artifacts became more powerful.

The reason for this change was the transformation of the yin-yang lighting ponds. The yin-yang lightning ponds were sourced from the pond below Zhao Hai’s dao lotus. With Zhao Hai’s increase in strength, the dao lotus became more powerful which in turn increased the potency of the yin-yang lightning ponds. 

The large artifacts swarmed around the flying iron centipede nonstop, giving the transcending tribulation experts a hard time. At this time, Cai’er and the others took control of the large artifacts. Moreover, the transcending tribulation experts inside the Space have been released. It didn’t matter whether they be Undead or Heavenly Demons, they were all sent out.

Zhao Hai has a lot of transcending tribulation experts in the Space. However, the majority of them were Undead and Heavenly Demons. Seeing these experts come out, the Cloud Demon Sect’s experts were stunned. Before long, the flying iron centipede was overwhelmed and then sent to the Space.

Once the flying iron centipede was sent to the Space, the experts went towards Zhao Hai and Mo Lihe.

Although Mo Lihe was fighting with Zhao Hai, he was also paying attention to the battlefield. He didn’t think that his subordinates would be defeated. And with him being entangled with Zhao Hai, there was no way for him to head over and help. In the end, he could only look helplessly as his subordinates were eliminated.

Actually, the Heavenly Demons were still alive when they were sent to the Space. Naturally, those demons who resisted too violently were killed.

Also, seeing Mo Yu attacking his people caused Mo Lihe to be enraged. He thought that Mo Yu had been killed. He didn’t expect Mo Yu to submit to Zhao Hai. This was a huge blow to Mo Lihe.

Heavenly Demons were warlike beings. At the same time, they regarded surrender after defeat as a shameful thing. Because of this, after so many years of sending people over, the Great World of Cultivation only subdued a very few number of Heavenly Demons. Similarly, most of the Heavenly Demons who surrendered to Zhao Hai were subdued by the Space. Those who surrendered to Zhao Hai on their own volition were very small.

Being who he was, Mo Lihe looked down on Heavenly Demons who surrendered. But he didn’t expect his own disciple to surrender. Moreover, he surrendered to a human cultivator. This was very hard for Mo Lihe to accept.

At this moment, Zhao Hai no longer held back and had the other transcending tribulation experts make a move. This caused Mo Lihe to be on the defensive side. This caused him to release his dao avatar. However, Zhao Hai didn’t allow him the opportunity. Zhao Hai also released his dao avatar. Then with the thousand-hand guanyin, he struck Mo Lihe down. With everyone attacking him, Mo Lihe was severely wounded. Then he was sent to the Space to be subdued and then healed.

Zhao Hai’s goal was also considered to be achieved. He wanted to deal with one powerful expert of the Cloud Demon Sect to rattle them. Then the sect would send more experts to chase him down. Once they were busy, he would immediately attack the sect’s headquarters.

His plan has been successful. Not only was Zhao Hai successful in his plan, he also gained more transcending tribulation experts as well the flying iron centipede. Later on, he would have more types of large artifacts he could refine.

After dealing with Mo Lihe, Zhao Hai immediately left the area after erasing some of his traces. He left behind the chaotic energy produced by the battle. This way, the sect would send more experts out.

Zhao Hai knew that his last blow had reached the level of a half-step Immortal Expert. The Cloud Demon Sect doesn’t have a lot of such experts. Therefore, if the sect wanted to deal with him, then not only would they need to send more half-step immortal experts, they would also invite their immortal stage elder to take action. Once this happens, Zhao Hai would have his chance.

And just as Zhao Hai thought, the battle between Zhao Hai and Mo Li wasn’t small, so the Cloud Demon Sect sent experts to inspect the scene. The results were then sent back to the sect. The Sect Master of the Cloud Demon Sect had to ask their Supreme Elder to deal with this matter. 

A half-step immortal expert being killed was a huge matter. If the Great World of Cultivation sent a half-step immortal expert to the Heavenly Demon Sect to cause trouble, then the Cloud Demon Sect would suffer greatly. The strength of the sect would be greatly damaged. It might even risk the sect being annexed by another sect in the future.

One shouldn’t think that the Heavenly Demon Realm was a unified entity. This was impossible. Like the Great World of Cultivation, the Heavenly Demon Realm also had an uncountable number of sects. And with how brutal Heavenly Demons were, the worries of the Cloud Demon Sect wasn’t unwarranted. If they dared to ignore Zhao Hai’s threat, then they would be gambling on the sect’s rise and fall.

After receiving the report, the Cloud Demon Sect immediately sent more than ten flying iron centipedes led by the sect master. The Immortal Stage Supreme Elder was also among the congregation. All of them were heading towards the place where Zhao Hai and Mo Li fought.

When the flying iron centipedes arrived, the Sect Master and the Supreme Elder of the Cloud Demon Sect walked out. The appearance of the two were closer to a human. The Sect Master looked quite similar to Mo Lihe. He has a horn on his forehead and he wore a black robe. Besides his dark blue skin, all of his other aspects were similar to humans.

As for the Cloud Demon Sect’s Supreme Elder, he looked even more like a human. Besides the horn on his head, he didn’t have any difference compared to a human. Moreover, his horn was much shorter compared to the other Heavenly Demons.

As the two flew out of the flying iron centipede, the Supreme Elder of the Cloud Demon Sect felt the surrounding qi. Then he said, “It’s indeed an expert. His final strike should have utilized his dao avatar. Mo Lihe also used his dao avatar, but he was unable to block the attack. Also, it seems like Mo Lihe wasn’t able to use his complete strength. However, I can feel demonic qi on the attack of that person. Very strange.”

Hearing this, the Sect Master of the Cloud Demon Sect frowned and said, “Elder, how strong is this person? Can I win against him? If he’s too strong, our Cloud Demon Sect would be very unlucky.”

The Supreme Elder nodded and said, “A very strong person. At most, you will be on even grounds against him. Such a person is a threat to our sect if he stays here. Sect Master, do you have any plans?” Although the position of a Supreme Elder was very honored, he generally wouldn’t meddle with the affairs of the sect. The same was also true for the Great World of Cultivation. This was because the job of Supreme Elders was to maintain and increase their strength. The stronger they were, the longer they could live. Therefore, Supreme Elders would leave the sect to the Sect Masters to deal with.

The Cloud Demon Sect’s Sect Leader frowned and said, “This isn’t an easy matter to deal with. That fellow is very slippery. Although I want to ask the Supreme Elder to kill him, we still need to find him. Most importantly, we need the Supreme Elder to stand guard on the headquarters. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to deal with incoming dangers. If that fellow runs to the headquarters to cause trouble, then we wouldn’t have sufficient strength to deal with him.”

The Supreme Elder nodded. At this time, a message bat stopped in front of the Sect Master. Upon receiving the information, the Sect Master’s expression immediately changed.


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