BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1762


Chapter 1762 – A Good and Evil Body

The prompt caused Zhao Hai to stare, then his complexion changed. Before he could react, a burst of white light shone on the dao lotus. Seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that it was too late to stop this. So he couldn’t help but bitterly smile.

After some time, the light vanished. Zhao Hai discovered that the eight trigrams pond below has changed. Vines grew out of the eyes of the yin and yang of the taiji symbol. Then the two vines merged together into a bigger vine which connected to the dao lotus. Above the dao lotus was a person wearing white robes who had black hair. He was fair-skinned and had a dignified buddhist image. However, behind this person was a long jet-black sword. This person looked like Zhao Hai, but his eyes were closed.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment. He thought that the demon god that he created would disappear. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. Just as Zhao Hai felt that it was strange, he suddenly felt something enter his mind’s ocean. Zhao Hai could feel something enter his body, making his body stronger.

At the same time, Zhao Hai felt his spirit becoming clearer and bright. Then information entered his soul, making him understand what was going on.

It turns out that his previous thinking was wrong. Humans have emotions, both good and bad. They were what makes someone human. If a person only has evil emotions left, then they could no longer be human.

Only when good and evil coexist would a Human be full. If Zhao Hai forcefully separated his good and evil sides, then his soul would be split in two.

Fortunately, the Space discovered this, so the two sides were merged. This resulted in the avatar in Zhao Hai’s acupoint. This avatar can be said to be Zhao Hai. In the past, the Space has been suppressing these evil thoughts for Zhao Hai. But now, these evil thoughts can be utilized to increase Zhao Hai’s strength. Zhao Hai can be said to be complete. His cultivation was now at least double compared to before.

What made Zhao Hai happy the most was when he condensed his demon god, he could now use the techniques of the Heavenly Demons. His original 360 dao avatars have been increased to 720.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath as he slowly opened his eyes. His pupils have become darker and more profound. At the same time, his temperament changed, making him seem more ordinary than before!

That’s correct, he has become more ordinary. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but force a smile. Other people’s temperament would become more fierce as they cultivate. On the other hand, his aura became more ordinary as time passed by. He didn’t know what he would turn into once he achieved more progress.

Zhao Hai released his main dao avatar. On the surface, there seems to be no change in the dao avatar. It was still a thousand hand guanyin. But this time, there were more arms connected to the avatar. Moreover, if one looks properly, the arms look more ferocious than before.

At this time, Zhao Hai made his dao avatar turn around. This time, the appearance of the avatar was different. This time, it was a demon avatar with a thousand arms. On each arm were demonic symbols.

Zhao Hai was aware that his dao avatar was now much stronger. At the same time, he has more control over it. He let out a long breath and relaxed.

After checking the changes to his body, Zhao Hai went to the vermillion bird space and called Mo Yu and the others over. Zhao Hai deliberately changed his temperament to that of a demon. Now, he had a cold and demonic energy covering his body, just like a demon.

When Mo Yu and the others appeared in front of Zhao Hai, they were stunned by the demonic aura around him. Then they immediately gave him a bow.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “How are you doing?”

Mo Yu and the others were somewhat trembling as they looked at Zhao Hai. Mo Yu quickly answered, “Thank you for the care, Young Master. We’ve been getting familiar with the place.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s good. After a period of time, I’ll go catch more Heavenly Demons. Later on, Firegod City will be your place of living.” Mo Yu and the others nodded. Zhao Hai gave them a nod before he vanished and returned to the Space.

Zhao Hai revealed his demonic qi in front of Mo Yu and the others to see their response. Sure enough, upon seeing Zhao Hai, Mo Yu and the others were shocked. It seems like Zhao Hai has gained a genuine demonic aura. If they didn’t see Zhao Hai, they might assume that he was a true demon.

Zhao Hai returned to the villa. Laura and the others were still making the scenes for the jade token to record. Meanwhile, the map of the Heavenly Demon Realm became more and more complete as the silver needles traveled the land.

Seeing Laura and the others being busy, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but bitterly smile. Laura and the others were too bored inside the Space. Therefore, their focus was entirely on the scenes to be recorded. Condensing his demon god took about a month of time. Even after such time had passed, Laura and the others were still full of enthusiasm.

Zhao Hai accompanied Laura and the others inside the Space for two days as he looked at the situation outside. Despite searching for nearly a month, Mo Lihe and the others have yet to discover any trail of Zhao Hai. They thought that Zhao Hai had left the area, so the main force returned to the sect leaving behind a small number of people to patrol the area where Zhao Hai fought against Mo Yan’s group. This time, they were just performing a normal patrol and no longer searched under every rock to find Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai was glad to see this. Now that the majority of the Cloud Demon Sect’s people had retreated, he can now begin to act. Firegod City still lacked people inside.

Although Zhao Hai already had Mo Yu and the others inside Firegod City to provide him with faith power, he didn’t want to treat them badly. He regarded them as another race of people inside the Space. He even set up an exchange point in Firegod City, which was no different to other planets in the Space.

However, to populate Firegod City with the Heavenly Demon Race, Mo Yu and the others weren’t enough. He needed more Heavenly Demons, including female ones.

Because of this, Zhao Hai began to take action. After accompanying Laura and the others, Zhao Hai came out of the Space and resumed his hunting of the Cloud Demon Sect.


Mo Zhao was an Inner Disciple of the Cloud Demon Sect. Although his nascent soul stage strength wasn’t remarkable in the sect, he wasn’t weak. He was at the middle power level among the inner disciples.

The Cloud Demon Sect has now returned to its calm since the cultivator was no longer spotted. Now, as long as they perform their regular patrols, they would be fine.

Mo Zhao was now bringing his fellow disciples to patrol the area around Zhao Hai and Mo Yan’s battle. Then suddenly, they heard clashing sounds from the distance. It was clear that some people were fighting. Mo Zhao stared for a moment before he immediately commanded his team to go over.

When Mo Zhao and the others were heading towards the battle, they found two groups fighting. Seeing the dao avatar of one side, Mo Zhao became happy. This was because one side of the battle was using dao avatars of the Great World of Cultivation. He knew that the Cloud Demon Sect had been looking for the cultivator from the Great World of Cultivation. If he reported this to the sect, then he would certainly gain a huge merit.

Thinking of this, Mo Zhao sent out a message bat. Then he commanded his team to use their dao avatars to reinforce their allies in the battle.

But before Mo Zhao could arrive, the dao avatars of both sides suddenly turned and attacked them. These dao avatars were at the transcending tribulation stage. It didn’t take long before Mo Zhao and the others were sent to the vermillion bird space.

The battle was staged by Zhao Hai using his demon avatars and dao avatars. Mo Zhao and the others had no chance to fight back as they were immediately captured. As for the message bat that Mo Zhao sent, Zhao Hai didn’t care. He wanted to use this message bat to inform the Cloud Demon Sect that he has returned.

Mo Zhao wasn’t the first group that Zhao Hai hunted. Before Mo Zhao, Zhao Hai already captured five patrol groups. Zhao Hai wanted to blow this event out of proportion because he has yet to see a female Heavenly Demon. This caused him to be worried.

After asking Mo Yu, Zhao Hai found out that female Heavenly Demons wouldn’t come out of the Cloud Demon Sect. If he wanted to capture female Heavenly Demons, then he would need to attack the sect.

However, the experts in the Cloud Demon Sect were numerous. If Zhao Hai rashly attacked the sect, then he would just be courting death. Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to make noise first to make the Cloud Demon Sect aware of his return. Then he would deal with multiple groups to make the sect send more people. Once the sect deploys most of their powerhouses, Zhao Hai would use the opportunity to enter the sect and capture the female Heavenly Demons. With this, the future population of Firegod City would no longer be an issue.

After dealing with Mo Zhao’s group, Zhao Hai immediately looked for another target. Because he has the Space, looking for a target was very simple. But since Zhao Hai doesn’t want the Cloud Demon Sect to know about his spatial ability, the targets he looked for were those who were nearby. So even if others came to inspect the scene, they wouldn’t be able to find anything strange.


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