BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1761


Chapter 1761 – Condensing A Demon God

The universe had always been composed of positive and negative sides. If there was light, then there would be darkness. If there was yin, there would be yang. If there was good, then there was evil. A cultivator should be able to control his own heart to do whatever he wants. However, there’s no cultivator who could really do all he wants. So in the process of cultivation, calamities would appear and their demons would surface.

Cultivators have a lot of means to deal with their heart’s demon. However, all of these methods were merely suppressing their demon. It was impossible to truly remove one’s demons. The longer they practice, the more their demon accumulates. As they get stronger, their demon will also get stronger. 

Many cultivators think that as their cultivation increases, their heart’s demon would become dormant. However, this wasn’t the case. Because if the demon was suppressed, it would become stronger as time passes.

Cultivators and Heavenly Demons have similarities in their cultivation. However, their cultivation methods were the direct opposite of each other. If cultivators practice good, Heavenly Demons practice evil. 

Although Zhao Hai hasn’t confirmed it, he believed that the reason for the Heavenly Demons’ appearance was their cultivation of their heart’s demon. From the beginning, they regarded themselves as demons. So as they grew up, they became demons.

Zhao Hai was currently sitting on an uninhabited planet inside the Space. He had a calm expression on his face. He was thinking of practicing the cultivation method of the Heavenly Demons and cultivating his heart’s demon.

Cultivators were afraid of their heart’s demon. This was because the heart’s demon was impossible to guard against. Although Zhao Hai has the Space, he has no experience with his heart’s demon. Fortunately, Zhao Hai hasn’t encountered it before, otherwise he would be in danger.

However, after asking Cai’er, Zhao Hai became terrified. This was because his heart’s demon was indeed present, but it was being suppressed by the Space. This was the reason he hadn’t encountered it before.

This also reinforced Zhao Hai’s idea. He needs to solve his heart’s demon as soon as possible. The best method to do this was to make use of it. After greeting Laura and the others, Zhao Hai went to this peaceful planet. If he becomes successful, then he would be able to deal with the threat of the heart’s demon.

Zhao Hai was confident in his success. Because of this Space, he didn’t have to worry about his heart’s demon. And with his 5-element killing formation to protect his soul as well as the various Buddhist Techniques, Zhao Hai was almost certain that he would be able to condense his demon god.

After making preparations, Zhao Hai was ready to search for his inner demon. He relaxed his mind bit by bit and slowly searched for the evil thoughts in his heart.

When Zhao Hai relaxed his mind, he felt that he had entered a golden ocean. Every drop in this ocean was a thought. It was as if he was watching what he’s doing and he was thinking.

It was a wonderful feeling. It was as if he had entered a magical place. This place composed his past and present. Only by one, pictures about his life pass by.

Zhao Hai became addicted to this scene. At this moment, a strange fish appeared on the surface of the ocean. This strange fish had bone armor and looked hideous. Its entire body was black as it swam through the ocean. The fish seemed to be suppressed by something as it had difficulty swimming.

Zhao Hai knew that this fish must be a trace of his evil thoughts. He immediately used his spiritual force to probe into the strange fish. Sensing the spiritual force, instead of hiding, the fish greeted Zhao Hai instead, which surprised him.

Before long, Zhao Hai’s spiritual force got in contact with the strange fish and felt the strange fish meld into his thoughts. Suddenly, Zhao Hai felt uncertain about his actions. He didn’t know if this was good or bad. If he succeeds, then good, but if he fails, then he might form a split personality.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai almost withdrew his spiritual force. As he was about to withdraw, Zhao Hai became startled. This was because he remembered that this kind of thinking belonged to his heart’s demon!

Zhao Hai immediately realized that he was affected by his negative thoughts. The strange fish that he reached out to was a negative emotion, and that was hesitation!

Zhao Hai finally understood the power of the heart’s demon. The heart’s demon’s attacks weren’t from the outside, but the inside. It settles in your mind influencing your actions, causing you to unknowingly do actions you wouldn’t normally do. This was dangerous. If he was fighting someone, and then he suddenly hesitates, the other party would naturally capitalize on the opportunity.

Zhao Hai calmed down as he defended against his thoughts. He turned himself into a bystander to his own thoughts, overlooking everything. At this time, Zhao Hai calmed down. There wasn’t even a trace of emotion in his heart, only the basic form of reason.

The strange fish appeared once more and Zhao Hai began to pressure it slowly. But instead of struggling, the fish changed its shape.

In the end, it had pitch-black hair, snow white skin, blood-red eyes, black clothes, black long blade in its hand, and the appearance and form of Zhao Hai.

This was the demon god that Zhao Hai condensed. Naturally, he wouldn’t doubt the person he admired the most, so he used his own image as his demon god. However, he would not create a demon god with blue skin and fangs, so he created a demon god that looks just like him.

The demon god was very small, but it didn’t matter. As long as Zhao Hai fed this demon god with his evil thoughts, its size would slowly increase.

Zhao Hai’s thoughts moved. Just as he was going to capture the demon god, the demon god’s eyes opened and slashed the spiritual force with the blade in his hands.

Zhao Hai immediately felt that he had turned into the demon god. He could feel his heart’s demon giving him a direction of where all of his evil thoughts were located. Zhao Hai faced a direction and flew towards it. Before long, he saw another black figure, this time it was a snake. With a single slash of his knife, the snake was killed. The snake became energy that blended into the demon god. Zhao Hai could feel the demon god becoming stronger and bigger. This feeling caused Zhao Hai to be intoxicated.

However, Zhao Hai immediately calmed himself down. He knew that he was currently in his heart’s demon, so he needed to control it. 

Zhao Hai calmed down and felt various negative feelings such as rage, killing intent, greed, and many others. Zhao Hai ignored them all as he maintained his calm. Before long, these negative inclinations disappeared as Zhao Hai resumed using his demon god to seek evil thoughts to kill.

It was only now that Zhao Hai discovered how many evil thoughts were inside his mind. As time passed by, Zhao Hai’s demon god got stronger and stronger. Zhao Hai realized that his demon god wanted to destroy these evil thoughts. It wants to absorb these evil thoughts and become stronger. If it was defeated, then it would be the one who would be swallowed. Then the evil thought might be able to break free from the Space’s suppression and possess Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t understand the danger in his own mind until now. The reason why one’s heart’s demon becomes stronger over time was because they had been consuming weaker demons making themselves stronger and stronger.

The reason why it had been easy to absorb the snake from before was because the snake had been suppressed by the Space. Therefore, Zhao Hai was able to easily defeat it.

The more time passes, the more demons Zhao Hai came across, and the more strange their forms became. Zhao Hai still remembered his encounter with a group of corals and sea plants in his mind’s ocean. He could clearly feel that those corals and sea plants were also evil thoughts. And the evil thought was temptation!

As the demon god got stronger and stronger, Zhao Hai became calmer and calmer. Although he can feel that his demon god was stronger now, it was a refreshing feeling. Throughout the process, Zhao Hai didn’t forget his mission, and that was to clear his mind’s ocean of all evil thoughts.

Who knows how long it passed or how many beings Zhao Hai killed, but Zhao Hai suddenly felt his mind becoming very clear. He knew that he succeeded.

Zhao Hai immediately withdrew from the demon god’s body and retrieved his own thoughts. He looked inside him and realized that the avatar in his taizhong acupoint had changed. There were still stars as well as a taiji diagram. The dao lotus was also there. But now, the dao lotus has been divided into two, one white and one black.

On each part of the dao lotus was one avatar. One avatar wore white robes and had silver white hair as it sat on the white dao lotus. It had a dignified aura as though it held all of the mercy in the world.

The other avatar wore black robes. It had black skin and a long dark blade on his knees. Its body exuded an evil aura that was filled with evil intent.

Above these two avatars were spirit cubes which were also white and black. 

Zhao Hai didn’t expect this change. He didn’t expect his demon god to move there.

While Zhao Hai was in a daze, the Space suddenly issued a prompt, “Warning, warning. Two extreme personalities have appeared on the host’s body. Classified as dangerous, might cause a split personality to the host. Emergency measures required. The two personalities needed to be combined!”


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