BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1758


Chapter 1758 – Battle Hall Elder

A giant centipede was flying in the sky. The entire body of the centipede swayed side to side as it moved. It had a hypnotic feeling about it.

The body of the centipede was glowing a metallic blue color. Although the centipede looked flexible, one could see that it was somewhat rigid when moving. This was because it wasn’t a centipede, it was a large artifact of the Cloud Demon Sect, the Flying Iron Centipede.

The Flying Iron Centipede was an enormous artifact. Despite this, it was very agile on the battlefield. This was one of the reasons why it held quite some fame in the Heavenly Demon Realm.

In the midsection of the flying iron centipede was a large room. Inside the room was a huge Heavenly Demon. There were no scales on his skin, but his color was cyan. He had blood red eyes as well as a long beard. He also wore black armor.

This Heavenly Demon was currently looking at the person in front of him with an angry face. Standing opposite was Mo Yan, the Heavenly Demon who searched for Zhao Hai along with Mo Yu.

At this time, this transcending tribulation stage Heavenly Demon was like an elementary school student who had done bad things and was being reprimanded by the teacher.

The large Heavenly Demon looked at Mo Yan and said, “Are you sure that something happened to Little Yu?”

This large Heavenly Demon’s status wasn’t simple. He was a Battle Hall Elder of the Cloud Demon Sect, Elder Mo Lihe. Although he hasn’t reached the Immortal Stage, he was recognized as a half-step Immortal Expert. Being half-step meant that he could reach the Immortal Stage at any time. He’s at the transcending tribulation stage, yet his strength was beyond the rest of his level. Mo Lihe was also Mo Yu’s master.

Mo Yan looked at Mo Lihe in fear, then he respectfully replied, “I’m not sure what to say to Elder. However, we cannot find Junior Brother Mo Yu. Moreover, we detected that the tribulation was very strong. It should be from a very strong cultivator. We’re not sure yet if Junior Brother Mo Yu survived.”

Mo Lihe looked at Mo Yan and said, “Mo Yan, tell me the truth. What do you really think?”

Mo Yan looked at Mo Lihe as he said, “I won’t lie to the Elder. If that transcending tribulation expert was someone from the Great World of Cultivation, then I’m afraid Junior Brother Mo Yu has been unfortunate.”

Mo Lihe’s eyes flashed an ominous light. Mo Yan couldn’t help but tremble as he hastily lowered his head. He was afraid that Mo Lihe would be agitated and dump all of his anger on him. Mo Lihe’s temper was quite famous inside the Sect. 

As the Battle Hall Elder of the Cloud Demon Sect, Mo Lihe was naturally aggressive. Conflicts between sects would always be fronted by the Battle Halls. Mo Li was a very militant elder. The number of Heavenly Demons that fell to his hand couldn’t be counted. Even in the Cloud Demon Sect, a number of people were killed by him. A lot of people become terrified whenever they meet him.

Although Mo Lihe wanted to unleash his rage upon Mo Yan, he knew that Mo Yan had nothing to do with Mo Yu’s disappearance. Mo Yu’s matter was an accident.

However, the way Mo Lihe looked at Mo Yan was still unkind. Finally, he held his emotions back as he waved his hand and said, “Alright, I’ll give you three days. Within three days, you need to find the person from the Great World of Cultivation. If you can’t find him, you will pay!”

Although Mo Yan secretly lamented his bad luck, he didn’t dare disobey Mo Lihe. He could only nod his head as he said, “Rest assured, Elder. I will work hard.” Mo Lihe waved hand. Mo Yan bowed and immediately left.

When Mo Yan left, Mo Lihe slowly closed his eyes. When he opened them again, his expression turned more serious. Mo Yu’s demise naturally enraged him.

Zhao Hai was unaware of any of this. He was still researching his dao avatar. The dao avatar underwent a change during the heavenly tribulation. All of the dao avatars merged into one and became a thousand-hand Guanyin. Now Zhao Hai wants to study it carefully. He wanted to see what the change meant and what it would do for him during battles.[1]

It was only after his experiment did Zhao Hai know that this thousand-hand Guanyin was literally a thousand-hand Guanyin. It was a combination of various aspects, giving the dao avatar a formidable strength.

A pair of arms formed a group. Each group could use the ability of one of Zhao Hai’s previous dao avatars. Zhao Hai could also use all his abilities together, just like what happened during the tribulation when Zhao Hai dispersed the tribulation clouds. Even Immortal Experts would be repelled by such an attack.

Zhao Hai can still release individual dao avatars to deal against his enemy. Whether divided or not, Zhao Hai’s control over his dao avatars became completely different from before.

Zhao Hai was very happy with this result. No matter what, this was a good thing for him. His strength underwent a great promotion.

Zhao Hai was now in the transcending tribulation stage. Moreover, after he scattered the tribulation clouds, the Space was able to absorb a part of it. The Space can now use tribulation lighting through his lightning techniques. This was another addition to Zhao Hai’s arsenal.

Additionally, the tribulation cloud has been added to the yin-yang lightning pond, improving it further. Now, artifacts with yin-yang lightning ponds had become much stronger.

After completely understanding his dao avatar, Zhao Hai began to think about how to deal with the Cloud Demon Sect.

Zhao Hai already knew a little about the Cloud Demon Sect from Mo Yu. He also knew about Mo Lihe’s arrival. After all, Mo Yan was now carrying a piece of liquid silver with him.

Although Zhao Hai erased the traces of his battle with Mo Yu, he still left silver needles in the area. He believed that other Heavenly Demons would go over to check the situation. Once these Heavenly Demons arrive, the silver needles would stick to them. This allowed Zhao Hai to obtain more information.

Zhao Hai was a bit surprised when he saw the Flying Iron Centipede. He didn’t expect to see a large artifact that was both flexible and had formidable power. Even the black tiger ships couldn’t compare to the flying iron centipedes.

However, Zhao Hai’s target this time wasn’t the flying iron centipede. He could see that Mo Lihe couldn’t be easily dealt with. His next targets were Mo Yan and the others.

Mo Lihe wants to find Zhao Hai. Naturally, he couldn’t do it on his own. The territory of the Cloud Demon Sect wasn’t small. Therefore, he has to use the strength of the sect. Once this happens, Zhao Hai would be given an opportunity to consume the Cloud Demon Sect.

Mo Yan and the others were unaware that they had been targeted by Zhao Hai. What they were worrying about right now was accomplishing Mo Lihe’s task. If they failed, then Mo Lihe naturally wouldn’t let them off.

Mo Lihe said that if they failed, then they would have to pay for it. This wasn’t a joke. If they failed to find Zhao Hai in three days, then Mo Lihe might just kill them. Mo Lihe did this in the past.

Mo Yan brought 50 people with him to search throughout the place where Zhao Hai disappeared. They scoured the lands nonstop, hoping to get even a little bit of clue.

At this time, Mo Lihe sent a message back to the Cloud Demon Sect, asking for the people of the Battle Hall to be deployed to help in the search. However, his order came with a special instruction. Once Zhao Hai was found, they needed to entangle him as long as possible and inform Mo Lihe of the position. The order wasn’t only given to the Battle Hall members, but to all other Cloud Demon Sect Disciples as well.

Mo Lihe’s order might seem strange, but Mo Yan and the others felt that this was normal. Mo Lihe was known to kill people with his own hands. 

Although Mo Lihe sent Mo Yan and the others to search for Zhao Hai, he wasn’t idling. He also sat in his large artifact and sought Zhao Hai using his own spiritual force.

All of these movements fell into Zhao Hai’s eyes. He was now zoning onto Mo Yan and the others. Now that his strength has reached the transcending tribulation stage, he is more confident. Mo Yan’s group might comprise 50 Heavenly Demons, but Zhao Hai believes that he can deal with them himself.

As Mo Yan and the others were searching, a person suddenly appeared in front of him. It was a cultivator from the Great World of Cultivation. As soon as the cultivator appeared, a large number of flying swords immediately flooded towards them.

Mo Yan stared, then his expression turned bright as he immediately shouted, “Get into formation and inform Elder Mo Lihe!” 

Mo Yan and his team immediately got into a battle formation. At the same time, a Heavenly Demon released a message bat. In almost an instant, the Heavenly Demons released their dao avatars and covered their bodies.

The dao avatars of the Heavenly Demons came in all kinds of demonic forms. But at a glance, one could see that they were ferocious during battles.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about their actions. Zhao Hai covered Mo Yan and his group with his stellar transformation sword formation. Then 50 dao avatars appeared behind him. These dao avatars were all beast avatars. At the same time, Zhao Hai also released his guanyin avatar. 

Mo Yan and the others weren’t doing very well. This was because they discovered that they were inside a void with planets all around them. They knew that they had been trapped inside a formation. Moreover, inside this formation, their strength has been suppressed.

  1. Thousand Hand Guanyin


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