BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1757


Chapter 1757 – Mo Yu Surrenders

Along with Zhao Hai’s shout, all of the dao avatar’s arms lifted themselves holding different things. Some held swastikas, some were the tai chi symbol. There were some who had animal forms in their palms.

The energies that formed these symbols coalesced into spiritual qi. Then the energy collected shot straight up towards the tribulation clouds. 

Mo Yu stood on the side and felt the tribulation stopping. All the lightning snakes stopped, the clouds stopped, even the wind turned silent. It was as if time had stopped. The scene in front of him turned into a picture. It was as though someone pressed the pause button on the television. 

After some time, Mo Yu heard BOOM! The explosion was very large. Even Mo Yu was shaken and became dizzy by the noise. It must be known that Mo Yu was a Heavenly Demon on the transcending tribulation stage. To be able to shake him, the explosion was surely big.

When Mo Yu recovered, the tribulation clouds above him had completely vanished. Zhao Hai also received his dao avatar as he looked at Mo Yu with a smile on his face.

Mo Yu stared, he subconsciously wanted to move his dao avatar, but he stopped himself. He knew that it would be impossible for him to defeat Zhao Hai.

Looking at Zhao Hai’s smiling face, Mo Yu’s heart was shaken. Then he let out a long breath as he cupped his fist and said, “Mo Yu is willing to follow Master Zhao Hai!” 

Mo Yu’s words stunned Zhao Hai. This was because as soon as Mo Yu said that, he immediately provided faith power. Moreover, the faith power coming from the Heavenly Demon was a shocking amount.

Zhao Hai looked at Mo Yu who was still cupping his fist towards Zhao Hai. His head was lowered as he stood still. 

Looking at Mo Yu, Zhao Hai accepted the other’s surrender. He waved his hand and said, “Come with me first. We’re leaving this place.” Mo Yu complied and silently followed Zhao Hai. 

Zhao Hai received his artifacts and removed all traces of battle. Then he brought Mo Yu to the Space. When the Space didn’t issue a prompt, Zhao Hai felt relieved. 

The Heavenly Demons that Zhao Hai caught first required the Space to subdue them, issuing a prompt in the process. They didn’t surrender to Zhao Hai, so the Space had to subjugate them. On the other hand, Mo Yu didn’t cause any prompt. This meant that there was no need for the Space to subdue him. He had completely surrendered to Zhao Hai.

When he saw this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He couldn’t understand why the Heavenly Demons were like this. Only a few words were needed for them to completely submit? Wasn’t this restriction too extreme?

What Zhao Hai didnt know was the special characteristics of the Heavenly Demons. All Heavenly Demons wouldn’t renege on a promise. If they said that they submit to Zhao Hai, then those words bound them forever.

This was the belief of the Heavenly Demon Race. The situation in the Heavenly Demon Realm was different from the Great World of Cultivation. The Great World of Cultivation raised praying disciples in order to provide them with faith power. However, the Heavenly Demons didn’t have such people. Yet they never lacked faith power.

The Heavenly Demon Race cultivates demon gods. Once a Heavenly Demon begins to cultivate, they would worship a demon god in their hearts. This demon god wasn’t an ethereal existence, but a person who was stronger than them.

For example, a Heavenly Demon would worship a demon god and this demon god would be a person they admired. This person might be their teacher or their father. Once these demon gods were condensed, they would gain faith power. At the same time, those who became demon gods would receive faith power as well.

But because of this system, there were often killings within Heavenly Demons. Because if a Heavenly Demon wanted to become a true expert, they would have to find a way to surpass the demon god in their hearts. And when they surpass their demon god, the demon god would vanish. Then they would need to condense a more formidable demon god. 

In order to prove that they’re better than their demon gods, Heavenly Demons would challenge their masters. Some even killed their masters and fathers.

Now, in the Heavenly Demon Realm, unconfident Heavenly Demons would never accept disciples. This was because they were afraid of accidentally accepting a genius which would kill them. 

In fact, in order to become stronger, a Heavenly Demon doesn’t need to kill their masters. As long as their strength surpassed their master, their demon god would immediately vanish.

Unfortunately, Heavenly Demons were a warlike race. So they prefered to challenge the source of their demon god. Once they succeed in this challenge, their strength would increase and their demon gods would disappear.

However, there was one exception in this system. And that was when Heavenly Demons sincerely admired a person. They would use their admired person as the subject of their demon gods. Mo Yu was like this. Inside his heart, he established a new demon god in the form of Zhao Hai. Because of this, he immediately provided Zhao Hai with faith power.

Demon gods created through this method would be very difficult to get rid of. At the same time, the demon god would become a strong restraint towards the Heavenly Demon. The Heavenly Demon would not be able to betray the subject of their demon god. From this point, this meant that the Heavenly Demon would take the person as their eternal master.

Zhao Hai doesn’t have a lot of understanding regarding Heavenly Demons. Because of this, he has no idea about these things. But he believed in the Space. If the Space thinks that Mo Yu wasn’t a threat, then Zhao Hai would think so as well.

After returning to the Space, Zhao Hai immediately sent Mo Yu to the vermillion bird space. Although the vermillion bird space wasn’t that big, it was big enough for Mo Yu to live without feeling caged in.

Not long after Zhao Hai left, a large number of Heavenly Demons appeared at the location of the heavenly tribulation. They were only able to notice the tribulation when they heard the explosion that scattered the tribulation clouds.

The sound was too loud. Not to mention the nearby Heavenly Demons, the sects around the area were alerted as well.

The Heavenly Demons who came over were those who were looking for Zhao Hai nearby. After they arrived, they immediately felt the energy left behind by a heavenly tribulation.

Although Zhao Hai erased his traces, he only erased traces of his battle with Mo Yu. He didn’t erase the traces of the heavenly tribulation.

By this point, Zhao Hai has already left the Space. He only entered the Space to ensure Mo Yu’s surrender. Seeing that everything was fine, Zhao Hai immediately came out. He didn’t bring his jade token with him. There was no hint that he left the Heavenly Demon Realm. Otherwise, he would be in trouble.

The Heavenly Demons who arrived only felt that a tribulation happened in this place. However, they felt that this tribulation was different from normal tribulations. They felt that the tribulation was very strong, much stronger than their own tribulations.

At the same time, the Heavenly Demons in the transcending tribulation stage discovered that Mo Yu’s team had gone missing. Although Mo Yu’s status among Heavenly Demons wasn’t the highest, he was the youngest among them. Now that Mo Yu has gone missing, it has become a huge matter. These people were similarly from the Cloud Demon Sect. Mo Yu could be considered as their junior brother.

One Heavenly Demon looked at another and said, “This tribulation is too strange. I haven’t heard of anyone in the sect who was holding back their tribulation. The tribulation might be someone from the Great World of Cultivation.”

The other Heavenly Demon nodded and said, “I think so too, Mo Yan. Mo Yu’s disappearance should have something to do with this tribulation. The cultivator from the Great World of Cultivation should be very strong. I think Mo Yu is more unlucky than lucky.”

Mo Yan nodded. Then he waved his hand and released a clump of black gas. The gas gathered together before becoming a small bat. Then the bat flew towards a direction.

The small bat that Mo Yan released was a common spell in the Heavenly Demon Realm known as the message bat. It was similar to the Great World of Cultivation’s jade sword messages. But unlike jade sword messages that could be used repeatedly, message bats can only be used one time. 

After releasing the message bat, Mo Yan looked around him and said, “Everyone, with this area as the center, spread out. Perform a carpet search of the surroundings. It doesn’t matter if you’re slow, but you need to be careful.” Everyone nodded. Then they immediately spread out. What they didn’t know was that Zhao Hai was already thousands of kilometers away.

The Heavenly Demon Realm was larger than the Great World of Cultivation. Not to mention, it was harder to find a person if they were hiding. However, Zhao Hai has no plans of hiding. After all, he still wanted to subdue more Heavenly Demons.

Zhao Hai already felt the benefits of subduing a Heavenly Demon. Therefore, he wanted to get more Heavenly Demons. This time, his goal was the Cloud Demon Sect, which was the sect Mo Yu belonged to.

Zhao Hai dug out a hidden cave residence on a barren hill. Then he took Mo Yu out. Upon coming out, Mo Yu said, “I have seen Master Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Call me Young Master. You’ve stayed in the vermillion bird space. How is it?”

Mo Yu replied with an excited expression, “Thank you Young Master for taking care of us. The place is very good. Not only is it rich in spiritual qi, it also makes my attacks stronger. I also discovered that my spiritual qi has an element of fire, which is beneficial to me.”

Zhao Hai looked at Mo Yu and didn’t see anything wrong. He smiled and said, “It’s good that you like it. Now, I want to ask you about Cloud Demon Sect. I want to have more Heavenly Demons inside the vermillion bird space.”

Mo Yu nodded and said, “The Cloud Demon Sect is a middle-grade sect. There are a lot of experts in the sect, including an Immortal-level old demon. From what I know, there are more than 2000 Transcending Tribulation Experts in the sect. As for nascent soul experts, I don’t know the number. But there should be plenty.”

Hearing Mo Yu, Zhao hai knit his brows. He didn’t expect the Cloud Demon Sect to be so formidable. In terms of overall strength, it was much stronger than the Black Tiger Gang.

However, Zhao Hai asked once more, “Does the sect have any large artifacts?”

Mo Yu nodded and said, “It has. The Cloud Demon Sect is known for its Flying Iron Centipede. The Flying Iron Centipede is over 500 meters long. It’s very flexible and has great offensive power.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Why were you searching the area? Also, how did the people of the Heavenly Demon Realm know where the cultivators would appear?”

Mo Yu immediately answered, “Replying to the Young Master. I don’t know. But the order came from the sect. The sect must have discovered that you would appear in the region, so they sent people over to search. As for how the Heavenly Demons knew about where you would appear, it seems like they have an approximate idea of the time and location where you would arrive. So they made early preparations.”

Zhao Hai knit his brows and said, “Do you know how this happened? Where did they get information about the location we’re going to appear?”

Mo Yu shook his head, he really had no idea about these things. He only knew that higher-ups of the realm had long known about the invaders from the Great Realm of Cultivation. As for where they got the information about their location of appearance, that was a mystery to Mo Yu. After all, Mo Yu was just an ordinary core disciple of the sect. He wasn’t even qualified to open a base, let alone know about these secrets.

Zhao Hai thought for a while and decided to put the matter aside for now. He would have an opportunity later on to investigate. Even if he wasn’t given an opportunity, he could report the matter to the higher-ups of the Great World of Cultivation once he returned.

Zhao Hai knew that the relationship between the Great World of Cultivation and the Heavenly Demon Realm wasn’t merely just one or two skirmishes. The two realms should have staged multiple large-scale wars. Large artifacts from both sides should have numbered several thousands. Such wars would see deaths of Immortal Experts, not to mention transcending tribulation experts.

The Heavenly Demon Realm knowing where Zhao Hai and the others appeared worried Zhao Hai. If the Heavenly Demon Realm was aware of the Great World of Cultivation’s every move, then the Great World of Cultivation would be at a grave disadvantage.


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