BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1756


Chapter 1756 – Descent of the Heavenly Tribulation

Seeing Zhao Hai’s actions, Mo Yu’s face was stunned for a moment. Zhao Hai’s current aura was unusual. However, it caused him to feel at ease. This was because he could see that Zhao Hai was going to fight him.

Although Zhao Hai was at the Nascent Soul Stage on the surface, Mo Yu didn’t dare underestimate him. Zhao Hai’s aura was astonishing. Mo Yu was also aware that there are Nascent Soul Experts that could contend against those on the Transcending Tribulation Stage.

When he thought of this, Mo Yu became excited. He licked his lips as he laughed and said, “Good. I was just wondering if I’ll meet a cultivator of the Great World of Cultivation. Now you appeared in front of me. Your courage has won my respect.” After he said that, Mo Yu’s expression turned serious once more. Then his hands became claws. A phantom appeared behind him. The phantom was a huge Heavenly Demon. The demon had two goat horns and had red eyes as well as sharp teeth. There were three copper rings on its ears and one on its nose. Its entire body was covered with scales. There were also huge meaty wings behind him. Its long tail had an arrow on the tip that were incomparably sharp. 

Seeing the opponent’s dao avatar, Zhao Hai naturally wouldn’t hold back. He murmured the Buddha’s name as a dao avatar appeared behind him. The dao avatar that he used was the dao avatar of the Descending Dragon Technique. Zhao Hai changed his stance according to the Descending Dragon Technique. His eyes were fixed on Mo Yu.

Mo Yu has now unified with his dao avatar. The large demon seemed to become more solid. Its two huge blood-red eyes were fixed at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai also unified with his Descending Dragon Avatar. When Zhao Hai merged with the avatar, the Descending Dragon Avatar opened its eyes and looked back at the huge Heavenly Demon.

The Descending Dragon Technique was originally a formidable fighting technique. Its strength was boundless and was used to subdue dragons and tigers. Therefore, its appearance was dignified. When the dao avatar opened its eyes, it sparkled with terrifying rage upon gazing upon a demon!

Mo Yu felt a tremendous pressure on him. He felt that the dao avatar opposite him was innately suppressing his own. He couldn’t help but be surprised. He knew that he couldn’t wait for longer. He immediately roared and charged towards Zhao Hai.

As soon as he roared, the dao avatar roared as well. A sound wave ripple approached Zhao Hai. This was a famous attacking method in the Heavenly Demon Realm. It was called the Demon Killing Roar. It was a sound technique.

At this time, Zhao Hai loudly said, “Amithabha!” At the same time, the sound ripple shattered. Then the dao avatar moved towards Mo Yu.

Zhao Hai felt that he had completely united with his dao avatar. He was the dao avatar and the dao avatar was him. Whatever movement he made, the dao avatar did the same. The dao avatar was basically an enlarged version of him.

Mo Yu felt the same way. If any outsiders were watching the battle, they would find that there were two large dao avatars that moved like their cultivators. When the sound ripples disappeared, the two figures were already in a full-on battle.

One side was a Heavenly Demon while the other was a Bhuddist Arhat. Mo Yu danced in the air with his sharp claws. The other side was using his fists to combat the demon.

This was the first time that Zhao Hai used his dao avatar to fight the enemy. The longer they fought, the more comfortable he became. 

Moreover, Zhao Hai felt his union with his dao avatar becoming better and better. He hasn’t felt this feeling before, even when he was in seclusion inside the Space.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai can feel his progress. Now, he can not only use the 18 techniques more efficiently, he is now more aware of how to use the moves and when to use them. This was impossible before. In the past, Zhao Hai could only feel this when he wasn’t using his dao avatar. 

Mo Yu also felt his own progress in his techniques like Zhao Hai. He felt that he was more unified with his dao avatar. Mo Yu was certain that this was his most powerful state.

However, Mo Yu could also feel that Zhao Hai was feeling the same. Moreover, the speed of Zhao Hai’s progress surprised him. But this caused him to feel more excited.

Mo Yu was a warrior. The Heavenly Demons who grew up the most were those who battled the most. This made Heavenly Demons excited upon meeting an equal. Mo Yu was in this situation right now.

The Heavenly Demons who followed Mo Yu weren’t as lucky. They had been caught in the Space by Cai’er. This added another race to the Space. Then they were thrown to the vermillion bird space. Zhao Hai planned to keep the Heavenly Demons inside the vermillion bird space. Cai’er wanted to see first if the Heavenly Demons would feel discomfort inside the space.

The Heavenly Demons were already subdued when they were sent to the Space. Moreover, they didn’t feel any discomfort when they were sent to the vermillion bird space. They immediately sent faith power towards Zhao Hai. 

Zhao Hai continued fighting against Mo Yu. In the beginning, Zhao Hai was on the same level as Mo Yu. But now, Zhao Hai had the upper hand. Moreover, Zhao Hai could feel his progress. He was ready to take his heavenly tribulation.

Zhao Hai was currently at the peak of the nascent soul stage. He was only a step away from the transcending tribulation stage. And he could feel that he could pass his tribulation. 

The more the battle went on, the more Mo Yu was surprised. He had never seen such a person before. The more they fought, the stronger he became. At this moment, thick dark clouds appeared above the two fighters.

As soon as Mo Yu saw this phenomenon, he was stunned. He knew what a tribulation was. After all, he was a transcending tribulation stage cultivator. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to call his tribulation at this time.

Zhao Hai has yet to cross his tribulation. What would happen to him when he does? Thinking of this, Mo Yu’s heart couldn’t help but turn cold.

At this moment, a huge rumble was heard as a huge lightning bolt slammed down towards Zhao Hai. As soon as he saw this, Mo Yu immediately turned around and flew back. He no longer cared about Zhao Hai. Although Mo Yu felt that he had retreated some distance, he discovered that he was still inside the formation. Mo Yu just stopped. He wanted to see what would happen with Zhao Hai’s tribulation. If Zhao Hai succeeds, then there’s no need to mention whether Zhao Hai could defeat him or not. If Zhao Hai fails, then the formation would be destroyed by the tribulation. Then he could leave safely.

Upon seeing Zhao Hai’s tribulation lightning, Mo Yu couldn’t help but turn pale. This was because Zhao Hai’s tribulation was too strong. The power behind it was beyond what he could imagine. If such a tribulation appeared during his own, then Mo Yu was certain that he would be reduced to ash.

Another huge lightning struck Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai didn’t hide at all, because he couldn’t. The tribulation has already begun. Even if he tried, the tribulation would find him. Unless he enters the Space and never comes out, he wouldn’t be able to escape the tribulation.

This time, Zhao Hai didn’t use his special physique to fight against the tribulation. He still had his dao avatar. He used all of his techniques in order to fight.

As the lightning dropped down, Zhao Hai’s dao avatar punched up!

Boom! The lightning clashed with Zhao Hai’s fist. This was the first time Zhao Hai faced a tribulation. His resistance seemed to enrage the tribulation. The lightning became even stronger.

The tribulation changed its form. The lightning bolts seem to have developed arms and the tip of the lightning has turned into weapons. Then the lightning attacked Zhao Hai once more. It looked like several people were attacking Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai could no longer use his current means to resist. More than 300 dao avatars appeared in the air surrounding Zhao Hai. These dao avatars had differing expressions. Each one of them facing a tribulation lightning. 

The tribulation fought back. As though it became flames, more lightning bolts rained down towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai and his dao avatars continued to resist the tribulation. As this went on, Mo Yu found out that the dao avatars around Zhao Hai became fewer and fewer. Zhao Hai’s dao avatars also changed. The faces of the dao avatars more and more resembled Zhao Hai. Although Zhao Hai’s Descending Dragon Avatar was still wearing Buddhist robes, it now had hair and no longer looked like a Buddhist Arhat.

What’s even more strange was that every time a dao avatar disappeared, a new pair of arms grew on Zhao Hai’s main avatar. These arms seem to have their own brain as they helped Zhao Hai battle the tribulation. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai wasn’t affected by the new pair of arms. He had his palms together as his eyes were half-closed. He looked like an ancient Buddha.

As Zhao Hai’s dao avatars got fewer and fewer, the arms on the dao avatar became more and more. When the last dao avatar vanished, Zhao Hai’s main dao avatar opened its eyes as it shouted, “Open!”


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