BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1755


Chapter 1755 – Results of the Ambush

Zhao Hai stood on an uninhabited mountain in the Heavenly Demon Realm. It must be said that the environment of the Heavenly Demon Realm was very good. It wasn’t too different compared to the Great World of Cultivation. However, Zhao Hai can feel that the spiritual qi of the Heavenly Demon Realm has a richer amount of dark-element energy. This should be the reason for the appearance of the Heavenly Demons.

Zhao Hai wasn’t looking at the scenery of the mountain. He was currently counting the casualties of the Great World of Cultivation’s cultivators.

The Heavenly Demon Trial this time was a complete failure. The Great World of Cultivation has been schemed by the Heavenly Demons. As soon as the cultivators of the Great World of Cultivation came out of the dark mist, they were besieged by Heavenly Demons. The Heavenly Demons were clearly well prepared. This caused heavy casualties to the participants of the Heavenly Demon Trial.

Nine hundred cultivators of the Great World of Cultivation entered the Heavenly Demon Realm. Of them, more than 500 were killed immediately, more then 300 escaped. Most of these survivors were injured. It might only be Zhao Hai who was able to escape unscathed.

Of the more than 300 people that escaped, the majority of them were at the transcending tribulation stage. Moreover, they belonged to formidable sects. They had powerful artifacts in hand. This allowed them to survive.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t fight against the Heavenly Demons, he has a certain understanding of their strength. Each Heavenly Demon was as strong as the best body cultivator of their stage. The bodies of Nascent Soul Heavenly Demons were as strong as the bodies of transcending tribulation stage cultivators from the Great World of Cultivation. 

Heavenly Demons focused on close-combat. Their speed and agility was very good. With their bodily strength, their fighting method was akin to demonic beasts. 

As for Lin Zhendong and Hua Wushang, they both survived. They were very strong to begin with. However, they were injured and were now healing their wounds.

Among the participants of the Heavenly Demon Trial, two of them were particularly strong. One of them was a cultivator from the Heaven Sect. He has a double-edged sword and had a formidable offensive strength.

The other was a cultivator of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Sect. Surprisingly, this person was a body cultivator. His physique was extremely formidable. Therefore, he was able to carve a bloody path to escape.

The mountain that Zhao Hai was currently in was a barren mountain. It was a mountain that wouldn’t be noticed by anyone. Zhao Hai knew that the Heavenly Demons were all over the place looking for the invaders from the Great World of Cultivation. There were more than 300 of them hiding inside the realm.

Zhao Hai has no intentions of acting together with the others, it would just attract the Heavenly Demons. That’s not something he wanted to see.

Zhao Hai also wanted to fight against the Heavenly Demons. However, he didn’t want to be besieged by a large group of them. He only wanted to deal with the Heavenly Demons who were isolated.

As he was monitoring the cultivators of the Great World of Cultivation, Zhao Hai was also monitoring the Heavenly Demons, especially those who were chasing the people from the Great World of Cultivation.

After observing for a few days, Zhao Hai found out that the Heavenly Demon Realm was extremely big. The cultivators of the Great World of Cultivation appeared very far away from each other. Zhao Hai noticed that the person from the Heaven Sect, if placed in the scale of the Great Realm of Cultivation, was two provinces away from him. 

This time, it seems like those who attacked them came from all throughout the Heavenly Demon Realm. From the conversations between the Heavenly Demons, they also sent their young talents to hunt down the invaders. In addition to getting rid of the invaders, they also want the young Heavenly Demons to experience fighting against the cultivators of the Great Realm of Cultivation. From this point of view, one could see that the two realms had the same idea.

The group that Zhao Hai monitored the most was a team of Heavenly Demons closest to him. This team consists of one strong Heavenly Demon and five ordinary Heavenly Demons. The strength of the ordinary Heavenly Demons was at the Nascent Soul Stage. Although it was a small team, their combat strength wasn’t weak.

This team was also Zhao Hai’s target of subduing. They would be the first batch of inhabitants in Firegod City. He was monitoring them in order to see how strong they really were.

From what he could see over these few days, they weren’t weak. It can be seen that the team leader wasn’t an ordinary figure. The other Heavenly Demons seem to be there to protect him.

Zhao Hai was now waiting for an opportunity to make a move. Once this team gets far away from the others, he would immediately take action.

Before long, Zhao Hai was given his chance. Maybe because they weren’t able to find anyone, the Heavenly Demons became more and more spread out. It wouldn’t take long before it would be impossible for the teams to reinforce each other.

The reason why Zhao Hai didn’t want to fight multiple teams of Heavenly Demons was because the teams varied from 5-person teams to 20-person groups. There were even groups that had 50 Heavenly Demons in it.

Altogether, these teams had over 30 transcending tribulation experts. With Zhao Hai’s present strength, he could only face one transcending tribulation expert at a time. If there were two, then he could only run away. Fortunately, he has the Space, he can run away at any time.

But at the same time, Zhao Hai didn’t want to use the Space multiple times. His spatial ability was vastly different to the others. Unlike the others, he teleports using the Space. He was afraid that the Heavenly Demons would discover the Space when he escaped.


Mo Yu is a Core Disciple of the Cloud Demon Sect. This time, he was ordered to lead the sect’s current young generation to hunt down the cultivators of the Great World of Cultivation. He didn’t want to disobey the sect’s orders, so he brought a few disciples with him. It has been several days since the arrival of the invaders but he has yet to find anyone.

Mo Yu was a little disappointed. As a young master of the Cloud Demon Sect, he naturally hoped to have a good fight against the cultivators of the Great World of Cultivation. However, he also knew that a lot of people wanted to have the same achievement as him. Finding a cultivator from the Great World of Cultivation is similar to finding a needle on a haystack.

Because of this, Mo Yu wasn’t too enthusiastic about his chances. He continued to lead his team as he flew leisurely in the sky. He was no longer focusing on finding the invaders.

At this time, on a nearby barren mountain, a formidable aura suddenly appeared. Then Mo Yu felt a large number of swords shooting out from the mountain and surrounding the six of them.

Seeing this, Mo Yu was overjoyed instead of being surprised. He didn’t expect to be lucky. He actually met a cultivator from the Great World of Cultivation.

The reason Mo Yu was sure that it was a cultivator from the Great World of Cultivation and not a personal enemy was because of those flying swords. In the Heavenly Demon Realm, only a very few number of people use flying swords. Those who use flying swords were those who have special physiques. The majority of the Heavenly Demons were body cultivators and used heavy weapons.

Mo Yu’s team stopped and took out their weapons. Then at this time, a loud roar was heard. Two metal beasts appeared in the sword formation and rushed towards Mo Yu. Mo Yu immediately clashed with the metal beasts along with the other Heavenly Demons. However, the sword formation suddenly moved and cooperated with the metal beasts. Before long, Mo Yu was separated from the other Heavenly Demons. Then the metal beasts disappeared. Mo Yu discovered that he appeared within a starry sky.

Mo Yu’s expression couldn’t help but turn serious. If there was something that the Heavenly Demons lacked compared to the Great World of Cultivation, then it was formations. The Heavenly Demons have no talent for formations. Because of this, they rarely used formations in their weapons. The last thing a Heavenly Demon wanted to meet was a formation master from the Great World of Cultivation.

While Mo Yu was thinking about how to break the formation, a person suddenly appeared in front of him. 

Seeing this, Mo Yu’s expression turned more dignified. He thought that the opponent used a formation to achieve this. This was what he was most worried about. A person who could use a formation of this level was certainly a dangerous character.

The person who appeared was naturally Zhao Hai. Looking at the Heavenly Demon, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Zhao Hai from the Great World of Cultivation. Nice to meet you.”

Mo Yu looked at Zhao Hai’s actions and was startled. Instead of dealing with him, the formation master appeared in front of him instead to give a greeting. It was clear that Heavenly Demons prepared a face-to-face battle. Was this person kicked in the head?

Mo Yu didn’t think that Zhao Hai was crazy. He thought that Zhao Hai was definitely plotting something. Because of this, Mo Yu became more alert. 

Zhao Hai smiled at Mo Yu’s defensive stance. Then he made hand seals. His aura flew up as he became an unmoving mountain.

Buddhist Sect Seal, Immovable Mountain Seal!


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