BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1753


Chapter 1753 – Dilemma

Any secret that was easily discovered wasn’t valuable. And Zhao Hai has a lot of secrets. Naturally, his biggest secret was the Space. He would never let anyone know about the Space.

The vermillion bird space, the cover for the Space, would be discovered sooner or later. However, Zhao Hai wouldn’t deliberately reveal it. Otherwise, it would be too suspicious.

Although the vermilion bird space couldn’t compare to the Space. It was still a very powerful artifact that many would covet. Therefore, Zhao Hai wouldn’t expose it easily.

Just as the elder said that they wouldn’t be forced to form a team, a voice was suddenly heard, “I want to form a team. Which of you want to join?”

Zhao Hai stared and then followed the sound. It came from the arrogant cultivator from the Myriad Demons Sect. When Zhao Hai looked at the cultivator, the elder from before announced, “I forgot to introduce everyone, this is the person the Myriad Demons Sect would send for the Heavenly Demon Trial. Myriad Demon Sect’s disciple Lin Zhendong.”

Zhao Hai didn’t have any reaction upon hearing the name Lin Zhendong. However, the cultivators from the other sects had a big reaction upon hearing it.

Lin Zhendong was a rising talent of the Myriad Demons Sect. He became famous in the last ten years. At that time, he was still a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator. However, his strength was formidable. He already experienced more than a hundred large and small-scale battles, losing none of them. Moreover, while he was still at the Nascent Soul Stage, he was able to fight on against a transcending tribulation expert. Although he lost this battle, he was able to survive and run away. One could see his strength from this point.

Just three years ago, Lin Zhendong was able to reach the transcending tribulation stage. With this promotion, his strength sharply increased. In these three years, he became a strong competitor for the top core disciple positions. In fact, people believed that if the 32 top core disciples didn’t have more resources than Lin Zhendong, then he would have dethroned one of them.

Any talent from the Myriad Demon Sect would become the focus of the entire Northern Divergent Province. Any fierce character from the Myriad Demons Sect would be known by the sects. Because of this, Lin Zhendong was also known to everyone.

Zhao Hai was among the very few who didn’t know Lin Zhendong. This was because he was in seclusion for ten years. He wasn’t concerned about the situation of the Northern Divergent Province.

But seeing everyone’s response, Zhao Hai knew that Lin Zhandong was certainly a famous figure. Otherwise, these people wouldn’t have reacted this much.

And now, Lin Zhendong wanted to make a team. Moreover, he followed up, “Nobody wants to join my team?” It was obvious that he was making a threatening move. This showed Zhao Hai that Lin Zhendong was an overbearing person. If you reject him, it was an offense towards him. This caused those present to be unable to react.

Zhao Hai knew that the current Black Tiger Gang couldn’t offend Lin Zhendong. Therefore, Zhao Hai kept quiet as Lin Zhendong scanned everyone with his arrogant look.

Zhao Hai just lowered his head whenever Lin Zhendong looked in his direction. Although he doesn’t want to form a team, Zhao Hai also has no intentions of offending Lin Zhendong. He knew that if he did, then Lin Zhendong would certainly cause trouble. Sometimes, it was better to stay low key so that misfortune would avoid you.

Looking at Zhao Hai’s lowered head, Lin Zhendong had a despising expression on his face. However, this expression only flashed a moment before it completely disappeared.

While Lin Zhendong was feeling proud, another voice sounded out, “Didn’t you say that you won’t force people to form a team?”

As soon as the voice came out, everyone was stunned. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but turn his head to look at the person who spoke. It was a cultivator wearing blue robes. He looked about 25 or 26 years old. Naturally, for a cultivator, it was useless to rely on their appearance to guess their age. It was very hard to guess how old a cultivator was.

What’s impressive about this person wasn’t his age, but his appearance. He had long black hair that was tied up with a blue hairband. The hairband was embroidered with a dragon using gold silk thread. 

He was fair-skinned like a baby. Even women would be envious of his skin. He had a blue ruyi jade scepter on his hand. The scepter had a yellowish aura coming out of it, making the person look like a deity.

However, the person’s body exuded an evil aura. The evil aura not only made him look evil, it produced a qualitative effect on his body. He had the aura that females who liked bad men would fall for.

Seeing this cultivator, Zhao Hai’s heart blared with alarm. He felt a dangerous feeling from this person. Although this danger wasn’t enough to threaten him, it made Zhao Hai dislike this person.

Zhao Hai could feel that this person’s evil aura wasn’t because of his character. Instead, it was because he was practicing a strange cultivation method. It should be an evil cultivation method that had certain effects towards women.

Even though Zhao Hai didn’t know who this person was, the others did. This was also a famous person in the Northern Divergent Province. He wasn’t only famous because of his sect, but for his strength as well.

This person’s sect was called the Hundred Flowers Valley. Although it was a kind-sounding name, it was an evil sect. Their cultivation method requires harvesting female cultivators and using them as fuel for cultivation.

Naturally, the Hundred Flowers Valley won’t only harvest female cultivators, it took male cultivators as well. Because of this, the sect didn’t have a good reputation in the Northern Divergent Province.

However, one had to recognize that what the Great World of Cultivation didn’t lack were cultivators. The cultivation method of the Hundred Flowers Valley allowed their cultivators to get stronger compared to other sects. Because of this, the Hundred Flowers Valley became the close competitor of the Myriad Demons Sect in the Northern Divergent Province. 

The Myriad Demons Sect can be said to be the top sect in the Northern Divergent Province. However, there was one sect in the province that would comply with their words but opposed it in private, and that was the Hundred Flowers Valley.

The cultivator who spoke just now was a famed expert of the Hundred Flowers Valley named Hua Wushang. Just like Lin Zhendong, he was also at the transcending tribulation stage.

Therefore, upon seeing that it was Hua Wushuang who spoke, nobody was surprised. It was clear as day that the Myriad Demons Sect and the Hundred Flowers Valley were at odds with each other. Therefore, it wouldn’t be strange if Lin Zhendong were to be opposed by Hua Wushang.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t know much about Hua Wushang, he already didn’t have a good impression of him. Naturally, this didn’t mean that he would side with Lin Zhendong. He also didn’t want to offend Hua Wushang. He just wanted to keep a low profile and go with the crowd.

Zhao Hai might be indifferent, but some people weren’t. Naturally, this person was Lin Zhendong. Being a proud son of heaven, Lin Zhendong always had his head held high. He thought that nobody among his peers dared to object to him. But now it seems like there were still people who dared go against him. Moreover, it was a blatant opposition.

Lin Zhendong looked at Hua Wushang with a wicked expression as he said, “Naturally, I won’t force anyone to join my team. Everything is up to them. Why? Does Junior Brother have any opinion about this?”

Hua Wushang gave a nod as he waved his ruyi scepter and said, “This Junior Brother has no opinion. However, this Junior Brother has always wanted freedom. I don’t want to be yelled at. Also, this Junior Brother wants to make his own team. Does anyone want to join?”

Slap! It was a slap in the face! However, Hua Wushang’s approach caused those present to feel a headache. This was because there were now two people they couldn’t afford to offend.

Lin Zhendong represented the Myriad Demons Sect, naturally he couldn’t be slighted. As for Hua Wushang, his reputation as well as the Hundred Flowers Valley’s reputation couldn’t be ignored.

The reputation of the Hundred Flowers Valley was very poor. Everyone in the Great World of Cultivation knows this. However, the sect was also known to seek revenge over the smallest grievance!

The Hundred Flowers Valley can be said to be the sect who held grudges the most in the Northern Divergent Province. No matter how small the matter was, the Hundred Flowers Valley would immediately blow it out of proportions. They would be like a pack of mad dogs. 

With such characteristics of the sect, even the Myriad Demons Sect wouldn’t dare provoke them. The Myriad Demons Sect was formidable, but at the same time, they were within the crosshairs of various sects. If they attack the Hundred Flowers Valley with all their strength, then people might understand that the sect was thinking that it was time for a reshuffle of power in the Northern Divergent Province. 

The other sects would certainly have these thoughts. When the time comes, the entire Northern Divergent Province would be guarded against the Myriad Demons Sect. This was something that the Myriad Demons Sect doesn’t want to see. Therefore, the Myriad Demons Sect relied on obscure methods to suppress the Hundred Flowers Valley. They wouldn’t dare fight the Hundred Flowers Valley in the open.


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