BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1749


Chapter 1749 – Vermillion Bird Space

Zhao Hai was now aware that the Firegod City was a massive artifact that could shrink and enlarge. Most importantly, it was an artifact from the Immortal Realm. And it was one of the pinnacle treasures of the realm. Otherwise, other people wouldn’t have felt the need to attack the Firegod in order to snatch it.

All of these were passed onto him by the vermillion bird stamp. However, the majority of the information was related to the application of Firegod City. Information about the Immortal Realm was scarce, this caused Zhao Hai to be depressed.

However, it must be said that Firegod City was indeed a very good artifact. But the current Firegod City was still an unfinished product. As long as some materials were added, Firegod City would be complete. It would become an isolated space where people could live in a small realm. This would be the doing of spatial spirit stones.

Most people use ordinary spirit stones and formations in order to make spatial equipment. However, these subspaces couldn’t contain living beings. These were only used by cultivators as a portable storage.

Spatial spirit stones were different. Inside each spatial spirit stone was an independent space. The size of the independent space corresponds with the level of the spirit stone. At the same time, this space could be further improved through refining. The highest level of spatial spirit stones can reach the level of ‘one grain of sand, one world’. That was to say that a spatial spirit stone of this quality would have an entire world with only the size of a grain of sand. Moreover, this world could contain living beings.

The Firegod used these spatial spirit stones in order to make Firegod City. Naturally, the materials he used were of high quality. Zhao Hai could see that the space of the vermillion bird stamp has the potential to contain a planet. It was for this reason that Zhao Hai was certain that Firegod City was half-finished.

Zhao Hai’s guess was true. In fact, the Firegod wanted to build a small world inside the vermillion bird stamp. Moreover, he was preparing to build a sect inside this small world to provide him with faith power. Unfortunately, just as he finished Firegod City, he was surrounded and beaten to death by other people. This left Firegod City unfinished.

Firegod City couldn’t only be used for housing people. It was also a defensive artifact. The artifact can shrink and enlarge, and it was also quite powerful. If the Firegod’s strength hadn’t declined due to refining Firegod City, then he might have been able to survive with the help of the artifact. Unfortunately, because his strength dropped too much, he was unable to use the entire strength of Firegod City. In the end, he was forced to explode himself.

Now, Firegod City has fallen into Zhao Hai’s hands. Zhao Hai felt bitter in the beginning but soon he felt that it was good that Firegod City fell into his hands. The Space was quite rich and it was his biggest secret. Zhao Hai couldn’t allow it to be discovered. However, the Space had a lot of things that were useful to him. Therefore, Zhao Hai needs something to mask the existence of the Space. Firegod City would fit this requirement.

Upon thinking of this, Zhao Hai changed his look towards the vermillion bird stamp. He now wanted to complete it. This way, he would be able to more comfortably use the things of the Space in the future.

After looking at the vermillion bird stamp, Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent the stamp to the Space. As soon as the stamp entered the Space, a prompt was heard, “Subspace with the host’s imprint has been detected. A small world can be built from it. Space can perform an upgrade. Will the Host proceed?”

Hearing this prompt, Zhao Hai stared for a moment, then he immediately said, “Proceed!”

A white light quickly surrounded the vermillion bird stamp. At the same time,  a progress bar appeared with numbers from 0 to 100. Naturally, once the progress bar reaches 100, the upgrade would be finished.

The upgrade process wasn’t fast. A little bit of progress appeared after a couple of minutes. Judging by the speed, the upgrade wouldn’t be finished in just a few hours.

Zhao Hai looked at the progress bar for some time before he returned to the villa. After taking a seat, Laura turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, I think something’s off. Despite the disappearance of the Firegod City, the magma hasn’t fallen down at all. Moreover, the temperature of the magma remained the same.”

Zhao Hai paused, then he nodded and said, “What you said makes sense. Let me go take a look.” Laura nodded. Then Zhao Hai’s body flashed as he appeared in the space where Firegod City used to be.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the original location of Firegod City, he was stunned. This was because he saw the magma above him painting the whole space red. However, he couldn’t feel any heat. It was just that the fire element energy in this place was richer than other places.

Zhao Hai sized up the space where Firegod City was and could finally picture out the entire place. It was an enormous space. Now that the entire Firegod City was taken by Zhao Hai, what was left behind was a large empty space.

The area that the space occupied was about half the size of the Roaring Flame Sect’s domain. This was the entire domain, not the area of the Roaring Flame Sect’s headquarters. One could imagine how large the space was.

Moreover, the fire element energy in this place was very rich. At the same time, the spiritual qi inside was quite rich. It wasn’t any less than the density on the Roaring Flame Sect’s headquarters. If the Roaring Flame Sect discovered this place, then they would have become one of the peak sects in the Northern Divergent Province.

Zhao Hai looked around and slowly flew up. Looking at the magma flowing up and around the Space, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh at the wonders of the universe.

Zhao Hai moved and entered the magma. He wanted to find out why the magma didn’t fall into that space.

Upon entering the magma, Zhao Hai gained an understanding why the magma didn’t fall into that space. The place where Firegod City used to be was actually a small subspace. It was like the foreign trials. It was a small world located just beside the Great World of Cultivation. Therefore, the magma didn’t enter the space.

This discovery caused Zhao Hai to be happy. This space was very big, enough for Tie Zhantian to treat it as a secret base. It would provide a huge advantage to the Black Tiger Gang.

Zhao Hai felt great knowing about the subspace. Now, Zhao Hai wanted to know more about the magma.

After traversing through the magma river, Zhao Hai finally understood what was going on. The magma river had developed a heart of earth fire. Because of this heart, the magma river produced fire-element spirit stones. However, Zhao Hai didn’t have any intentions to take the heart of earth fire and the fire element spirit stones. He had no use for these things.

The Space already had a heart of fire, a much more advanced version of the heart of earth fire. As for the fire-element spirit stones, Zhao Hai was even more unwilling to take them. 

Zhao Hai left the magma river to protect the subspace below. Because of Firegod City, the magma river formed a consciousness. The consciousness wasn’t only working for the magma, but for the Firegod City as well. This magma river was now acting as a protective layer to the space below it. This would also allow the Black Tiger Gang to rebuild the Inferno Valley to its previous state. Moreover, with the space below, the Black Tiger Gang could go into the business of selling fire-attribute spirit stones.

After thinking of this, Zhao Hai went back to the subspace below and built a transmission formation. He plans to hand this subspace over to the Black Tiger Gang. 

Before long, the transmission formation was built. After that, Zhao Hai entered the Space to look up the progress of the vermillion bird stamp’s upgrade. To his surprise, the speed of the upgrade has increased. In about an hour, it would be finished.

This caused Zhao Hai to be happy. Then he returned to the villa to watch the situation outside with Laura and the others. The Black Tiger Gang was still busy. After taking over the territory of the Roaring Flame Sect, they had a lot of matters that needed to be done. Most importantly, Tie Zhantian wanted to begin the reconstruction of the refining base.

At this time, the Northern Divergent Province went into an uproar. It has been a long time since a sect extermination has happened in the province. This was especially true when it came to a sect with the scale of the Roaring Flame Sect. Dealing with a medium-grade sect wasn’t easy.

However, the Black Tiger Gang was actually able to achieve this. Everyone in the province knew that it would be very hard to exterminate the Roaring Flame Sect in a swift manner. Even the Myriad Demons Sect of the Northern Divergent Province was unable to do it, let alone the Black Tiger Gang. It was precisely because of this understanding that everyone was shocked when they got the news. Upon hearing the news, everyone’s first response was disbelief. But after confirming the news, they were surprised and then curious as to how the Black Tiger Gang did it.

Unfortunately, nobody was there to witness the battle. The only thing they knew was that the Black Tiger Gang didn’t lose a lot in the battle. Moreover, they were able to force a lot of Roaring Flame Sect cultivators to surrender. The war not only failed to reduce the strength of the Black Tiger Gang, it reinforced it instead. However, nobody was thinking of attacking the Black Tiger Gang at this time.

The Black Tiger Gang and the Roaring Flame Sect had a prior grudge with each other. So it was normal for the Black Tiger Gang to attack the Roaring Flame Sect. The other sects didn’t have any extreme reactions to the Black Tiger Gang’s action. However, there were still sects that were anxious, one of them was the Wandering Soul Group.


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