BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1748


Chapter 1748 – Completion

Zhao Hai sat inside the Space as he looked at the bustling scene outside. It has already been ten days since the end of the war between the Black Tiger Gang and the Roaring Flame Sect. A lot happened in these 10 days. First, the Wandering Soul Group sent an exploratory attack to the Black Tiger Gang upon knowing that the Roaring Flame Sect has been destroyed. At that time, the Black Tiger Gang had yet to take over the Roaring Flame Sect’s domain. It would be bad if the Wandering Soul Group used this opportunity to attack.

Fortunately, Hu Liangchen was taking charge of the Black Tiger Gang’s headquarters. Although Hu Liangchen was known for his wits, he was also a very strong cultivator. He wouldn’t flinch when faced with an attack. Under Hu Liangchen’s command, the sect was able to stop the Wandering Soul Group. He didn’t allow them to get benefits for cheap. After Tie Zhantian received information about the attack, he immediately sent Zhao Hai to provide support. Transcending tribulation experts were also sent back to help defend the defensive line. Seeing that they wouldn’t be able to get anything, the Wandering Soul Group retreated. They were also afraid that Hu Shan would come out, so they ran away before they suffered heavy losses.

With the retreat of the Wandering Soul Group, there’s nothing left for Zhao Hai to deal with. Therefore, he began to repair the damaged large artifacts. Losses of large artifacts during battles between two sects wasn’t uncommon. And if the Black Tiger Gang lost too many large artifacts, then they would be in a passive situation. So after the war, Tie Zhantian immediately asked Zhao Hai to repair the large artifacts as soon as possible.

The missing fire character tablet wasn’t a huge deal to the Black Tiger Gang. Compared to the Roaring Flame Sect, the Black Tiger Gang had no attachments to the tablet. What’s more important for them was the Roaring Flame Sect’s domain.

As for those who surrendered to the Black Tiger Gang, nothing happened to them. They already accepted their fate. Now that the Roaring Flame Sect has disappeared, apart from joining the Black Tiger Gang, their other choice was to enter other sects or be a rogue cultivator.

Whether it be joining the other sects or becoming a rogue cultivator, none of these were good choices for those from the Roaring Flame Sect.

The Roaring Flame Sect cultivators knew that if they stuck together, then they would have some voice inside the Black Tiger Gang. If they went to other sects, it wasn’t certain if the others would follow. A couple people wouldn’t have any impact on any sect.

Ten days passed in a blink of an eye. The Roaring Flame Sect’s territory has been completely integrated into the Black Tiger Gang. The Roaring Flame Sect’s cultivators also joined the gang.

Zhao Hai also finished repairing the large artifacts. He was left with nothing else to do. Therefore, he was preparing to go to Firegod City.

Laura and the others followed Zhao Hai for a long time. So upon seeing that Zhao Hai was finished with his tasks, Laura looked at him and said, “Brother Hai, are you going to Firegod City?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I am. I want to see what happens once I completely refine the vermillion bird stamp.” Then his body vanished and appeared in front of the Firegod tablet.

Looking at the Firegod Tablet, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. Then he flew up towards the empty spot on the tablet. He waved his hand as he pushed the fire character tablet in.

The fire character tablet was a perfect fit for the hole on the Firegod tablet. Zhao Hai didn’t guess wrongly. The fire character tablet had indeed been dug out from the Firegod tablet.

When the fire character tablet was completely placed into the missing spot on the Firegod tablet, the tablet suddenly burst into flames. The flames were too intense that Zhao Hai was forced to close his eyes. He was even forced to retract his spiritual force. 

Zhao Hai heard a rumbling sound as though the surrounding space was being shaken. Then the entire Firegod City shook. This caused Zhao Hai’s complexion to change.

However, the shaking stopped not long after. Zhao Hai used his spiritual force and discovered that Firegod City has returned to normal. But this time, although there were no changes to the city, the strong fire element energy that was in it has vanished. Besides the red rocks that made the city, there was nothing else inside.

As for the Firegod tablet, it became an ordinary tablet. Its imposing aura was no longer there. Zhao Hai looked at the first three characters of the tablet and they no longer made him feel anything. The profound feeling from before was gone.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown. He waved his hand and took out a flying sword. Then he slashed the tablet using the sword. Zhao Hai wanted to see if the tablet could still repel the sword after becoming normal.

Clang! Zhao Hai’s slash connected with the Firegod tablet. Suddenly, the Firegod tablet emitted a flame that soared to the heavens. If it wasn’t for Zhao Hai’s special body, he would have been turned to ash while liquid silver would be turned into molten iron. Zhao Hai felt that the flames of the Firegod Tablet were very powerful. If a transcending tribulation was unprepared, then they would be burned.

Zhao Hai understood what happened to Firegod City. The previous Firegod City was like a burning pile of wood. Everyone could see that it couldn’t be approached easily. Naturally, nobody saw the precious Firegod City.

The current Firegod City was like a barrel of gunpowder. Normally, it seemed like it wasn’t threatening. But once it was attacked, it would immediately explode. 

If the previous Firegod City was like an unsheathed sword, the present Firegod City was a holstered gun. Although an unsheathed sword looked more threatening, those who saw it would be on guard immediately. However, a holstered gun wouldn’t cause everyone to be wary. However, once provoked, the gun would produce a more formidable firepower compared to a sword.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath as he looked at Firegod City. Then his body moved as he appeared inside the Fire Temple. 

Zhao Hai went towards the vermillion bird stamp and began to reach out using his spiritual force. He was preparing to fully refine the stamp.

When Zhao Hai’s spiritual force entered the vermillion bird stamp, he felt that the stamp had gained a soul. However, this soul resisted him. It wasn’t willing to submit.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t expect that he would be rejected. However, Zhao Hai had no thoughts of retreating. He immediately exerted more spiritual force to enter the vermillion bird stamp to wage war against the stamp’s spirit.

Inside the vermillion bird stamp was a phantom of Zhao Hai. Opposite him was a phantom of the vermillion bird. As Zhao Hai sent his spiritual force inside, the vermillion bird also sent flames towards him. 

Zhao Hai didn’t dare be negligent. Since he couldn’t dodge the flames, he used spells to block it. He wouldn’t dare let the flames touch his body.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai’s spells were effective against the flames. But soon, Zhao Hai discovered that the resistance of the vermillion bird was getting stronger and stronger.

This greatly surprised Zhao Hai. The vermillion bird was indeed very difficult to deal with. If it continues to increase in strength, then Zhao Hai might not be able to hold on.

By this point, Zhao Hai’s spells were of little use against the vermillion bird. The same was true for his Brightsword Technique.

The Brightsword Technique was used for spiritual attacks. However, it didn’t affect the vermillion bird. This caused Zhao Hai to be startled.

As the vermillion bird became stronger and stronger, Zhao Hai frowned more and more. He didn’t expect the vermillion bird to become so strong. It became hard for him to refine it. If this goes on, he won’t get anything.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t care about the vermillion bird stamp, he didn’t like this feeling. It’s as if someone promised him something in return for some help, then after the task was done, the other party didn’t fulfill their end of the promise. This caused Zhao Hai to be angry. 

Zhao Hai looked at the vermillion bird as his thoughts revolved. The reason why the vermillion bird was getting stronger must have something to do with the Firegod tablet. Since the tablet has been restored, the vermillion bird was also regaining its strength.

All of a sudden, Zhao Hai was hit with an idea. He thought of his 5 Element Killing formation. The formation could kill objects of the five elements. After many upgrades, the formation was much more powerful compared to before. It might be possible for the formation to deal with the vermillion bird.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai moved his five element killing formation and surrounded the vermillion bird with it. The vermillion bird didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would have something like the five element killing formation. Before long, the formation began to shrink. The vermillion bird noticed that something wasn’t right. It immediately tried to break out of the formation. However, as it collided with the formation, its flames began to turn pale.

The vermillion bird became afraid. It knows that if it couldn’t break out, then it would die. The vermillion bird was different from other beings. It was a divinity of fire, so it couldn’t escape the five element killing formation. As the formation got smaller and smaller, the vermillion bird was being strangled by it.

After the vermillion bird was strangled to death, Zhao Hai felt the vermillion bird stamp connecting with him. Then a link was established between the two of them. A large amount of information entered Zhao Hai’s head. Despite his formidable mental strength, the information still caused Zhao Hai to be dizzy for a while.

As Zhao Hai was digesting the information, the entire Firegod City began to sway. Then the city began to shrink. It became smaller and smaller before it shrank inside the vermillion bird stamp. At the same time, Zhao Hai’s body was absorbed into the stamp.

Although the city has disappeared, the magma above it didn’t fall. As though something was blocking it, the magma was still flowing around the area.

Zhao Hai was now standing on the miniature Firegod City with his eyes closed. He was still digesting the information in his head.

After some time, Zhao Hai let out a long breath. The information sent by the vermillion bird stamp was about itself and the Firegod City. Firegod City was a famous architectural artifact made by a being known as the Firegod. The Firegod took thousands of years to collect all kinds of precious materials and another hundreds more to refine the city. Finally, he used a piece of spatial-attribute spirit stone to refine the vermillion bird stamp to store the city inside it. At the same time, the Firegod City can store the vermillion bird stamp. In this case, Firegod City is the vermillion bird stamp and the vermillion bird stamp is Firegod City.

Because of the numerous valuable fire-type materials used to create Firegod City, the city was able to absorb the fire energy of the heavens and earth automatically. It was able to help cultivators inside it. Moreover, although Firegod City could be occupied by people from other elements, children born inside the city would have an innate fire spirit vein. This allows fire-element cultivators who practice fire-element cultivation methods to gain double the result with half the effort.

It can be said that Firegod City was the same as Zhao Hai’s Space. It was a mobile city that made its inhabitants stronger. It was definitely a powerful artifact. Naturally, such a creation was a threat to other people. Not long after Firegod City was refined, the Firegod was attacked by several people. In the end, he died by self-detonation. His death caused the spatial barrier to break, sucking the vermillion bird stamp and Firegod City into it. This was the reason why the city appeared in the Great World of Cultivation.

All of these came from the information that the vermillion bird stamp sent towards Zhao Hai. The vermillion bird was the Firegod’s spiritual imprint that he left behind when the stamp was refined. But when the vermillion bird stamp fell into the Great World of Cultivation, this spiritual imprint was torn apart along with the city. Fortunately, Firegod City has the ability to repair itself. And with its fragments not far away, it was able to rebuild. It took a long time before the city was rebuilt. After it was finished rebuilding, the only thing missing from it was the fire character tablet. Because of this, the vermillion bird had no way to wake up.

It just so happens that Zhao Hai arrived and used his Instinct Technique to communicate with the vermillion bird stamp. This awakened the vermillion bird and it gave Zhao Hai a reason to take the fire character tablet back. Once the fire character tablet was returned, the vermillion bird regained its consciousness. Naturally, the vermillion bird wouldn’t allow Zhao Hai to refine it. Unfortunately for the vermillion bird, it hasn’t restored its strength and was strangled to death by Zhao Hai. The vermillion bird stamp in turn was refined by Zhao Hai. This also meant that Firegod City fell into Zhao Hai’s hands.


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