BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1747


Chapter 1747 – Lie Yang In Dire Straits

After eating the raging fire sacrificial pill, Lie Yang’s flames became even stronger. He was now capable of sending several huge fireballs with ease. This caused the metal beasts to be driven back. After that, Lie Yang charged towards Tie Zhantian’s black tiger ship. Lie Yang plans to capture the king in order to end the war. Although Zhao Hai’s performance in the battle was stellar, Tie Zhantian was still the main leader of the Black Tiger Gang. Therefore, if Lie Yang wanted to deal with the Black Tiger Gang, then he would have to deal with Tie Zhantian.

In fact, this was the only choice for Lie Yang. He knew that he didn’t have time left. Therefore, he wouldn’t be able to fight for a long time. So he needs to use his remaining time to bring the most impact.

Zhao Hai saw this and he immediately commanded, “Martial Uncle, please have everyone send their spiritual qi into the ship. Leave the rest to me.”

Mu Hei immediately relayed Zhao Hai’s order. However, he himself didn’t follow it. He was preparing in case something unexpected happens and it needs him to take action.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind this. He knew Mu Hei’s status and was clear that he couldn’t order him around. Also, the spiritual qi of the other transcending tribulation experts was enough. The Hell King’s Ship lit up with a gold light as it blocked Lie Yang’s path.

Seeing the Hell King’s Ship approaching him, Lie Yang had a sneer on his face. He wasn’t afraid of the Hell King’s Ship. Before they could clash, he would just veer to the side. He would use his advantage in flexibility to evade the ship and go straight towards Tie Zhantian.

However, Lie Yang underestimated the Hell King’s Ship’s capability. Just as he dodged to the side, the Hell King’s Ship’s bow was aimed at him and was fired. Although the strength of the collision would be less than the Hell King’s Ship’s entire strength, it was much smaller and was thus more flexible.

It must be known that the front of Zhao Hai’s ship was designed after the formation breaking spirit snake needle. So after being shot towards Lie Yang, it immediately stopped his charge.

Lie Yang had to stop. Although his strength has recovered to eighty percent of his peak, he couldn’t underestimate the strength of the Hell King’s Ship’s battering ram. After all, the spiritual qi of several transcending tribulation experts were concentrated on the battering ram. If it really hit him, then he would be finished.

When Lie Yang stopped, he discovered that he made an enormous mistake. He should not have stopped. Without hesitation, the cannon windows of the Hell King’s Ship opened. Then the cannons fired at the same time, their target was Lie Yang.

The cannons of the Hell King’s Ship couldn’t be underestimated. After repeated upgrades, especially after coming to the Great World of Cultivation, the power of the cannons has increased by several folds.

It can be said that each cannon fire carried the strength of a dao avatar stage expert’s full powered attack. Such power couldn’t be categorized as small.

At the same time, a large number of undead, enough to make one’s scalp tingle, appeared around the Hell King’s Ship and Lie Yang. These Undead had firearms in their hands. Like the cannons, the guns of the Undead have been improved. Each bullet has the strength of a spirit refining stage cultivator. Such an attack would have been nothing to Lie Yang. But hundreds of thousands of these attacks would still cause him to shake.

Sometimes, quantity overpowers quality. Several hundred thousand guns firing towards him caused Lie Yang to feel extreme pressure. This caused him to use all of his strength to defend.

Then at this time, Zhao Hai released the stellar transformations sword formation. And with the 12 metal beasts acting as nodes, the formation’s strength increased several times.

Hu Shan was no longer using the 12 metal beasts. Instead, he provided the spiritual qi for the 12 metal beasts. The command has returned to Zhao Hai.

With the help of the 12 metal beasts, the stellar transformations sword formation’s scope became bigger. Only the Hell King’s Ship was outside the formation.

Although Zhao Hai was outside the formation, the spiritual qi of the transcending tribulation experts were being passed over to the formation through the Hell King’s Ship. This made the formation more powerful.

Seeing Zhao Hai blocking Lie Yang’s advance, Tie Zhantian let out a sigh of relief. As long as Lie Yang was out of the equation, even if the Black Tiger Gang’s side didn’t have Zhao Hai, they could still defeat the Roaring Flame Sect. After all, Zhao Hai already destroyed a lot of the Roaring Flame Sect’s large artifacts.

Tie Zhantian naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity go. He commanded the rest of the Black Tiger Gang to charge at the Roaring Flame Sect. Besides Zhao Hai and the transcending tribulation experts on the Hell King’s Ship, everyone participated in the attack.

At the same time, Lie Yang was having a hard time inside the sword formation. He felt like a fly that had been trapped in a spider web. He was being covered by an overwhelming pressure that slowly drained his energy. Even if he wanted to make a move, he couldn’t.

Although Lie Yang has recovered 80 percent of his peak strength, his enemies were Hu Shan, Zhao Hai, and the dozens of transcending tribulation experts on the Hell King’s Ship. There’s also the hundreds of thousands of Undead. Facing this amount of enemies, even Lie Yang at his peak would have a hard time, not to mention now.

Lie Yang struggled desperately inside the sword formation, but his efforts were useless. Zhao Hai’s sword formation wasn’t easy to break. Moreover, Zhao Hai used the three-dimensional sword formation, which was more formidable.

Zhao Hai was also going all out in dealing with Lie Yang. He knew how important Lie Yang was to the Roaring Flame Sect. As long as Lie Yang was dealt with, the Roaring Flame Sect would immediately collapse.

Lie Yang’s situation was truly dire. He wouldn’t be able to hold out for too long. He has been fighting with all his strength for the last couple of minutes. And this was strength gained from burning his life force. He now has a few days remaining in his lifespan.

The wrinkles on Lie Yang’s face increased and he knew that he didn’t have much time left. At the same time, he couldn’t do anything to get out of his situation. Even his attacks were getting weaker. Lie Yang looked around him in anger. At this moment, he felt a chill on his neck. Lie Yang looked down and saw a sword stabbing him on the throat.

Lie Yang was shocked, but his face soon revealed a relaxed expression. He turned his head and glanced at the Roaring Flame Sect cultivators who were still fighting. Then he slowly closed his eyes as his body fell down. But before he could reach the ground, a black gas covered him and he was sent to the Space.

Lie Yang entered the Space and became an Undead, providing Zhao Hai with a huge boost in faith power. But at this time, Zhao Hai didn’t have time to celebrate as he turned to Mu Hei and said, “Martial Uncle, we’re finished here. Have everyone help the Gang Leader immediately.”

Seeing Zhao Hai’s multiple methods, Mu Hei couldn’t help but admire him. But he immediately nodded as he turned to the transcending tribulation experts and said, “Let’s go. It’s time to give the Roaring Flame Sect a finishing blow.”

The transcending tribulation experts compiled with a roar and followed Mu Hei to charge towards the enemy. Zhao Hai also didn’t stop. After receiving the Undead, he commanded the 12 metal beasts to kill towards the Roaring Flame Sect.

The Roaring Flame Sect were on the verge of collapsing. Seeing Zhao Hai kill their Supreme Elder, their confidence has completely shattered. Fortunately, the high-level members of the sect could still hold on. But the low-level cultivators were beginning to panic.

Tie Zhantian didn’t have the time to celebrate Zhao Hai’s victory. With Mu Hei and Zhao Hai rejoining the battle, the attack of the Black Tiger Gang became more aggressive. The Roaring Flame sect could no longer withstand the fight.

This was especially true when Zhao Hai’s 12 metal beasts joined the fight. Zhao Hai’s 12 metal beasts targeted the Roaring Flame Sect’s leader. This was the same plan as Lie Yang’s. But this time, the Roaring Flame Sect didn’t have someone like Zhao Hai. The 12 metal beasts charged towards the sect leader with an unstoppable force. The sect leader wanted to run away, but the 12 metal beasts were faster. And with the 12 metal beasts continuing to pursue the sect leader, his personal fire chariot was destroyed. The sect leader was also killed in the process.

With the death of the sect leader, the Roaring Flame Sect cultivators lost all thoughts of resistance. At the same time, Tie Zhantian announced that those who surrendered wouldn’t be killed. The Black Tiger Gang was also willing to welcome them.

This removed the last wills of resistance in the minds of the Roaring Flame Sect cultivators. Besides those deathly loyal to the sect, the others began to surrender.

Before long, a large number of Roaring Flame Sect cultivators surrendered to the Black Tiger Gang. Those who resisted became fewer and fewer.

While nobody was paying attention, Zhao Hai sneaked into the Roaring Flame Sect’s headquarters and took away the fire character tablet.

Zhao Hai knew that if he asked for the tablet from Tie Zhantian, then Tie Zhantian would definitely give it to him. However, Zhao Hai didn’t want to do that. This would make the Black Tiger Gang cultivators know where the tablet went. Zhao Hai didn’t want them to know that he had the tablet, so he secretly took it.

At this time, the Black Tiger Gang began a comprehensive accounting of the Roaring Flame Sect’s domain. Their occupation went very smoothly. This was because the Black Tiger Gang didn’t destroy a lot of the sect’s infrastructure, especially the transmission formations. The transmission formations were only sealed by Zhao Hai, so they could be used immediately after the seal was lifted.

The only place that was severely destroyed was the crafting base. By this time, the base was completely ruined by the magma. It would be impossible to make use of the refining base for quite some time. It would need heavy reconstruction to be used again.


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