BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1746


Chapter 1746 – Raging Fire Sacrificial Pill

Hu Shan was now comfortably living inside the Space. He no longer has anything to worry about. Moreover, he discovered that he had many friends in the Space. Although these friends were a little strange since they only did what they wanted, he slowly discovered that this kind of life was also good. It was fortunate that he was able to do what he wanted to do.

In Hu Shan’s mind, even his hometown in the Immortal Realm might not be as comfortable as the Space. 

However, Hu Shan was still responsive when it came to the Black Tiger Gang’s matters. After all, the Black Tiger Gang was the fruit of the Black Tiger Clan’s efforts. It was the proof of the Black Tiger Clan’s presence in the Great World of Cultivation.

Before Zhao Hai attacked the Roaring Flame Sect, he already thought about the worst situation and approached Hu Shan to ask him about taking action if necessary.

Hu Shan has now recovered to his optimum condition, so his strength has returned to its peak. Even if he couldn’t act personally, he could still operate large artifacts from the Space.

When Hu Shan controlled the 12 metal beasts, he immediately overwhelmed the Supreme Elder of the Roaring Flame Sect. At the same time, when Lie Yang heard Hu Shan’s voice, his expression couldn’t help but change.

Although Hu Shan’s voice came from the 12 metal beasts, he could hear that Hu Shan’s mental strength was still at its peak. There were no signs of aging from his voice. Everyone could hear that Hu Shan was like a king of beasts patrolling his territory.

When the people from the Roaring Flame Sect heard Hu Shan’s voice, their expression changed. And when they saw the 12 metal beasts charging towards Lie Yang, their faces turned ugly.

Lie Yang looked at the 12 metal beasts and coldly snorted as he said, “You’re still alive, so how could I die? You think these mechanical beasts would be able to defeat me? Hu Shan, you’ve truly gone senile.”

As he was talking, Lie Yang waved his hand and sent a wave of fire towards the 12 metal beasts. The fire had a hint of purple, it was the color of a very hot flame.

In fact, the fire that Lie Yang sent out with almost no effort was a special attack that belonged to him called Lie Yang True Fire. According to legend, Lie Yang integrated the sun’s true flame to his own fire, creating a special fire. The flame’s offensive strength was formidable. Any artifact that met this flame would melt.

However, when the 12 metal beasts crashed into the flame, they weren’t damaged at all.

Seeing this, Lie Yang’s expression changed. Then he waved his hand once more as he said, “Heaven Flame meteor!” Along with his command, the sky suddenly turned red. Then a giant flaming rock fell towards the metal beasts.

Six of the 12 metal beasts separated from the group in order to block the meteor. The remaining six went to attack Lie Yang. At the same time, Lie Yang was also sending fire dragons towards the beasts. Along their path, the fire dragons became larger before clashing with the metal beasts.

The six metal beasts who blocked the meteor were able to shoot it down. The fire dragons didn’t seem to have any impact on the metal beasts either. The metal beasts were still rushing towards Lie Yang.

Lie Yang’s expression changed. Nobody was better than him in understanding his current situation. Just like the previous Hu Shan, he was also on the verge of death. For any cultivator, the end of their lifespan was always a sorrowful matter. This was especially true for powerful experts. They felt that they still had a lot of matters that hadn’t been completed. However, their time was ending and they couldn’t do anything about it.

Lie Yang only came out this time in order to drive the Black Tiger Gang away. He didn’t expect Hu Shan to participate in the fight. At this time Lie Yang has been reduced to a tenth of his strength. As for Hu Shan, although he was controlling the 12 metal beasts, he seems to have half of his strength left. Comparing the two, it was clear that Lie Yang was going to lose.

Although Lie Yang wanted to counter-attack, he didn’t have the opportunity to do so. The 12 metal beasts were now in front of him and the only thing he could do was to defend.

The people from the Black Tiger Gang and the Roaring Flame Sect were paying attention to the battle between Lie Yang and the 12 metal beasts. It was a battle that decided the fate between the two sides.

However, Zhao Hai thought differently. Now that the two old monsters were entangled with each other, they wouldn’t be able to divert their attention elsewhere. Therefore, this was an opportunity for the Black Tiger Gang to defeat the Roaring Flame Sect in one fell swoop.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai waved his hand. The Hell King’s ship rushed forward. At the same time, Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t the time to hide his strength. He also released the pagoda, the giant spirit treasure ships, and the sword shuttles. They all went and charged towards the Roaring Flame Sect.

With everyone’s attention pointed towards the battle of the two Supreme Elders, nobody was able to prepare for Zhao Hai’s attack.

Tie Zhantian and the Roaring Flame Sect’s leader stared for a moment before they quickly issued orders. Needless to say, Tie Zhantian ordered a full charge. As for the Roaring Flame Sect’s leader, his expression was beyond ugly. This was the outcome that he didn’t want to see.

However, he has no choice but to meet the attack head-on. Zhao Hai already led the charge with the rest of the Black Tiger Gang following behind. 

The most uncomfortable right now would be Lie Yang. He thought that he would be able to get rid of the Black Tiger Gang once he appeared. He didn’t expect that his plan would fail. Now, the morale of the Roaring Flame Sect was lower compared to before. The situation for the sect wasn’t going well.

However, Lie Yang couldn’t do anything to change this situation. The 12 metal beasts were already giving him a hard time. If he shows even a tiny bit of weakness, the metal beasts would immediately capitalize on it.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s charge connected. The Hell King’s Ship collided with a fire chariot. Then soon after, the other large artifacts hit the other fire chariots.

The cultivators of the Roaring Flame Sect were immediately shaken. They didn’t know how to deal with their current situation. Although the sect leader was giving his all in giving commands, the final result wasn’t optimistic. As Lie Yang was being pushed back, the morale of the troops decreased. And with how fierce Zhao Hai’s attack was, it was inevitable for the Roaring Flame Sect’s troops to be pushed back.

It didn’t take long before Tie Zhantian and the others joined the battle. The Roaring Flame Sect’s side was immediately placed in a critical situation. Seeing this, Lie Yang’s eyes burned with fire. His eyes flashed a ruthless color as he took out a pill. The pill’s body was fire red and there was smoke coming out of it. It looked like a fireball.

This pill was very famous in the Great World of Cultivation. It was known as Raging Fire Sacrificial Pill. Hearing this name, one might think that it was a kind of aphrodisiac. But actually, this pill gave its user an instantaneous increase in strength. But after taking the pill, the user’s life force would be burned. And if the user fought for a long time, their entire lifespan would be consumed.

There was no need to mention the pill’s effects on Lie Yang. With how near he was to the end of his life, eating the raging fire sacrificial pill was courting death. However, Lie Yang had no other choice if he wanted to deal with the 12 metal beasts. If he couldn’t repel the metal beasts and the Black Tiger Gang, then the Roaring Flame Sect would be finished.

Lie Yang’s actions were all seen by Zhao Hai. Although Zhao Hai was fighting against the people of the Roaring Flame Sect, he always paid attention to Lie Yang. he knew clearly that if Lie Yang was given a chance, then it would be the Black Tiger Gang who would pay for it.

Now, Zhao Hai saw Lie Yang take out a strange pill that he didn’t know. Moreover, Lie Yang had the expression of resolve. This meant that the old man was prepared to go all out.

Zhao Hai immediately commanded his large artifacts to keep fighting the Roaring Flame Sect’s large artifacts. At the same time, the Hell King’s Ship retreated and flew towards Tie Zhantian. After that, Zhao Hai appeared beside Tie Zhantian. Seeing Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian immediately asked, “Little Hai, what is it?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Gang Leader, I need transcending tribulation experts for my ship. I just noticed Lie Yang taking a pill out. It definitely wouldn’t be good for us if he takes that pill. If he gets out of Elder Hu Shan’s entanglement, then we would be in great trouble.”

Tie Zhantian’s expression changed. Then he immediately turned his head to Mu Hei and said, “Little Black, have the transcending tribulation experts who have yet to join the battle to enter Little Hai’s ship. Little Hai, did you see what pill he took out?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It’s a red pill that has smoke rising on top of it. It looks like a small fireball.”

Tie Zhantian’s expression immediately changed, “It’s the raging fire sacrificial pill! That old man decided to go all out!” At this time, under Mu Hei’s command, the remaining transcending tribulation experts entered Zhao Hai’s ship. Mu Hei also went with them. Naturally, these transcending tribulation experts knew who Mu Hei was. Mu Hei followed to give Zhao Hai more ease in issuing commands. He was afraid that Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to give proper orders to the transcending tribulation experts. It would be troublesome if the instructions weren’t followed properly.

Seeing that everyone has entered the ship, Zhao Hai cupped his first towards Tie Zhantian. Then his body flashed and returned to the hell king’s ship before commanding it to charge towards Lie Yang.

Actually, with the Undead he has in the Space, Zhao Hai was confident in dealing with Lie Yang. However, he didn’t want this fact to be known. Therefore, he invited the transcending tribulation experts of the Black Tiger Gang to help him.


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