BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1744


Chapter 1744 – Accepting Surrender

“Seal your spiritual qi. And I will accept your surrender.”

A very plain voice resounded inside the refining base, surprising the transcending tribulation experts. However, they couldn’t find the source.

Transcending Tribulation experts are powerhouses who had strong spiritual force. However, even such people couldn’t pinpoint the origin of the voice. 

Hearing Zhao Hai’s voice, the transcending tribulation expert couldn’t help but stare. Then his complexion changed as he said, “Your excellency, if I seal my spiritual qi, then I will be burned by the earth fire. I am sincerely willing to surrender. I ask your excellency to be lenient.”

“If you don’t seal your spiritual qi, then you can wait for death!”

When the transcending tribulation experts heard it, their expression changed. They knew that the other party was right. If they don’t seal their spiritual qi, then they could only wait to die.

The transcending tribulation expert from before wasn’t actually willing to surrender. He just hoped to leave this place. Once he was out, he would find a way to retaliate or send word back to the sect.

However, he didn’t expect the other party to require him to seal his spiritual qi. Otherwise, he wouldn’t save them.

As the transcending tribulation experts were hesitating, they heard someone else, “I’m willing to surrender!” The transcending tribulation experts turned their heads and saw one of the surviving Nascent Soul Experts. The Nascent Soul Expert survived by relying on his protective artifact. The artifact was in the shape of a gourd and it surrounded his entire body. This allowed him to defend against the earth fire.

After the Nascent Soul Expert said that, he immediately sealed his spiritual qi. Without the support of spiritual qi, the protective artifact and its owner began to fall into the magma. But before he could fall into the magma, a spatial rift appeared below him. The Nascent Soul Expert fell into the spatial rift which vanished immediately. Everything happened so quickly that the other Roaring Flame Cultivators weren’t able to respond.

At the same time, a spatial rift appeared outside the stone building of the Roaring Flame Sect. Then Zhao Hai walked out of the spatial rift holding a person in his hand.

The experts of the Black Tiger Gang couldn’t help but stare at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai placed the person on the ground as he bowed towards the transcending tribulation experts and said, “Martial Uncles, he’s a member of the Roaring Flame Sect who surrendered. His spiritual qi has been sealed. I’ll have to ask you to take care of him.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the transcending tribulation experts looked at the Roaring Flame Sect cultivator. They could see that their spiritual qi has indeed been sealed. They nodded and said, “Leave him to us.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “This person is a famous refiner of the Roaring Flame Sect. Once we destroy the Roaring Flame Sect, the Inferno Valley would fall into our hands. This person is very familiar with the valley, he should help us in restoring the refining base.”

The transcending tribulation experts thought about what Zhao Hai said for a moment, then their gazes towards the Nascent Soul cultivator changed. It must be known that the Black Tiger Gang desired the Inferno valley. If this person can help the Black Tiger Gang rebuild the refining base, then this means that this person was an important figure to the Black Tiger Gang. 

Seeing the reaction of the transcending tribulation experts, Zhao Hai smiled. He was afraid that these transcending tribulation experts would kill this person. Because of this, he said those words. At the same time, Zhao Hai saw that this nascent soul expert was the elder who made a glove using his ancient eternal sand.

As a well-spoken elder of the refining base, and a very well-connected person, it’s natural for this elder to take his life as the most important. He’s also a greedy person. Whenever he refines an artifact, he would use less material than the amount given to him. Even the ancient eternal sand that Zhao Hai handed over still has a lot that remained. Then the elder used the material to create a defensive artifact for himself, which was the gourd-shaped artifact. With the gourd-shaped artifact, he was able to block the earth fire and survive for a long time.

This elder was able to analyze his current situation and knew what he needed to do if he didn’t want to perish in the refining base. After Zhao Hai said those words, he thought that Zhao Hai would accept surrender. After all, it’s impossible to subdue a transcending tribulation expert if they didn’t seal their spiritual qi. No transcending tribulation expert was easy to deal with. But if their spiritual qi was sealed, then they wouldn’t be able to fight back.

Zhao Hai telling the transcending tribulation experts to seal their spiritual qi was showing them his sincerity. Therefore, the Roaring Flame Sect elder decided to take a gamble. He knows that his defensive artifact wouldn’t be able to last much longer, so it was better to take a risk. It would be best if he could live, but if he couldn’t then it would just be his death coming earlier. Therefore, he quickly agreed to surrender and sealed his spiritual qi. Naturally, he succeeded in his gamble.

Seeing that the transcending tribulation experts were now looking at the Roaring Flame Sect Elder with importance, Zhao Hai said, “Martial Uncles, I still have some other matters to take care of. I’ll leave you here.” The transcending tribulation experts nodded. Then Zhao Hai vanished.

At this time, the other Nascent Soul Experts of the Roaring Flame Sect could no longer hold on. Cultivators placed huge importance on their lives, seeing that one of them has been rescued, they also have their own ideas.

Zhao Hai was also paying close attention to the situation at the refining base. Not long after Zhao Hai sent the elder out, the other nascent soul experts surrendered one after another. The rest didn’t stop them, they were also having the same thoughts as them.

The more powerful the cultivator, the more they were afraid of death. Naturally, this also applies to the transcending tribulation experts. Even if they defect to the Black Tiger Gang, at the very least they would hold the rank of elder. No matter where, transcending tribulation experts were important figures. The same was true in the Black Tiger Gang.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t mention which sect he came from, these transcending tribulation experts already thought that he was from the Black Tiger Gang. This was because the Roaring Flame Sect doesn’t have as heavy of enmity as with the Black Tiger Gang. Only the Black Tiger Gang would go as far as this. Therefore, they concluded that the enemy was from the Black Tiger gang.

The reason why the transcending tribulation experts were still hesitating was because they didn’t want to be the first to surrender. These experts still have to mind their dignity. Therefore, none of them expressed their intention to surrender.

However, as time passed, the transcending tribulation experts were beginning to have a hard time resisting the earth fire. This was because the earth fire was beginning to turn hotter and hotter. Even with their cultivation base, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to hold for much long.

Lei Xingtian looked at the others and said, “Everyone, it’s time to make a choice. I also think that you have your own pride to keep, but sometimes you need to think about your own life.” After he said that, Lei Xingtian shouted, “I surrender!” Then he sealed his spiritual qi. And just like the nascent soul experts before him, he was taken away.

The first would always be followed by the second. The transcending tribulation experts already thought about surrendering long ago, but they didn’t dare say it. If Lei Xingtian didn’t say anything, then someone else would have surrendered first. Fortunately, Lei Xingtian became the first to give up. The others followed along soon after. In a blink of an eye, Zhao Hai threw them all out of the refining base.

Despite this, Zhao Hai didn’t believe the transcending tribulation experts. When these experts entered the spatial rift, Zhao Hai sealed their cultivation with his own methods. This way, they wouldn’t have a chance to attack once they were out.

The strongest beings in the Inferno Valley were the transcending tribulation experts. Now that they surrendered, there’s no longer any need to worry about the stone buildings.

Once the transcending tribulation experts surrendered, Zhao Hai controlled the vermillion bird stamp to retract all of the magma. The earth fire that was burning the Inferno Valley also decreased.

The stone buildings were powered by earth fire. Now that the earth fire has been retracted, the formations on the stone buildings would soon lose power. Zhao Hai used this opportunity to use the Hell King’s Ship to attack one of the stone buildings. After several charges, the building could no longer hold on and collapsed. This caused the people inside the building to run away, but they were all killed by the transcending tribulation experts.

The Black Tiger Gang’s transcending tribulation experts also felt very aggrieved. The entire refining base was single-handedly destroyed by Zhao Hai. Although they were present, they didn’t exert any of their strength. It was shameful. Now, what remains for them to hunt were the small shrimps since the tigers have already been taken care of. But at the very least, they can exert a bit of effort in the war.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about what the transcending tribulation experts were thinking. If they want to kill these ordinary cultivators, then they can kill these ordinary cultivators. Although his current status was higher than before, he wouldn’t be able to manage these transcending tribulation experts. If he was too controlling, then he might cause these people to dislike him.

Zhao Hai knew that the transcending tribulation experts held the most power in the Black Tiger Gang. If he offended this group of people, then he would be offending a huge part of the sect. This wouldn’t be good for his future plans.

After Zhao Hai destroyed the other three stone buildings, the Roaring Flame Sect’s base in the Inferno Valley was truly finished. Zhao Hai quickly returned to the Hell King’s Ship and brought everyone to the Roaring Flame Sect’s headquarters. There was still a battle waiting for them there.


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