BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1743


Chapter 1743 – Igniting The Earth Fire

The next moment, Zhao Hai appeared in the sky above the Inferno Valley. Looking at the refining base, he coldly snorted as he waved his hand and said, “Move!” With his voice, the Inferno Valley began to rumble like a volcano about to erupt. Then a large amount of magma poured out of the valley.

At this time, all the exits of the refining base were covered by layers of metal nets. These nets were so thin that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see them if they didn’t pay attention.

The cultivators in the refining base began to discover that something wasn’t right. They could originally control the earth fire coming out of the valley. But now, their refining rooms had suddenly spurted intense fire and began burning down. Moreover, the earth fire was beginning to become more and more vigorous.

Naturally, the transcending tribulation experts of the Roaring Flame Sect were the ones who noticed it first. They immediately went to some refining rooms and took control of the formations. Because of this, some of the rooms were saved.

Lei Xingtian was the leader of the transcending tribulation experts in the refining base. Now he stood dumbfounded in front of a refining room. This refining room has been completely engulfed in earth fire. Even the stones around it were burning.

Lei Xingtian immediately recovered. He knew what the refining base meant to the Roaring Flame Sect. Seeing what’s happening, he immediately shouted, “Someone send word to the sect leader. Tell him about what’s happening here. Everyone, organize the evacuation plan.”

At this moment, a transcending tribulation expert flew towards Lei Xingtian and said, “Xingtian, something’s not right. All the transmission formations are not working.”

Just as the transcending tribulation said this, another flew over with an ugly expression as he said, “Xingtian, we’ve been schemed against. The exits have all been blocked.”

Hearing this, Lei Xingtian couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression changed as he asked, “Who sealed the exits? Immediately organize people, we need to get out.”

The transcending tribulation expert answered, “I don’t know who sealed the exits, but it has been sealed by a type of metal wire. It’s very tenacious.”

Lei Xingtian’s face was pale. Then he said, “Concentrate all of our strength and go up. We need a direct path outside as soon as possible.”

Hearing Lei Xingtian, the two transcending tribulation experts’ expressions changed. But they also knew that this was their last resort. But to be honest, they didn’t hold too much hope in this approach.

The refining base was built over hundreds of years of work. And when it was built, in order to prevent the base from being easily discovered, a large number of precious materials were used. The materials could not only block spiritual force, it also reinforced the walls of the base. Ordinary transcending tribulation experts wouldn’t be able to get through it. This also meant that people from the inside would find it difficult to break out.

Lei Xingtian also knew that they were now completely trapped inside. If the base could be easily broken out of, then other transcending tribulation experts would have already broken in a long time ago. Now the exits have been sealed, and it became difficult to contact the outside.

If the other party went so far as to seal their transmission formations and block the exits with metal wires, then they would certainly have people waiting outside. This meant that their troubles wouldn’t end with just going out of the refining base.

Because of this thought, Lei Xingtian thought that they could only create an opening. He knew that this was their safest and quickest way to go outside.

The two transcending tribulation experts led the other transcending tribulation experts to open a path out of the valley. Meanwhile, Lei Xingtian instructed other cultivators to create formations to resist the earth fire. At the same time, the Nascent Soul Experts tried to set up transmission formations to return to the Roaring Flame Sect. This way, whether the passage was opened or not, they would have a way to get out of the base and escape being cremated inside.

At this time, a large amount of magma emerged from the refining rooms. The formations that Lei Xingtian set up were useless. They were all burned down by the magma.

Zhao Hai was currently above the refining base, observing the state of the base through the Space. Each refining room had formations that controlled the earth fire that came through. Now, these formations became entry points for the magma to enter the base. Before long, a tide of magma erupted inside the refining rooms. The entire Inferno Valley was now engulfed in a sea of fire.

Zhao Hai didn’t really think that the earth fire was that strong. However, he was relieved when he thought about it. The earth fire here wasn’t ordinary earth fire. This was a fire that was constantly tempered by the dao of fire coming from Firegod City. And with their enormous volume, the power they can exert was formidable.

As for the transcending tribulation experts who were making a passage to the outside, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about them. By the time they get out of the valley, the refining base would have already been reduced to ash.

Lei Xingtian was now desperate. Just after they set up the transmission formation, it was suddenly illuminated by a flash of light, which rendered it useless. As for the passage, it wasn’t doing well either.

The original exits were blocked by metal wires. Lei Xingtian tried destroying it, but to no avail. Even with his own strength, he wasn’t able to break the wire. Moreover, the wire was very thin. If an artifact attacks the wire directly, it would be cut by the sharpness of the wire. If the situation wasn’t so critical, Lei Xingtian would have spent time to find out how the wire was made.

Some Nascent Soul Experts tried to dig around the exits and found that the metal wires were also there. Digging around the exit was impossible.

The Roaring Flame Sect cultivators discovered that the impenetrable fortress that they had been so proud of had become a tomb that was very hard to break out of.

As the magma welled up, cultivators began burning down. But before the corpses of these cultivators turned into ash, they were sent by Zhao Hai to the Space and turned into Undead. He thought that it would be a waste for these bodies to become ash.

Meanwhile, the Black Tiger Gang Cultivators who followed Zhao Hai were quite relaxed. They surrounded the stone buildings and didn’t attack. They just stood there and waited. And once people escape the buildings, they would kill them.

But until now, nobody went out of the stone buildings. Upon seeing that the stone buildings were surrounded, the Roaring Flame Sect cultivators activated their protective shields. Then they sent people to the refining base to ask for help. They also sent a message to the headquarters. But they discovered that doing both of these things were difficult. The people sent to the refining base were blocked by metal wires. Zhao Hai didn’t just erect one layer of metal wires, he made sure to have multiple layers set up. If the Transcending Tribulation Experts couldn’t destroy the wires, then there’s no need to mention the people from the stone buildings. 

If they couldn’t ask the refining base for help, then their only chance was the sect. Since the transmission formations were rendered useless, they can only send jade sword messages asking for help. However, they didn’t know that their messages didn’t reach the Roaring Flame Sect.

Seeing the jade sword messages coming out of the stone buildings, the bored transcending tribulation experts decided to destroy them. This severed any communication between the stone buildings and the headquarters.

The current refining base has been turned into a sea of fire. Besides powerful experts and those with formidable protective artifacts, all the cultivators were burned to death. However, those still living knew that they wouldn’t be able to hold out for long.

The transcending tribulation experts have never been so aggrieved. All of their exits were blocked and they were being burned alive. They felt that this kind of suffocating death was unfitting for exalted transcending tribulation experts.

However, they didn’t have the means to change their fate. They haven’t reached the surface. They haven’t even seen their enemy, so they didn’t know to whom they should surrender. This would be the first and last time they would feel this aggrieved.

Lie Xingtian looked at the transcending tribulation experts with a bitter smile on his face. He never thought that he would encounter such a day. People who played with fire would die from the fire. It was ironic. It was as though they had met their retribution.

As Lei Xingtian was thinking of this, one of the transcending tribulation experts shouted, “To whoever is waiting for my death, come see me face to face!”

There was no response, he was completely ignored. Zhao Hai heard the transcending tribulation expert, but he naturally wouldn’t meet those people. He would be an idiot if he revealed himself.

Seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t respond, the transcending tribulation expert shouted, “I’m willing to surrender!”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai stared. He didn’t think experts of the Roaring Flame Sect would surrender. Upon thinking about it, Zhao Hai decided to accept the surrender. He always needed faith power for the Space, he naturally wouldn’t decline having one more transcending tribulation expert. At the same time, they could also increase the strength of the Black Tiger Gang.

The transcending tribulation expert of the Roaring Flame Sect was probing to see if the other party would accept his surrender. If the other party accepts, then he would be able to get out of the burning base. As for what happens when he escapes, that is still unknown.


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