BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1740


Chapter 1740 – Vermillion Bird Stamp

Zhao Hai was stunned because of the hardness of the tablet. Besides the feeling of hardness, Zhao Hai also felt that the tablet had an innate protection. It was as if it was protected by the laws, the dao of fire to be exact.

The power of the dao was very mysterious. To be honest, what Zhao Hai and the other cultivators practiced was separated from the laws. It was an imitation of it. This caused their cultivation methods to be worse compared to the laws.

However, when Zhao Hai studied the dao, he became exposed to its strength. This was especially true when he acquired Hu Shan’s inheritance. Zhao Hai was able to get a certain understanding regarding the laws.

Because of this, Zhao Hai was able to detect the dao of fire when he attacked the stone tablet. Zhao Hai was certain that the almighty Firegod had the support of the dao of fire when he established the Firegod City. And the dao of fire also blessed the stone tablet.

 This protection was the reason why the stone tablet remained unblemished after Zhao Hai’s attack. This also confused Zhao Hai. This meant that the tablet was strong enough to resist the attacks of a Transcending Tribulation Expert or even someone beyond. In this case, it would be very difficult to dig out the ‘fire’ character from the tablet.

Nevertheless, the founder of the Roaring Flame Sect was able to obtain the fire character tablet. According to the sect’s records, the founder of the Roaring Flame Sect had yet to reach the Transcending Tribulation Stage when he acquired the stone tablet. This was because it was only after acquiring the tablet that the founder comprehended the dao of fire. In this case, he wouldn’t have the ability to dig out the character from the huge tablet in Firegod City.

In other words, it wasn’t the founder of the Roaring Flame Sect who dug out the fire character tablet. It’s possible that he acquired it right after.

However, who would discard such a tablet? The fire character tablet has traces of the dao of fire. Also, its origin tablet was a huge monument outside Firegod City. Whether it be the giant tablet or the Firegod City, both were good sources of inheritance. The dao of fire inside and around the city was very rich. Even with Zhao Hai’s present strength, he was still unable to comprehend the entire message stored on the giant tablet. He felt like an illiterate peasant who was given a heavenly book. 

Since he couldn’t understand the dao of fire on the tablet, Zhao Hai didn’t benefit as much compared to his meeting with the fire character tablet.

Zhao Hai couldn’t fathom what kind of person was able to dig out the fire character tablet. Such an action was a slap to the face of the Firegod who built the city.

Zhao Hai stored liquid silver away before giving the tablet one last glance. Then he flew towards the city. He wanted to see if there’s anything inside Firegod City. If he can obtain some clues, then he might have some idea about the person who dug out the fire character tablet.

Right now, Zhao Hai formed an idea. After the Roaring Flame Sect was destroyed, he would bring the fire character tablet back to Firegod City and then place it back on the giant tablet. This way, the tablet would be complete once more.

Before long, Zhao Hai entered Firegod City. The city was huge. It was a city built upon generations of descendants, causing its scale to explode to its current state.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but exclaim at such a huge city. But after walking for a while, Zhao Hai didn’t find anything. The city was empty. The buildings had tables, chairs, and all kinds of furniture. However, these things were made out of stone. All of these were blazingly hot. If Zhao Hai didn’t have a special body and couldn’t control fire, then his body would have vaporized upon entering the city. The fire element inside the city was just too strong, to the point of being unbearable.

Zhao Hai entered the low-class residences first. As he discovered nothing, he moved on to the larger buildings.

When Zhao Hai reached the center of the city, what was in front of him was a huge palace. From what he could see, the palace should be at least 10 thousand meters tall. 

The entire palace was fiery red. Moreover, the fire element surrounding it was denser compared to the other parts of the city. It can be said that it was the core of Firegod City.

Zhao Hai slowly flew towards the palace. His instinct technique didn’t warn him of any danger. This was the reason why Zhao Hai dared to go forward.

The huge palace was in line with the architecture of ancient china. Inside the palace, Zhao Hai saw a rock garden composed of fire element stones. There was even a red hot river.

The river wasn’t a lava river. Instead, it was a condensed form of fire element qi.

Zhao Hai continued to explore the palace. There was no shortage of decorations inside. The only lacking aspect of it were the inhabitants.

Before long, Zhao Hai reached the largest part of the palace. From the inscription, it was named the Fire Temple. It was the biggest hall inside the palace.

Since his spiritual force was completely useless in this palace, Zhao Hai experienced the palace with his eyes. Because of this, Zhao Hai was extra vigilant although he hadn’t felt any danger.

When Zhao Hai entered the Fire Temple, he couldn’t help but be mesmerized. Everything inside was a treasure, much like a king’s hall. In the center was an elevated platform with a huge throne. Carved on the throne were nine five-clawed dragons. Then above the throne was a plaque with four huge characters that read “Fire Burning Heaven and Earth”, which was extremely domineering.

In front of the throne was another platform with a box on top of it. When Zhao Hai looked at the box, he stared. The box was huge, but from its appearance, it looked like a seal box.

A seal box was the container of an imperial stamp. In ancient times, those who held the imperial stamp would wield great power. Seeing the seal box, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but be moved.

If the seal box indeed contained a stamp, then the owner of the stamp must be an extraordinary being. This was because the center of the city’s pressure came from the seal box itself.

Zhao Hai moved and landed on the platform. The seal box was taller than him. Looking at the seal box, it looked like it was made out of stone. However, Zhao Hai doesn’t know what kind of stone it was. But Zhao Hai wasn’t in the mood to study the box. He walked to the seal box and saw a small gap on the top. This caused Zhao Hai’s heart to jump. He was afraid that the box was empty. But now it seems like this wasn’t the case.

Zhao Hai extended his arms and held the gap before pushing it open. With a loud bang, the seal box opened upward. Zhao Hai also moved up along with the force. Before long, the seal box was opened by him.

Zhao Hai looked inside the seal box and saw a stone stamp inside. The stone stamp looked special. However, instead of a dragon, inscribed on the stamp was a vermillion bird.

The Vermillion Bird was the sacred beast of fire, so it was right that it was carved on the stamp. Zhao Hai grabbed the stone stamp and lifted it up. However, it wouldn’t budge.

Zhao Hai stared. He was confident in his strength, so he didn’t expect the stone stamp to remain unmoved. He tried it once more with all of his strength, but it was useless.

Zhao Hai no longer moved the stone stamp. Instead he stood there and inspected it. Below the stamp was the ink basin. On the four sides of the ink basin were images of five-clawed dragons. Meanwhile, the stamp had the image of a lifelike vermillion bird that was about to fly. It looked very beautiful.

Besides these details, there was nothing else. Zhao Hai knitted his brows. Then he used the infinity technique to see if he could communicate with the stamp. He wanted to find out why the stamp wouldn’t move.

Upon using the infinity technique, Zhao Hai was stunned. After sending his signal to the stamp, nothing returned. It was as though the stamp didn’t want to talk to him. 

However, this caused Zhao Hai to be excited. Ever since he learned the infinity technique, this was the first time he experienced something like this. Therefore, Zhao Hai immediately released his dao avatar and reached out to the stamp once more.

A minute passed, there was nothing. Ten minutes, still nothing. An hour, no effect. A day, still silent.

Zhao Hai had no intention of giving up. The more he interacted with the stamp, the more excited he became. He wanted to find out what’s special about the stamp.

Zhao Hai sat on the platform and kept sending messages to the stamp. A day passed, two days, three days….

Zhao Hai became so focused on this task that he forgot about anything else. He wholeheartedly tried to communicate with the stamp. The reason Zhao Hai kept going on was because he was beginning to get a small response from the stamp.

Although the response wasn’t substantial, Zhao Hai was still happy. This meant that his efforts weren’t in vain. This meant that as long as he went on, the stamp would reply to his messages.


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