BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1739


Chapter 1739 – Firegod City

Before long, Zhao Hai received his answer. However, the answer he obtained caused him to stare. It wasn’t a lifeform that was using the magma to attack him. These magma attacks were instinctual, it was as though it was preventing Zhao Hai from proceeding.

When he received this information, Zhao Hai was confused. But now that the magma around him was on his side, it would no longer attack him. Zhao Hai quickly received the Hell King’s Ship.

After receiving the Hell King’s Ship, there were no longer any attacks. Then Zhao Hai slowly proceeded to venture into the magma river. As he dived down, he continued to communicate with the surrounding magma using his Infinity Technique. He wanted to know what was at the bottom of the magma.

As he was heading down, Zhao Hai performed an experiment. He had an Undead in the Space place a spiritual imprint on a random piece of metal. Then Zhao Hai threw the metal with the spiritual imprint into the magma. Before long, the metal was attacked by the magma. As he went further down, the magma attacks became stronger. The metal was also becoming easier and easier to shred.

This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised. At his current depth, the magma attacks had reached the level of Nascent Soul Experts. 

Most importantly, the magma attacks didn’t show any signs of weakening. The magma attacked relentlessly, this made it terrifying.

As Zhao Hai got deeper and deeper into the magma, his dao avatar continued to communicate with the surrounding magma. Zhao Hai found that as he got deeper, it became easier to communicate with the magma. This wasn’t because his mastery of the Infinity Technique has improved, but because the magma has become more intelligent.

Since Buddhism believed that all things have spirits, this allowed Zhao Hai to communicate with all things. However, spirits were divided into low and high spirits. Humans were high-level spirits, so they were able to communicate with each other. Animals were low-level spirits, which made it more difficult to communicate with them. Plants were even lower-level, which was even more difficult to talk to.

Stones and other inanimate objects were at the lowest-level of spirits. They were the most difficult to communicate with.

Magma was on the same level as stones. They almost had no spirit. If it weren’t for the infinity technique, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t have been able to communicate with them.

Zhao Hai had already gotten used to communicating with the magma. Zhao Hai was aware of how hard it was to establish a connection to the magma. But as he went further down, communication became easier. It was as if the magma’s spirit has become more high-level.

Did the magma become intelligent? It might only be Zhao Hai who could think of that. But this was what Zhao Hai truly felt.

Although the magma no longer attacked Zhao Hai and treated him as one of their own, it still didn’t tell Zhao Hai why it attacked. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t know any better since he dived down.

Zhao Hai didn’t know how far he had gone down the magma. From his estimation, he should have already gone down more than 100 thousand meters. The depth surprised Zhao Hai.

At this time, Zhao Hai felt an incomparably huge pressure coming from below him. Zhao Hai stared and immediately stopped. This pressure wasn’t sent by a living being, it was a natural pressure.

The pressure was very powerful, even more powerful than what Hu Shan used. But at the same time, the pressure was very rigid, unlike what living beings let out. 

The nature of the pressure was completely static. It was a pressure that seemed to belong to a perished strong expert from a long time ago. It was a type of pressure that was similar to a pressure that a painting or a sculpture would give. A pressure that was left behind.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. He didn’t have a way to communicate with this pressure. Therefore, he wanted to try to see how strong the pressure was.

Before long, the pressure hit Zhao Hai’s body. Then Zhao Hai was stunned. Apart from feeling the pressure, there was nothing else.

After a while, the pressure slowly faded away. Zhao Hai stood there without doing anything as he stared blankly in front of him. Although the pressure was useless to him, it was to the surrounding magma. Zhao Hai could feel that the magma was afraid of the pressure. They exuded the feeling of surrender.

Zhao Hai now began to understand the reason why the magma attacked him earlier. It must be due to this pressure. However, what was it? Where did it come from? Why did it subdue the magma? Zhao Hai became more curious.

After the pressure vanished, Zhao Hai proceeded to dive downwards. He also discovered that the magma has returned to normal. When the pressure appeared, all the magma around him stiffened. Then when the pressure disappeared, the magma recovered to normal.

This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised. It must be known that although pressure sounds scary, it was another type of aura. A person in a high position for a long time would evolve a natural imposing aura. He wouldn’t need to say who he was, but his words and actions would reveal his status. This was pressure.

This pressure can be said to be an upgrade of aura. Sometimes, aura would come out of instinct, but pressure was an active offensive action. In other words, pressure is an aura that oppresses others.

For normal people, pressure would just scare them and wouldn’t cause harm. But cultivators were different. Zhao Hai can use his pressure to injure people. If a Spirit Forming Stage expert met Zhao Hai, he can use his pressure to hurt them. Naturally, the injury would be very light.

And Zhao Hai also saw the best use of pressure by a cultivator, and that was Hu Shan. Hu Shan coldly snorted and made the Wandering Soul Group lose a lot of people. This was pressure caused by sound waves. Normal sound attacks wouldn’t be able to kill multiple people at once. But if it was used in conjunction with pressure, its effects would be more drastic. Hu Shan combined pressure and sound attacks to kill those people at once.

Zhao Hai felt that the pressure in the magma river was much stronger compared to Hu Shan. As for why this pressure didn’t work on Zhao Hai, it was simple. Pressure also depended on the target. This pressure only worked on magma and not on other things.

With this discovery, Zhao Hai became even more curious. Now he wanted to know where this pressure came from.

After diving down another kilometer, Zhao Hai felt the magma becoming even more intelligent. At the same time, the magma’s viscosity had decreased, it was now flowing as easily as water. Zhao Hai also felt the temperature increase. Zhao Hai felt that he was about to arrive at his destination.

As Zhao Hai was diving down, he suddenly felt that the area in front of him had gone empty. All the magma disappeared and it was replaced by a world of fire.

That’s correct, it was a world of fire. Everything was burning. And the burning flames seem to have become a huge dome that separated the magma outside. Zhao Hai was now breaking through to this place. In this world, Zhao Hai felt that the surrounding was filled with a dense amount of fire energy. There were no other elements in this place, only fire.

Zhao Hai looked around and saw a huge architectural complex. From what he can see, it was a huge city. It was a city that had both residential and larger buildings for those who were upper class. On the periphery were tall city walls. The entire city was very huge.

The city was built higher than it was wide. It was a square city that looked like a chess board. Zhao Hai’s position was right outside one of the gates of the city.

The entire city had four city gates. Each city gate had three main gates and six auxiliary gates. The main gates were larger than auxiliary gates.

The city walls were very tall. From what Zhao Hai could see, the city wall was a kilometer high. As for the city proper, it was 900 meters at its lowest peak. Moreover, each building inside the city was in proportion to the walls. The city seems to be the residence of giants.

The entire city was made with red-colored stones. These stones were sending out intense amounts of heat. Zhao Hai could see that each slab of stone was emitting fire.

Zhao Hai stared at this huge burning city. He didn’t think that he would meet a city like this underneath the Inferno Valley. What kind of people could survive in this city?

Before long, Zhao Hai’s attention was attracted to something. In front of him was a huge tablet. This tablet was only a bit shorter than the city wall. There were three characters written on the tablet that read ‘Firegod City’. Each character was 200 meters high and they emitted extraordinary pressure.

Seeing these three characters, Zhao Hai could see an ancient god in front of him. It stood among the heavens and the earth. With a wave of its hand, the sky was covered in flames. All those who stood in front of it were reduced to ashes. Only such a person could be called a Firegod. Only such a person could lord over such a city.

The three boundlessly aggressive characters represented the city lord’s status. The status of Firegod City, the residence of a Firegod!

Zhao Hai’s mind was shaken by these three characters. This caused him to unconsciously fly lower before his feet touched the ground. He looked up at the huge tablet as though he was a follower visiting for a pilgrimage.

After a while, Zhao Hai let out a long breath as he recovered. At the same time, he was certain that this city housed an almighty existence. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have emitted such a formidable pressure.

Zhao Hai gave three bows towards the stone tablet to express his respect to the almighty being. Then he slowly walked past the tablet. When he looked behind the tablet, Zhao Hai was stunned once more.

The first thing that caught Zhao Hai’s attention was the wall of words in front of him. Each word was about ten meters high. Naturally, this was nothing, the tablet was huge after all. What surprised Zhao Hai was that the words on the tablet were lacking!

But the way it was lacking was strange. The first character of the wall of words has been dug out. It left behind a rectangular hole. The first line of the article should have been three characters, but now there are only two characters left. The two characters spelled ‘.. god’s gift’.

There was no need for Zhao Hai to guess that the complete line was ‘Firegod’s gift’. This was because the opening line wrote, “The Firegod stood between heaven and the earth. He’s the ancestor of our civilization. He provided food and helped us defend the city. His blessings cover heaven and the earth, letting us enjoy a millennium of blessings!”

If Zhao Hai didn’t know that this was an article about the Firegod, then Zhao Hai would be an idiot. This article praised the Firegod. And if Zhao Hai wasn’t misstaken, the first character of the article that had been dug out should be the tablet that was at the Roaring Flame Sect’s headquarters. The tablet with the character of ‘Fire’.

A simple character caused Zhao Hai’s control over fire to increase, naturally its source wouldn’t be that simple. And this city underneath the Inferno Valley was far from simple. It was no surprise that the tablet came from here.

In order to prove his idea, Zhao Hai flew up and arrived on top of the stone tablet and inspected the dug out portion. Only then was he absolutely sure that the Roaring Flame Sect’s tablet came from this city.

Zhao Hai knitted his brows. Then he waved his hand and took out a sword. Then he swung the sword at the tablet with all of his power.

Clang! Zhao Hai’s sword bounced back without leaving a mark on the tablet. As he looked at the tablet, Zhao Hai’s confusion increased once more.


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