BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1737


Chapter 1737 – Leaving

The reason Zhao Hai decided to use this method to send liquid silver to the refining base was because he was deeply wary of the transcending tribulation experts.

Zhao Hai saw the battle between transcending tribulation experts. Although he was confident in his strength, he knew clearly that he couldn’t fight against them. Without entering the Space, it would be impossible for him to save his life if he faced them.

Because he dreaded the transcending tribulation experts, Zhao Hai decided that he needed to make advance preparations to deal with the Inferno Valley. He couldn’t risk the Space being discovered by other people.

Using this method, Zhao Hai could send liquid silver into the Inferno Valley. This way, the transcending tribulation experts wouldn’t detect it.

Zhao Hai followed Xu Jin to his mountain base. Xu Jin’s mountain base wasn’t small, it was as big as Phoenix Cry Peak. However, Zhao Hai could see that Xu Jin’s people were a bit worse. There weren’t a lot of people who could be considered as strong.

After Xu Jin led Zhao Hai into the mountain base, they immediately went inside a residence. Then Xu Jin turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Wei, this will be your residence from now on. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to tell me.”

Zhao Hai looked at the cave residence and could honestly say that it was bigger than Wei Tianchen’s original cave. This was good. It could be said that Xu Jin was truly grateful towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Thank you, Senior Brother. This is a good place. Right, Senior Brother, I have reached a bottleneck in my cultivation. So after going to the Inferno Valley to get my artifact, I will be heading out to gain experience. I hope that’s alright with you?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Xu Jin couldn’t help but ask, “You’re leaving so quickly? Alright, wait here for a bit. I’ll go get something.” Zhao Hai nodded. Xu Jin turned around and left.

Zhao Hai looked at Xu Jin’s back and couldn’t help but sigh. To be honest, Xu Jin wasn’t a hateful person. In order to get his hands on the Ancient Eternal Sand, he went to Zhao Hai personally and even brought Zhao Hai to his mountain base. If it was the real Wei Tianchen, he would definitely agree to Xu Jin’s request. After all, entering a mountain base means that he has a backer. This would be beneficial for his future cultivation.

Unfortunately, Xu Jin was an enemy and he should be treated as an enemy. Even if Zhao Hai appreciated his conduct, he still wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him when the time comes.

As Zhao Hai thought of this, Xu Jin returned. He was holding a spatial ring in his hand. Then he gave the ring to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Wei, take this. See if it’s enough. If it’s not, just tell me. By the way, there’s also a set of armor inside. It had been refined a few years ago and has been unused. If you don’t dislike it, then you can use it.”

Zhao Hai received the spatial ring and then scanned it with his spiritual force. Inside were 30 portions of faith power. There were also plenty of pills inside. Most importantly, there was a set of protective armor.

For inner disciples, 30 portions of faith power was a lot. Even core disciples would see it as generous. In the past, Zhang Feng gave Zhao Hai 100 portions of faith power. However, that was because Zhang Feng knew how important Zhao Hai was. This shows how generous Xu Jin was towards Wei Tianchen.

Moreover, the pills that Xu Jin gave were all high-quality. These pills would be useful for Core Formation experts.

What’s even more outstanding was the set of armor. It had a simple appearance. There was no headpiece, only the chest piece, wrist guards, elbow guards, knee guards, and boots. The armor was made of scales. It looks like it wasn’t defensive, but Zhao Hai could see that these scales were from a defensively powerful beast. Naturally, he doesn’t need to wear it all the time. When he was in danger or was going to a battle, he could take it out and use it.

Xu Jin’s gift was very precious, especially towards a core formation expert. When Zhao Hai received the gift, he made a grateful appearance as he looked at Xu Jin and said, “Thank you so much, Senior Brother. But this gift is too precious. I wouldn’t dare accept it.”

Xu Jin waved his hand and said, “Take it, this is payment for your material. Alright, take a good rest. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to tell me.” Zhao Hai hastily delivered Xu Jin to the exit. Then he went back inside.

To be honest, Zhao Hai’s perception of Xu Jin has improved a lot. Xu Jin was polite and he was even generous. If Zhao Hai was Wei Tianchen, he would definitely be loyal to such a person.

Unfortunately, Zhao Hai wasn’t Wei Tianchen. As he sat inside the residence, Zhao Hai threw the spatial ring to the Space for Laura and the others to take care of. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai didn’t return and sat cross-legged to cultivate.

Zhao Hai didn’t return to the Space because he was afraid that he would be discovered by Xu Jin. Although Xu Jin seemed like an honest person, he was still a cultivator who had ambitions. If he was completely honest, then he wouldn’t have become one of the top ten core disciples of the Roaring Flame Sect. Xu Jin should have his own methods. If Xu Jin discovers that Zhao Hai has disappeared from his residence, then it would be troublesome.

While Zhao Hai behaved in his residence and cultivated, the Roaring Flame Sect was shaken. The reason for this was Xu Jin.

Just like what Zhao Hai thought, after obtaining the Ancient Eternal Sand, Xu Jin immediately went to the Inferno Valley. He used the large amount of Ancient Eternal Sand he obtained to have artifacts crafted.

Xu Jin’s actions naturally attracted the attention of the other core disciples. In any sect, there was bound to be competition between fellow disciples. And this time, it seems like Xu Jin has grasped the upper hand.

Later when they discovered that Xu Jin approached Zhao Hai personally and even brought him to his own mountain base, the core disciples couldn’t help but call Xu Jin a sly fox. They also sighed at Xu Jin’s vision.

Zhao Hai’s entry into Xu Jin’s mountain base immediately spread throughout the entire Roaring Flame Sect. As for the sect leader, he didn’t have any reactions. To be honest, even though Zhao Hai took out a lot of Ancient Eternal Sand, the sect leader was unfazed by it. The Roaring Flame Sect has accumulated riches for many years. Although the Ancient Eternal Sand was a rare refining material, the sect can still find other materials that could match it. As for Zhao Hai entering Xu Jin’s faction, the sect leader similarly didn’t care. It was normal for a core disciple who had a mountain base to recruit people, it was not a big deal.

Although Zhao Hai was inside his cave residence all this time, he knew all about what happened in the Roaring Flame Sect. He also didn’t care about what happened. In fact, his current identity was still a nobody. If it weren’t for the Ancient Eternal sand, Xu Jin and the others wouldn’t have given him a glance.

Now what’s left for Zhao Hai was to wait for his artifact to be finished. Then he could leave the Roaring Flame Sect. There’s nothing left in the sect that could attract him.

It must be mentioned that the Roaring Flame Sect’s refining techniques were indeed formidable. Not too long after Zhao Hai entered Xu Jin’s faction, he received notification from the Inferno Valley to go over and claim his artifact.

Zhao Hai immediately went. Although he was now Xu Jin’s subordinate, he was still relatively free. He didn’t need to ask Xu Jin for permission whenever he leaves.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived at the Inferno Valley. Entering the stone building, Zhao Hai was once more inside the large hall. The female cultivator behind the counter remained the same.

Seeing Zhao Hai, the female cultivator immediately stood up and gave a greeting, “I have seen Senior Brother.”

Zhao Hai returned the greeting and said, “Junior Sister is too polite. I’m here to claim my artifact.”

The female cultivator smiled faintly and said, “Senior Brother, I have it here.” Then she took out a wooden box with a pair of gloves inside.

Zhao Hai inspected the glove. The gloves were made pretty well. It had a shade of yellow on the surface and looked metallic. It wasn’t eye-catching and appeared quite low-key.

Zhao Hai took the gloves and felt its texture. The glove was very light. Moreover, although it was made of metal, it didn’t have a rigid feeling. Instead, it was unexpectedly soft. 

Seeing Zhao Hai inspecting the glove, the female cultivator couldn’t help but interject, “Senior Brother, you should go outside and test it out. See if you like how it feels.”

Zhao Hai nodded and expressed his thanks to the female cultivator. Then he went out of the stone building and found a space where he could test the gloves out.

Zhao Hai didn’t test the gloves too close to the stone building. He went a distance away before putting his spiritual energy into the glove. When his spiritual qi entered the glove, it emitted a faint layer of light. Because it was a close-combat weapon, Zhao Hai patted a boulder next to him. The boulder was more than five meters high. When Zhao Hai’s hand touched the boulder, it shattered immediately.

This caused Zhao Hai to stare. He didn’t expect the gloves to be this powerful. He couldn’t help but be more curious about the Roaring Flame Sect’s refining technique.

Zhao Hai took off the gloves and sent it to the Space for Cai’er to analyze. Then he returned to Xu Jin’s mountain base. It was time for him to leave.


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