BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1735


Chapter 1735 – Burning Heaven Palace

This was the first time that Zhao Hai entered the Roaring Flame Sect’s headquarters. The headquarters wasn’t small. It was built on a mountain because of the spirit vein under it. 

Besides the main building, several residences were also built into the mountain, almost hollowing it out.

The defensive capability of the mountain was formidable. There was a large mountain guarding formation that covered the entire mountain. Moreover, the energy source of the formation was the mountain’s spirit vein. This meant that as long as the spirit vein hadn’t dried up, the mountain guarding formation would always be activated. And each spirit vein would take millions of years before it would dry up. If he waits until the spirit vein dries up, then even Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to survive for so long.

Zhao Hai inspected the Roaring Flame Sect’s headquarters with his spiritual force. Zhao Hai knew that Wei Tianchen had been here before. But even inner disciples like Wei Tianchen could only count on one hand how many times they had been to the headquarters. Moreover, each visit would need summons from the sect leader. Inner disciples couldn’t just enter the headquarters whenever they wanted.

Zhao Hai followed the cultivator surnamed Lin to the main building of the headquarters. Along the way, Zhao Hai released silver needles every few steps or so. These silver needles had been shrunk to their smallest form so that even transcending tribulation experts wouldn’t be able to detect them. Most importantly, because of the small size of the needles, it didn’t need to be actively controlled to go around the headquarters. The mountain wind would lead the needles all around the base.

Zhao Hai believed that this method would allow the silver needles to remain undiscovered. If the needles were actively flying, then the energy they emit might cause some expert to detect them. But now that it utilized the wind to travel, it was completely hidden from detection. After all, experts wouldn’t scan their surroundings with their spiritual force all the time.

Before long, Zhao Hai and disciple Lin arrived at the main building of the headquarters. The building was fiery-red. If looked at a distance, the building would look like a huge flame. The building was 9 storeys high. A horizontal tablet was hung in front of the entrance with three letters engraved on it that said, “Burning Heaven Palace”.

Burning Heaven Palace was the most central building of the Roaring Flame Sect. This was also the residence of each sect leader of the Roaring Flame Sect.

Zhao Hai looked at the three huge characters, then he sneered inside as he said, “What huge words. I don’t know if they can really burn the heavens.” While he thought about this, Zhao Hai followed disciple Lin into the building.

Upon entering the Burning Heaven Palace, what met Zhao Hai was a large hall. On the far side of the hall was a huge character that read ‘Fire’. The character was written on a stone tablet. In front of the tablet was a huge cauldron that had three incense sticks standing on top of it. The smoke coming out of it causes one’s mind to turn calm.

This fragrance was very useful regarding a cultivator’s cultivation. This fragrance was known as mind condensing fragrance. Mind condensing fragrance was made from more than 100 herbs and a very strict manufacturing process. If cultivators acquire this fragrance, they certainly wouldn’t use it all the time. However, the Burning Heaven Palace burned three of them all the time. This shows that the sect’s riches couldn’t be compared to a single person’s.

However, this mind condensing fragrance didn’t attract Zhao Hai’s attention. Although the fragrance was precious, it was nothing to Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai wants, he can take out a large amount of mind condensing fragrance at any time. The Space has enough herbs to create the fragrance. What attracted Zhao Hai was the stone tablet inscribed with the character of ‘fire’.

The stone tablet was ten meters high and eight meters wide. The character that was engraved on the tablet was almost as large as the stone tablet itself.

What was even more strange was that the tablet wasn’t modified in any way. It was just a rectangular slab of stone. It even has traces of its excavation. It was as if it was a slab that had been carved out of a huge boulder. Moreover, it had been chiseled in a hurry so it looked very rough.

Zhao Hai found out about the stone tablet from Wei Tianchen. According to legend, this stone tablet has been accidentally found by the founder of the Roaring Flame Sect. It can be said that the tablet was the sect treasure of the Roaring Flame Sect.

Zhao Hai was especially attracted to the ‘fire’ character. The character looked ordinary at first glance, but the more he looked at it, the more he felt the profoundness of the character. Looking at the fire character, Zhao Hai felt that he could see all the fire in the world. The character itself seems to be the source of all fire.

At this moment, Zhao Hai’s mind was completely absorbed by the ‘fire’ character. Then he felt the character turn into flame and enter his body.

Zhao Hai was absent-minded when this happened, but because the fire entered Zhao Hai’s body, the Space issued a prompt, “Host has understood the origin of fire. Host’s ability to control fire has improved.”

It was at this time that Zhao Hai woke up. He immediately cleared his mind and followed behind disciple Lin.

Since everything happened in a blink of an eye, disciple Lin didn’t see anything from Zhao Hai. He continued walking while Zhao Hai was right behind him. After the two gave three bows towards the stone tablet, they went to a door on the side.

Behind the hall was a giant room. There was nobody inside the room. Disciple Lin led Zhao Hai to a staircase on the side of the room. Before long, the two arrived at the second floor. The second floor has many rooms, each had people working inside. Naturally, this was the sect’s administration room. And leading the administration was the Roaring Flame Sect’s sect leader.

Disciple Lin didn’t stop on the second floor. Instead, he continued on to the third floor. At the entrance of the third floor were two beasts. These two beasts were tigers that had red bodies. They were known as fire-eating tigers. These beasts eat fire for nutrition. Moreover, their fire attacks were formidable.

As soon as the two fire-eating tigers saw Disciple Lin and Zhao Hai, they immediately crouched and issued a low roar.

Disciple Lin didn’t care about the two tigers as he said, “Alright, stop growling. This is the person the sect leader wants to meet. Don’t scare him.” The two fire-eating tigers seem to have understood Disciple Lin’s words. They stopped crouching and then lied down.

Disciple Lin smiled faintly as he threw two pills towards the tigers. While the pills were in the air, the tigers leapt up and caught the pills in mid-air. They swallowed the pills with relish.

Disciple Lin smiled as he led Zhao Hai to the third floor. There was a luxurious room on the third floor. Inside were chairs that were made out of redwood. They were carved wonderfully.

Standing inside the room were four red-clothed women. These women stood on the four corners of the room. Seeing Disciple Lin, the four women bowed and said, “We have seen Senior Brother Lin.”

Disciple Lin waved his hand and said, “Master wants to meet Senior Brother Wei. I’ll have to ask Senior Sisters to inform Master.” Disciple Lin didn’t dare be disrespectful to these four women. In addition to being servants, they were also concubines of the sect leader. Disciple Lin didn’t dare disrespect his master’s women.

The four women didn’t look arrogant. Upon hearing this, one of them replied, “Alright, we’ll immediately notify master.” After she said that, she went back.

Zhao Hai discovered a door on the side. The door wasn’t big, but it was hidden. If you didn’t pay attention, you wouldn’t notice it.

Before long, the red-clothed woman returned, she looked at Disciple Lin and Zhao Hai and said, “Senior Brother Lin, the sect leader wants you to head inside.”

Disciple Lin nodded as he cupped his fist. Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, come with me.” Zhao Hai nodded and then carefully followed behind Disciple Lin.

Upon going through the door, Zhao Hai saw a large study room inside. The room was intricately decorated. Spread on the ground was the skin of a huge beast. On the wall were all kinds of artifacts. In the innermost part of the room was a table. But instead of a chair on the other side, there was a couch.

Sitting on the couch was a man playing with two fiery stone balls in his hands. These stone balls were almost transparent. Carved on each ball was the image of a dragon and a tiger. As he turned the balls in his hand, the dragon and tiger seemed to move.

The man looked 40 years old. He had neatly combed red hair. His crimson robe was embroidered with gold thread. He appeared magnificent. He also looks a bit fat, but his complexion was rough. He slouched on the couch with his eyes half-closed. He looked half-asleep and half-awake.

The conduct of the man was unbecoming of a sect master. Instead, he looked like a powerful official from the world of mortals.

While Zhao Hai was looking at the man, Disciple Lin bowed and said, “Disciple Lin has seen master.”

Zhao Hai also followed, “Disciple Wei Tianchen has seen the sect leader.”

The man snorted as he waved his hand and said ,”Wei Tianchen, I called you over to ask about something. Did you go to the Inferno Valley to have an artifact refined?”

Zhao Hai enthusiastically answered, “Replying to the sect leader. This disciple did indeed go to the Inferno Valley to have an artifact refined. I requested for a glove artifact.”

The sect leader nodded, then he said, “You gave the elder a certain material. Where did you get it? Do you know its name?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Replying to the sect leader. This disciple doesn’t know what its name is. It’s the first time I have seen anything like it.”


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