BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1734


Chapter 1734 – Summoned By The Sect Leader

The dark cyan color that the Ancient Eternal Sand let out meant that it was impossible for the Ancient Eternal sand to transmit spiritual force. And it had hints that it could suppress spiritual force.

It was at this point that the Roaring Flame Sect Elder believed Zhao Hai’s words. At the same time, he was excited. A metal-earth attribute material that can restrain spiritual force. This was a peak-level material for close-combat artifacts. If the Roaring Flame Sect can use this material, its overall strength would improve by a lot.

The Roaring Flame Sect Elder became restless. Although he was a refined grandmaster, he wasn’t a person who didn’t understand sect affairs. In fact, although he dressed sloppily and seemed informal, everyone knew that he wasn’t a peaceful person. He knew how to manage his power and keep its influence. But because his talent for refining was too good, he became a grandmaster refiner. If he didn’t have talent, he could still become a high-ranking cultivator just by smarts.

It was precisely because of his character that the elder had a lot of connections inside the Roaring Flame Sect. He was also quite popular among the top core disciples. Even the sect leader valued him as an elder.

The Roaring Flame Sect Elder’s relationship with so many people couldn’t be separated from his ability. He was a refining grandmaster, and every refining grandmaster was a good match for the core disciples. Although he wasn’t loyal to them, it would still be advantageous to them to maintain a good relationship with the elder.

Naturally, the elder knew how to repay these people. He was a smart person. He knew that it was only because of his ability that these people placed him in his current position.

Because of his position, the elder had contact with multiple ores, especially those that were precious. Whenever he discovers useful materials, he would inform these core disciples or the sect leader himself. What happens next was up to them.

For the elder, it was just saying one sentence. But for the core disciples and the sect leader, it was very important. What do cultivators rely on to become stronger? Naturally, it was their artifacts. A good artifact could save a cultivator’s life. Therefore, every cultivator knew what a good material meant for an artifact. And good materials aren’t easy to obtain.

The elder’s casual reports could allow these core disciples to get good materials, which would increase their strength. This explains why the elder held so much weight in the minds of the core disciples and the sect leader.

Now that the elder discovered a high-quality material, he would naturally inform these people. He immediately sent messages to core disciples that were close to him. He also sent a message to the sect leader. This way, even if the sect leader knew about the Ancient Eternal Sand, he wouldn’t look to him for trouble.

This wasn’t the first time that the elder did such a thing, so he was experienced in who to tell and how to tell it.

After the information was passed on, he immediately began to work. He only had one job left, and that was to refine Zhao Hai’s gloves.

Although the elder told the core disciples and the sect leader about Zhao Hai’s Ancient Eternal Sand, he still needs to do his job well.

It wouldn’t be good if he wasn’t able to deliver on Zhao Hai’s order. The material has already been reported to other people. If he didn’t give Zhao Hai his glove and instead kept the material for himself, then nobody would come to the Inferno Valley to have their artifacts refined. The loss would be greater than the gain. When the time comes, the sect wouldn’t let him off.

In fact, it wasn’t only the elder who had this approach of divulging the materials that had been handed over. Although they reported the material used, they would also refine the artifact that was requested. After all, it involves the integrity of a refiner.

Refining an artifact, especially one using special materials, wasn’t easy. Zhao Hai wanted gloves that were light and flexible to be used in close combat. This also meant that the gloves needed strong offensive and defensive capabilities.

Making gloves out of metal wasn’t easy, especially using Ancient Eternal Sand. The material was very heavy, so offense wasn’t a problem. The issue came with it becoming light and flexible. It was the complete opposite of the material’s property.

An artifact that was both light and flexible would require the skill of a formidable refiner.

The shape of the glove, the supplementary materials to be added, as well as its function were all up to the refiner. After Zhao Hai handed the Ancient Eternal Sand over and paid his contribution points, all he needed to do was wait for the gloves to be refined successfully.

What the elder didn’t know was that his actions were all under Zhao Hai’s monitoring. Therefore, Zhao Hai also saw the elder sending multiple jade sword messages. This is what Zhao Hai wanted to see.

But since the jade sword messages were heading towards the core sect and the headquarters, Zhao Hai doesn’t know who they were sent to as well as their response. 

Upon receiving the elder’s message, the recipients of the jade sword messages couldn’t sit still.

In the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield, as long as you were good at using flying swords or any other artifact, then you would be able to survive. It might even be possible for you to dominate your battles.

But the same couldn’t be said in the Great World of Cultivation. If you only focus on one aspect of combat, then you wouldn’t be able to survive for long. Cultivators in the Great World of Cultivation were more comprehensive. They rarely specialized and were multi-skilled.

In the Great World of Cultivation, each cultivator would have some accomplishments in body cultivation. If you didn’t cultivate your body, you would be at a disadvantage against those who did. 

As people often say, a barrel could hold more water than a plank of wood. The same was true for cultivators. A cultivator’s combat strength depended on their strengths and weaknesses. If their weakness was too obvious, they would be at a disadvantage against people who can capitalize on it. 

Besides body cultivation, cultivators also practice supporting techniques.

Because of this, cultivators were concerned about their close-combat capability. After all, if they were weak in this aspect, their enemy would think of ways to make use of it to their advantage. Therefore, materials that are beneficial to close-combat would naturally attract attention.

So when the core disciples heard about a high-grade material for close-combat artifacts, they naturally wanted to know more about it.

Zhao Hai has too many resources in the Space, so he never had any problems when it came to crafting artifacts. And with liquid silver in hand, he doesn’t even need to worry about artifacts. So it was impossible for him to understand the thoughts of the other cultivators.

The core disciples and the sect leader were shaken when they read the jade sword message. They knew clearly how stronger the sect would be if they could produce artifacts made with this material on a large-scale. 

Without Zhao Hai noticing, Wei Tiancheng’s name was spread among the high echelons of the sect. All of them wanted to take a look at the material that Zhao Hai brought.

Zhao Hai was currently using Wei Tiancheng’s identity. Naturally, there were no problems with his background. He was a member of the Roaring Flame Sect ever since he was young. As for his character, the sect didn’t care. As long as Wei Tiancheng didn’t have any relationships with other sects, then that was enough.

The next day after Zhao Hai visited the Inferno Valley, Zhao Hai was still looking at the valley map. Suddenly, Cai’er said, “Young Master, someone is outside Wei Tiancheng’s residence. They said they wanted to see you.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll head out immediately. Cai’er, continue to map out the Inferno Valley. Focus on finding the fifth entrance. See where it leads to.”

Cai’er nodded. After that, Zhao Hai’s body left the Space and returned to Wei Tiancheng’s residence. Just as he arrived, he heard someone outside, “Senior Brother Wei? Are you there?”

Zhao Hai hastily walked out. He saw another inner disciple outside. He wore red robes and looked quite young. However, his strength was at the Core Formation Stage.

Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Junior Brother Lin.” Zhao Hai knew this person. To be specific, Wei Tiancheng knew this person. This person was one of the sect leader’s disciples. He was also the youngest and most valued disciple. How could Wei Tiancheng not know of him? 

Junior Brother Lin nodded and said, “Senior Brother, come with me. Master has called you over.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai stared, then he replied, “So it’s the sect leader. Let’s not make the sect leader wait. Brother, I’ll have to ask you to lead me there.”

Junior Brother Lin nodded, then he turned around and flew towards the direction of the headquarters. Zhao Hai also followed behind.


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