BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1733


Chapter 1733 – Killing Two Birds With One Stone

The 12 refining formations inside the room weren’t used simultaneously. The flames between formations vary in size. When refiners used the refining formations, they were like an assembly line. Artifacts were transferred from one refining formation to another. Different parts of refining required different intensity of flames. The varying flames on each refining formation made it convenient for an efficient process of refining.

In addition to the pairs of refiners controlling the refining formations, there was also a main group leader present. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod upon seeing this system. Relatively speaking, the refining process of the Roaring Flame Sect was very good. If possible, he would recommend the method to the Black Tiger Gang.

The reason Zhao Hai valued the Black Tiger Gang now wasn’t only because the Black Tiger Gang was his origin point in the Great Realm of Cultivation, it was also because of Hu Shan.

In Hu Shan’s eyes, the Great World of Cultivation was just a low-level realm. Meanwhile, the Great World of Cultivation also has realms they call lower-level. In Hu Shan’s mind, realms like the Hundred Treasures Realm weren’t enough to enter his eyesight. The Great World of Cultivation was just enough to attract his attention.

There were plenty of realms as powerful as the Great World of Cultivation. And the place where Hu Shan came from, the Immortal Realm, was a much more powerful realm.

People in the Great World of Cultivation can live very long lives. Moreover, they can fly in the air. The spiritual qi here was rich, so it should be a powerful realm. However, in the eyes of Hu Shan, it was nothing.

This wasn’t to say that the people in the Immortal Realm were much stronger than the people in the Great World Cultivation. If they were, then the Black Tiger Clan wouldn’t have been limited to a portion of land in the Northern Divergent Province.

In fact, the fighting skills of the people in the Immortal Realm weren’t that much different. Although the Immortal Realm had a very rich spiritual density, the pressure on the realm was also very huge, and the suppression of spiritual force was very strong. If a cultivator from the Great World of Cultivation enters the Immortal Realm before entering the Spirit Forming Stage, then they would immediately explode due to the realm’s pressure.

And because of the rich spiritual force in the Immortal Realm, people living there lived longer than the people living in the Great World of Cultivation. There were also restrictions in entering the Immortal Realm. It was just like how Zhao Hai ascended from the lower realms.

At the same time, people from the Immortal Realm didn’t want to go to the lower realm. Although people from the Immortal Realm could remove the pressure on their bodies once they reach the lower realms, the thin spiritual qi in the lower realm has the possibility to cause their cultivation to regress until they become as strong as the people in the lower realm. Because of this, nobody from the Immortal Realm was willing to go to the Great World of Cultivation.

Additionally, it wasn’t easy for people of the Immortal Realm to enter the Great World of Cultivation. It was just like how impossible it was for people of the Cultivation Realm to enter the Ark Continent.

Hu Shan’s people were quite a relatively powerful group in the Immortal Realm, they were a branch of the White Tiger Gang after all. But later on, when the White Tiger Gang suffered a huge disaster, they were forced to escape to the Great Realm of Cultivation.

But after arriving in the Great World of Cultivation, it became difficult for them to return due to the decline in strength. In the end, the elders of the Black Tiger Clan came up with a method. The method was for the gang to collect faith power and use it to help their cultivation. They were hoping that their cultivation would increase using this process. And finally, they would be able to ascend to the Immortal Realm and return to their home.

But even when most of the clan had died out, they still couldn’t ascend back to the Immortal Realm. Because of this, Hu Shan had to choose Zhao Hai as a successor to protect the Black Tiger Gang and prevent their legacy from perishing. Although Hu Shan’s life was almost finished, the Black Tiger Gang was still a base created by the Black Tiger Clan. He couldn’t bear to see the foundation laid by their clan to be ruined.

Zhao Hai promised Hu Shan to help protect the Black Tiger Gang. Naturally, he hoped that the Black Tiger Gang would become as strong as possible. Most importantly, Zhao Hai wanted to use the Black Tiger Gang to help him cultivate faster. This way, he can ascend. He also wanted to see what the Immortal Realm looked like.

Although Hu Shan knew about some matters of the Immortal Realm, he didn’t completely understand its complete state. Hu Shan was still a young boy when they left the Immortal Realm, so his understanding was very small. Therefore, the only information Zhao Hai has on the Immortal Realm was their cultivation methods, information regarding other matters was very poor.

However, cultivation methods of the Immortal Realm were enough for Zhao Hai. Although the Space was constantly upgrading and the concentration of spiritual qi inside was constantly improving, it was still impossible to use the cultivation methods of the Immortal Realm. This was because their cultivation methods require too much spiritual qi.

It was precisely because of this that Zhao Hai wanted to go to the Immortal Realm. And if he wanted to go to the Immortal Realm, it was impossible for him to do it all alone. Therefore, he needs to make the Black Tiger Gang stronger. 

Seeing the situation in the Inferno Valley, Zhao Hai had a general idea about it. Altogether, there were about 30 Transcending Tribulation Experts, 200 Nascent Soul Experts, more than 1000 Core Formation Experts, more than 3000 Dao Avatar Stage Experts, and more than 20 thousand Spirit Formation Experts. It held great manpower.

Since entry to the valley was very strict, security inside wasn’t as serious. Even Transcending Tribulation Experts weren’t able to notice the existence of the silver needle.

There were multiple reasons why Transcending Tribulation Experts weren’t able to notice the silver needle. First, they wouldn’t expect that they would be watched inside the valley. Second, because of Zhao Hai’s increase in strength. This allowed the silver needle to become more stealthy.

Although he was able to find out about the situation of the valley, Zhao Hai still has no idea how to deal with it. Transmission formations of the valley were directly connected to the Roaring Flame Sect. Even if these transmission formations were sealed, there were still several exits out of the valley. Therefore, it was impossible to stop people from coming in and out of the valley.

The 30 Transcending Tribulation Experts were strong enough to escape the valley when it was attacked. Moreover, each exit was placed very far away from each other. If the Black Tiger Gang wanted to block these exits, they would need five times as many people as those in the Inferno Valley. So many people couldn’t just be sent to one place. The most important thing was still dealing with the headquarters.

Zhao Hai sat in the Space with a frown on his face. As he looked at the cultivators of the Roaring Flame Sect who were in the Inferno Valley, Zhao Hai continued to think how he could clean all these people up!

Laura has been beside Zhao Hai for many years, so she knew what Zhao Hai was thinking about. She looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, are you worried about these people?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The Inferno Valley is as important as the Roaring Flame Sect’s headquarters. If we want to deal with the Roaring Flame Sect, we would have to deal with the Inferno Valley. Otherwise, we would leave a major pillar of the sect free. That would be dangerous.”

Looking at the situation in the Inferno Valley, Laura said, “Brother Hai, why do you think the Inferno Valley is located here in the first place? It’s famous for the earth fire it provides. Maybe we can find the source of the fire and then take it into the Space. Even if that doesn’t work, we can find a way to cause the valley to erupt. At that time, the base on the valley would be destroyed. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai stared, he hadn’t thought through this point. But he also thought that Laura’s plan was feasible. Liquid Silver can become a large artifact that can enlarge and shrink, and it was not afraid of fire. He can dive to the depths of the Inferno Valley and see where the fire was coming from. Even if he can’t receive the flame, he can still detonate it. This would ruin the Inferno Valley.

The more he thought about it, the more Zhao Hai wanted to use this method. So he nodded and said, “That plan is good. I can give it a try. But it isn’t the right time to do it. Once we get an idea about the headquarters and the core sect, we’ll begin searching for the source of the earth fire.”

Laura nodded and said, “Right, you just sent the Ancient Eternal Sand over. If they send you a message and find out that they couldn’t find anyone, they would definitely be suspicious. The Inferno Valley already existed for many years. Nothing would happen if we wait a day or two.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Now let’s see if the Roaring Flame Sect would take the bait. If they see value in the Ancient Eternal Sand, they will definitely come to me.”

Megan smiled and said, “Of course they would come to you. It’s impossible for them to be unaware of how important the Ancient Eternal Sand is. If they want to become stronger, they would certainly approach you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I hope so. However, we need to find a good excuse as to where we acquired it.”

Lizzy, who has been quiet for some time, answered, “That’s not a problem. Brother Hai, I think we can kill two birds with one stone. Just tell them that you snatched it from the Wandering Soul Group.”

Zhao Hai stared, then his eyes lit up. This is also good. He immediately understood what Lizzy wanted to do. Doing it according to Lizzy’s plan would destroy the relationship between the Wandering Soul Group and the Roaring Flame Sect. Ever since their cooperation in attacking the Black Tiger Gang, the Roaring Flame Sect and the Wandering Soul Group’s relationship has improved. This was one of the worries that the Black Tiger Gang had. If the two sects cooperated to attack the Black Tiger Gang once more, the Black Tiger Gang would certainly suffer. After all, Hu Shan couldn’t make another move. Nobody could save the Black Tiger Gang this time.

As long as the information was released, it would certainly affect the Roaring Flame Sect’s relationship with the Wandering Soul Group. Then when the Black Tiger Gang attacks, the Wandering Soul Group might not offer their help. This would ease some pressure off of the Black Tiger Gang.

The birds that Lizzy meant were the two vultures which were the Wandering Soul Group and the Roaring Flame Sect. It would be better if these vultures would attack each other. Then the Black Tiger Gang could sit on the side and watch.

Zhao Hai replied, “That is a good method. But I still need someone from the Roaring Flame Sect to come to me. Let’s just wait and see how things develop.” The women nodded. Zhao Hai’s gaze returned to the screen.


The Roaring Flame Sect Elder took the Ancient Eternal Sand to the refining base. He immediately entered his personal residence. Although the Elder wasn’t the strongest, others couldn’t compare to his ability. His refining technique was among the top in the valley.

The levels of the refiners in the valley ranged from high to low. The refiners who could be called grandmasters could only be counted in two hands. The elder that Zhao Hai met was one of the grandmasters.

Becoming a grandmaster refiner wasn’t easy. Refiners were divided into multiple categories. The Great World of Cultivation has all kinds of ores. The properties of these ores differ from each other. What kind of ore should be used in which kind of artifact also needed to be considered. All of these things were what a refiner needs to worry about.

Because of this, before a refiner starts refining, they would need to have a good understanding of the material they have in hand. They needed to know the material’s properties and where it was most suitable to be used. After years of development, refiners have developed a systematic method of distinguishing a material’s properties. 

Since the elder was a refining grandmaster, he was also aware of this method. Moreover, he was very proficient in it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become an elder in the Inferno Valley.

After returning to his own residence, he immediately took out the Ancient Eternal Sand and placed it in a formation.

The formation lit up with brilliant lights. The formation lit up with gold light first, and then cyan light, and then the light vanished.

In the eyes of other people, these lights might not mean anything. But in the eyes of the Roaring Flame Sect elder, these lights had a meaning. The golden light represented the attribute of the Ancient Eternal Sand. The golden light doesn’t only represent the metal attribute, it also represents earth.

The earth attribute was yellow if it wasn’t mixed with the metal attribute. If there was only metal attribute, then the light would be silver rather than golden. This meant that the Ancient Eternal Sand had two attributes.

The cyan light represented spiritual force. This didn’t mean that the Ancient Eternal Sand had benefits towards spiritual force, it was the opposite. The cyan color was deep dark, which meant that it had a bad relationship with spiritual force.


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