BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1732


Chapter 1732 – Underground Factory

In the entrance of the Roaring Flame Sect’s Inferno Valley was a refining base. The Roaring Flame Sect spent hundreds of years perfecting the base. And now it was fully functional.

The base had five entrances, four normal entrances and one special one. Only a small number of people knew about the special entrance. The four entrances were for the public.

The four public entrances of the refining base were located in one building each. These four buildings looked almost the same. They were ten-storey buildings that looked like a box from outside. It didn’t look special. However, people of the Roaring Flame Sect knew that these four buildings carry extraordinary importance to the sect. Each building had plenty of formations set up. Each formation had formidable prowess. Not only can they be used to defend, they can also be used to attack. Most importantly, these formations weren’t powered by spirit stones, but earth fire from the valley.

There was an unlimited amount of earth fire in the Inferno Valley. This provided endless energy to the four buildings. Because of this, although the four buildings looked ordinary, they were actually very formidable.

Zhao Hai slowly landed in front of a stone building. He found that the building was made out of a blue-colored stone. It looked very solid.

After taking a look at the stone building, Zhao Hai slowly walked inside. As soon as he reached the entrance, he felt something blocking him. As he went on, the resistance became greater and greater. Although he could rush through, he would need quite some time to do so.

However, Zhao Hai knew that this was a formation that would keep bystanders off. For the people on the side of the Roaring Flame Sect, this stone building won’t stop them. Zhao Hai took out Wei Tiancheng’s identity token and immediately felt the resistance vanish. 

Upon entering the first floor, Zhao Hai paused for a moment. Inside was a huge hall with plenty of people inside. There were several counters inside with cultivators on both sides.

Zhao Hai noticed that there were people from the outer and inner sect inside. These people came here for one purpose, and that was to have artifacts refined.

In the Roaring Flame Sect, as long as you have contribution points, you can come here to refine an artifact. Moreover, if you provide materials, the cost would be decreased. 

Zhao Hai no longer cared about the others and then went to an empty counter. On the opposite side was a female cultivator. In places like refining halls or alchemy halls, there would be counters that were mostly worked by female cultivators. Naturally, this was all voluntary. Female cultivators could take such missions or they could take missions like male cultivators.

It has to be recognized that Wei Tianchen looked quite good. He was handsome and gentle which was attractive to the opposite sex.

As he sat in front of the counter, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Hello Junior Sister, I’m here to refine an artifact.”

Seeing Zhao Hai’s smiling face, the female cultivator blushed before saying, “Senior Brother, hello. May I ask what artifact you want to be refined? You can provide the material and specifications. The sect can also supply the materials if you need them.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’ll provide some of the materials and I’ll set my specifications. Is that fine?”

The female cultivator nodded and said, “Of course that’s okay. Senior Brother, take out your material and then write out your request. Then I will make an estimate on how much it would cost you.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then took out a pile of Ancient Eternal Sand. Then he took out a jade slip and handed it over to the female cultivator as he said, “Junior Sister, this is the material as well as the specifications of my artifact. Please take a look.”

The female cultivator nodded and then received Zhao Hai’s jade slip. After looking through the contents, the female cultivator’s expression changed. She had worked in the Inferno Valley for some time, so she was very familiar with all types of materials. This was the first time she heard of the Ancient Eternal Sand. 

The female cultivator put down the jade slip as she looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Senior Brother, this is the first time I encountered the material you provided. This matter is beyond my position. Senior Brother, please wait for a moment while I call the elder out.” Zhao Hai gave her a nod.

The female cultivator stood up and ran towards the back room. Before long, an old person walked out. He had ruffled hair and dark skin. His clothes were also sloppily worn.

When the old man arrived at the counter, he looked at Zhao Hai first. Seeing that there was nothing wrong, he turned his attention to the pile of Ancient Eternal Sand on the table. He inspected it first before touching the sand.

The Ancient Eternal Sand that Zhao Hai took out weren’t high-quality ones. They were grouped up into fingernail-sized clumps. 

The old man took the sand and his face showed a surprised expression. He muttered, “Why is it so heavy?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Elder, it’s a material that I haven’t seen before. It can erase spiritual imprints and even scatter a cultivator’s spiritual force. Moreover, it’s very heavy. I want to use this material as a foundation for a glove artifact that I can use for close-combat. What do you think?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the elder was stunned. Then he said, “You say this material can break spiritual imprints? Are you sure?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I tried it. But breaking spiritual imprints will consume the material.”

The old man nodded and said, “I understand your request. I’ll take this task myself. However, I need to do some tests to make sure. Go back first and wait for news. When the artifact is created, I’ll send you a message.” After speaking, the elder waved his hand and took away the pile of Ancient Eternal Sand. Then he turned around without saying anything to Zhao Hai.

The female cultivator gave a bitter smile as she said, “Senior Brother, please don’t mind the elder. That’s just how he is. Senior Brother can rest assured, the elder will take care of your request. Please leave your name. We will immediately inform you once the artifact is refined.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Thanks a lot, Junior Sister.” Then he left Wei Tiancheng’s name before leaving the building.

Zhao Hai originally thought that he could enter the Inferno Valley by bringing the Ancient Eternal Sand. He didn’t expect that he would be turned away quickly. Naturally, he wouldn’t force himself to enter the valley. It wouldn’t be good if he was discovered by the Roaring Flame Sect. But he has nothing to worry about. Hidden in that pile of Ancient Eternal Sand was a silver needle. As long as that elder brings that pile of sand to the Inferno Valley, everything in the valley would be under Zhao Hai’s surveillance.

Although Zhao Hai cannot enter the Inferno Valley, he had some understanding of its strength. Not to mention the defenses of the buildings, the elder that Zhao Hai met just now wasn’t simple. Although the elder was only at the Nascent Soul Stage, Zhao Hai knew that he wasn’t easy to deal with.

Most importantly, there were plenty of people like that elder in the Inferno Valley. It turns out that the Inferno Valley’s strength was greater than what Zhao Hai estimated.

Zhao Hai returned to Wei Tiancheng’s residence and then entered the Space. He immediately sat before the monitor where Laura and the others were and then he asked, “How is it?”

Laura smiled and said, “Take a look, we’ve received an image of the Inferno Valley.” She pointed to the screen which showed a gigantic underground factory.

The factory was enormous. It was divided into rooms that were ten thousand meters in size. 

Compared to the factory, such a room was small in comparison. This giant factory almost hollowed the Inferno Valley out. 

There were more than 1000 rooms in the entire factory. Most of the rooms were used for refining, some were used to store materials and artifacts, while the rest were used by the cultivators for rest.

Refining rooms numbered around 400. More than 400 rooms crafting artifacts all year round. The output was astonishing.

In fact, the Black Tiger Gang also wanted to refine artifacts and craft pills in the Inferno Valley. However, the Black Tiger Gang’s ability to control fire was far lower compared to the Roaring Flame Sect. Earth fire wasn’t easy to control. It was one of the most overbearing flames in the Great World of Cultivation. Only the Roaring Flame Sect had the techniques to control earth fire which allowed them to control the Inferno Valley. The Black Tiger Gang could only look at the Inferno Valley and drool.

It must be recognized that the Roaring Flame Sect was truly good at controlling flames. This allowed them to build such a huge refining factory. This made the Inferno Valley an important pillar of the sect.

Zhao Hai looked into a room which caused him to be surprised. The room wasn’t small at all. It had a lot of refining formations inside. In the middle was a flame that was extracted by the Roaring Flame Sect. An artifact would be made by controlling the size of the flame.

At this time, a Roaring Flame Sect refiner was making an artifact. But at this point, the form of the artifact couldn’t be seen. There weren’t many cultivators inside the room. Each formation has two cultivators controlling it. With 12 formations inside the room, the cultivators inside totaled 24.


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