BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1731


Chapter 1731 – Ancient Eternal Sand

Zhao Hai returned to the Roaring Flame Sect using Wen Tianchen’s identity. He already understood Wei Tianchen’s situation, including his habits as well as childhood memories. And with Wei Tianchen becoming Zhao Hai’s Undead, he can remind Zhao Hai everytime something happens. Therefore, he’d have no problem acting as Wei Tiancheng.

Wei Tianchen didn’t go to the Green Plains Mountain Range especially for Li Cuiyun. Meeting Li Cuiyun was just an accident. He came for a mission. The mission involved looking for an herb known as the Trembling Ice Grass.

Although the Roaring Flame Sect were experts in controlling fire, earth fire wasn’t just something that ordinary cultivators could withstand. After dealing with earth fire for many years, many cultivators of the Roaring Flame Sect have been afflicted with fire poison.

Fire poison was a type of poison that would cause a person to give off heat. When left for too long, the poison would burn out the blood in the body, killing the cultivator in the process.

And since the Roaring Flame Sect has dealt with fire all these years, they have a few medicines that could treat fire poison. One of the herbs that was crucial to these medicines was the Trembling Ice Grass.

Trembling Ice Grass was a very special herb. It was born on the top of the Green Plain Mountains. Because of the cold and freezing temperature of the peak, herbs rarely grew there. Despite this, Trembling Ice Grace was able to thrive. Because of its environment, the herb had a white body and an intense amount of ice attribute energy. If ordinary people consumed the herb, they would immediately be frozen dead.

This overbearing herb was one of the most effective herbs in curing fire poison. Because of this, cultivators from the Roaring Flame Sect would have a great need for these herbs every year. And since the herb couldn’t be grown in an ordinary medicine field, the Roaring Flame Sect would issue missions to forage these herbs.

On the way to the peak, Wei Tianchen was able to come across Li Cuiyun. This gave him an opportunity to make a move. Unfortunately for him, he met Zhao Hai. In the end, he was killed and his identity was stolen.

As it turns out, Zhao Hai’s Space already has Trembling Ice Grass. As long as he hands the herb over, the mission would be completed. And since the reward for the herb was very high, he can stop doing missions for a while. This would allow him time to explore the Roaring Flame Sect.

But in order to avoid suspicion, Zhao Hai stayed in the mountain for some time before going down. Meanwhile, he took some beasts and sent them to the Space.

Naturally, nobody doubted Zhao Hai when he entered the Inner Sect. There were even some cultivators who came over and greeted him. Following Wei Tianchen’s example, Zhao Hai returned the greeting with courtesy.

It must be said that Wei Tianchen’s scheming was very shallow. He looked gentle and good-natured in front of other people but he was insidious and cunning inside. The only reason he hasn’t been found out was because he had been careful with his actions.

Because of his two-faced personality, he has a very good reputation in the Inner Sect. Almost all cultivators in the Roaring Flame Sect have a favorable image of him.

However, Wei Tianchen didn’t regard these people as his friends, he was only on good terms with them to maintain his image. Because of this, whenever he speaks to people, he would just get to know them without being too intimate.

Following Wei Tianchen’s action, Zhao Hai also wasn’t intimate to those who greeted him. 

After returning to the inner sect, Zhao Hai immediately handed the mission over to the mission hall. He also received quite a substantial amount of contribution points. However, these things weren’t important to Zhao Hai. 

Since Wei Tianchen has a good reputation, Zhao Hai was able to stroll around the inner sect without anyone suspecting his intentions.

In the following days, Wei Tianchen walked in random directions inside the Roaring Flame Sect. Naturally, nobody thought that he was strange. He was visiting people along the way and talking to them. By this time, Zhao Hai has clarified the situation of the Inner Sect. The last thing he needed to do was to scout the situation of the headquarters as well as the core disciples of the sect.

The core disciples of the Roaring Flame Sect had the same setup as the Black Tiger Gang. The strongest core disciples of the Roaring Flame Sect could also open their own mountain base as well as recruit disciples as subordinates. In any sect, core disciples who could open their own base couldn’t be underestimated.

Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to have a good understanding about the core sect. And naturally, it wasn’t easy.

Core disciples, especially those with their own base, were mostly in the Nascent Soul Stage. Although they were still weaker than Zhao Hai, their spiritual force was very formidable. If Zhao Hai caused trouble to the core sect, the other core disciples would certainly notice. Even liquid silver would be discovered.

Entering the core sect wasn’t an easy matter. Moreover, each and every one of these core disciples were very careful. Moreover, their jade tokens were specially made. If they died, their token would break, informing the sect of their death. A core disciple dying was a huge matter to any sect. The sect would certainly undergo a large-scale investigation. 

Although the inner and outer sect wasn’t weak, they weren’t the strongest in the sect. The headquarters and the core sect had the most defenses. If Zhao Hai wanted to investigate these two places, it would be very hard.

After walking around for a day, Zhao Hai couldn’t come up with an idea to enter the core sect. Zhao Hai had to return to Wei Tianchen’s residence and go back to the Space.

Cai’er and the others were already waiting for Zhao Hai inside the Space. When Zhao Hai appeared, Cai’er and the others immediately greeted him. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, are you worried about how to enter the core sect?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “If I don’t get a clear situation of the Roaring Flame Sect’s center, I’m afraid it won’t be as easy to attack it in the future.”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai, then she smiled faintly and said, “Brother Hai, you seem to have forgotten about one place. If you don’t understand the situation of that place, then it would be no use even if you enter the core sect.”

Zhao Hai asked, “Where?”

Laura smiled and said, “You forgot about the Inferno Valley. The Roaring Flame Sect focuses on refining artifacts. The Inferno Valley is where they refine their artifacts. Do you think they wouldn’t send people to guard that place? I believe the defenses there aren’t worse than the headquarters. If you ignore that place, you can’t attack the Roaring Flame Sect.”

Zhao Hai patted his head and said, “That’s true. If you didn’t tell me, I would have forgotten. But since the defenses of the Inferno Valley are also good, it wouldn’t be easy to get in.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “Brother Hai, did you forget, you’re currently using the identity of an inner disciple. Wei Tianchen’s identity token has a lot of contribution points. You can use those points to have an artifact refined. As long as you take out a good material, send it to the Inferno Valley, and then pay contribution points, an artifact will be refined for you. At that time, won’t you be able to enter the Inferno Valley? Even if you can’t enter, you can still put a silver needle inside the material to get inside. When the time comes, you will get information about what happens within the valley.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That is a good method. Since I have no use for the contribution points, that would be a good use for it. Cai’er, what material do you think will do well?”

Cai’er smiled faintly and said, “The Ancient Eternal Sand would do great.”

Zhao Hai stared. He almost forgot about the Ancient Eternal Sand that he got from the lower realm. He didn’t think that Cai’er would bring it up once more.

 Zhao Hai looked at Cai’er in confusion. Then he asked, “Cai’er, we didn’t obtain the Ancient Eternal Sand from the Great World of Cultivation. Do you think it’s good enough? If we do, how much do we take out?”

Cai’er replied, “Young Master, Ancient Eternal Sand isn’t only good, it also dissipates spiritual force. It is also very heavy. It was a rare material for refining artifacts.”

Zhao Hai nodded, Then he looked at Cai’er and said, “Then we’ll do that. What artifact do you think we should refine?”

Cai’er smiled faintly and said, “It would be best to refine gloves. You can use the gloves to hold the enemy’s weapon and wipe out its spiritual imprint. It would have good weight so it would be good for close-combat. Wei Tianchen has a good close-combat ability but he doesn’t have a close-combat weapon he could use. So having gloves refined wouldn’t attract any attention. And with the Ancient Eternal Sand, you would not need to find a way to enter the headquarters of the Roaring Flame Sect. The sect’s higher-ups would come to you.”

Zhao Hai thought about it and agreed. Ancient Eternal Sand might not be special inside the Space, but it was extremely useful for cultivators. It must be known that there are body cultivators in the Great World of Cultivation. Even average cultivators would have one or two close-combat techniques. After all, it would be disadvantageous if a cultivator lacked one aspect of combat. The enemy might use this weakness to destroy them. And artifacts refined using Ancient Eternal Sand would be great for close-combat.


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