BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1729


Chapter 1729 – Green Plain Mountain Range

The busiest place in the Roaring Flame Sect is the transmission formation plaza. Innumerable amounts of disciples go in and out of the transmission formation plaza every day. So relatively speaking, the outer sect’s transmission formation plaza was the place with the least defenses.

In an inconspicuous transmission formation, a white light flashed as a cultivator dressed in the robes of the Roaring Flame Sect appeared. The cultivator glanced around before choosing a direction and walking towards it.

A lot of people were coming and going in the transmission formation plaza, therefore, nobody paid attention to this person. Although this person had a new face, there were countless outer disciples in the Roaring Flame Sect. It was impossible for anyone to know everyone. So nobody looked at this newcomer.

Before long, the newcomer arrived at the mission hall. He naturally wanted to hand in their mission just like the other cultivators.

Upon arriving at the hall, the cultivator took out a jade token as well as a jade box. Then he handed them to the receptionist and said, “Mission 133, completed.”

The staff took the jade token and placed it inside a formation. The formation flashed a white light and then displayed the contents of the jade token. The token was an identity token of a disciple named Jiang You, an outer disciple of the Roaring Flame Sect. This time, he received mission number 133 which was to find a certain medicinal herb. Although the herb wasn’t easy to find, it was also not that hard to look for. Naturally, there were no dangers in acquiring the herb, it just took some time to look for. Therefore, the reward of the mission wasn’t very high.

There were countless of these types of missions in the mission hall. The receptionist took the jade box and then checked its contents before nodding his head. Then he looked at Jiang You and said, “Heaven Star Grass, your mission is completed.” After he said that, he manipulated the formation and recorded the contribution points towards the jade token.

The receptionist handed the jade token back to its owner while keeping the jade box. Jiang You then walked out of the mission hall and then after walking some distance, he returned to his cave residence.

This was a very ordinary cave residence of an outer disciple. It wasn’t very big and it only had two rooms. One was the lounge and the other was the quiet room.

After entering his cave residence, Jiang You’s body suddenly vanished. Naturally, Jiang You was Zhao Hai in disguise. After repairing the large artifacts of the Black Tiger Gang, he went out and infiltrated the Roaring Flame Sect.

The Black Tiger Gang already announced Zhao Hai’s identity as a Core Disciple. They also announced that the Ignored Valley would belong to him. Nobody was allowed to enter the valley without his permission.

This order caused a disturbance in the Black Tiger Gang. This disturbance wasn’t due to him becoming a Core Disciple. After all, Zhao Hai was now a Nascent Soul Expert. If he wasn’t promoted to the Core Sect, then the Black Tiger Gang’s standards were too high.

People were surprised because Zhao Hai wanted the Ignored Valley. But they weren’t thinking that this was a plot towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was someone that the Supreme Elder decided to groom. Such status was something that even Tie Zhantian didn’t achieve. Therefore, nobody would dare scheme against him. If the Supreme Elder came to know about it, then they would certainly suffer.

Because they knew that it was impossible for Zhao Hai to be schemed against, the people were startled upon hearing the place that was given to Zhao Hai. The Ignored Valley wasn’t a good place. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to use that place as his base. It was too strange.

The Black Tiger Gang still threw their waste materials in the Invisible Valley, but it was now regarded as a forbidden area. A large number of Undead have appeared in the valley. As long as someone came close to the valley, the Undead would come over and stop them. If they still didn’t stop, the Undead would attack.

Although the Undead weren’t strong, their numbers made up for it. Anyone would feel a headache dealing with tens of thousands of Undead. 

Zhao Hai went into the Ignored Valley and didn’t come out for a long time. And with the addition of the thousands of Undead guarding the valley, people began to lose interest. Before long, nobody paid attention to the valley.

Although Zhao Hai was in the Roaring Flame Sect, the Undead were still guarding the Ignored Valley. And with the Ignored Valley being inside the Black Tiger Gang, security wasn’t a problem. Nobody knew that Zhao Hai was no longer in the Ignored Valley.

Naturally, in addition to Zhao Hai, there were people who wouldn’t be attacked upon entering the Ignored Valley. Zhang Feng and the others were among these groups. There’s also Han Buli. Zhao Hai and Han Buli kept their close relationship. In these ten years, Han Buli also reached the Nascent Soul Stage. But because of his special status, his name was only listed among the core disciples. He was still busy all the time and was out of the public eye.

Zhang Feng and the others naturally knew about Zhao Hai’s infiltration. Right now, Zhang Feng and the others have made their preparations. As long as Zhao Hai was done with his task, they would be able to dispatch troops to attack the Roaring Flame Sect.

When he planned to go to the Roaring Flame Sect, Zhao Hai already selected his target. The target was Jiang You, an ordinary outer disciple of the Roaring Flame Sect. He had an ordinary appearance and he wasn’t strong. He was relatively withdrawn and didn’t have much potential. 

After capturing Jiang You and turning him into Undead, he took information about him. Then he infiltrated the Roaring Flame Sect using Jiang You’s identity.

Spending a day inside Jiang You’s residence, Zhao Hai returned to the mission hall once again. Jiang You was only an outer disciple, so he didn’t know a lot of information about the Roaring Flame Sect. Zhao Hai needs an Inner Disciple’s identity to proceed.

The reason he wanted to take a mission was to have an excuse to leave. At the same time, he could go around the Roaring Flame Sect without being suspected.

Zhao Hai didn’t dare use liquid silver to scout out the Roaring Flame Sect. The Roaring Flame Sect also had a lot of experts. If they discover something strange, they might become more guarded.

Therefore, Zhao Hai can only use the most crude method he can use, that was killing people of the Roaring Flame Sect. Then he would assume their identities to move in the sect.

Now, it was obvious that Jiang You’s status wasn’t enough. An outer disciple has no power inside the Roaring Flame Sect. There were still a lot of places that he couldn’t go to. He needs a higher status.

After wandering around the mission hall for a while, Zhao Hai was finally able to select a task. The mission wasn’t special, it was to hunt and kill a snake-shaped beast and get its guts to be used for medicine. The beast wasn’t particularly powerful. Although the mission doesn’t reward a lot of contribution points, Zhao Hai wasn’t here for that, so he didn’t care.

Zhao Hai took the mission notice and registered it under Jiang You’s name. Then he left the mission hall and entered the transmission formation. The next moment, he appeared at  Green Plain Mountain Range.

Green Plain Mountain Range was a huge mountain range that ran through the Roaring Flame Sect’s domain. It was an enormous mountain range. Moreover, it wasn’t only the Roaring Flame Sect that hunted and foraged in this mountain range. People from other sects also come over. Even the Black Tiger Gang’s cultivators would also go to the mountain to hunt and forage.

The entire Green Plain Mountain Range was nearly a million kilometers long and spanned more than half of the Northern Divergent Province. Countless herbs and beasts could be gained from the mountain range.

Because the Black Tiger Gang and the Roaring Flame Sect were near each other, these two sects would always meet on the mountain. In this case, conflicts couldn’t be avoided.

Since the mountain was in a chaotic state, it wouldn’t be a problem for Zhao Hai to find and kill an Inner Disciple of the Roaring Flame Sect. 

Zhao Hai used Jiang You’s status to find out the situation of the outer sect. As long as he can find out the situation of the inner sect and the headquarters, attacking the Roaring Flame Sect would be easier.

Jiang You’s identity also has another advantage, and that was his ability to approach the transmission formation of the Roaring Flame Sect. With this, he can easily seal the transmission formations. Now, once he finds a good place and arranges a transmission formation, they would be able to attack the Roaring Flame Sect from the inside.

The Roaring Flame Sect has a transmission formation plaza on the periphery of the Green Plains Mountain Range. It was composed of multiple transmission formations as well as cave residences. A large number of offensive and defensive formations were also arranged around the plaza. It would take some time for a Nascent Soul Expert to break through it. Additionally, there weren’t powerful beasts near the plaza. Therefore, the transmission formations were relatively safe.

Zhao Hai arrived at the transmission formation plaza and didn’t stay in place for a long time. He immediately rushed towards the mountain. It didn’t take for Zhao Hai to enter the mountain. The beasts on the outskirts were nothing special. They were beasts that were only valuable for their skin and meat. They were not worth hunting. Only serving disciples would hunt these beasts down to have something to eat. Other stronger cultivators wouldn’t even spare these beasts a glance.

The mountain was very high. It had all kinds of trees growing around it and beasts were lurking throughout. Sometimes, there would be tree demons moving about. Naturally, the stronger beings weren’t found on the periphery of the mountain. 

Zhao Hai has never been to the Green Plain Mountain Range before, so he was very curious about it. He stood in the air and looked around him. He didn’t see anyone around which was strange. Zhao Hai used his spiritual force and discovered that something wasn’t right. His spiritual force was actually being restrained. Even with his current strength, he couldn’t reach beyond 10 thousand meters. And because he was standing on top of the trees, he found that he cannot scan underneath the trees’ canopy. 


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