BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1727


Chapter 1727 – Core Disciple

Zhang Feng stood on the treasure ship and looked at the scenery outside. Hao Xing was also standing behind him. The two looked the same as before. It was only their temperament that became more mature. Zhang Feng was also giving out a dignified aura.

After some time, Zhang Feng sighed and said, “It’s been ten years since Little Hai has been taken by the Supreme Elder. I don’t know how he’s doing right now. I’m beginning to worry about him.”

Hao Xing nodded and said, “I’m afraid Little Hai’s status would be different once he goes out. I didn’t expect that he would attract the Supreme Elder’s attention.”

Zhang Feng sighed and replied, “The Supreme Elder’s actions are all for the Black Tiger Gang. But this comes with advantages and disadvantages. Now that Zhao Hai followed him, his future would be limitless. Our Black Tiger Gang now has one more successor. On the other hand, the Black Tiger Gang has run out of materials over the last ten years. Moreover, repairing our large artifacts is going very slowly. The growth of the Black Tiger Gang has become limited.”

Hao Xing nodded and said, “I hope that Little Hai can get out soon so that we can begin moving forward. In the past ten years, although the Wandering Soul Group has retreated, they’re still blocking our way. On the other hand, the Roaring Flame Sect has become silent. But this silence isn’t good. The newcomers of the gang have forgotten what happened. This wouldn’t be good for the Black Tiger Gang.”

 Zhang Feng agreed and then sighed, “Right. This wouldn’t be good for the gang. The gang is currently doing very well now that the major families aren’t causing trouble. If we take this opportunity to attack the Roaring Flame Sect and destroy them, the Black Tiger Gang would be greatly strengthened.”

“What greatly strengthened? Can Senior Brother explain to this junior brother?” A voice was suddenly heard from the side.

Zhang Feng stared, then he turned his head to see Zhao Hai standing beside him with a huge smile on his face. Zhang Feng stared for a moment before his expression lit up. He walked towards Zhao Hai and grasped his shoulders before saying, “Little Hai, you’re out. We were just talking about you.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “I came here as soon as I went out. I didn’t expect my seclusion to take so long. Senior Brother, let’s go to the Gang Leader first. I have something to tell him.”

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “You should. Let’s go.”

After he said that, Zhang Feng ordered the treasure ship to go back to the Black Tiger Gang. When the treasure ship began to move, Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, it’s good that you came back in time. There are a lot of large artifacts that haven’t been repaired, especially the ghost-face ships. They were practically untouched. We always wanted to deal with the Roaring Flame Sect, but because of the damages to our large artifacts, we were unable to make a move. It’s good that  you’re back.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Once I’m done with this matter, I’ll fix the large artifacts right away. Then we’ll deal with the Roaring Flame Sect.”

Zhang Feng forced a smile and said, “I’m afraid it wouldn’t be that easy. The Roaring Flame Sect holds absolute advantage in the Inferno Valley. Moreover, they’re quite famous in the Northern Divergent Province for their refining skill. Their Roaring Flame Chariots are ranked as one of the top five large artifacts of the Great World of Cultivation.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s even better. Once we snatch their large artifact, we can make them. When the time comes, we would be the best large artifact refiners in the Northern Divergent Province.”

Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai with a bitter expression. He didn’t know what to say. This matter was already difficult for Zhang Feng and the others, yet Zhao Hai made it sound so easy. 

Zhang Feng liked Zhao Hai’s confidence. At the same time, Zhang Feng understood where this confidence came from. Zhao Hai was confident because he has the skills to back it up.

Before long, the treasure ship arrived at the Black Tiger Gang’s headquarters. Although nothing changed in the sect, it looked much more lively compared to before.

There wasn’t anything strange about this. Ten years ago, Hu Shan’s appearance solidified Tie Zhantian’s position as the Gang Leader. Tie Zhantian’s influence kept increasing. And under his command, the Black Tiger Gang underwent a phase of quick development. If it weren’t for the lack of large artifacts, Tie Zhantian would have already sent troops to attack the Roaring Flame Sect.

The treasure ship stopped right in front of the sect’s entrance. After that, Zhang Feng took Zhao Hai with him to the square outside the main building. Seeing Zhang Feng, the Black Tiger Gang cultivators immediately gave him a salute.

Zhang Feng nodded to the cultivators. Then he turned his head towards Zhao Hai and said, “These years, the gang recruited a new batch of cultivators. However, these people don’t know about the sect’s hatred towards the Roaring Flame Sect and the Wandering Soul Group.”

Zhao Hai gave a nod and said, “It seems like we would need to attack the Roaring Flame Sect. If we wait, the lingering grievance we have towards the two sects would dissipate.”

Zhang Feng nodded, “As long as we solve the matter with the large artifacts, we can immediately deal with the Roaring Flame Sect. This is where you come in.”

Zhao Hai nodded. At this time, the two arrived in front of the main building. Then they went to see Tie Zhantian.

As soon as the two left the square, the cultivators of the Black Tiger Gang immediately began to talk. Some of them didn’t know Zhao Hai, so they asked the person beside them, “Who is that following beside Senior Brother Zhang Feng? Why was Senior Brother Feng very polite to him? Could it be a young master from another sect? He looks so ordinary. He’s far from Senior Brother Zhang.”

The person shook his head and said, “I don’t know him, I haven’t seen him before.”

At this time, someone near them said, “Don’t talk nonsense if you know nothing. That person is a member of the Black Tiger Gang. Ten years ago, he became famous in the sect. I can still remember ten years ago when the sect was in the greatest crisis of its life. One person manipulating a large artifact destroyed more than a dozen ghost-face ships. His name was Zhao Hai. After that, he was taken away by the Supreme Elder. That person just now is Zhao Hai.”

Hearing that the person was Zhao Hai, everyone stared, then there was a huge uproar. What happened ten years ago was truly a miracle for the sect. There were two highlights of that event. The first was the appearance of the Supreme Elder, Hu Shan, who hasn’t appeared for thousands of years. As soon as he appeared, the Wandering Soul Group was shaken and then driven away. This strength caused the Black Tiger Gang to be excited.

Another highlight to remember was Zhao Hai. He was a Battle Slave who became an Outer Disciple in a short time. Then he became an Inner Disciple before being taken away by the Supreme Elder to cultivate by his side. Such a trajectory caused the disciples of the Black Tiger Gang to be envious.

It was also because of this that Zhao Hai’s fame became widespread. Most people just heard of Zhao Hai but haven’t seen him. Now they were finally able to see what he looked like.

Word of Zhao Hai’s reappearance quickly spread all over the Black Tiger Gang. Now, everyone wants to know more about Zhao Hai. They especially wanted to know how strong he was.

Tie Zhantian also received the information and immediately called Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng over to his office. He also called Hu Liangchen and the others from the great families. Now, although their power wasn’t as strong as before, the families of the Black Tiger Gang were still prominent figures in the sect. Their relationship with Tie Zhantian also eased.

After waiting for everyone, Tie Zhantian looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, how is the Supreme Elder?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The Supreme Elder is doing very well. However, because of some reasons, he cannot appear easily. Therefore, he brought me in to teach me for several years.”

Tie Zhantian relaxed. Then he sized Zhao Hai up and nodded as he said, “Good. In ten years, you’re able to reach the Nascent Soul Stage. It seems like you’ve gained a lot. Does the Supreme Elder have words to say to us?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment before saying, “There’s no message from him. It’s just that because of his dwindling life energy, he cannot move frequently. Because of this, he asked me to protect the Black Tiger Gang. Naturally, I’m still lacking in strength. I’m currently in a bottleneck, so the Supreme Elder sent me out to gain experience.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian and the others stared. They immediately understood what Zhao Hai was trying to say. It seems like the Supreme Elder cannot just make a move whenever he likes. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken Zhao Hai to train him and ask him to protect the Black Tiger Gang.

Tie Zhantian let out a long breath and said, “Everyone, don’t pass on what Little Hai said in this room. Little Hai, when you return, I’ll only give you one task, and that is to repair all the large artifacts of the sect. Once you’re done, we will immediately attack the Roaring Flame Sect. Although the Black Tiger Gang was able to develop in recent years, our reputation outside isn’t as good as before. After all, we have been attacked. If we don’t retaliate, other sects might think that the Black Tiger Gang has been weakened. We need to show the others that we’re still strong.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Gang Leader can rest assured. I’ll repair the large artifacts as soon as possible.”

Tie Zhantian nodded, “If we can clean up the Roaring Flame sect, the Black Tiger Gang would benefit a lot. However, we also need to pay attention to the reaction of the other sects. We need to act quickly. We must not let the Roaring Flame Sect have the opportunity to call their allies.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Gang Leader, I think we should utilize the method we used before. After I repair the large artifacts, I’ll infiltrate the Roaring Flame Sect to scout out their transmission formations. This way, we can destroy them when we attack. This would make it easier for us.”

Tie Zhantian nodded and said, “I have sent people to spy on the Roaring Flame Sect ten years ago. Now, we basically have all the locations of their transmission formations. However, their defenses are very strong. They made it difficult for us to attack them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Leave it to me. Once I’m in the Roaring Flame Sect, I can seal their biggest transmission formation. I can also send Undead to deal with their smaller transmission formations. If possible, I can install hidden transmission formations in important places so we can send troops over to wreak havoc.”

Tie Zhantian nodded, then he turned to Hu Liangchen and the others and said, “Old Hu, what do you think?”

Hu Liangchen smiled faintly and said, “This plan is very good. However, Little Hai would need to work hard. If what Little Hai said is set up, we’ll be able to easily destroy the Roaring Flame Sect.”

Tie Zhantian coldly snorted and said, “The Roaring Flame Sect has been rampant back then. It’s time to teach them a lesson. After you go back, make preparations in secret. Little Hai, if you need anything, just tell us. You have the gang’s full support. Once you repair the large artifacts, we’ll support you with what you do next.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Thank you, Gang Leader. I’ll immediately tell you if something comes up.”

Tie Zhantian nodded, “Our main task now is to prepare for our battle with the Roaring Flame Sect. But at the same time, we need to be wary of the Wandering Soul Group. Although they had been scared away by Elder Hu Shan, those guys won’t just give up. We still have to be careful of them.”

Everyone responded. Tie Zhantian turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I reckon you’ll need a new identity once you go out. For the time being, you will be a Core Disciple.” 

Zhao Hai nodded, “I’m fine with whatever the Gang Leader plans.”

Tie Zhantian nodded, then he looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Little Feng, since you have the closest relationship with Little Hai, you have to help him. If there’s anything you need, tell me immediately.”

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “Martial Uncle can rest assured. I will support Little Hai.”

Tie Zhantian turned to Zhao Hai and then said, “Little Hai, you can choose a place for yourself. Do you want a mountain?” As soon as Tie Zhantian heard this, Zhao Hai and the others couldn’t help but be stunned. Tie Zhantian basically meant that Zhao Hai could open his own mountain base. This was a huge event for the Black Tiger Gang.

However, nobody opposed this. First, Zhao Hai has enough strength and ability. He’s now a Nascent Soul Expert. In the Black Tiger Gang, he could even contend against the top ten core disciples. Therefore, there won’t be a problem if he has his own mountain.

Additionally, Zhao Hai was someone who was taken in by the Supreme Elder. This gave him an identity that no other disciple has. Therefore, nobody opposed Tie Zhantian’s decision.


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