BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1725


Chapter 1725 – Dao Impartation

The old man looked at Zhao Hai and then smiled faintly as he said, “Don’t worry, this old man just reached the end of his life. Unless the laws of the realm changes, this old man wouldn’t live longer even if I fly my nascent soul out and seize a body for rebirth. This old man has merged his nascent soul with his body to prolong his life.”

Zhao Hai still didn’t say anything to the old man. The old man sighed and said, “From what I can see, you have been deceived before. It doesn’t matter, come and sit down.”

Zhao Hai followed the old man’s words and sat opposite him. Seeing that Zhao Hai followed his request, the old man was satisfied. Then he let out a long breath and said, “My Black Tiger Clan is a branch of the White Tiger Clan, a divine beast clan. However, we fell into the Great World of Cultivation. Because of the thin spiritual energy present here, we’ve become unable to practice our own cultivation methods. In the end, our ancestors could only rely on their strength to create the Black Tiger Gang and collect faith power in hopes that it will allow us to return to the Immortal Realm one day.”

Zhao Hai stared at the old man. Although the old man didn’t say a lot of things, Zhao Hai could infer a lot of things. First, the old man didn’t come from the Great World of Cultivation but from another higher realm. For Zhao Hai, the spiritual qi of the Great World of Cultivation was already high. But from the old man’s words, the spiritual qi here was thin. This meant that he had a low view of the Great World of Cultivation.

Second, the old man came from a place called the Immortal Realm. Moreover, he was a branch of the White Tiger Clan. Zhao Hai hasn’t heard of the White Tiger Clan. However, he knows that the white tiger was one of the four mythical beasts of ancient china. It seems like the White Tiger Clan was one of the four divine beasts clans.

Third, faith power could help them cultivate and even allow them to return to the Immortal Realm. If this was the case, then that means that Zhao Hai would also have an opportunity to go to the Immortal Realm.

The old man’s words informed Zhao Hai of all these things. The old man clearly didn’t want to hide anything from Zhao Hai. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young man, my life is about to run out. I want to ask you to do me a favor. I’m the only remaining member of the Black Tiger Clan in the Great World of Cultivation. It’s now impossible for our clan to return to the Immortal Realm. The Black Tiger Gang is the fruit of our clan’s hard work. I hope that you can help me protect the Black Tiger Gang in the future.”

Zhao Hai looked at the old man in confusion as he asked, “Supreme Elder, I’m not strong enough. How could I protect the Black Tiger Gang?”

The old man looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Because my Black Tiger Gang is a branch of the White Tiger Clan, we naturally have numerous means in our hands. One of these methods is suitable to use now, and that’s the Dao Impartation. This allows a cultivator to place his cultivation base as well as all his learnings into another cultivator. As long as the cultivator can digest what was given, he would be no weaker than the giver. If I pour all I have into your body, you can reach the Nascent Soul Stage in a short time. You can even reach the Transcending Tribulation Stage. At the same time, you will get all of my cultivation insights. What do you think? Are you willing?”

Zhao Hai blankly stared at the old man. To be honest, Zhao Hai only believed half of what the old man said. He believed the part where the old man revealed his identity. As for the Dao Impartation, he didn’t believe it.

Dao Importation would need one cultivator to sacrifice himself for another cultivator. Many of which were carried out by the master to give to their disciple. The person who was given to would naturally gain many benefits. However, the person who performed the impartation would suffer great damage. Because of this, cultivators rarely used this method.

Although Zhao Hai hasn’t heard of people in the Great World of Cultivation using Dao Impartation, he could make a rough guess about its existence. Therefore, he was somewhat doubting the old man’s words.

After thinking for some time, Zhao Hai decided to believe the old man. This was because of the old man’s strength. Don’t think that an old man would be weak since he was dying. If Zhao Hai doesn’t agree, then the old man might get aggressive. When the time comes, Zhao Hai might not have the chance to resist.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai doesn’t want the old man to find out about the Space. Zhao Hai knew that if he wanted to escape from the old man, then he would need to use the Space. And even if he escapes, he could no longer be in the Black Tiger Gang and would be reduced to becoming a rogue cultivator. This was something that Zhao Hai wasn’t willing to see.

Zhao Hai raised his head and looked at the old man as he said, “I’ll do it. Elder, as long as I’m in the Great World of Cultivation, I will protect the Black Tiger Gang. I will also guarantee that the Black Tiger Gang will expand.”

The old man nodded, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You need to pledge to your heart’s demon.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he said, “Alright. I, Zhao Hai, swear to my heart’s demon. As long as I remain in the Great World of Cultivation, I will stay in the Black Tiger Gang and protect its peace. I will also help the Black Tiger Gang strengthen itself. If I violate this oath, my heart shall burn and kill myself.”

The old man nodded, then he said, “Close your eyes.” Zhao Hai closed his eyes, but he still held doubt in his heart.

The old man placed his hand on Zhao Hai’s head before closing his eyes. Zhao Hai felt a powerful spiritual qi entering his body. Although the spiritual qi was powerful, it was actually very gentle. It didn’t cause any damage to Zhao Hai’s body.

Coming along with the influx of spiritual qi was a lot of information. This information was regarding cultivation. Moreover, there was no personal touch mixed with it.

At this moment, Zhao Hai completely believed that the old man really intended to impart his cultivation into him. Actually, he began to trust the old man when he was asked to make an oath to his heart’s demon. This was because cultivators wouldn’t make such a huge oath or else their future would be affected. If the old man really wanted to take Zhao Hai’s body, he wouldn’t have made Zhao Hai make an oath to his heart’s demon. This was because if the old man really succeeded in taking Zhao Hai’s body, the oath would apply to him as well.

Also, Zhao Hai has his Instinct Technique. He didn’t feel any hostility from the old man. This surprised Zhao Hai.

The Instinct Technique was a Buddhist Cultivation Method. Since this is a supporting technique, no matter how strong the individual, Zhao Hai could feel active hostility from their body once the technique was used. Before this, Zhao Hai thought that the old man was using a technique to hide his hostility.

Zhao Hai could feel that the old man’s aura was no longer as strong as before. At that time, the old man seemed like a great beast that nobody would dare to face. But now, the old man’s aura was slowly diminishing. In other words, the old man’s life was slowly coming to an end. In this case, if the old man still has any plans, then Zhao Hai would be able to sense it.

Nevertheless, Zhao Hai didn’t fully lower his guard. After all, the old man was an old-lived expert. His methods were innumerable and his strength was very deep. The old man might still have methods left.

But since the old man sent his cultivation and insights to Zhao Hai’s body, Zhao Hai finally believed the old man’s words. Also, the spiritual qi was very gentle. Not to mention the old man’s tens of thousands of years of cultivation experience. For cultivators, cultivation experience was many folds more valuable than spiritual qi.

Zhao Hai hastily guided the spiritual qi throughout his body. Since Zhao Hai’s body was special, after the spiritual qi melded into his body, the little avatar he had inside became more solidified and powerful. The golden core in his body completely fused with the avatar. From now on, Zhao Hai no longer has a golden core, only a very solid spirit avatar.

The dao lotus also grew by a lot while the spiritual cube began to increase in size. As Zhao Hai digested the information that the old man sent, the starlight above the spirit avatar’s head also became brighter.

Zhao Hai felt that the energy that was sent into his body was like the ocean. He found it hard to digest it even after doing all he could.

 Some time passed and Zhao Hai felt that the energy entering his body had stopped. Zhao Hai relaxed as he remembered the spiritual qi and the cultivation experience he was given. Then he finally opened his eyes.

But after opening his eyes, Zhao Hai was startled. The old man in front of him has completely changed. The wrinkles on the man’s face had increased and his skin was pale. The eyes that were originally filled with wisdom were now clouded. The life force of the old man was also becoming more and more faint.

Seeing that Zhao Hai was awake, the old man had a wide smile on his face as he said, “Good. You woke up sooner than I expected. If you were late, you might not have seen me alive. Zhao Hai, you’re now my disciple. Remember your promise. Protect the Black Tiger Gang in my stead.”

Zhao Hai’s expression was complex as he looked at his teacher. Then he clenched his teeth as he received the old man into the Space.

In the past, he was vigilant towards the old man and he didn’t send him to the Space. But now, the old man was close to dying. With how much help the old man gave him, Zhao Hai decided to share his secret at the last moment of the old man’s life.

Nobody knows better than Zhao Hai how much the old man has helped him. Zhao Hai was sure that his strength had reached the Nascent Soul Stage. In fact, his combat prowess was much more than the Nascent Soul Experts of the Great World of Cultivation. After all, he held the old man’s thousands of years of cultivation experience. The information that he acquired was a gift that Zhao Hai valued very much.


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