BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1723


Chapter 1723 – Battering

As he stood on the treasure ship, Zhang Feng looked at the perilous situation of the defensive line. His expression couldn’t help but sink as he coldly snorted and said, “These people really thought that they had won. Little Hai, how’s your current state? Everyone on this ship will listen to you. Let’s teach those guys a lesson.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Senior Brother can rest assured.” Zhao Hai waved his hand as the treasure ship charged towards a ghost-face ship.

The ghost-face ship immediately discovered the treasure ship’s approach. It quickly sent out jade sword messages and pulled into two other ghost-face ships to face the Zhao Hai and the others.

It was clear that the three ghost-face ships had coordinated for a long time. They formed a triangle to surround the treasure ship. Zhao Hai coldly snorted as he directed the ship to charge with its highest speed towards the ghost-face ship on the left.

The three ghost-face ships didn’t expect the treasure ship to be this nimble. They just saw the treasure ship make a sharp turn in the middle of its charge. This was something that the ghost-face ships couldn’t do.

However, the ghost-face ships were still able to change their formation. The middle and right ghost-face ships sped up and charged towards the treasure ship. The left ghost-face ship picked  up speed to maneuver itself into a more favorable position.

Seeing this, the corners of Zhao Hai’s mouth couldn’t help but rise. From Cai’er’s computations, if he rushed over and hit the ghost-face ship on the left, the other two ghost-face ships would collide with the treasure ship. At that time, the treasure ship would be attacked from three sides.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to be in that situation. As he was about to collide with the left ghost-face ship, the ship suddenly halted as though it was being nailed into the void. Because of its strong momentum, the ship curved at the center before it swung to the right.

This flick caused the treasure ship to hit the right ghost-face ship. The ghost-face ship never expected that Zhao Hai would react like that. It was originally charging towards the treasure ship, but it didn’t think that the treasure ship would come at it. The treasure ship smashed the right side of the ghost-ship and pushed it off course to hit the middle ghost-face ship. With how quickly everything happened, the ghost-face ships weren’t able to react at all. 

Boom! Two ghost-face ships collided with each other. The impact caused the ghost-face ship in the middle to deviate from its course and hit the left ghost-face ship. The three ghost-face ships made a series of collisions. The scene looked like it was from a movie.

However, that wasn’t the end of it. Zhao Hai wasn’t satisfied with just colliding with the large artifacts. Instead, he turned around and appeared behind the ghost-face ships. Then the treasure ship charged once more with all of its power. 

Boom! Boom! Boom! Three collisions were heard as the treasure ship hit the three ghost-face ships. It was a ruthless collision. The previous collision already destroyed the ghost-face ships’ shields. Now that the treasure ship crashed into them once more, they were immediately destroyed.

But this also caused the stern of the ghost-face ship to suffer mild damage, it also had a dent on its bow. Regardless, after crashing onto the three ghost-face ships, it immediately rushed towards another ghost-face ship.

The brief confrontation between the treasure ship and the three ghost-face ships has been noticed by everyone on the battlefield. The Black Tiger Wall was very long, however, the Wandering Soul Group didn’t attack the entire wall. They knew that as long as the wall was breached, the whole Black Tiger Wall would be finished.

Because of this, the combatants from both sides weren’t too spread out and the battlefield wasn’t very big. If anything happens in the battlefield, it wouldn’t escape the notice of the Transcending Tribulation Experts.

The treasure ship was able to deal with three ghost-face ships at little to no cost. This caused the experts to be surprised. As far as they knew, only large artifacts of the nine super sects were able to do it. Other people would not have such capabilities.

Tie Zhantian had an excited look on his face as he looked at the treasure ship. He didn’t think that Zhang Feng’s large artifact would be that powerful. This took a load off his back.

At this time, the treasure ship already clashed with other large artifacts of the Wandering Soul Group. Although the ghost-face ships were formidable, they weren’t a match for Zhao Hai. One after another, Zhao Hai began dealing with the ghost-face ships.

Naturally, the treasure ship also received some damage, especially on the right side. This was because Zhao Hai intentionally used the right side of the ship to do his attacks. It was natural for that part to suffer more serious damages.

The Transcending Tribulation Experts of the Wandering Soul Group could no longer sit still. Some of them rushed towards the treasure ships. At the same time, Transcending Tribulation Experts of the Black Tiger Gang headed over to stop them. 

Seeing this, Zhao Hai quickly controlled the treasure ship to retreat from the fight. When he arrived behind the Black Tiger Wall, he commanded the Undead to replace the metal plates on the ship’s right side.

The treasure ship wasn’t made as a whole like the other large artifacts. There were several replacement parts in the ship’s storage room. Therefore, it didn’t take a long time before Zhao Hai replaced the side of the ship.

After commanding the Undead to repair the ship, Zhao Hai turned to Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, we don’t have a lot of replacement parts left. I’m afraid we can use it one more time in a large-scale battle before we’ll have to permanently withdraw. Moreover, we have become the targets of the Transcending Tribulation Experts. We have to cooperate later. When I ask to send spiritual qi to the treasure ship, have everyone send it immediately. This way, we can resist Transcending Tribulation Experts.”

Zhang Feng nodded. They managed to kill a Transcending Tribulation Expert using this method. Naturally, he trusted Zhao Hai’s words.

The reappearance of the treasure ship immediately attracted the attention of the Transcending Tribulation Experts. And there was no way for them to notice that something happened to the treasure ship. Even if they weren’t particularly paying attention, they could still see that the damage to the treasure ship’s right side had been repaired. If they didn’t, then they would have been blind.

Naturally, Tie Zhantian was happy. Hu Liangchen’s group has arrived to help. Moreover, Zhao Hai was able to completely destroy five ghost-face ships. This caused the pressure on the defensive line to decrease. Although they were still unable to make a counter-attack, stalling them for a very long time was no longer a problem.

On the other hand, the Wandering Soul Group’s situation wasn’t doing well. Hu Liangchen and the others didn’t only bring large artifacts but also Transcending Tribulation Experts. 

Originally, the Wandering Soul Group’s Transcending Tribulation Experts weren’t much more than Tie Zhantian. With Hu Liangchen’s arrival, the gap became narrower. Now, with Hu Liangchen’s help, breaching the defensive line has become close to impossible.

When the treasure ship appeared, five ghost-face ships immediately rushed forward. However, these ghost-face ships didn’t charge immediately. Instead, they were being cautious.

But this time, Zhao Hai asked Zhang Feng and the others to send their spiritual qi into the treasure ship. Not only did the ship’s speed increase, its power was also greater. It charged towards the five-ghost face ships and before long it hit the first one.

The treasure ship began to rampage on the battlefield. Whether it be a large artifact or a cultivator, the ship slammed into it. Whenever it hit a large artifact, it would be destroyed. If it collided with a cultivator, they would be crushed.

The treasure ship’s astounding performance was seen by everyone. The Transcending Tribulation Experts of the Wandering Soul Group quickly went forward to block it. However, the Black Tiger Gang sent experts to stop them. Slowly, the battle began to revolve around the treasure ship.

Zhao Hai knew about this but he didn’t say anything. He commanded the treasure ship to fly around the battlefield. He crushed ghost-face ships and even killed five Nascent Soul Experts. As for ordinary cultivators, he already lost count how many he killed.

The Wandering Soul Group knew that they couldn’t allow the treasure ship to continue running around. After a few clashes, some Transcending Tribulation Experts were able to get out. This time, because of the lack of experts on their side, the Black Tiger gang weren’t able to stop them. Three Transcending Tribulation Experts rushed towards the treasure ship.

Zhao Hai noticed the approach of the Transcending Tribulation Experts. He quickly controlled the ship to turn around. However, the Transcending Tribulation Experts were too fast. And with their dao avatars to help them, two finally caught up with the treasure ship.

Zhao Hai saw this and immediately asked Zhang Feng and the others to increase the amount of energy they’re sending to the ship. The ship’s speed increased once more as it flew towards the defensive line.

The two Transcending Tribulation Experts initially wanted to keep up with the treasure ship. But now that the treasure ship has sped up, they could no longer catch up. They could only look at the treasure ship helplessly as it rushed back to the defensive line.

Roar! Just as Zhao Hai and the others entered the Black Tiger Gang’s defensive line, a heaven shaking tiger’s roar was suddenly heard from the Black Tiger Gang. With how loud the roar was, everyone in the Black Tiger Wall heard it.

The tiger brought endless amounts of aggression. Those who heard the roar could hear the tiger’s anger. 


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