BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1722


Chapter 1722 – Dangerous Situation At The Defensive Line

Zhao Hai slowly opened his eyes. Zhang Feng and several other people were surrounding him. They already finished their recovery and were now acting as Zhao Hai’s protectors.

If Zhang Feng only fancied Zhao Hai because of his ability to recycle materials in the past, then now he admired Zhao Hai after the battle.

A lot of people could control large artifacts. In fact, most large artifacts were designed to be easier to control and to respond quickly to commands. On the battlefield, a one second advantage in response could decide one’s life and death.

Although a lot of people could use large artifacts, there were only few people who were skilled in operating them. Operating a large artifact couldn’t be done by a single person. Therefore, some sects would train cultivators to specialize in a certain part of the artifact. These people were more skilled compared to those who were temporarily assembled to control the large artifact. Generally, such people were in teams and were very popular in their sects.

Naturally, exceptions included those from the Heaven Sect. They could make their swords bigger and use them as large artifacts. However, the Heaven Sect won’t use this ability often. They also have their own personnel that could use large artifacts.

The control that Zhao Hai showed was astonishing. He operated the large artifact like it was his own limb. Such a person was a treasure no matter which sect they were at.

Zhang Feng wasn’t too surprised by Zhao Hai’s ability. Upon checking up on Zhao Hai, he discovered that he was skilled at using large artifacts. Moreover, when he operates his large artifact, Zhao Hai would use his undead. This allowed him adept control over the large artifact.

It was also because of this that Zhang Feng was interested in Zhao Hai. In his opinion, Zhao Hai being able to control a large artifact well was a trump card. And that was truly the case. Just now, Zhao Hai was able to nimbly control the treasure ship and destroy multiple ghost-face ships.

The battle in the Ma Clan’s garden has ended. The people from the Wandering Soul Group couldn’t escape and were eradicated. Hu Liangchen arranged people to clean the battlefield. However, he left the treasure ship alone.

Everyone saw the treasure ship’s performance, so everyone looked at it with respect. The treasure ship dealt with five ghost-face ships on its own. That was half of the large artifacts that the Wandering Soul Group sent. Such fighting strength was astonishing. 

Although the Great World of Cultivation was more advanced compared to the inferior realms, it was still filled with the same cultivators. They worshiped power and skills the same way.

Seeing Zhao Hai get up, Zhang Feng said, “Little Hai, how do you feel? Are you fine?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Senior Brother doesn’t need to worry. The battle was just too intense, so I expended more energy than normal.”

Zhang Feng nodded, then he patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Good, you’ve done well. I didn’t think that the treasure ship would turn into that in your hands. I haven’t seen a large artifact as agile like that before.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s the advantage of having Undead. I can issue commands to them with a single thought. This allows me to control the entire ship alone. It’s more natural compared to being controlled by a team of people.”

Zhang Feng nodded as he turned to the battlefield and said, “The battlefield has now been cleaned up. The destroyed large artifacts will be turned over to the sect. When the time comes, I’ll have to ask for your help. By the way, do you want to turn the corpses into Undead? Otherwise, we’ll burn them.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I want them. I always have a need for more Undead.”

Zhang Feng pointed towards the side. Zhao Hai turned his head and the bodies of the Wandering Soul Group cultivators were there. Zhao Hai immediately turned them into Undead and then took them to the Space.

Zhao Hai had just finished disposing of the corpses when Hu Liangchen appeared on the treasure ship. Upon getting in, Hu Liangchen looked at the interior before he turned to Zhang Feng and said, “Kid, your artifact is very good. When will you introduce the grandmaster refiner to me?”

Zhang Feng smiled faintly and replied, “Uncle Hu, you’re too polite. Who doesn’t know the famed refiners of the Hu Clan. The people on my side would be ashamed in front of them.”

Naturally, Hu Liangchen knew that Zhang Feng wouldn’t just let go of his trump card. He just said those words casually. So when he heard Zhang Feng, he smiled faintly and said, “Forget it. You’re a liar. Compared to your refiners, my family’s refiners weren’t even qualified to carry their shoes. Alright, let’s not talk about this. I just got word that the Gang Leader’s side isn’t doing so well. We need to go there as support.”

Hearing that Tie Zhantian was having problems, Zhang Feng immediately agreed. He quickly sent orders to go to Tie Zhantian along with Hu Liangchen and the others.

Tie Zhantian and the others were currently fighting the Wandering Soul Group’s main force. The sect has been resisting the enemy at the Black Tiger Mountain Range. The mountain range has always been the frontline against the Wandering Soul Group. The mountain range was divided into two sections, the inner and outer sections.

The inner section of the mountain range was where the Black Tiger Gang’s headquarters was located. The outer section was also called the Black Tiger Wall. This was where the sect would come in conflict with the Wandering Soul Group from time to time.

The current situation of the Black Tiger Wall wasn’t very good. This time, the Wandering Soul Group has made a serious effort in dealing with the Black Tiger Gang. A total of 70 large artifacts have been dispatched. There were also about 100 Transcending Tribulation Experts.

Although Tie Zhantian and the others had received news about the enemy and knew what they were up against, it was still different when faced with the actual enemy.

When Tie Zhantian thought that the defensive line was about to be breached, Hu Liangchen suddenly sent word that the Ma Clan’s side had been dealt with.

Tie Zhantian didn’t expect the battle on that side to end too quickly. He knew very well that the current Black Tiger Gang was still less than the Wandering Soul Group. Although the Black Tiger Gang wasn’t weak, the Wandering Soul Group was stronger.

The Wandering Soul Group’s strength has been greatly reduced by the joint attack by the other sects, but their inheritance wasn’t completely lost. And with their initial strength, they were able to quickly gain a foothold in the Northern Divergent Province and become one of its biggest sects.

After the Wandering Soul Group eliminated several small sects, their territory finally reached the border of the Black Tiger Gang. The Black Tiger Gang was also a formidable sect in the province. Although it wasn’t the strongest, the Wandering Soul Group couldn’t just attack them without suffering heavy losses.

In the end, the Wandering Soul Group employed a more passive approach. They would slowly divide the sect’s strength, splitting Black Tiger Gang in half. And once groups begin to separate from the sect, the Wandering Soul Group would slowly eat them up.

Originally, the plan was going very well. They were even able to plant the Ma Clan inside. But they would never expect Zhao Hai’s appearance. With Zhao Hai’s help, Zhang Feng was able to rise quickly and spoil their plan. Then once they began to execute their plan, instead of shattering, the Black Tiger Gang became united. 

Now the Wandering Soul Group has to deal with the Black Tiger Gang using its full power. They even pulled the Roaring Flame Sect into the war. They would destroy the Black Tiger Gang in one go. They might even be able to eliminate the Roaring Flame Sect after that.

In the mind of the Wandering Soul Group, their three-way army would leave the Black Tiger Gang with no defenses. It would be easy to clean the Black Tiger Gang. However, the Black Tiger Gang has prepared well. Despite meeting the full force of the Wandering Soul Group, the Black Tiger Gang was still able to hold on for a very long time. This caused the people of the Wandering Soul Group to be stunned.

Naturally, the most important thing was that they had lost contact with their surprise force. This only meant one thing, the people they sent to the Ma Clan had been finished off.

This caused the Wandering Soul Group to be anxious, making their offense more aggressive. Tie Zhantian was also anxious. He knew that they would be in danger if Hu Liangchen’s reinforcement didn’t arrive.

There have been several sections in the Black Tiger Wall that have been destroyed by the Wandering Soul Group. If the situation continues, the defensive line would not be able to hold.

After the Wandering Soul Group showed its strength, Tie Zhantian became aware of how powerful they were. They had as many as 70 large artifacts while his side only had 40. With just more than half the amount of large artifacts, he naturally wouldn’t be able to stop the enemy’s attack.

Most importantly, there’s still the Roaring Flame Sect that needs to be defended against. This would need troops to be allocated to meet them. The Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t be able to fight with all of its strength.

What worries Tie Zhantian more was the fact that even if Hu Liangchen came to support him, their large artifacts would just increase by 20. This was still less than the Wandering Soul Group’s large artifacts.

In the beginning of the fight, Tie Zhantian had 40 Black Tiger Ships, but now he has 19 left. He had lost more than half of his black tiger ships.

However, the Wandering Soul Group isn’t doing any better. They were using their large artifacts to attack the defenses of the Black Tiger gang. With the help of formations and their artifacts, the Black Tiger Gang was able to defend. Of the original 70 large artifacts, the Wandering Soul Group only has more than 40 left. Their losses were no less than the Black Tiger Gang, it might even be bigger.

As both sides were fighting, Hu Liangchen and the others finally arrived. Altogether, Hu Liangchen brought 8 large artifacts. Originally, they had 13 large artifacts but they lost 5 of them in the previous fight.


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