BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1721


Chapter 1721 – God-level Control

With the collision of the treasure ship and the ghost-face ship, the war has officially begun. The black tiger ships also began attacking the rest of the ghost-face ships.

Although the strength of the ghost-face ship has been greatly reduced, they were still formidable large artifacts. The black tiger ship might be famous in the Northern Divergent Province, but it wasn’t particularly known in the Great World of Cultivation. Because of this, the two sides were on par for a while.

The biggest variable in this battle was Zhang Feng’s treasure ship. After crashing with the ghost-face ship, it attacked another. This time, because of the lack of space to speed up, the treasure ship didn’t destroy its target. It was only able to change the course of the ship.

The ghost-face ship originally wanted to attack a black tiger ship. But after being routed, it came into the trajectory of a black tiger ship’s attack. Under the treasure ship and the black tiger ship’s assault, the ghost-face ship was severely damaged.

Two ghost-face ships had been destroyed in a short time. This was something that the Wandering Soul Group didn’t think of. At the same time, Zhang Feng came into the attention of the Wandering Soul Group’s experts. On top of the destroyed ghost-face ships, two Transcending Tribulation Experts appeared. The two roared loudly as malicious ghosts appeared behind their bodies. One of the ghosts had three heads and four arms while the other had four overly long fangs and a pair of sharp claws that were akin to spears. One could see at a glance that their offensive strengths were extraordinary.

When the dao avatars of the two Transcending Tribulation Experts appeared, they immediately grasped towards the treasure ship. Zhang Feng’s expression couldn’t help but change. But at this moment, as though losing its ability to fly, the treasure ship suddenly plummeted downwards. Only after reaching close to the floor did the treasure ship stop falling.

After that, the treasure ship suddenly stood up like a rocket aimed at the sky. Then like a rocket blasting off, it went straight up and hit another ghost-face ship. The ghost-face ship was thrown away and then went into free-fall. This time, it wasn’t a staged fall like the treasure ship. It was greatly damaged, and the third ghost-face ship has been destroyed.

After destroying another ghost-face ship, the treasure ship made a somersault in the air and then flew towards another direction. As the treasure ship flew off, two huge ghastly claws grasped the space where it had been. The treasure ship was actually able to evade the attacks of two Transcending Tribulation Experts.

The people on both sides of the battle couldn’t help but stare at the treasure ship. The control over the treasure ship was simply godlike. It was as agile as a normal artifact. What concept was this? Who operated the large artifact?

At this time, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but stare blankly at Zhao Hai. This was because he knew that it was Zhao Hai who controlled the treasure ship. Before the battle, Zhao Hai told him that he would have the Undead operate the ship. All of the central functions of the ship were now under the control of the Undead.

Although Zhang Feng didn’t understand why Zhao Hai wanted to do so, he still agreed due to his trust in him. After being together for a long time, Zhang Feng knew that Zhao Hai was the same as him. He wouldn’t say anything that he wasn’t confident in. Since Zhao Hai wanted to control the ship, this only means that he could control the ship better.

Originally, Zhang Feng had his worries. But soon he changed his mind. This treasure ship was made by Zhao Hai, so naturally he could control it better. However, Zhang Feng didn’t expect that Zhao Hai’s control would reach this degree.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about this as the treasure ship went in a circle and then fell back to the ground. Zhang Feng gave Zhao Hai a perplexed look. Zhao Hai waved his hand and the left side of the ship suddenly opened. Then a huge metal plate came out. Zhang Feng noticed that this metal plate was carried by Undead.

At this time, a damaged metal plate suddenly fell down from the ship. Then the Undead carried the new metal plate to the bow of the ship. Then the Undead combined their bodies as though they were a huge hammer. After several bangs, the metal plate was fixed to the bow of the ship. The whole process only took more or less ten minutes. The treasure ship returned to its peak strength.

After changing the plate on the ship’s bow, the treasure ship flew up once more and re-entered the battlefield. At this time, the situation has greatly changed. Five tiger ships have withdrawn from the battle. Meanwhile, only two ghost-face ships were left. Moreover, they were damaged. They could shut down at any time.

But with ten ghost-face ships, they were able to shut down five black tiger ships. That was despite Zhao Hai destroying three of them. This result was proof of the ghost-face ship’s fighting strength.

When the people of the Black Tiger Gang saw that the treasure ship was rejoining the fight, they couldn’t help but cheer. The main participants of the battle had already become the cultivators. If the Transcending Tribulation Experts were left to destroy the large artifacts, the losses would be huge.

Although the black tiger ships and the ghost-face ships had been damaged, the casualties on both sides weren’t very huge. Cultivators were physically resilient. They could just escape the large artifact if it was destroyed.

The cultivators who lost their large artifacts all jumped out and continued the attack. Because of this, the battlefield changed into a battle between people.

The performance of the treasure ship caused the people of the Black Tiger Gang to be uplifted. This was the first time they saw a large artifact that was so agile. Therefore, seeing the treasure ship, they couldn’t help but cheer.

However, Zhao Hai has no time to be happy. He turned to Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, have everyone send their energy into the treasure ships quickly!”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng immediately ordered, “Everyone, send your spiritual qi to the treasure ship now!” With his order, everyone sent their spiritual qi to the treasure ship.

The treasure ship immediately lit up with golden light. Then the treasure ship charged towards a ghost-face ship. At the same time, the seemingly tattered ghost-face ship charged forward. Zhao Hai coldly snorted and increased the speed of the treasure ship.

At this time, the ghost-face ship’s body emitted black gas to cover the treasure ship. However, it had no effect on the treasure ship. It continued to rush towards the ghost-face ship.

Just as the treasure ship was covered by the black gas, the ghost-face ship suddenly changed. A huge ghost appeared behind the ghost-face ship. Theis ghost was even bigger than the ghost-face ship.

Seeing this ghost, Hu Liangchen’s expression couldn’t help but change. Then he immediately shouted, “Not good! Little Feng, retreat immediately!” As the patriarch of the Hu Clan, Hu Liangchen knew more than Zhang Feng. When the Wandering Soul Group was still wreaking havoc in the Great World of Cultivation, besides their cultivation method and the Sunless Valley, there was another method that made them terrifying. And that was the human-ship fusion!

Human-ship fusion happens when a Nascent Soul Expert uses their own blood and the nascent soul to unite with the ghost-face ship. This would increase the performance of the ghost-face ship. This fusion allowed the ship to use the cultivator’s dao avatar. In turn, the dao avatar would become more powerful.

Naturally, human-ship fusion has side-effects. The cultivator would have the cultivation trashed if he survives the battle. Otherwise they would perish along with the ship.

Ever since the Wandering Soul Group was defeated by the big sects, nobody in the Wandering Soul Group has ever used the human-ship fusion. Hu Liangchen knew about it from ancient records that described the technique. He didn’t expect that he would see this fusion here.

What Hu Liangchen didn’t know was that there had always been people in the Wandering Soul Group that knew how to use human-ship fusion. The reason it wasn’t seen before was due to the reduced quality of the ghost-face ships. Since the quality of the ghost-face ships has decreased, the requirements for the cultivator became higher. Now, Nascent Soul Experts could no longer do the technique. It would require at least the Transcending Tribulation Stage before a cultivator can perform human-ship fusion. Moreover, the fusion would only last for two hours. After two hours, the Transcending Tribulation Expert would exhaust their life energy and die.

Two hours of battle in exchange for the life of a Transcending Tribulation Expert. Even the Heaven Sect wouldn’t be able to withstand that consumption. Therefore, the human-ship fusion was only rarely used by the Wandering Soul Group.

One of the elders of the Wandering Soul Group wanted to perform human-ship fusion because he saw the strength of the treasure ship. He wanted to deal with the treasure ship. However, the ship has withdrawn.

But at the last minute, the treasure ship returned. Therefore, the elder decided to use the technique without hesitation. In his mind, inside the treasure ship was a valued person of the Black Tiger Gang. Otherwise, the ship wouldn’t have been that strong. Therefore, he planned to kill that person and bring value to the Wandering Soul Group.

Seeing the treasure ship charging towards him, the elder got ready to fuse with the ghost-face ship. The reason he didn’t use it immediately was because he knew that the person who controlled the treasure ship had reached peak mastery of it. If they found out that there was human-ship fusion, they would no doubt run away. And if they did, it would be very hard to catch up to them.

He first covered the treasure ship with a thick fog so that the people inside the treasure ship couldn’t see what was going on outside. Additionally, the ghost qi would have the effect of restraining spiritual force. When the time comes, he would be able to use the human-ship fusion to crush the treasure ship in one go.

As soon as Hu Liangchen’s warning came out, the huge ghost behind the ghost-face ship stretched its huge claws towards the treasure ship.

“Pa! A loud sound akin to a clap was heard. It was indeed a clap, it was as though two palms had hit each other.

The reason for this was because the ghost didn’t capture anything. It was two palms hitting each other. 

Because of the human-ship fusion, the ghost resembles the elder who used the technique. At this time, he had a stunned expression on his face.

As the elder was stunned, the treasure ship suddenly emerged from the black cloud and hit the huge dao avatar. The treasure ship was now covered with golden light. As the ship collided, there were two loud explosions. The first explosion was when the treasure ship hit the dao avatar. The golden light around the treasure ship allowed it to pierce through the ghost like a hot knife through butter. After drilling a huge hole into the dao avatar, the treasure ship crashed into the ghost-face ship.

Nobody expected this to happen. Nobody thought that the treasure ship would reach the ghost-face ship. In fact, the way the treasure ship hit the ghost-face ship was unlike what happened in the past. Before, it would just knock the ghost-face ship away. But this time, it completely shattered the ship into pieces.

The treasure ship didn’t stop there. It readjusted its direction and then charged into the other ghost-face ship. Naturally, the ship also shattered. This marked the end of the ghost-face ships of the Wandering Soul Group.

At this time, the treasure ship withdrew from the battle. Zhao Hai sat on a chair, his expression appearing exhausted. He looked at Zhang Feng and said, “First Senior Brother, have everyone take a rest. I think the battle now depends on those above, not us.”

Just as Zhao Hai said, they were no longer needed in the battle. The Transcending Tribulation Experts of the Wandering Soul Group weren’t any stronger than those who were killed by Tie Zhantian and the others. The Black Tiger Gang has the enemy completely surrounded. Their defeat was only a matter of time.

The ordinary cultivators of the Wandering Soul Group weren’t as strong as the Black Tiger Gang’s cultivators. Moreover, the cultivators of the Black Tiger Gang kept coming over. Although they weren’t necessarily strong, they were still able to make sneak attacks to cause the enemy to suffer.

Additionally, the Black Tiger Gang still has functional large artifacts. They might not be able to deal with Transcending Tribulation Experts, but they were very useful against ordinary cultivators. Even Core Formation cultivators would suffer against large artifacts. In this case, the cultivators of the Wandering Soul Group were at a complete disadvantage. They only have to wait to be killed.

Zhao Hai and the others were now very tired. Naturally, Zhao Hai was just acting, but the others were not. They had just used all of their spiritual qi to power the treasure ship. Therefore, they needed to rest.


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