BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1720


Chapter 1720 – War Starts

 Zhang Feng and Zhao Hai looked at Tie Zhantian in confusion. They really hoped that Tie Zhantian knew Zhao Hai’s status and not guessed it. If he knew about it, then it could be blamed on Tie Ying. But if Tie Zhantian guessed it, then that would mean that Hu Liangchen and the others had guessed it as well.

However, Zhang Feng and Zhao Hai were doomed to be disappointed. Tie Zhantian looked at them as he smiled and said, “There’s no need to think about it. It wasn’t only me who guessed Zhao Hai’s identity, Hu Liangchen and the others guessed as well. Zhao Hai is known to have a spatial ability in the lower realms. And Li Lin only reappeared after Zhao Hai arrived. Moreover, he also has a spatial ability. Therefore, Little Feng, there’s no need to hide. Just promote Zhao Hai to the Inner Sect.”

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll have Little Hai return to his original face. Right, Martial Uncle, you should not allow anyone to go to the Ignored Valley.”

Tie Zhantian nodded. Then he waved his hand and said, “You can go. Little Feng, remember. After this, you will be one of the top ten core disciples. Moreover, you’re more powerful than the others. You don’t need to be timid. The Hu Clan and the others made huge concessions. It seems like they also understand the importance of the sect to their future. You don’t need to worry about anything. Show your strength with confidence. The stronger you are, the more your voice will be heard.”

Zhang Feng nodded, then he led Zhao Hai out and returned to the treasure ship. Upon sitting down, Zhang Feng smiled bitterly and said, “I thought we hid it well. I didn’t expect those old foxes to discover your identity. But this is also good. You can now appear on my side. Little Hai, you go back. You have a lot of things to take care of. Right, can you finish repairing the large artifacts before the battle starts?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “There’s no problem. Senior Brother doesn’t need to worry. I’ll repair them as soon as possible.”

Zhang Feng replied, “Alright, you can go. Now that your identity has been revealed, people would certainly go to the Ignored Valley. You shouldn’t return there for the time being. You can find another place to cultivate in.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “The Black Tiger Gang’s territory is huge. I can go find a barren hill somewhere.”

Zhang Feng nodded, “Good. After this, I’ll get you to open a cave residence.”

Zhao Hai nodded before he turned around and left. Actually, the place he found wasn’t far from the Ignored Valley. Moreover, it had very thin spiritual qi. Nobody would want to go there.

Zhao Hai appeared in a place with empty mines. There were pieces of trash on the surroundings as overflow from the Ignored Valley.

Zhao Hai dug a simple cave in the valley and then returned to Zhang Feng. He was going to take the broken large artifacts to the Space and repair them.

Ever since knowing about Zhao Hai’s spatial ability, Zhang Feng was no longer interested in how large his spatial storage was.

Just like Zhao Hai said, his ability didn’t have any offensive means. There were only two things, one was a spatial tunnel that allowed him to go to any place he went to before. The other was a large spatial storage. Both of these weren’t very useful to Zhang Feng.

After Zhao Hai returned to the valley, he immediately entered the Space. Naturally, repairing the large artifacts wasn’t an issue. Zhao Hai was now focused on the Undead Transcending Tribulation Experts of the Wandering Soul Group. As soon as these Undead entered the Space, the aura of the Space immediately changed.

The faith power that the Transcending Tribulation Experts provided was equivalent to the faith power provided by several hundred Immortal Experts. Moreover, it wasn’t only faith power that they could provide. During battle, they can supply Zhao Hai’s large artifacts with their spiritual qi and faith power. This was equivalent to having Transcending Tribulation Experts control the large artifacts. This would make the large artifacts more powerful.

Besides consulting the Transcending Tribulation Undead, Zhao Hai also observed the movement of the Black Tiger Gang over the five days.

The Black Tiger Gang appeared very normal to the outside, but it was preparing for the battle with all of its strength. In the past few days, in addition to repairing the large artifacts, Zhao Hai also had another job. He would give reports to the Wandering Soul Group. This was to hide the fact that the Black Tiger Gang knew of their attack.

At first, Tie Zhantian was unaware of this. But after interrogating the Undead, he found out that Ma Feng and the Wandering Soul Group had made an agreement to send timely reports. If a report was late, then that would mean that something has gone wrong.

Moreover, this report needs a certain spiritual signature from a Transcending Tribulation Expert. If there was no signature, then the Wandering Soul Group wouldn’t believe it.

In this case, only Zhao Hai can send the reports. This was because only the Undead from the Wandering Soul Group could imprint these signatures.

Five days quickly went past. It was finally time for the Wandering Soul Group to attack. Two days ago, Zhao Hai gave the large artifacts to Zhang Feng. This caused Tie Zhantian to be relieved for a bit.

Tie Zhantian knew clearly well that this was an important time for the Black Tiger Gang. This time, the Black Tiger Gang would need to go all out. If they lose, then the sect would no doubt be uprooted. There was no other option, they needed to win. 

Although he was now in command of the Hu Faction and the entire sect, if he made a wrong decision then the Hu Faction would certainly kick him off his position. When that time comes, the Black Tiger Gang would be in more trouble.

Because of this, the pressure on Tie Zhantian was very big. He almost didn’t rest as he handled various tasks. He also made sure that there were no mistakes.

The disclosure of Zhao Hai’s identity didn’t attract too much attention due to the current situation. Compared to a war, an Outer Disciple being promoted to the Inner Sect was irrelevant.

Five days later, Zhao Hai stood behind Zhang Feng along with the rest of Zhang Feng’s subordinates. Beside Zhang Feng were several Nascent Soul Experts. Zhang Feng’s power was now concentrated on the treasure ship. In front of them was the Ma Clan’s garden.

The garden of the Ma Clan has been dismantled leaving only the transmission formation behind. The transmission formation could only send one large artifact at a time. Zhang Feng and the others were now waiting for these large artifacts to come out.

Time passed and it was 8:00 am. This was also the agreed time between Ma Feng and the Wandering Soul Group. And just on time, the transmission formation lit up before a huge shadow appeared on top of it.

The shadow on the transmission formation was the ghost-face ship of the Wandering Soul Group. As soon as the first ghost-face ship appeared, it flew up immediately, then the second ghost-face ship followed behind.

There was no delay between the appearance of the ghost-face ships. It seems like they were impatient to fly away from the transmission formation. Before long, ten ghost-face ships appeared over the Ma Clan’s garden. But at this time, the people of the Wandering Soul Group couldn’t help but stare at the surroundings.

The reason why these people were stunned was because they thought that there wasn’t any problem with the Ma Clan. Moreover, they passed through quickly because they were afraid that they would be detected by the Black Tiger Gang. They wanted to transport themselves as soon as possible and the push forward to attack the Black Tiger Gang.

However, they didn’t expect the Black Tiger Gang to be waiting for them. Therefore, upon seeing their surroundings, they found out that something was wrong. They wanted to warn the people behind them, but it was too late. Ten ghost-face ships had already entered the Black Tiger Gang.

When all of the ghost-face ships had arrived, the Ma Clan’s transmission formation exploded. After that, Hu Liangchen gave the order, “Kill them all!” 

Among all the large artifacts, Zhang Feng’s treasure ship was the fastest. Its acceleration was almost instant. Before long, the treasure ship clashed with the ghost-face ships.

Although the refining method of the ghost-face ships was special, these ghost-face ships were far from the original. It can be said that they weren’t on the same level. Upon clashing with the treasure ship, a huge hole appeared in the center of the ghost-face ship. The ghost-face ship then fell to the ground, it could no longer be used.


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