BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1718


Chapter 1718 – Battle of Transcending Tribulation Experts

Ma Feng paled at the sight of 20 large artifacts surrounding them. He knew several of these large artifacts since they belonged to the major families. Now, Ma Feng understood why Hu Liangchen brought his grandson with him. It wasn’t to make him a hostage but instead to find the transmission formation to the Wandering Soul Group and disable it. Moreover, they succeeded. The transmission formation connecting to the Wandering Soul Group has been disabled.

Thinking of this, Ma Feng’s heart couldn’t help but freeze. He thought that he had hidden the transmission formation well by putting it underneath the garden. Who would have thought that it would still be discovered and disabled. Now, the Ma Clan has no way to get reinforcements. They had lost their final advantage.

As the 20 large artifacts encircled the Ma Clan, powerful cultivators of the Black Tiger Gang began appearing behind them. This formed a watertight encirclement of the Ma Clan.

Ma Feng stood on top of the Ma Clan’s ghost-face ship as he looked at the people of the Black Tiger Gang slowly pressuring them. Then he loudly said, “Tie Zhantian, Hu Liangchen, if you have the courage, come out and talk to me.”

“Hahaha. Ma Feng, now that we have reached this point, what’s left to talk about? Alright, since you want to talk, I’ll let you say your final words.”

Along with this voice, a huge figure appeared on top of a black tiger ship, it was Tie Zhantian. Then he turned to another black tiger ship and said, “Patriarch Hu, since your name was also mentioned, why don’t you come out and hear his words.”

Hu Liangchen laughed and said, “Haha. Since the Gang Leader said so and since Patriarch Ma Feng seems sincere, I would naturally give face.” After that, Hu Liangchen appeared on top of his black tiger ship.

Seeing that both of them appeared, Ma Feng gritted his teeth and said, “Hu Liangchen, you’re despicable and shameless. You actually cooperated with Tie Zhantian to deal with me. To think that I trusted you, you’re a villain.”

Hu Liangchen looked at Ma Feng as he coldly snorted and said, “Villain? Ma Feng, don’t forget that you’re a traitor. Although our families have contradictions with the Gang Leader, we’re still people of the Black Tiger Gang. Our roots are in the sect. But you, you actually allied with the Wandering Soul Group. You’re leeching off the Black Tiger Gang to betray it in the end. Someone like you has no qualifications to judge other people. Killing you is no more than getting rid of a sect traitor.”

Upon hearing Hu Liangchen, Ma Feng couldn’t help but blare up in anger, “The Black Tiger Gang is at a dead end. Sooner or later, the sect will perish. Just wait, once the Wandering Soul Group arrives, you will die without a grave.”

“Hmph” Tie Zhantian coldly snorted and said, “Ma Feng, I remember that you were originally a Serving Disciple. Afterwards, the last Gang Leader saw that you had potential so he promoted you to the Outer Sect. Then with his help, you were able to smoothly enter the Inner Sect. After the last Gang Leader died and I took his position, I made some evaluations and thought that the sect hasn’t treated you badly. But now you want to kill the Black Tiger Gang. Traitors like you will be punished by the heavens sooner or later.”

Ma Feng didn’t care about Tie Zhantian’s words as he coldly snorted and replied, “Cultivators would clash with the heavens along their path. Who cares about what methods you use. Good people wouldn’t live long in the Great World of Cultivation. The Ma Clan can get big benefits in the Wandering Soul Group. So why shouldn’t we go over there?”

Tie Zhantian coldly snorted and said, “The Wandering Soul Group is no more than a stray dog that’s being chased by the super sects. How could they be better than the Black Tiger Gang? You’d rather go to them than stay in the Black Tiger Gang? What a joke.”

Ma Feng sneered and said, “Stay in the Black Tiger Gang? Don’t you see what the Black Tiger Gang is right now? You’re fighting against each other. Not only did the sect’s strength stagnate, it also decreased. Following a sect that is going to disappear is naturally unwise. I’ve schemed all I can, but I didn’t expect Hu Liangchen to be foolish enough to stay loyal to the sect.”

Tie Zhantian coldly snorted and said, “My Black Tiger Gang has been established for thousands of years. It has weathered through multiple storms. How could it collapse so easily? Ma Feng, you’ve talked enough. It’s time for you to die!”

Hu Liangchen looked at Ma Feng and said, “Are you still hoping for the Wandering Soul Group’s reinforcements? There’s no need to wait. All of your jade sword messages have been intercepted. The Wandering Soul Group has no idea that you’re being attacked.”

Tie Zhantian coldly ordered, “Kill them all. Eradicate the traitors to the sect!” Tie Zhantian moved as he threw a punch towards Ma Feng.

Although large artifacts are powerful, they weren’t necessarily effective against experts at the Nascent Soul Stage and above. These experts moved fast and were powerful. Large artifacts might not be slow, but they weren’t as agile as normal artifacts. It was just like a person who was being charged by a tank. They could just easily dodge to the side while the tank would have a hard time turning. They would have a hard time chasing the person.

A Nascent Soul Expert has the same relationship with the large artifacts. They were even more relaxed compared to the person who would dodge a tank. After all, Nascent Soul Experts had their own movement techniques. It was almost impossible for a large artifact to kill a Nascent Soul Expert.

If a large artifact found it difficult to deal with Nascent Soul Experts, then what about Transcending Tribulation Experts? Whether it be Tie Zhantian or Ma Feng, both were cultivators at the Transcending Tribulation Stage. In the Great World of Cultivation, they were among the top experts. These people can tear open large artifacts and kill the people inside. Using large artifacts against these experts was simply useless.

Therefore, to deal with Transcending Tribulation Experts, another Transcending Tribulation Expert would be needed. Zhao Hai hid in the Space as he watched the battle happening outside. He also wanted to see how Transcending Tribulation Experts fight.

As Tie Zhantian threw himself towards Ma Feng, a phantom of a tiger appeared behind him. Then Tie Zhantian punched out.

The tiger roared into the skies as it threw itself towards Ma Feng. The tiger’s moves were neither large nor small. Each of its movements seem to trigger the clouds. Moreover, each step it made had the strength of a mountain.

Seeing this, Ma Feng coldly snorted as a tornado appeared behind his body. As the tornado became faster and faster, the howling of ghosts could be heard from within. After that, the tornado vanished and a malicious ghost appeared.

The malicious ghost had fiendish features. It had eight arms that were as soft as an octopus’ tentacles. On each of its arms were claws that looked like an eagle’s talons.

Once the malicious ghost appeared, it immediately shrieked as its eight claws grasped towards Tie Zhantian. The moves of the two Transcending Tribulation Experts were immediately directed at taking the lives of the other.

Zhao Hai looked at the two experts with a serious expression. Although they had yet to truly clash, the aura that they let out was too much for him. It seems like even a single strike from them held terrifying force.

At this time, Tie Zhantian and Ma Feng’s moves connected. The tiger and the malicious ghost battled each other in mid-air.

It was also at this moment that the others made their moves. Although the Ma Clan also had experts, they were no match for Hu Liangchen and the others. In a short time, the Ma Clan were placed at a disadvantage.

Then suddenly, from the Ma Clan’s residence, an astonishing aura came out. This aura caused those on the battlefield to shake. The aura was too strong. It was the aura of Transcending Tribulation Experts.

Feeling this aura, Hu Liangchen’s expression changed. Then he angrily roared, “Good, Ma Clan. You actually hosted Wandering Soul Group experts in your house. Everyone, kill every person from the Ma Clan!”

And just like Hu Liangchen said, several Transcending Tribulation Experts came out from the Ma Clan’s residence. The ghost qi around their body was very dense. They didn’t look like they were from the Black Tiger Gang. Moreover, their aura was formidable. It was clear that they were more powerful than the average Transcending Tribulation Expert.

However, these experts were still blocked by the Black Tiger Gang’s own experts. And more experts from the Black Tiger Gang joined the battle.

Looking at this situation, Tie Zhantian coldly snorted at Ma Feng as he said, “Ma Feng, you’re a dog of the Wandering Soul Group. You will die today! Mountain Tiger’s Fist!”

The fist technique that Tie Zhantian used wasn’t a particularly profound technique of the Black Tiger Gang. In fact, it was one of the basic techniques of the sect, the Black Tiger Divine Fist. Almost all disciples of the sect knew this technique. However, people who took it to the utmost pinnacle were very few.

Tie Zhantian’s black tiger divine fist has reached the realm of simplicity and returning to the truth. Every move he made and every gesture he showed were all in line with the fist technique. The mountain tiger’s first held the power of a black tiger god’s killing strike.

As Tie Zhantian released his fist, the tiger behind him pounced forward. The tiger’s action was simple and looked like it could be easily dodged. However, the target would soon find out that all of their escape routes had been blocked. They could only stand in place and take the attack.

Ma Feng had the same feeling. He felt that Tie Zhantian’s fist had blocked his escape routes. Now, he could only meet Tie Zhantian’s attack head-on. To be honest, this way of fighting was disadvantageous to him. Tie Zhantian was a body cultivator, so going head-to-head against him wasn’t a wise choice. However, Ma Feng had no other option than to do that.

Ma Feng also knew that it wouldn’t be good for him if he doesn’t go all out. Tie Zhantian was much stronger than he imagined. He thought that Tie Zhantian’s scuffle against the major families over these years has affected his cultivation. Who would have thought that Tie Zhantian’s strength was still formidable.

However, Ma Feng wouldn’t just admit defeat. His eyes turned ruthless as he called out, “Eight Demon Claws!”

Ma Feng’s malicious ghost roared as its claws grasped towards Tie Zhantian’s tiger. The two avatars immediately clashed.

While pouncing, the tiger swung its right paw towards the malicious ghost while also biting its head.

Although it might seem like the tiger and ghost were intensely fighting, the real situation was different. Tie Zhantian had completely suppressed Tie Zhantian. His fist was locked on to Ma Feng’s body and soon it hit.

Like what Ma Feng thought, fighting a body cultivator head-on wasn’t a good idea. Although he had been clashing with Tie Zhantian, he never allowed the other side to get close to him. He had always kept a distance while entangling Tie Zhantian. And because the malicious ghost wasn’t weak, Tie Zhantian didn’t risk going close to attack.

However, when the experts from the Wandering Soul Group appeared, Tie Zhantian was truly enraged. He didn’t think that the Ma Clan and the Wandering Soul Group would make such arrangements. If Hu Liangchen really defected, then the Black Tiger Gang would be in real danger.

Because of this, Tie Zhantian decided to use his killing strike, the mountain tiger’s fist. This was a killing move of the black tiger divine fists. Its power lies in the fist intent to show the might of a mountain tiger’s overbearing roar. One roar to silence all the beasts in the mountain. It was a tyrannical fist technique.

When a tiger attacks, it would pounce and kill their prey in one move. Then they would break their target’s bones. This aggression would cause others to be terrified.

Although Ma Feng’s malicious ghost was also strong, it was still a ghost in the end. It wouldn’t be able to go head-to-head with Tie Zhantian’s tiger. If the ghost really clashed with the tiger, then it would no doubt be destroyed.

Moreover, Tie Zhantian’s fist technique belonged to the yang-type techniques. Because of this, the malicious ghost was completely suppressed. This caused Ma Feng to have troubles facing Tie Zhantian. Once his defenses were broken, Tie Zhantian’s attack went straight to his chest.

The sound of bone breaking was heard, then Ma Feng vomited blood. One could even see bits of his internal organs in the blood that he spat out. Ma Feng knew that he wouldn’t be able to live for long. But since Transcending Tribulation Experts have a formidable life force, he would be able to live for some time. His two eyes turned red as he looked at Tie Zhantan. Then he gripped Tie Zhantian’s fist and attacked his head.

This blow carried all of Ma Feng’s strength. If hit by this blow, even Tie Zhantian wouldn’t escape death.

Tie Zhantian also understood what Ma Feng was trying to do. He already met this situation more than once in his life. Tie Zhantian coldly snorted as his fist vibrated and separated from Ma Feng’s grip. At the same time, his body revolved causing Ma Feng’s attack to hit the air.

After he rotated, Tie Zhantian attacked the back of Ma Feng’s head. Ma Feng vomited blood once more before he fell down. It was impossible for him to survive this attack.


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