BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1717


Chapter 1717 – Attack Starts

A day passed by in a blink of an eye. For cultivators, one day was too short. However, Zhang Feng and the others felt that the day was very long. This was because after the day passed, they would attack the Ma Clan.

Zhang Feng sat in the treasure ship opposite Zhao Hai, Zhang Hao, and Hao Xing. Tie Ying and the others had been transferred back by Tie Zhantian. Therefore, Zhang Feng could only talk with Zhao Hai and the others.

Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, are you really confident? You should know how important the transmission formation is. If the Ma Clan has reinforcements from the Wandering Soul Group, you would be in trouble.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Senior Brother, don’t worry. I guarantee that it will succeed. Right, Senior Brother, I have good news. Do you want to hear it?”

Zhang Feng stared, then he laughed and said, “You kid, you want to play a guessing game with me? Alright, tell me what it is. If it’s underwhelming news, I wouldn’t let you off.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Of course it’s very good news. The ghost face ship we acquired last time has been remade. It’s ready for battle. Is that enough good news?”

Zhang Feng stared, then his eyes lit up as he said, “Really? The ghost-face ship can fight now? Good, good. Let me take a look.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Let’s go to the Ignored Valley. Since nobody would go there, nobody would discover it.” Zhang Feng and the others nodded. Then they stood on the transmission formation to go to the Ignored Valley.

When they arrived at the Ignored Valley, Zhang Feng didn’t see the ghost-face ship. However, he felt that the garbage in the valley seemed to be higher.

Seeing Zhang Feng and the others looking around, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Senior Brother, don’t look around. It’s here.” After he said that, Zhao Hai whistled. Then Zhang Feng saw a huge mouse that he never saw before. Then more mice came out and rushed to the heap of garbage. Then the large pile of trash began to be moved away.

Before long, the whole garbage heap disappeared. Zhang Feng and the others were stunned at the scene happening in front of them.

Zhao Hai looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, these are Goldeater Mice that have been occupying the Ignored Valley for a long time. They’re very intelligent. Fortunately, they’re easy to reason with and we have been living without conflict. Afterwards, I used methods to subdue their leader. Now they follow me.

Zhang Feng nodded, he looked at the mice and said, “So they’re Goldeater Mice. There are so many of them. However, they are too low-level. It would take a long time to make them useful in battles. Making them deal with the trash here is good.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Senior Brother, there’s the ghost face ship. I didn’t expect the ship to be so beautiful inside.”

Zhang Feng laughed and said, “Really? Then let me take a look.” After he said that, they entered the ghost-face ship.

Zhao Hai didn’t make too many modifications to the ghost-face ship. This was because he discovered that the ship couldn’t just be changed on a whim. Each wall, each floor, each ceiling of the ship was like a body part. Each room was a meridian that was linked to the entire ship. Changing it would change the entire flow of energy of the ship. This was something that the treasure ship didn’t have.

The reason the treasure ship was able to fight with the ghost-face ship to a draw was because the ghost-face ship has been modified by the Wandering Soul Group. This broke the ship’s ‘meridians’, causing the energy flow to be disrupted.

Upon asking the Wandering Soul Group cultivators, Zhao Hai understood why. It turns out that the Wandering Soul Group had lost a lot of important information when they migrated. These information were crucial to the sect and some of it were about the ghost-face ship. Therefore, the Wandering Soul Group didn’t know that the ghost-face ship couldn’t be modified. Because of this, the current ghost-face ships were much weaker compared to the original.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t reveal this information to Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng hadn’t seen the ghost-face ship before, so he didn’t know what to compare.

After the group entered the ghost-face ship, they saw that its interior design was inferior to the treasure ship. However, it was still very good. Zhang Feng happily looked around. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you’ve made another great contribution. I plan to give this ghost-face ship to Senior Brother Tie Ying.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He understood that Zhang Feng wanted to win Tie Ying over. But at the same time, Tie Ying was someone worth having on your own side. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t oppose it.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Senior Brother, I think we should keep the ghost-face ship here first. Have Senior Brother Tie Ying come here and familiarize himself with the ship. Then we’ll use it to deal with the Ma Clan tomorrow.”

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “You stay here. I’ll go get Senior Brother.” Zhao Hai nodded. Then Zhang Feng turned around and left.

Before long, Zhang Feng returned with Tie Ying. Tie Ying looked excitedly at the ghost-face ship. He let out a long breath as he laughed and said, “This Tie Ying also has his own large artifact.”

One couldn’t blame Tie Ying for being excited. Although he was Tie Zhantian’s first disciple, he was still barred from being one of the top ten core disciples. Tie Zhantian knew that Tie Ying was very strong, so to console him, he told Tie Ying that with his strength it wouldn’t matter if he was a top ten core disciple or not. He should just leave the position to his juniors.

Tie Ying was a filial person, so he naturally complied. However, he wasn’t truly happy in his heart. Seeing his juniors getting their own large artifacts, he couldn’t help but be envious. But he didn’t expect that he would get one for himself.

When Tie Ying became familiar with the ghost-face ship, a day had passed. Zhang Feng and the others arrived at Tie Zhantian’s study. Tie Zhantian looked at them and said, “It’s time. Li Lin, make your preparations. We’ll give you five minutes and then we’ll attack. Is that enough time?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s enough. In fact, five minutes is too long, it should be one minute. Once I destroy the formation, you should attack immediately. I can’t stop the Ma Clan’s attack for five minutes.”

Tie Zhantian nodded and said, “Good. It’s 8:30 right now. At exactly 9:00, we’ll attack.” Everyone nodded. Zhao Hai found a place to meditate in. Others saw it as Zhao Hai adjusting his breath, but in fact he was monitoring the Ma Clan.

The Ma Clan hadn’t realized that a disaster was coming for them. Besides some weak members, the Ma Clan’s members would be outside of the clan taking care of matters. Meanwhile, the clan’s disciples would stay on the Black Tiger Gang to cultivate.

Because there were no trials or competitions lately, most of the Ma Clan’s disciples were in the headquarters. Some were practicing with their artifacts, while some were cultivating in seclusion.

One of the top ten core disciples belonged to the Ma Clan. But because of the current circumstances, he returned to the Ma Clan. Naturally, his subordinates also followed him back. The power of the clan was currently concentrated on their headquarters.

The Ma Clan did so in order to greet the people from the Wandering Soul Group. They were preparing to attack the Black Tiger Gang. But little did they know, Tie Zhantian and the others were one step ahead of them. Their clan was about to be wiped out.

Time passed and in a blink of an eye it was 9:00. Zhao Hai stood up, then he looked at Tie Zhantian and said, “Gang Leader, I’m going.” Tie Zhantian gave a nod.

Without delay, Zhao Hai disappeared from the room. Tie Zhantian immediately ordered, “Inform the clans, begin the attack!” With Tie Zhantian’s orders, 20 large artifacts flew up, 18 of them were Black Tiger Ships, one was Zhang Feng’s treasure ship, and the last was a ghost-face ship.

The Ma Clan had a lot of spies in the Black Tiger Gang. Naturally, they discovered that something was wrong. They immediately sent jade sword messages to inform the Ma Clan. But at this moment, an explosion occurred in the Ma Clan’s headquarters. All of their transmission formations had been destroyed.

The Ma Clan didn’t even see anyone approaching their transmission formations. Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t really send Undead to attack the Ma Clan. The transmission formations were destroyed by the Space. For Zhao Hai, destroying the transmission formations was just too easy.

Zhao Hai not only destroyed the transmission formations, he also intercepted the jade sword messages that were going into the headquarters. The Ma Clan had been completely cut off. They were now both deaf and blind to the outside.

However, the Ma Clan still felt that something was wrong. After all, their transmission formations had been destroyed. If they still felt that it was normal, then they weren’t qualified to be called a clan.




Alarms blared out in the Ma Clan, causing the experts of the clan to fly into the air. Naturally, they were able to spot the approaching large artifacts. It was at this time that they knew that trouble was coming.

The two large artifacts immediately flew out from the Ma Clan. One was a tiger ship that was bestowed to the top ten core disciples, while the other was a ghost-face ship.

The ghost-face ship was sent to the Ma Clan in preparation to deal with the Tie Zhantian. The Ma Clan didn’t expect that it would be Tie Zhantian who would make the first move. Because of this, they were forced to use their secret weapon.


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