BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1716


Chapter 1716 – Hand Over

Hu Liangchen has a special identity, especially in the Black Tiger Gang. Even if some people don’t know what Tie Zhantian looked like, they would definitely recognize Hu Liangchen. 

Hu Liangchen followed the Ma Clan member along with Zhao Hai. Just as the group walked a few steps, Ma Feng arrived to welcome them.

The three of them soon arrived in a study. When the three settled down, Hu Liangchen turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Flower, go and take a look around the Ma Clan.” Then he turned to Ma Feng and said, “This is my eldest grandson. I brought him to see our allies. Please don’t take offense, Brother Ma.”

Ma Feng laughed and said, “Brother Hu, there’s no need to be polite. So this is your grandson. I haven’t met him before. I’ll immediately have people lead him around the clan.”

Hu Liangchen laughed and said, “Then I’ll have to thank Brother Ma.”

Zhao Hai bowed towards Ma Feng and said, “Thank you, Patriarch Ma. Grandpa, I’ll be going.” Hu Liangchen nodded and waved his hand. After Zhao Hai went out, Ma Feng immediately called a Ma Clan member to show him around. Meanwhile, Hu Liangchen stayed behind.

After Zhao Hai left, Hu Liangchen turned to Ma Feng and said, “We went to see Tie Zhantian to see his attitude. It seems like we need to make early preparations. I brought Little Flower over because I hope that he can stay with you for a while, Brother Ma. Meanwhile, I need you to prepare.”

Hearing Hu Liangchen, Ma Feng immediately understood. In his mind, Hu Liangchen was afraid that the Hu Clan would be attacked. Therefore, he decided to keep his grandson safe. At the same time, this grandson would also be a point of connection towards the Ma Clan and the Wandering Soul Group.

Ma Feng immediately said, “Brother Hu, the situation hasn’t reached that point yet. Once the army of the Wandering Soul Group arrives, Tie Zhantian wouldn’t be a problem anymore. It’s better to stay low for a while.”

Hu Liangchen nodded and said, “I’m afraid Tie Zhantian already has his suspicions. Brother, you shouldn’t make too many actions in the next few days. If you let him discover anything and he makes a move in advance, it would be troublesome for us. If that happens, even if we go under the Wandering Soul Group, we wouldn’t be able to get ourselves a good position.”

Ma Feng nodded. He also understood the situation. Although the Ma Clan was established with the support of the Wandering Soul Group, the reason for this was to deal with the Black Tiger Gang. If the clan’s strength is greatly damaged, the Wandering Soul Group would no longer support it. If a dog is old and weak, it would be killed by the hunters to use as meat.

Therefore, Ma Feng approved Hu Liangchen’s approach of saving their strength. So he nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll pay attention.”

Hu Liangchen looked at Ma Feng and added, “We must make little contact from now on. We need to be low-key. I’ll keep Little Flower in the Ma Clan as a point of contact.”

But Ma Feng actually has his own plans. He wanted to get in touch with the Wandering Soul Group. If Hu Liangchen’s grandson is present, that plan wouldn’t be convenient.

Because of this, he shook his head and said, “Brother, I understand your plan. However, there’s no need to be that careful. As soon as you want to act, you can send me a jade sword message. I will certainly coordinate with you with all I have.”

When he heard Ma Feng, Hu Liangchen pretended to have a grateful expression as he said, “Brother, if you say that, then there’s no need for me to say anything more. If anything happens in the future, make sure to get in contact with me. We must advance and retreat together. Only in this way can we get the most out of this situation.”

Ma Feng nodded. Hu Liangchen then said, “Alright, Brother Ma. I won’t remain here for long. I’ll head back. Staying here for too long might attract Tie Zhantian’s attention. If anything happens, I will notify you immediately.”

Ma Feng nodded. Then he looked at his subordinate and said, “Someone go invite the Hu Clan’s Young Master back.”

The servant immediately complied. Before long, Zhao Hai and the Ma Clan member returned to the study. Hu Liangchen looked at Zhao Hai and said, “How is it? The Ma Clan’s garden is famous in the Black Tiger Gang.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “With the nine palace as a base, and the eight trigrams as a support, it is indeed an extraordinary formation. I feel lucky being able to see it with my eyes.”

Hu Liangchen laughed and said, “You kid. Whenever you see formations, you immediately become obsessed with it.”

Ma Feng also laughed and said, “Little Flower really has great talent. To be able to see the formation of our garden, it only takes a genius to do that. If I get a grandson with the same talent, I would be satisfied.”

Hu Liangchen smiled and said, “Brother Ma, there’s no need to flatter this little kid. I’m going. I’ll inform you if anything happens.” Ma Feng nodded and then delivered the two to the transmission formation. 

When Hu Liangchen and Zhao Hai left, a person beside Ma Feng turned to him and asked, “Patriarch, what did that old fox want by coming over?”

Ma Feng sneered and said, “He must have slapped Tie Zhantian’s face and found that they have no chance of getting along with the Black Tiger Gang. Knowing that our Ma Clan is close to the Wandering Soul Group, they want to rely on us. He even plans to send his grandson as a hostage. Hmph. I can help him, but he would owe the Ma Clan a favor. In the future, our Ma Clan will become a major family in the Wandering Soul Group. As for the families from the Black Tiger Gang, they will be suppressed.”

Ma Feng turned his head to the person on his side and said, “Second Brother, how many days would it take for the people from the Wandering Soul Group to arrive?”

Ma Feng’s Second Brother replied, “It would take them five days. The transmission formation is already prepared. Nobody would expect that our garden is a giant transmission formation.”

Ma Feng nodded, then he stood up and said, “Did Hu Liangchen’s grandson find anything?”

Ma Feng’s Second Brother smiled and said, “Absolutely not. The formation is underground. Even if that kid is proficient in formations, our formation is hidden by other formations. He wouldn’t expect to see a transmission formation there.”

Ma Feng nodded, “That’s good. Before the Wandering Soul Group arrives, we cannot let anybody discover the formation. Even Hu Liangchen and the others cannot know.”

Ma Feng’s Second Brother nodded. Ma Feng added, “The development of the Ma Clan depends on what happens next.”


Hu Liangchen took Zhao Hai back to the Hu Clan. Then Zhao Hai immediately changed back to Li Lin. Hu Liangchen looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Li Lin, how is it? Did you figure it out?” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I see it. Patriarch Hu doesn’t need to worry.”

Hu Liangchen nodded and said, “Let’s go and see Gang Leader Tie.”

Zhao Hai nodded as the two people went to the transmission formation and returned to Tie Zhantian’s study. The Patriarchs have already returned to their own families. Only Tie Zhantian, Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng, and Hu Liangchen were present.

Tie Zhantian looked at Zhao Hai and said, “How is it?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and siad, “There’s absolutely no problem. I didn’t expect the Ma Clan’s resolve to be huge. Underneath their garden is a huge transmission formation. The size is enough to transport a large artifact. It seems like the Wandering Soul Group would bring large artifacts when they attack us.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian and the others were stunned. Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you sure? Are there transmission formations anywhere else?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I’m sure, it’s definitely not wrong. But I also think that they need a few days to prepare. We have to deal with them as soon as possible. There are a lot of people watching their transmission formation. If we want to destroy their transmission formation, we need to do it right before we make a move. So even if they want to repair it, it wouldn’t be easy. I will be personally responsible for the large transmission formation. As for the other transmission formations, I can send Undead to destroy them.”

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll leave the transmission formations to you. You need to make sure that they remain unusable.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Senior Brother can rest assured.”

Tie Zhantian turned his head to Zhang Feng and said, “Little Feng, can Li Lin really do it?”

Zhang Feng smiled faintly and said, “Since Li Lin says so, then he can do it. He won’t lie. Martial Uncle can rest assured.”

Tie Zhantian looked at Zhao Hai and couldn’t understand why Zhang Feng would trust him. But he didn’t ask. He didn’t know Zhao Hai, but Zhang Feng knew him very well. Since Zhang Feng was confident, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Hu Liangchen couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai in surprise. He didn’t expect Zhang Feng to give such a high appraisal towards Zhao Hai. He decided to engrave Zhao Hai’s appearance in his mind.

Tie Zhantian looked at Hu Liangchen and said, “We’ll act tomorrow. We need to eradicate the tumor that is the Ma Clan. Cut the claw that the Wandering Soul Group extended towards the sect.”

Hu Liangchen nodded, “Keeping the Ma Clan is only inviting disaster. We still don’t know how the Wandering Soul Group colluded with the Ma Clan.”

Zhang Feng smiled faintly and said, “That’s easy. Just kill the people from the Ma Clan and give them to me. When the time comes, we’ll give the Wandering Soul Group a surprise.”

Tie Zhantian and Hu Liangchen looked at Zhang Feng in confusion. Zhang Feng smiled faintly and said, “I have a method to make the Ma Clan’s dead people say the truth. When the time comes, we can have Li Lin replace the Ma Clan member and deceive the Wandering Soul Group. As those guys are tricked, we’ll be waiting here and give them a hard beating.”


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