BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1714


Chapter 1714 – Doubt

Hu Liangchen looked at everyone and said, “Although Tie Zhantian is a problem for us, he still cares for the sect’s development. As long as we make concessions, he wouldn’t hesitate to agree.”

The patriarchs agreed. Hu Liangchen continued, “Everyone, we will discuss with Tie Zhantian tomorrow. I hope you can put the benefits of your families behind. For the sake of the Black Tiger Gang, we’ll get through this difficult time together.” Everyone nodded simultaneously.

Cultivators knew how to scheme, but at the same time, they also knew how to be firm. The passion in their heart is what drives them to continue on their path. With this passion, they would dare fight even against the heavens.

Although the families had been in conflict with Tie Zhantian for many years, they still regarded themselves as members of the Black Tiger Gang. Now that the sect was going through a difficult time, they would naturally stand by it.


Every two days, Tie Zhantian would be inside his study dealing with the Black Tiger Gang’s matters. He also received faint rumors about the Wandering Soul Group. He began paying attention to them after Zhang Feng’s attack. It was because of this that he started thinking of plans to deal with the Wandering Soul Group.

As Tie Zhantian was working, a voice was heard from outside, “Gang Leader, the Hu Clan’s Patriarch, as well as the other Patriarchs has come to seek an audience.”

Hearing this, Tie Zhantian couldn’t help but stare. Then his complexion changed as he said, “Invite them over.”

Tie Zhantian cleaned his table as he waited for Hu Liangchen and the others to arrive. Before long, Hu Liangchen’s group entered the study. They gave Tie Zhantian a salute which Tie Zhantian returned. The two sides usually met like this, so there’s nothing special about it.

After the group had sat down, Tie Zhantian opened his mouth and said, “May I know why the Patriarchs came to see me today?”

Hu Liangchen looked at Tie Zhantian and said, “Does the gang leader know that the Wandering Soul Group is going to attack the Black Tiger Gang?”

Tie Zhantian stared as he looked at Hu Liangchen. He didn’t know why Hu Liangchen would mention this. He didn’t reply for some time, but he had a doubtful look towards Hu Liangchen and the others. He didn’t know what they were planning to do. He thought that they had a scheme going on.

Tie Zhantian replied, “I have received information, but it has yet to be confirmed.”

Hu Liangchen looked at Tie Zhantian and said, “The Gang Leader doesn’t need to investigate more. I can tell you that the news is accurate. The Wandering Soul Group will attack us in the future.”

Tie Zhantian stared, he didn’t know why Hu Liangchen would tell him this. Seeing Tie Zhantian’s puzzled expression, Hu Liangchen said, “Gang Leader, we’re here today to negotiate with you.”

Tie Zhantian looked at Hu Liangchen in confusion. He didn’t understand what Hu Liangchen wanted to do. Hu Liangchen looked at Tie Zhantian and continued, “Gang Leader, in the past, we fought against you and struggled to get benefits. However, all of that is the internal matter of the Black Tiger Gang. But now, the Wandering Soul Group dared to intervene. They even want to destroy the Black Tiger Gang. This is something we cannot agree to. So today, on behalf of the major families, we’re here to discuss with you. As long as you agree to our conditions, we will fully cooperate with you and deal with the Wandering Soul Group.”

After he said that, Hu Liangchen took out a jade slip and handed it to Tie Zhantian. Tie Zhantian received the jade slip with a stern expression. He expects Hu Liangchen to present outrageous conditions. However, this is also an opportunity for the Black Tiger gang to unite.

Upon receiving the jade slip and reading its contents, Tie Zhantian was stunned. He thought that he might have misread so he read the contents once more. But after confirming the contents, he looked at Hu Liangchen with a shocked expression.

Seeing Tie Zhantian’s shocked appearance, Hu Liangchen felt happy for some unknown reason. Making Tie Zhantian shocked caused him to feel accomplishment.

Hu Liangchen kept calm as he said, “I know that the Gang Leader wanted to settle things in a straightforward manner, so I won’t be polite. The things written on the jade slip is our bottom line. There’s no room for negotiation.”

Tie Zhantian took a deep breath to calm his mood. He looked at Hu Liangchen and said, “If these are your conditions, then I accept.”

Hu Liangchen looked at Tie Zhantian and said, “If the Gang Leader agrees, then there’s nothing else to talk about. Please tell us your instructions.”

Tie Zhantian took a deep breath before saying, “We need to do a few things. First, settle the conditions that you presented. Second, purge the sect of all those who are determined to follow the Wandering Soul Group. Third, the experts of the major families should return to the gang’s unified command. The patriarchs of the families can form their own battle group and command them with me. But during wartime, if I give an order, you cannot disobey it.”

Hu Liangchen nodded and said, “Gang Leader can rest assured. We’re also from the Black Tiger Gang. Now that the sect is at a critical point, we know what to do.”

Tie Zhantian stood up and bowed towards Hu Liangchen and the others and said, “I, Tie Zhantian, am here to thank you all. I’m glad that everyone can stand together at this time to share the difficulties of the Black Tiger Gang. With that said, after this difficulty, I hope that you can still support me in leading the Black Tiger Gang to dominate the entire Northern Divergent Province, dominate the Great World of Cultivation!”

Hu Liangchen smiled faintly and said, “Gang Leader is too polite. Because of internal strife, the Black Tiger Gang hasn’t been fighting outside. It’s time to let other people know how fierce the Black Tiger Gang is.”

Tie Zhantian nodded and said, “We’ll begin with the Wandering Soul Group. But after we fight with them, I’m afraid the Roaring Flame Sect would also take action. Therefore, we should not only be on guard against the Wandering Soul Group, but also the Roaring Flame Sect as well. You guys should return to your families right now and purge the spies of the two sects. Even if you can’t clean them all up, at least they can no longer send messages as easily.”

Hu Liangchen nodded and said, “Rest assured, Gang Leader, we know what to do. I also have something to tell you about the Ma Clan. They had been rising up quickly in the past few years. At first I thought it was you who supported them. But later on, I found out that they have the Wandering Soul Group behind them. When we said that we’re going to meet you, the Ma Patriarch responded negatively. He wanted us to join the Wandering Soul Group instead. I stalled him for two days. I think it’s better for us to destroy them as soon as we can. Otherwise, they might cause trouble when we fight the Wandering Soul Group.”

Tie Zhantian nodded, “I’m also aware of the Ma Clan’s matter. The Wandering Soul Group is indeed behind them. In fact, several of their elders are members of the Wandering Soul Group. Their headquarters also has a direct transmission formation to the Wandering Soul Group. If we want to deal with them, we’ll have to take care of that transmission formation. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to wipe them all out.”

Hearing Tie Zhantian, Hu Liangchen’s heart couldn’t help but shake. He wasn’t aware that the Ma Clan had direct access to the Wandering Soul Group’s transmission formation. It seems like he underestimated the Gang Leader.

Hu Liangchen knit his brows and said, “This is hard to deal with. The Ma Clan’s transmission formation will be hidden well. I’m afraid it would be difficult for us to find it.”

Tie Zhantian thought about it before he said, “Let me try to think of a solution. Give me a minute.” After he said that, he took out a jade sword message and sent it out.


Zhang Feng was currently working on the treasure ship that was parked on Phoenix Cry Peak. The mountain had a lot of matters to take care of. Moreover, Zhang Feng also got wind of the news that the Wandering Soul Group was going to attack. Therefore, he was very guarded towards any information regarding the Wandering Soul Group.

Upon receiving the jade sword message and reading its contents, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but stare. Then his expression changed. This was because Tie Zhantian’s message told him that he had reconciled with the major families.

Upon reading the jade sword message, the first thought that entered Zhang Feng’s mind was that Tie Zhantian had been kidnapped by the Hu Faction. However, he quickly changed his mind. Tie Zhantian was very careful when it came to the Hu Faction. Additionally, Tie Zhantian was very strong. The Hu Faction cannot capture him in a day or two. And if the Hu Faction had the ability to kidnap Tie Zhantian, then they wouldn’t have waited until now.

However, what’s the deal with the jade sword message? Is Tie Zhantian really fine? If he is, why would he send a jade sword message?

Thinking that it was strange, Zhang Feng immediately called Tie Ying and the others over. Then he handed the jade sword message to them. After reading the message, Tie Ying and the others couldn’t help but be stunned. Tie Ying stood up and said, “Something’s wrong. Master has been forced to send this jade sword message. I’m sure of it. We need to rescue Master!”

Tie Yi frowned and said, “First Brother, don’t act on impulse. Nobody in the Hu Faction can force Master to send out a jade sword message. However, it is indeed strange.”

Zhang Feng said, “The most important thing right now is to confirm the message and see if Martial Uncle is safe. If Martial Uncle is safe, then that’s good. Wait a minute, I’ll go and see if Martial Uncle is alright. If something is indeed wrong, then we’ll have to draft a plan.”


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