BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1706


Chapter 1706 – Controlling The Nascent Soul Experts

Zhang Feng sat in his office as he looked awkwardly at Zhao Hai. They had already returned to Phoenix Cry Peak. Tie Ying and the others have left while the Nascent Soul Experts of the Wandering Soul Gang remain inside the treasure ship. Zhang Feng prepared a restricted area for them, preventing other people from approaching them.

Fortunately, cultivators were talented when it comes to patience. The Wandering Soul Gang’s Nascent Soul Experts were also used to life of seclusion. Naturally, they wouldn’t mind being hidden from other people.

Zhang Feng embarrassingly looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I’m really embarrassed. I took in so much work for you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “First Senior Brother is too polite. It’s part of my job. I’ll head back and do some preparations. I’ll take care of those things as soon as possible.”

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “Then you go. I reckon the new subspace will be settled soon. You need to go when the time comes. You don’t need to worry if you don’t finish the requests.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Senior Brother can rest assured. You don’t need to worry about this. It wouldn’t take long. Also, Senior Brother needs to settle the Wandering Soul Group’s experts as soon as possible.”

Zhang Feng gave a nod, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of them. I didn’t expect that I would acquire five Nascent Soul Experts this easily. Actually, I didn’t think that they would surrender.” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Those Nascent Soul Experts are also people. They still have a lot of things they want to do, which is why it was so easy to win them over. Alright, Senior Brother, I’ll be in the Ignored Valley in the following days.”

Zhang Feng nodded, “Alright, you can go. I will make sure that you go undisturbed.”

Zhao Hai gave Zhang Feng a salute before he turned around and left. When he returned to the treasure ship, his body disappeared and entered the Space.

Zhao Hai left the materials for Cai’er to manage. Meanwhile, he sat in the living room and looked at the monitor. Seen through the screen were the Wandering Soul Group’s Nascent Soul Experts.

Laura sat beside Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, what’s the matter? Do you have any plans regarding those experts that Zhang Feng captured?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Of course I do. Those are Nascent Soul Experts. If I subdue them, it would be very good for us. Also, think about the faith power they could provide. I’m certain it’s not little.”

Laura and the others smiled. They all knew what kind of person Zhao Hai was. He was certainly not a saint. Seeing these captured Nascent Soul Experts, it was natural for him to be greedy.

As Zhao Hai and the others were talking, Zhang Feng already went to Tie Zhantian. He told Tie Zhantian about everything that happened in the Life and Death Arena. Hearing Zhang Feng’s story, Tie Zhantian couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t really expect such major events happening in the life and death arena. There was the new subspace, the battle against the Wandering Soul Group, the subjugation of Nascent Soul Experts and the capture of a ghost-face ship. He didn’t think so many things would happen in such a short amount of time. 

After Zhang Feng finished speaking, Tie Zhantian looked at Zhang Feng and said, “This matter needs to be handled well. Not only can this increase the prestige of the Black Tiger Gang, we can also use this to gain more power. I’ll let your Senior Brothers stay at your place to help you. Snort. Those Hu Clan goons think that they can suppress your Senior Brothers by disallowing them from the top ten core disciple positions. I want them to raise their heads and be above the rest.”

Zhang Feng understood Tie Zhantian’s lament. Needless to say, being the Gang Leader, Tie Zhantian couldn’t be impartial towards his disciples. He can’t provide his disciples good backing. This was truly unreasonable. That’s why he saw an opportunity when he heard about Zhang Feng’s incident.

Naturally, Zhang Feng had no problems with this. Tie Ying and the others were clearly very strong. If they help him, it would be a great benefit for Zhang Feng that came with almost no cost. He naturally wouldn’t decline.

In the next few days, news about Zhang Feng obtaining a slot in the new subspace has spread. The news caused a wave of discussion in the Black Tiger Gang.

Everyone knew exactly how useful the new subspace would be to the Black Tiger Gang. It was also a mid-level foreign trial, which would greatly benefit any sect. With how important this was, Zhang Feng’s contributions naturally stunned people.

Tie Zhantian took this opportunity to attack. He gave Zhang Feng the power to expand his mountain base. This effect can be both big and small. Expanding your mountain base meant that your power would grow stronger and you could recruit more people.

A small effect because if you recruit just two people, that could also be treated as expansion. The size of expansion mainly depended on how capable you are. If you have resources, then you would recruit talents. If you’re poor, then who would go to you? The cultivators who wanted to join your base naturally hope to get more materials than what the sect offers. If you don’t have resources, then why would these people come to you?

This was especially apparent in Zhang Feng’s Phoenix Cry Peak. If Zhang Feng wanted to increase his power, then it was useless if he were to recruit outer disciples.

Ten Outer Disciples couldn’t compare to one Inner Disciple. Ten Inner Disciples couldn’t compare to one Core Disciple. Therefore, whether a mountain base will be powerful or not depended on the amount of experts it had.

In the beginning, the Hu Faction didn’t think too much about Zhang Feng’s expansion. But after seeing the effects, they were in for a surprise.

Just as Zhang Feng got the power to expand his mountain base, Tie Zhantian sent his disciples over. This caused Zhang Feng’s mountain base to have seven more Nascent Soul Experts. This skyrocketed the mountain base’s strength to the top of the Black Tiger Gang, even higher than the mountain bases of the top ten core disciples.

Moreover, Zhang Feng began a mass recruitment of Inner and Outer Disciples. The people he recruited were almost limitless. This frightened the Hu Faction. They weren’t afraid of Zhang Feng’s mass recruitment, instead they were afraid of how Zhang Feng was able to expand this aggressively. They knew that it was impossible for Zhang Feng to catch up to their numerous years of accumulation.

What they were afraid of were Zhang Feng’s financial might. Expansion needed money. Zhang Feng spent a lot of resources in order to entice people over. This caused the Hu Faction to feel suspicious.

Originally, the Hu Faction thought that Tie Zhantian gave Zhang Feng money. Therefore, they immediately convened an assembly to check the finances of the Black Tiger Gang. Their main target was Tie Zhantian. They wanted to check whether Tie Zhantian diverted sect funds or not.

However, this action blew up on their faces. They didn’t expect Tie Zhantian’s hands to be completely clean. The Black Tiger Gang’s funds weren’t touched.

The move made by the Hu Clan gave Tie Zhantian an opportunity. He declared that the finances of the Black Tiger Gang needed to be open all the time. Income and expenditures needed to be clearly stated. Moreover, detailed bookkeeping needed to be done every month, informing every member of the Black Tiger Gang about the sect’s finances. 

Tie Zhantian’s move caused the various families to lose a lot. In the past, these families would use some loopholes in the gang to sequester some of the funds in order to expand their personal strength. With Tie Zhantian’s decree, their future income has been greatly reduced.

However, the Hu Faction couldn’t do anything about it. This was because Tie Zhantian’s decree obtained massive approval within the Black Tiger Gang. If the Hu Faction opposed the decree, then they would lose popular support. 

These big families would never expect that the idea for this decree was given to Tie Zhantian by Zhang Feng, who in turn was given to him by Zhao Hai. It can be said that it was Zhao Hai who caused the big families to be cheated out of their profits.

Ten days after returning from the life and death arena, Zhao Hai returned to the treasure ship. In these ten days, Zhao Hai has been busy making the five Nascent Soul Experts into his subordinates.

As for the refining of the artifacts and making the pills, Zhao Hai doesn’t need to worry about it. He can leave it to the Processing Machine to complete. 

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was pondering how to turn the Nascent Soul Experts into his subordinates. Naturally, Zhao Hai can use the simplest method of killing them and turning them into Undead. 

However, this would immediately be noticed by Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng would allow Zhao Hai to expand his power, even recruiting Inner Disciples was fine. But there was a limit. Zhang Feng certainly wouldn’t allow him to get five Nascent Soul Experts. Therefore, this method couldn’t be used.

The second method was more difficult, and that was using the Enlightenment Technique to turn the Nascent Soul Experts. He can brainwash them so that they view him as their master. Then they would provide him with faith power.

This wasn’t easy to do. Although the spiritual qi of the Nascent Soul Experts were sealed, and their spiritual force was affected, they were still Nascent Soul Experts in the end. Reaching their current state needed an iron heart. Zhao Hai brainwashing them was easier said than done.

However, Zhao Hai still decided to go through with his plan. He didn’t want to lose this opportunity, it was just too good. If he gives up, then it would be a pity. These were five Nascent Soul Experts. He doesn’t know when he’ll have an opportunity like this in the future. The most important thing for him right now was to stabilize his strength and increase his defenses.

Zhao Hai used subtle techniques in order to turn the Nascent Soul Experts over. It was a method that was difficult to detect. He would slowly brainwash them.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai was the one who made the treasure ship. This gave him room to make his actions. And with the Nascent Soul Experts being sealed, their response was a lot slower. Naturally, they didn’t notice any of Zhao Hai’s actions.

Ten days later, Zhao Hai finally had the Nascent Soul Experts under his control. They were now his faithful subordinates.

After turning the Nascent Soul Experts into his subordinates, Zhao Hai finally went out of the Space and returned to the treasure ship. Then he went to visit Zhang Feng.

Zhang Feng is currently very busy because of his expansion. The matters he needed to take care of has also become more complicated. Although Tie Ying and the others were there to help him, he was still left with a lot of things to do.

When Zhao Hai looked for Zhang Feng, Zhang Feng was currently handling matters of his mountain base. Hearing that Zhao Hai came, Zhang Feng immediately stopped and called Zhao Hai to his quiet room. Meanwhile, the people who were waiting outside Zhang Feng’s office couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai in surprise. They didn’t know what status this ‘Li Lin’ had, and why Zhang Feng would summon him as soon as he arrived.

After inquiring, those outside Zhang Feng’s office soon came to know about Li Lin. They heard that even Hao Xing was polite to him. This caused the newcomers to the Phoenix Cry Peak to form various guesses as to Li Lin’s identity. Naturally, none of them were credible.

After Zhao Hai entered Zhang Feng’s quiet room, Zhang Feng looked at him and said, “How is it?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Everything is done.” Then he took out an artifact. It was a full-body armor made from the Goldwind Eagle. The entire armor was covered with eagle feathers. The eagle head was made into a headpiece while the back of the armor had a pair of wings. There were also eagle feather boots. While the gloves looked ordinary, a pair of claws would come out of it once spiritual qi was inserted. One could see at a glance that the golden claws held extraordinary offensive strength.

Additionally, the entire set of armor looked beautiful. Even if Zhang Feng knew that the armor already has an owner, he still couldn’t help but stare at it wishing that it was his. Naturally, Zhang Feng couldn’t take it. If he did, then he would no longer be the owner of the Phoenix Cry Peak.

Besides the armor, the other remarkable thing was the ten pills with the size of a dragon’s eye. These ten pills had a golden-yellow hue. Each of them were placed independently inside a jade box. One could hear a dragon and a tiger’s roar from the jade boxes. This was the Dragon-Tiger Life Saving Pill.

The Dragon-Tiger Life Saving Pill was a very famous medicine in the Great World of Cultivation. The pill had two effects. The first one was healing. Most wounds would be immediately healed once the pill was taken. Even internal injuries would be treated better compared to other pills. Even if the internal organs were shattered, the Dragon-Tiger Life Saving Pill would allow one to live for a month. If you can find a treasure in this one month, then you would be able to save your life.

The second effect was increasing strength. If you meet a stronger opponent, the Dragon-Tiger Life Saving Pill would be able to give you an instant boost in strength. This would allow you to increase the chances of defeating the enemy. Naturally, this was also a life saving function.

The Dragon-Tiger Life Saving Pill was divided into these two functions which are called the Dragon Strength and the Tiger Strength. Dragon Strength was for wound treatment while the Tiger Strength was increasing spiritual qi. This was the origin of the pill’s name.


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