BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1704


Chapter 1704 – Offering A Surrender

Although the defensive shield wasn’t very strong, it wasn’t weak for Nascent Soul Experts. After all, this was a defensive shield of a large artifact. If the Nascent Soul Expert wants to break it and snatch the ghost-face ship, he would need to work hard.

At this time, Zhang Feng loudly ordered, “Li Lin, return to the ship. We’re going to use it to ram the enemy!”

Zhao Hao nodded and then attacked his enemy a few more times before retreating. He went towards the treasure ship and entered.

Unlike the people from the Wandering Soul Group, Zhang Feng didn’t leave even a single person to watch over his treasure ship. In his opinion, whether there were people inside or not didn’t matter. If someone really wants to steal the ship, he would reveal that the ship can shrink its size. Then he would place the ship inside his spatial item to keep it safe.

Now that Zhang Feng’s side has the upper hand, the Wandering Soul Group would have no time to take the treasure ship. Now it was a question whether the Wandering Soul Group could save their ghost-face ship.

Even then, if they didn’t break the shields of the ghost-face ship quick enough, other problems might arise. It must be known that Nascent Soul Experts can self-destruct their nascent soul. The experts of the Wandering Soul Group were cruel. If they destroyed their Nascent Soul, they would be able to disperse the 7 Nascent Soul Experts of the Black Tiger Gang. When that time comes, they would be able to return to the ghost-face ship. Then the ghost-face ship would be impossible to capture.

Because of this, Zhang Feng thought of Zhao Hai. Since the treasure ship was made by Zhao Hai, he would be the one who knew the ship the most. There would be no problems if Zhao Hai were to control it. Additionally, being a Dark Mage, Zhao Hai could conjure up manpower whenever he wants. Zhao Hai can have his undead man the various parts of the ship. So instead of sending a group of people back, Zhang Feng decided to just send Zhao Hai alone.

Because of this, Zhang Feng called Zhao Hai over to man the treasure ship. Zhang Feng’s order was very short, but Zhao Hai immediately understood what he wanted. Zhang Feng wanted Zhao Hai to control the treasure ship to ram into the ghost-face ship. This way, once the ghost-face ship’s shields were shattered, the Nascent Soul Expert would then be able to infiltrate and capture the ship.

Once the ghost-face ship was captured, even if the entire group from the Wandering Soul Group were to escape, Zhang Feng would still have gained a huge merit. The value of a ghost-face ship was several times higher than a Nascent Soul Expert.

After Zhao Hai entered the treasure ship, he immediately entered the power room and released several undead to help him start the ship.

Actually, Zhao Hai can pilot the ship all on his own. However, once Zhang Feng and the others return to the ship, they would need to feel the presence of Undead. If they didn’t then Zhao Hai’s secret might be discovered. Zhang Feng was a Nascent Soul Expert, he had a lot of methods in his hands. Moreover, he was very sensitive regarding qi and other types of energy. 

The Undead that Zhao Hai released weren’t very strong. Because of this, they couldn’t input energy onto the ship. However, these Undead were enough to get spirit stones in the storage room and then use them to power the ship.

Once the ship was started, ZHao Hai began to steer the ship to charge towards the ghost-face ship. A loud explosion occured as the ghost-face ship’s shields were broken. The entire ghost-face ship was even thrown back.

The Nascent Soul Expert on Zhang Feng’s side immediately used the opportunity to chase after the ship. Seeing that a large hole has been drilled into the ship, the Nascent Soul Expert was delighted. He quickly entered the ship through the hole.

With the formidable spiritual force of a Nascent Soul Expert, the ghost-face ship could no longer resist. Naturally, it was akin to a tiger entering a wolf pack. He already discovered the people from the Wandering Soul Group. But strangely, these people were lying one the ground, motionless.

The Nascent Soul Expert flew over to the people inside the ship and examined them. He found out that these people had been knocked out from the impact that just happened.

Since they didn’t have any need for these people, the Nascent Soul Expert directly killed them. Then he flew out of the ghost-face ship and rejoined the battle.

At this time, a group flew out from the treasure ship and went towards the ghost-face ship to control it. Then the two large artifacts slowly retreated.

Zhang Feng naturally saw this happen, but he didn’t do anything. Instead, he increased the intensity of his attacks. Now that the situation was under their complete control, the Wandering Soul Group’s Nascent Soul Experts were making their final struggles.

As for the other cultivators from the Wandering Soul Group, Hao Xing and the others had already slaughtered them. Besides the battle between the Nascent Soul Expert, the entire battlefield returned to normal.

The Nascent Soul Experts from the Wandering Soul Group knew that it would be difficult for them to escape. They would certainly die, so they decided to be more ruthless. At this time, a jade sword message appeared in front of Zhang Feng. He immediately used his spiritual force to look inside and read its contents.

Looking at the contents of the jade sword message, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but change. Then his expression lit up as he turned to the Wandering Soul Group’s Nascent Soul Experts and said, “Everyone, as you can see, there’s nothing you can do. You’re at a dead end. As long as you’re willing to help me, then I will assure your survival. What do you think?”

As he said that, Zhang Feng waved his hand, causing the other Nascent Soul Experts to retreat. But they still gathered around the experts of the Wandering Soul Group.

Hearing Zhang Feng, the Nascent Soul Experts of the Wandering Soul Group couldn’t help but stare. They also knew that they couldn’t escape their predicament. They numbered about half of the other party. If they were killed by Zhang Feng, then their cultivation journey would end.

Cultivators took their own path very seriously. If possible, they wanted to keep going down this path forever. And since cultivators live a long time, they were more afraid of death than normal people. As long as there was any hope of surviving, they would cling to life. Therefore, upon hearing Zhang Feng, the experts of the Wandering Soul Group didn’t immediately decline. Instead, they stood still and thought about the proposal.

Zhang Feng looked at them and continued, “Some of  you should know about the current state of the Black Tiger Gang. I just want you to help me, not take positions as Elders of the sect. If you want, then I can release news about your deaths, saying that you have died in battle. I will then provide you with another identity. You can still live freely. I’ll also ensure that I won’t make a move against your families. So, what do you think?”

The expressions of the Nascent Soul Experts loosened a bit. Seeing that his words were having an effect, Zhang Feng added, “Everyone, you might still be thinking about exploding your Nascent Souls and escaping. However, you need to consider that we have already taken your ghost-face ship. We already have two large artifacts in our hands. Do you think you’ll be able to outrun these large artifacts? Even if you escaped and returned to your sect, you would still take responsibility for losing a ghost-face ship. And are you willing to take the punishment?”

The Nascent Soul Experts’ expressions changed. What Zhang Feng said was right. They were Nascent Soul Experts, but the Wandering Soul Group had plenty of people on the same level. They weren’t special people. If the Wandering Soul Group discovers that they lost a large artifact, they would definitely take responsibility. Remembering the punishments that were given by the Wandering Soul Group, the Nascent Soul Experts couldn’t help but shiver.

Zhang Feng continued on, “Also, even if you explode your Nascent Souls, you would only be able to escape if you catch us off-guard. But we have already made our preparations. You will have little chance to succeed. Naturally, if you switch to my side, I won’t let you suffer. I will just seal your spiritual qi and have you pledge your allegiance to me. When the time comes and you join my side, I will give you the respect you deserve. I won’t order you around like slaves. What do you think?”

The Nascent Soul Experts looked at each other and saw the hesitation gradually disappearing from their eyes. If Zhang Feng didn’t mention the conditions, then they might still have reservations. But now that Zhang Feng said so, they no longer doubted him.

Zhang Feng looked at them and said, “Everyone, tell me what you think. If you agree, I’ll seal your spiritual qi. I can pledge to my heart’s demon that I would assure your safety.”

Hearing this, one of the Nascent Soul Experts finally said, “Zhang Feng, since you’re willing to swear to your heart’s demon, it’s not impossible for us to join you. However, we hope that you give us respect just like you said. And if you have the opportunity, we want you to bring our families under your wing. Also, under any circumstances, you cannot reveal our identities. Can you do that?”

Zhang Feng laughed and said, “Since I said so, then this Zhang Feng would naturally honor my words. I swear on my heart’s demon that I will ensure your safety and find a way to bring your families over. I also won’t expose your identities. If I violate this oath, then I will die!”


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