BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1703


Chapter 1703 – Want to Seize The Ship

As Zhang Feng’s voice fell, the painting on the living room changed and became a giant screen with smaller pictures in it. Then Zhang Feng said, “Show the radar.”

The screen immediately changed and became a radar with a green background. A bright line rotated around a white dot.

This white dot was the treasure ship’s position. Then not far away behind the ship was a red dot. And it was quickly catching up.

This radar wasn’t something that Zhao Hai included with the ship. Instead, Zhang Feng asked a refining master of the sect to install it.

Although Zhao Hai could have installed a better radar for the treasure ship, he didn’t do it. He didn’t want to reveal his multiple abilities. If he appeared too talented, then Zhang Feng would attach more and more importance to him. With this increased attention, it might cause Zhang Feng’s subordinates to be jealous. Zhao Hai doesn’t want to place a huge target on his back.

Zhang Feng looked at the screen as he coldly snorted and said, “It’s really those fanatics from the Wandering Soul Group. Since they’re courting death, let’s teach them a lesson.”

Zhao Hai replied, “Since they’re pursuing us, that means they are prepared. We need to be careful otherwise we would suffer big losses. They also came over with a large artifact.”

Zhang Feng nodded as he took out a jade sword message and then released it after injecting some information on it. Before long, the transmission formation of the ship lit up as several cultivators appeared. These cultivators were at the Nascent Soul Stage. One could see at a glance that these people were sent to help Zhang Feng.

Zhang Feng welcomed the group over to his room. After they had sat down, he bowed and said, “Senior Brother, thank you for coming over. This time, we’ll have those ghosts suffer badly.”

These cultivators were Tie Zhantian’s disciples. Several of them were body cultivators. Being able to reach the Nascent Soul Stage through body cultivation, these people were physically stronger than most Nascent Soul Experts. These disciples weren’t suitable for leading positions. Moreover, being Tie Zhantian’s disciples, there are a lot of eyes on them. Therefore, Tie Zhantian chose Zhang Feng to sit in the position.

Fortunately, these disciples were cultivation fanatics and weren’t craving for power. Because of this, they didn’t have a bad relationship with Zhang Feng. Although most of them were body cultivators besides two, they weren’t very tall. There were even two of them who were thin. This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised.

The group chuckled as one of them said, “Junior Brother Fang, there’s no need to be polite between us. These ghosts caused us a lot of trouble for many years. Master is being pressured by them. Now that there’s an opportunity, we cannot just let them off.”

Zhang Feng smiled and said, “This time, I’ll have to depend on the Senior Brothers to fight. However, I have to mention that there’s a ghost-face ship right behind us.”

Another disciple coldly snorted and said, “We’ll destroy that ghost-face ship. I want to see how the Wandering Soul Group reacts. Do they really dare to fight the Black Tiger Gang? If they fight, then that’s good. Let’s see how the Hu Clan plans to stop us from dealing with the Wandering Soul Group.”

Over the years, voices in the Black Tiger Gang wanting a war with the Wandering Soul Group were becoming louder and louder. However, the families headed by the Hu Clan have always opposed this decision. Because of this, Tie Zhantian couldn’t do anything. This situation caused Tie Zhantian’s disciples to be aggrieved.

Zhang Feng solemnly replied, “Senior Brothers shouldn’t be careless. This group wanted to deal with me, so they would certainly have experts of their own. We need to be careful.”

At this time, Zhang Feng turned to the screen and then said, “Senior Brothers, its time to head out. Those guys have caught up. It seems like they really want to keep me in this place.”

After Zhang Feng said that, he led the group outside. Before long, the group reached the top deck of the ship. Zhao Hai and Hao Xing were already there. Seeing the group approaching, the two quickly gave them a salute.

Zhang Feng didn’t expose Zhao Hai’s status, but he still made an introduction, “Senior Brothers, these two are Hao Xing and Li Lin. They’re the most talented subordinates under me. The third one, Zhang Hao, is currently below deck.”

Zhang Feng’s Senior Brothers just gave a nod. They didn’t give the two any greetings. In any case, these were Zhang Feng’s subordinates. These people had no relationship with them. Because of this, they didn’t show any warmth.

Zhao Hai and Hao Xing didn’t care about this. These people were Nascent Soul Experts. It was already good for these experts to acknowledge their presence.

Zhang Feng and the others were currently looking not far from the treasure ship’s back. There was a clump of dark clouds quickly approaching. They all knew that these weren’t normal dark clouds, it was ghost qi.

Zhang Feng coldly snorted and said, “Let’s turn around. We’ll see how powerful the ghost-face ship is.”

After Zhang Feng’s order, the treasure ship turned around to meet the ghost-face ship head to head. At the same time, the treasure ship accelerated.

Seeing Zhang Feng turning around and accelerating towards them, the people of the ghost-face ship didn’t flinch. Instead of decelerating, they went forward at their full power. At the same time, the ghost qi surrounding the ship condensed and wrapped around the ship.

The two large artifacts quickly closed in on each other. The ghost qi wrapping the ship turned into fierce ghosts as they charged towards the treasure ship.

Zhang Feng coldly snorted and said, “Activate the shields. Speed up with full power. I want to see how hard the ghost ship is!”

Just as the treasure ship’s shields were activated, a fierce ghost hit it. With a bang, the shield shuddered twice. Meanwhile, the fierce ghost was knocked away.

The treasure ship’s shield was made by Zhao Hai. In addition to the defensive formations inside, there’s also a light element formation mixed in. It was a yang energy that was a complete opposite of the ghost qi’s yin energy. These two repel each other. With the treasure ship at its full operation, it was natural for the fierce ghost to be useless against the shields. The succeeding ghosts were then turned into powder by the ship’s impact.

The treasure ship had the momentum of a thunderbolt as it charged towards the ghost-face ship. The ghost-face ship was also at its top speed. The two closed in on each other and then they hit.

A loud explosion followed as the treasure ship and the ghost-face ship hit each other. The shields of the treasure ship broke, but the ghost qi of the ghost-face ship was also dissipated. The two ships were now going head-on using their toughness.

Zhang Feng felt a tremendous energy going against the ship’s hull. His body couldn’t help but jolt forwards. After the impact was done, the treasure ship didn’t look too different. Besides the bow of the ship being damaged, there was nothing else.

On the other hand, the ghost-face ship was thrown back. There were several broken bones on the spot where it collided with the treasure ship.

It must be known that these bones were carefully refined by the Wandering Soul Group. Their degree of hardness wasn’t any less than an artifact. But now, these bones were broken by the impact of Zhang Feng’s treasure ship.

The two artifacts retreated but no longer tried to hit each other. This was because each artifact wasn’t any lesser than the other in terms of hardness. And both couldn’t grab any advantage in terms of strength.

Both sides don’t want any more damage to their large artifacts. Therefore, they reached a tacit understanding to stop ramming each other. Experts from both sides began to exit their large artifacts and threw themselves towards the enemy.

One could see in a single glance that the Wandering Soul Group has invested a lot of resources in attacking Zhang Feng. Five Nascent Soul Experts came out of the ghost-face ship. Besides the Nascent Soul Experts, there were also 10 Core Formation Experts. Such a show of force was quite formidable. It must be known that Nascent Soul Experts were considered to be Supreme Elders in most sects. Such a position was very high. As for Core Formation experts, they were considered to be Elder-level even in major sects.

It seems like the Wandering Soul Group really wanted to kill Zhang Feng. Otherwise they wouldn’t have sent so many experts. However, they didn’t expect Zhang Feng to be prepared as well. Departing from the treasure ship were 8 Nascent Soul Experts.

Although both sides saw each other’s strength, they didn’t have time to think about it. As soon as they appeared, both sides immediately fought against each other.

At this time, the other cultivators from both sides also rushed out of the large artifacts and entered the battle. As soon as these people flew out, Zhang Feng and the others immediately saw their disadvantage. Not only were they lacking in numbers, the enemy also had a higher overall strength. The Wandering Soul Group really prepared themselves. They even prepared to deal with Zhang Feng’s mid to low-level subordinates.

Fortunately, Zhang Feng’s side held the advantage in high-level cultivators. This allowed Zhang Feng and the others to overwhelm the enemy. Zhang Feng followed four of Tie Zhantian’s disciples to stop the enemy’s Nascent Soul Experts. Meanwhile, the other three Nascent Soul Experts suppressed the 10 Core Formation Experts of the Wandering Soul Group.

The Core Formation Experts that the Wandering Soul Group sent were clearly elite. Ten Core Formation Experts were enough to defend against the three Nascent Soul Experts.

It must be known that although the Nascent Soul and the Core Formation stage were separated by one step, their strength difference was more than ten times. Under normal circumstances, a Nascent Soul Expert can hold down 10 Core Formation experts. Only the top Core Formation Experts can last longer against Nascent Soul Experts. If they could escape or even keep their lives, they would already be considered as geniuses.

But now, three Core Formation Experts of the Wandering Soul Group were able to tie down one Nascent Soul Expert of the Black Tiger Gang. These 10 Core Formation Experts seem to be chosen carefully by the Wandering Soul Group.

However, Zhang Feng and the others were also quite formidable. Zhang Feng also brought along several Inner Disciples. As for Core Formation Experts like Hao Xing, there were seven of them.

Since the Wandering Soul Group’s Core Formation Experts were blocking the three Nascent Soul Experts, nobody was able to stop Hao Xing and the others. Although the disciples of the Wandering Soul Group were resisting hard, they were still being slowly pushed back.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai didn’t show his strength much this time. He just fought with Inner Disciples of the Wandering Soul Group. Although he was able to defeat his enemy in the end, he didn’t deal with him completely. His fight was remarkable, but it wasn’t enough to turn heads in his direction.

The battle between both sides alerted the people on the island. However, these people didn’t want to meddle in others’ business. Nobody came over to gain cheap benefits. After all, both sides brought quite a lot of manpower and strength. Moreover, these two sects had a grudge against each other. So after sweeping the battlefield with their spiritual force, the other sects immediately made a turn to avoid it.

At this time, the Nascent Soul Experts of the Black Tiger Gang were able to get the upper hand. This was especially true for the 3 Nascent Soul Experts who were fighting the 10 Core Formation Experts. Killing the 10 Core Formation Experts was only a matter of time.

Once the 3 Nascent Soul Experts had dealt with the 10 Core Formation Experts, the balance of victory would gradually tip towards the Black Tiger Gang. As for the Nascent Soul Experts that were fighting against Zhang Feng and the others, they were also completely tied down. Even if they wanted to help the Core Formation Experts, it was impossible. 

After about 20 minutes, the Core Formation Experts of the Wandering Soul Group were getting killed one after another. The three Nascent Soul Experts were finally able to free their hands. Two of them immediately rushed to help Zhang Feng and the others. As for the remaining Nascent Soul Expert, he didn’t help Zhao Hai and the others. Instead, he flew towards the ghost-face ship. He actually intends to capture it.

Seeing the situation, the Nascent Soul Experts of the Wandering Soul Group couldn’t help but roar in anger. Although there were people guarding the ghost-face ship, their strength isn’t enough to defend against a Nascent Soul Expert. If the Nascent Soul Expert really killed his way to the ghost-face ship, then the consequences would be disastrous.

However, the Nascent Soul Experts of the Wandering Soul Gang couldn’t do anything about it. They were surrounded by 7 Nascent Soul Experts of the Black Tiger Gang. Not to mention saving the ghost-face ship, they were even having trouble saving themselves. At this time, under the lead of Hao Xing and the other Core Formation Experts, Zhao Hai and the others were cleaning up the low-level members of the Wandering Soul Group. This operation went very smoothly. After all, the Wandering Soul Group no longer has any Core Formation Experts to stop them.

At this moment, the Nascent Soul Expert of the Black Tiger Gang arrived at the ghost-face ship. Seeing the enemy approaching, the people in the ghost-face ship immediately activated its defensive shields. But since there weren’t enough people inside the ship, the shield wouldn’t last for long.


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