BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1702


Chapter 1702 – Pursue

Although Zhao Hai had never seen the East Saint Academy disciple’s moves, Cai’er and the others did. All of his actions were recorded and analyzed. No matter who becomes Zhao Hai’s enemy, Cai’er could immediately bring up the data gathered about them and produce countermeasures to deal with them. The enemy’s defeat had already been planned before the two parties entered the stage.

For this battle, Zhao Hai wanted it to end in a tie. This was because he analyzed that he could still acquire a slot in the foreign trial if he ended the battle in a draw.

It can be said that although the battle ended in a tie, Zhao Hai and the East Saint Academy disciple both won. The other battles had already declared their winners. This time, a total of 753 disciples from the nine super sects have gained qualifications to enter the new subspace. As for the experts from other sects, 237 of them qualified.

In other words, the final number didn’t reach 1000 but instead 990. Zhao Hai’s battle result allowed him to be among the 990 people.

This was the result that Zhao Hai wanted. He didn’t offend the East Saint Academy while also gaining a slot in the new subspace.

If his opponent wasn’t from the East Saint Academy, Zhao Hai could kill them even if they have the same strength as the East Saint Academy disciple. But since his enemy is from a super sect, Zhao Hai didn’t wish to offend them.

As for the East Saint Academy disciple, Zhao Hai didn’t care if he was offended by the tie or not. As long as he didn’t offend the East Saint Academy, that was already enough. Zhao Hai didn’t really care about the inner disciples of the East Saint Academy.

Zhao Hai knew that it would be fine if he killed the East Saint Academy disciple if nobody noticed. However, if he killed the disciple in front of everyone, then the East Saint Academy would definitely feel that he slapped their face. Therefore, Zhao Hai chose to end the battle in a draw.

The reason Zhao Hai dared to defeat the Beast Sect disciple but only tied with the East Saint Academy disciple was because he understood that those from the righteous faction were more petty than those from the evil faction. The Beast Sect cultivators had always been called barbarians by people of the Great World of Cultivation. They respect strength. As long as the opponent defeats them in a fair battle, they wouldn’t mind it.

Sometimes, people care about face. But to some people, what they care about is strength. For those people, face wasn’t worth anything.

Zhao Hai received his halberd as he gave the East Saint Disciple a salute and said, “Thank you Senior Brother for showing mercy.” Then he flew back and returned to the treasure ship.

The East Saint Academy disciple looked at Zhao Hai with a complicated expression. The spectators might not be aware, but he knew that Zhao Hai actually won the fight. Just as Zhao Hai was about to hit his head, he actually pulled back at the last moment. At the same time, the halberd in his other hand moved slightly. Although the movement was very little, he still noticed. He understood what Zhao Hai meant. Zhao Hai wanted to tell him that he could block his fan while hitting him. But Zhao Hai didn’t do that, he wanted to end the fight in a draw.

The East Saint Academy disciple naturally wouldn’t reveal this. He just gave Zhao Hai one last look before returning to the East Saint Academy’s side.

Sure enough, in everyone’s opinion, the battle ended in a draw. Although the battle didn’t have a victor, Zhao Hai and the East Saint Academy disciple were still able to enter the subspace.

After the result came out, the people from the Black Tiger Gang cheered. Zhang Feng also let out a long breath. Zhang Feng knew that Zhao Hai’s victory was very important to him. His status in the Black Tiger Gang would increase in the future. This was because in order to increase your status in the sect, strength wasn’t enough. You would also need to make contributions to the sect.

Getting a slot to a new subspace was an enormous contribution to the sect. It would bring a lot of benefits to the Black Tiger Gang.

Each new subspace would be dangerous for pioneers. But at the same time, pioneers would also get the most benefits. Which would count as contributions to the sect.

At this time, nobody knows the true situation inside the new subspace. Nobody knew what was inside. But the pioneers could not only get first pick on the subspace’s materials, they could also record information about the subspace to give to the sect. This way, those who entered in the future would be able to use it to traverse the subspace.

Naturally, for Zhang Feng, the most important thing was Zhao Hai entering that subspace. If that happens, Zhao Hai would be able to treat that subspace as his backyard. He can return whenever he wants. 

Zhang Feng turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I’ll have to thank you again this time. This slot is very important to me.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Senior Brother doesn’t need to be polite. It’s my duty.”

As Zhao Hai said that, Ao Wushuang appeared in the life and death arena once more. He looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, the slots have been set. The access tokens will be given. I ask the winners to come here and receive it.”

One after another, the 990 recipients of the tokens went on the platform and received their tokens. When it was Zhao Hai’s time, Ao Wushuang looked at him and said, “You’re from the Black Tiger Gang. Li Lin, right? To be able to gain that much strength not long after condensing your dao avatar, that’s really rare.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I wouldn’t dare. Senior is too polite.”

 Ao Wushuang smiled faintly and then gave a jade token to Zhao Hai. After receiving the token, Zhao Hai bowed and then returned to the treasure ship.

Zhao Hai held the jade token and couldn’t help but be stunned. This was the jade token that Zhang Feng sent over for drawing lots. It was clear that the token has ben refined once more. Although the jade token was the same, its function has completely changed.

Originally, the jade token was used to record information. But now, the token indicated a certain status. There was now a special energy inside the token. It wasn’t spiritual force but another form of energy. It was clear that it had been processed by a refining expert.

Zhao Hai was stunned because of the period of time that passed. Refining a used jade token in such a short time wasn’t easy, this was especially true when there were close to 1000 of these jade tokens. This meant that it was processed by a Refining Grandmaster.

A refining expert of such rank actually appeared in this place. This was truly strange. Most refining grandmasters would be treated by their sects as valuable treasures. It was impossible for them to go out. But now, a refining grandmaster was in the life and death arena. This only meant that the refining grandmaster was also a strong cultivator. There were no issues with them being out of the sect.

It seems like the accumulation of the super sects was indeed deep. Zhao Hai returned to Zhang Feng’s side and handed the token over.

After everyone acquired their jade token, Ao Wushuang said, “We still don’t know the specific entry time and duration of the rift to the new subspace. Everyone should hold on to your tokens. It is also a contact token. As long as there is news, we will immediately send you a notification. We estimate that it will be in a month. Everyone, you can now return to your sects.”

Zhao Hai looked at Zhang Feng in confusion as he asked, “Senior Brother, the opening time and the duration of the subspace can be calculated?”

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “Correct. The time it opens and how long it would open can be calculated. Even in our sect, there are people who specialize in these matters. Although their calculation isn’t 100% accurate, it was at least 90% accurate which is already very good. And for a new subspace, the super sects certainly wouldn’t be careless. We can expect their accuracy to be at least 95%.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Then, Senior Brother, will we go back now?”

Zhang Feng nodded, then he turned around and said, “We won’t stay here anymore. Let’s leave.” Then he sent the order for the treasure ship to leave. When the treasure ship turned around, it began to accelerate away from the life and death arena.

When Zhang Feng and the others left, a skull-shaped large artifact followed them. Moreover, it seems to be pursuing Zhang Feng’s treasure ship.

This skull-faced large artifact was quite well-known. It was called the ghost-face ship. It was the signature large artifact of the Wandering Soul Group. Its whole body was made out of refined beast bones. Each bone was infused with a soul. This meant that when the ghost-face ship was in battle, it could release hundreds of millions of ghosts to help them fight. Its combat strength was formidable.

Moreover, because the entire ship was made out of beast bones, it was very light which translated to greater speed. Its speed could even be placed in the top ten in the Great World of Cultivation. It must be known that this ranking included the large flying swords of the Heaven Sect.

After Zhang Feng ordered his ship to leave, he led Zhao Hai and the others into his office. Once they were settled in, Zhang Feng turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, now that you have offended the Wandering Soul Group, you will have to be careful. Those people from the Wandering Soul Group aren’t normal. They will definitely try to deal with you.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “First Senior Brother, there’s no use for that warning. I’m afraid those fellows are now pursuing us.”

Zhang Feng stared, then he immediately said, “Broadcast!”


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