BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1699


Chapter 1699 – Overbearing

Hua! There was an uproar in the scene.

Ao Wushuang’s statement was truly shocking. A new subspace has appeared and the nine super sects were willing to reveal it. What’s even more surprising was their method of choosing who could enter the new subspace.

At this time, Ao Wushuang continued, “Naturally, even if there are 1000 slots, there would definitely be a lot of people who cannot enter. So we’re going to use the life and death arena. All sects present can send their inner sect disciples to fight. The final 1000 disciples would be chosen to enter the subspace. There’s no limit to the number of slots that a sect can procure.” After he said that, he flew back to the Heaven Sect’s area.

These words caused a different kind of clamor in the surroundings. Everyone was quiet. All sects present understood what the super sects intended to do. They couldn’t help but criticize them deep inside. What good deed? It was obvious that the super sects set up a cheap trick to stop the other sects from complaining later on!

Zhang Feng also scolded as he said, “I knew that these sects aren’t so kind. These super sects are indeed shameless!”

Zhao Hai also bitterly smiled. He knew what these nine Super Sects wanted to do. To be honest, their manners were unsightly.

The nine Super Sects seem to be giving the other sects an opportunity to enter the new subspace. But in fact this wasn’t the case.

The nine Super Sects were aware of the subspace in advance and had made preparations. They brought a lot of Inner Disciples from the Dao Avatar Stage to compete for the slots. As for the other sects, since they were unaware, they didn’t bring enough disciples to participate, which was unfair.

Also, the disciples of these nine sects were more powerful compared to their peers from the other sects. Using their own disciples to compete against the inner disciples of the other sects wasn’t fair. Organizing this competition was basically an avenue for the nine Super Sects to slaughter the disciples of the other sects.

However, the nine Super Sects handled the matter with some leeway for the other sects. The nine Super Sects brought enough disciples to snatch 900 slots. The other sects would have to fight for the 100 left.

A hundred slots was just too small. The total number of people from the other sects who came over numbered more than 100 thousand. If disciples below the Dao Avatar Stage were removed, then it would still be around 100 thousand. These hundred thousand disciples would compete for 100 slots! Each sect would fight each other to the death!

Overbearing, the nine Super Sects were truly overbearing!

Zhao Hai sighed, then he turned to Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, let me fight. There’s no other suitable person on board.”

Zhang Feng’s expression quickly turned ugly. It can be said that the Black Tiger Gang was completely unprepared. Nobody on the ship was qualified to participate. After thinking for a while, Zhang Feng shook his head and said, “That won’t do. You can’t go to battle. I’ll send a letter to the sect. Then they would use the ship’s transmission formation to send people over.”

Zhao Hai looked around him before shaking his head and saying, “I disagree. First Senior Brother, now that the Hu Clan is colluding with the Wandering Soul Group to deal with you, you cannot expose the fact that you have a working transmission formation on the ship. This is one of your aces. If they discover the transmission formation, then they would be prepared. Therefore, we absolutely cannot use the transmission formation. Senior Brother, let me go. I’ll promise you that if I have a hard time, then I’ll just surrender.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng frowned, but after some time he nodded and said, “Alright, you’ll go. But remember that you need to admit defeat at the first sign of trouble. We’d rather give up the opportunity to enter the trial than lose you.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Senior Brother can rest assured. If I can’t do it, I won’t hesitate to retreat. But I will work hard to get us that slot.”

Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I don’t care about that slot. Compared to you, that slot is worth a fart.”

At this time, an arrogant voice was heard, “I ask the various sects to hand over your disciple list. We will be conducting a lottery.”

Zhang Feng coldly snorted. He took out a jade slip and wrote Li Lin’s name. Then he sent it over to Ao Wushuang.

Before long, Ao Wushuang received all of the jade slips. At the same time, he appeared on the life and death arena along with the representatives of the nine Super Sects.

After the nine representatives came to the stage. They made a circle and then the Preaching Elder took out a metal jar and showed it to everyone. Everyone wasn’t unfamiliar with this jar. It was a jar used by monks for drawing lots. It was a jar that isolates spiritual force.

With the exception of the Preaching Elder, the other representatives pulled one name after another. This divided the participants into eight groups.

The eight groups would conduct their battles at the same time until 1000 people remained.

Before long, the groups were decided. All of the combatants were at the Dao Avatar Stage. And to no surprise, the disciples of the nine Super Sects weren’t drawn against each other. People from the other sects were scolding them in their minds. But they couldn’t do anything about it.

Zhao Hai looked at the disciples who were at the Dao Avatar Stage. There were strong disciples as well as weak disciples. Naturally, the strongest disciples belonged to the super sects. Most of their avatars had upper bodies that could move. They weren’t far from forming a metal avatar. There were also disciples who were already at the metal level for their dao avatars.

As for the disciples of the other sects, they were quite miserable. Most of their dao avatars were at the wood stage. Therefore, how could they win against the disciples of the nine super sects?

Before long, the first battles were finished. All of the disciples from the nine super sects won without any problems.

After several rounds of battle, Zhao Hai’s turn finally arrived. Interestingly, Zhao Hai’s opponent was an Inner Disciple of the Wandering Soul Group. Zhao Hai didn’t expect to meet a genuine enemy in battle.

Before Zhao Hai could move, the disciple from the Wandering Soul Group shouted, “Kid from the Black Tiger Gang, come out and die!” He clearly had no consideration for the Black Tiger Gang’s face.

Zhang Feng looked at the Wandering Soul Group disciples and said, “Little Hai, if it’s possible, kill him for me.” Zhao Hai knew that Zhang Feng had been angered. He just nodded as he appeared in front of the Wandering Soul Group disciple.

Since he was now acting as the bloodthirsty Li Lin, he didn’t waste and breath as he pulled out his short halberds and then brandished them in front of the enemy.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s actions, the expression of the disciple from the Wandering Soul Group changed. Then he waved his hand and took out a white streamer. At the same time, his dao avatar appeared. Unexpectedly, his dao avatar wasn’t beast-shaped but humanoid-shaped. The dao avatar was in the shape of a malicious ghost with only skin and bones with exception of its bulging stomach. The dao avatar opened its mouth and grunted, “Hungry, hungry.” It was a hungry ghost dao avatar. Moreover, it was a dao avatar that could move.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted. Then a thunderous roar was heard as a giant elephant appeared outside Zhao Hai’s body. However, the giant elephant was motionless and looked lifeless.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s dao avatar, the disciple from the Wandering Soul Gang stared, then he laughed and said, “Only a wood avatar yet dared to face me. You’ll die today!”

Zhao Hai didn’t make a move and just glared at the Wandering Soul Group Disciple. Seeing that Zhao Hai didn’t respond, the Wandering Soul Group Disciple felt bored. Scolding involved two people. There was no point if the other party didn’t respond.

The Wandering Soul Group disciple glared maliciously at Zhao Hai. Then he waved his white streamer, causing his ghost avatar to yell, “Hungry!” Then the skinny ghost’s claw moved to grasp Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and slashed his halberd forward. Along with Zhao Hai’s movement, the elephant’s trunk also swung down on the claw of the ghost avatar.

Boom! The trunk of the elephant hit the ghost’s claw. Originally, people thought that Zhao Hai would lose. After all, Zhao Hai’s avatar was just at the wood stage. Meanwhile, his enemy was an entire stage ahead.

But much to everyone’s surprise, after the trunk collided with the claw, the claws immediately scattered. At the same time, the Wandering Soul Group disciple vomited blood. He was actually injured.

A cultivator is closely linked with their dao avatar. If the dao avatar suffers an accident, then the cultivator would also suffer. At this moment, Zhao Hai stepped forward. This step seems to include the elephant’s rage. Then he swung his halberd on the Wandering Soul Group disciple and shouted, “Strength of a thousand jun!”

Along with his shout, the elephant’s trunk let out an extraordinary amount of pressure as it swung towards the ghost dao avatar. The Wandering Soul Group disciple’s expression changed. He knew that he didn’t have enough time to dodge, so he could only face the attack. He roared as the hungry ghost avatar shouted, “Hungry!” It opened its mouth and planned to bite the approaching elephant trunk.


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