BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1698


Chapter 1698 – New Subspace

While Zhao Hai was looking at the monks, Zhang Feng introduced them. These monks turned out to be people from the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. 

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery was the foremost sect of the Eastern Buddhist Province. It was a huge faction in the entire Great World of Cultivation right beside the Heaven Sect. Their Buddhist followers numbered billions. They’re extremely powerful.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Zhang Feng who was frowning and said, “First Senior Brother, is there a problem?”

Zhang Feng replied, “I’m not too surprised when the Heaven Sect appeared. Almost every elder of the sect can turn their flying swords into giant artifacts. Elders from the Heaven Sect would always take people to the first life and death arena to spectate whenever battles happen. However, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is different. Because they follow the Buddhist Path, they abstain from greed, hatred, and temptations. Disciples who gamble would most certainly stray from the path. Even if a Buddhist monk went to the life and death arena, it would only be because they heard of a powerful Battle Slave that they want to invite. In such cases, the monastery would send a few people over. But this time, a Preaching Elder came. It seems like the event this time isn’t simple.”

As he was saying that, music could be heard from a distance. The music was so good to the ear that it could only be described as heavenly. But upon hearing the music, Zhang Feng’s expression changed as he quickly said, “Retreat!” The treasure ship slowly backed away from the life and death arena.

Zhao Hai and the others turned to Zhang Feng in confusion. Zhang Feng looked at everyone and said, “We can no longer stay in that place. There’s the Heaven Sect, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, and now the Wonderful Sound Pavilion has arrived. We can’t afford to offend these three groups. If we stay there, we will be killed.”

Zhao Hai just looked at Zhang Feng. Meanwhile, when Hao Xing heard the name Wonderful Sound Pavilion, his expression immediately changed.

Zhao Hai looked at the others and was puzzled by their expression. Looking at Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng explained, “The Wonderful Sound Pavilion is different from the Heaven Sect and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. The Heaven Sect belonged to the Righteous Faction. Although they’re overbearing, they still follow the righteous path. They cared about their face enough that they wouldn’t make a move on us. On the other hand, the Wonderful Sound Pavilion is from the Western Demon Province. Just from the province’s name alone, you would know that they’re a Ghost Sect.”

Zhao Hai stared. To be honest, he had little material about the topmost entities of the Great World of Cultivation. The information that Zhang Feng gave him only involved the groups in the Northern Divergent Province. He had little understanding about the other provinces.

Zhao Hai hasn’t heard of the Wonderful Sound Pavilion before. He didn’t expect a sect with such a name to be a Ghost Sect.

Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai and said, “The reason why the Wonderful Sound Pavilion had this name was because of their unique technique. The technique is named Serene Sound Technique. The technique is a sound attack with formidable strength. Using this technique, the Wonderful Sound Pavilion was able to dominate the entire Western Demon Province.”

Zhang Feng stopped at this point, then he continued, “Because the Wonderful Sound Pavilion is a Ghost Sect, they’re unscrupulous in their actions. The Heaven Sect and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery might not attack us immediately if we offend them, but the Wonderful Sound Pavilion would certainly attack us. They don’t hold back at all.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he knitted his brows and said, “Will the Heaven Sect and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery just ignore them? Aren’t they from the righteous faction? Aren’t they supposed to eliminate ghosts and kill demons?”

Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Eliminate ghosts and kill demons? Do you think the Heaven Sect and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery would offend the Wonderful Sound Pavilion for us? Moreover, the first generation leader of the Black Tiger Gang is a Black Tiger Demon. In the eyes of the Heaven Sect and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, both the Black Tiger Gang and the Wonderful Sound Pavilion are from the Evil Faction. If both of us fought, then the two sects would think that it’s infighting within the Evil Faction. Instead of stopping us, they would applaud instead.”

Zhao Hai was stunned. He didn’t expect that he was now from the Evil Faction in the eyes of the Righteous Faction. But after thinking about it, he was relieved. After all, if you were strong, then you can control justice. Only when you are weak can you be wrong.

The big sects of the Righteous Faction seem to be doing things to maintain order. But in the dark, who knows what kind of things they do. They might even be worse than those sects from the Evil Faction.

The appearance of the Wonderful Sound Pavilion caused sects like the Black Tiger Gang to withdraw a certain distance. Only sects not afraid of the Wonderful Sound Sect remained near the life and death arena.

At this time, Zhang Feng’s expression became dignified as he said, “Even the Myriad Beasts Sect of our Northern Divergent Province and the All Demon Sect of the Western Demon Province are here. There’s also the people from the Four Saint Academy. What’s happening? Did we miss something?”

The sects that Zhang Feng mentioned were super sects that could cause tremors whenever they make a step. For them to gather together in the first life and death arena, it was certainly thought-provoking.

Zhao Hai might not be familiar with the other sects, but he certainly knew about the Myriad Beasts Sect. The Myriad Beasts Sect is a super sect mostly composed of demons. It was also the largest sect in the Northern Divergent Province. Compared to the Myriad Beasts Sect, the Black Tiger Gang was nothing.

ZhaoHai turned to Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, what do we do now? Do we tell the Gang Leader about this?”

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “We need to tell the Gang Leader. Otherwise, if something happens, the Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t be prepared.”

While Zhang Feng was walking about this, a figure suddenly appeared on the platform of the Life and Death Arena. This person was wearing white cultivator’s robe. He looked thirty and was handsome.

Seeing this person, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but concentrate. Then he said, “It’s actually him. Core Disciple of the Heaven Sect, Unparalleled Sword Ao Wushuang.”

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t know this person. Hearing Zhang Feng say this, he immediately asked, “Is he strong?”

Zhang Feng smiled bitterly and said, “He’s very strong. Not only that, there are only a few people who can contend against him in the entire Great Realm of Cultivation. He participated in all kinds of competitions since he came out and underwent thousands of battles without a single defeat. Among these battles, 153 of them were against more than ten people. It wouldn’t be excessive to call him an unparalleled sword.”

Ao Wushuang was naturally a sword cultivator. He had a scabbard on his back. However, there was no sword. Zhao Hai immediately understood that Ao Wushuang was the owner of the giant sword. He was the leader of the Heaven Sect delegation.

After Ao Wushuang appeared, he looked at all those present and said, “I know that you people are wondering why the nine super sects are here at the same time. We didn’t tell anyone about this beforehand but we plan to select a thousand Inner Disciples to participate in a trial. This is the reason why we’re here.”

Ao Wushuang’s words caused everyone present to be stunned. Selecting 1000 disciples for a trial? That easy? However, it seems like the trial wouldn’t be that simple. The nine sects are very strong. Not to mention 1000 disciples, each one of them can present 10 thousand extraordinary disciples. Its clear that the trial was very dangerous. Do the super sects intend to use the disciples of the other sects as fodder?

Ao Wushuang looked at everyone and said, “A Heaven Sect disciple discovered a spatial rift during his outside travels. The spatial rift connects to an outside subspace. Upon discovering the foreign subspace, the disciple didn’t dare go deep and immediately retreated. This is because there are strong beasts inside.”

The sects present understood that the place Ao Wushuang described was a natural trial ground specifically for cultivators in the Great World of Cultivation. After the announcement, a buzz of discussion was heard. Only the people from the nine super sects didn’t make a noise. Naturally, all of them were already aware of this subspace.

Seeing the other sects discuss among themselves, Ao Wushuang lightly coughed. Although his cough wasn’t loud, it completely stopped all discussions in the surroundings.

After everyone had calmed down, Ao Wushuang continued, “This is an excellent foreign trial for the Great World of Cultivation. But the foreign trial has a restriction. Because of the beasts inside, only experts with Dao Avatars and above can enter. If those unqualified go in, then they would only be slaughtered by the beasts on the other side. After much discussion, the nine super sects decided to send 1000 disciples at the Dao Avatar Stage to conduct the trial. At the same time, they would collect information regarding this new subspace. As for why we didn’t inform everyone in advance, we thought that you wouldn’t believe us if we really sent the word. This trial is very important to all of us. Whether you can benefit depends on luck. Because of this, those who can enter the trial in the future could only come from the sects present here. The sects that aren’t here wouldn’t be included.”


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