BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1696


Chapter 1696 – Raging Tide Caused By The Rejuvenating Pill

Despite the sect leaders being nonchalant about the pill, female cultivators who got ahold of the news went crazy!

All of them were frantically amassing funds in order to purchase the rejuvenating pill.

By the end of the auction held by the Han Clan and Zhang Feng, the ten rejuvenating pills were sold for 30 thousand mid-grade spirit stones. Compared to other pills, the pills were very expensive.

In the beginning, only cultivators from the Black Tiger Gang were clamoring for the pills, with a few cultivators from other sects inserting here and there. A female cultivator was able to get one rejuvenating pill and gave it to her master as a birthday gift.

The female cultivator’s master already lived a long life and looked like an old lady. Her hair was fully white and her face was full of wrinkles. Although her strength was preserved and she could still live for a long time, her appearance already suggested that she was old.

Three days after eating the rejuvenating pill, the female cultivator’s master turned into a 20-year old woman. This caused all the female cultivators of the sect to be surprised.

The sect that the female cultivator belonged to was called the Spirit Snake Lair. It was named as such because its first sect master was a snake demon. However, what’s special with the Spirit Snake Lair wasn’t the fact that it had demon cultivators, but instead the fact that their disciples were all women. This caused the sect to be quite well-known in the Northern Divergent Province.

In addition to only accepting female cultivators, the Spirit Snake Lair was also famous for allowing their disciples to Dual-cultivate with disciples from other sects. This allowed the Spirit Snake Lair to have marriage relations with plenty of sects in the Northern Divergent Province. Only a few people would dare offend the women from the Spirit Snake Lair.

Because of their relationships, information inside the sect quickly spread to other sects. 

This caused the news about the effects of the rejuvenating pill to spread to the entire Northern Divergent Province in a blink of an eye. Upon hearing the news, female cultivators of the province tried to confirm it first. After the news was proven to be true, the female cultivators turned crazy. They began their frantic search for any information regarding the rejuvenating pill.

As information about the pill spread, Zhang Feng began to let go of his rejuvenating pills through auctions. The price of the pills also began to increase. The most expensive pill sold at the auction was bought for 50 thousand middle-grade spirit stones.

Fifty thousand spirit stones was a lot of money. In a major sect like a Black Tiger Gang, an Inner Disciple would receive an allowance of a couple thousand mid-grade spirit stones per year. In other words, a rejuvenating pill was equivalent to tens of years of allowance!

Although this quantity only depended on the allowance given by the sect and not including other profits the disciples gained, 50 thousand mid-grade spirit stones was still a scary amount.

Zhang Feng and the others were shocked at the price of the pills. Zhang Feng began to feel his waist turn heavy with the amount of spirit stones he acquired. At the same time, he became more wary of hiding the secret of the pill’s background.

Since the Han Clan handles intelligence, they were very good at hiding information. But still, upon hearing how much money the rejuvenating pills were making, they allocated a lot of manpower in order to obscure their sales channels so that nobody would know where the pills came from.

After several hundred pills were sold, instead of the hype dying down, it instead soared up into the skies. The news was even spread to the surrounding provinces.

At this time, Zhang Feng regretted the fact that he sold the pills too fast. He was now worried about where to get more pills. Now that Zhao Hai was closing up, he had no way of getting more raw materials to make pills. The rejuvenating pills were out of stock.

Being out of stock meant that the cash flow had been cut off. Zhang Feng could only endure. If he wasn’t afraid of revealing his secrets, then Zhang Feng would have already stayed outside Zhao Hai’s room waiting for him to come out.

A month after Zhao Hai began his seclusion, a very violent energy fluctuation suddenly appeared inside his room. Zhang Feng was immediately alarmed. However, he wasn’t afraid. He knew that this was a sign that Zhao Hai’s seclusion had been a success.

Sure enough, after the fluctuations subsided, Zhao Hai opened his door and walked out.

Just as Zhao Hai walked out of his room, he heard Zhang Feng’s voice, “Li Lin, come over to see me as soon as possible.” Zhang Feng has been impatient all this time. It has been ten days since he ran out of rejuvenating pills. That was ten days of wasted business.

Zhao Hai was clearly aware of Zhang Feng’s current situation, but he had to seclude himself for some time before going out. If he went out just as Zhang Feng ran out of stock, then wouldn’t that be suspicious? So after a month of retreat, he caused energy fluctuations in his room before leaving.

When Zhao Hai arrived inside Zhang Feng’s office, Zhang Feng asked, “How is it? Did you succeed?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I succeeded.’

Zhang Feng let out a long breath and then said, “What avatar did you condense?”

Zhao Hai replied, “An elephant avatar. It’s the most compatible dao avatar for Li Lin. After all, he’s a body cultivator.”

Zhang Feng frowned, then he sighed and said, “Little Hai, it’s been hard for you. However, condensing an elephant avatar would have an impact on your future cultivation. There’s no need to do that. There are body cultivators who condensed other avatars.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Senior Brother, there’s no need to be worried. I can also be categorized as a body cultivator. I’m quite physically strong, but only a few people know about this. Therefore, there’s no problem with me condensing an elephant avatar. Right, Senior Brother, how is the pill going?”

Zhao Hai knows that Zhang Feng was looking for him precisely because of the rejuvenating pills. Therefore, he diverted the topic towards it.

Hearing Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng’s expression paused. Then his face lit up with joy as he said, “It’s good, its doing very well. We’ve already sold off all of our stock and we profited a lot. Hahaha. In a short time, the income we earned from the rejuvenating pills has surpassed a year of profits from all of our medicine fields.”

Zhao Hai also smiled and said, “So Senior Brother named the pill as a rejuvenating pill. It’s truly worthy of its name. How many pills did Senior Brother sell?”

Zhang Feng smiled faintly and said, “We sold several hundred, the others came up as slags. Now we’re out of stock.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll immediately go harvest some plants first. When I return, I’ll get the waste pills. First Senior Brother can rest assured.” Zhang Feng nodded. Then Zhao Hai cupped his fist before vanishing. Looking at the place Zhao Hai vanished from, Zhang Feng let out a long breath.

Zhao Hai left without leaving his office, which was exactly what he wanted. If Zhao Hai left through the gates, then he might be found out. The room was currently isolated from spiritual force. There’s no way for others to discover the situation inside. Therefore, it was suitable for Zhao Hai to leave from here.

Before long, Zhao Hai reappeared holding a spatial ring in his hand. He gave the ring to Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, this should be enough to make 10 thousand pills. Right, Senior Brother, I think we shouldn’t sell too many pills. Otherwise, its price would plummet. We should limit how we sell each month. Only in this way can the price continue being high.”

Zhang Feng nodded. Although this was his first time hearing about hunger marketing, he understood the gist of it. He also thought that this was reasonable. The rejuvenating pills were as valuable as high-grade artifacts. Because of its rarity, people paid high prices for it. Therefore, he agreed and said, “Alright, then we’ll do that.”

After that, Zhao Hai said, “First Senior Brother, I’ll recycle the waste pills. The waste pills shouldn’t go outside. We’ll recycle them all.

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “Rest assured, none of the pills leaked out. All successful pills and waste pills have been accounted for.” After he said that, Zhang Feng took out several large bottles and gave it to Zhao Hai. Inside the bottles were the failed rejuvenating pills.

Zhao Hai received the pills and said, “Senior Brother, I’ll go process these pills.”

But before Zhao Hai could leave, Zhang Feng stopped him as he said, “Little Hai, there’s no need to complete the pills. Recycling them to their raw materials is enough. Let’s leave the refining to the pill masters. This would also train their skills. Also, five days later, go with me to the Life and Death Arena.”

Zhao Hai stared, but he nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll return in five days with the raw materials from the waste pills.” Zhang Feng nodded and then waved his hand. Zhao Hai cupped his fist before leaving the room.

As soon as Zhao Hai left Zhang Feng’s room, Hao Xing quickly walked over to him. Then he said, “Little Hai, you’re finally out. Do you have time?”

Zhao Hai looked at Hao Xing with a confused expression as he asked, “What’s wrong? Are you looking for Senior Brother?”

Hai Xing shook his head and said, “I’m looking for you. I recently obtained materials for a fate-changing pill. I want to ask for your help to make it. Can you do it?”

Zhao Hai raised his brows and said, “Fate-changing pill? That’s an advanced-level pill. I can make it, but it would take a lot of time. I’m currently doing a task for First Senior Brother. After that, I’ll have to follow him to the Life and Death Arena. But once I have time, I’ll immediately come and help. Is that alright?”

Hao Xing nodded and said, “That’s fine. I’m also going to the Life and Death Arena. You can help me at that time. Do First Senior Brother’s task first.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he cupped his fist towards Hao Xing before going to his room.


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