BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1691


Chapter 1691 – End of the Trial

Zhao Hai and the women smiled bitterly at the 100-meter long snake in front of them. They didn’t know what to say.

This long snake was not the first biochemical beast that Zhao Hai brought to the Space, but the newly hatched beast. When the little thing was born, it was just as big as a mouse. Under the non-stop feeding, it became this gigantic 100-meter long snake. And because Zhao Hai fed some metals to the beast, it became much stronger compared to the one that he brought earlier.

The snake currently has two forms, an eagle, and a snake. The reason for this was because the newly-born beast has only seen one other biochemical beast. So after seeing the two forms of the other beast, the newly-born beast copied it. It was a kind of instinct for the biochemical beasts.

Zhao Hai was now aware of the path of evolution for the biochemical beasts. Just like cultivators, they can absorb the energy from the surroundings in order to level up. However, the biochemical beasts of the Space were different. Now that their genes have been improved, they can eat anything to evolve like the bug race. With the addition of the gene of the Goldeater Mouse, the biochemical beasts were able to eat metals to make themselves stronger.

However, if the biochemical beasts wanted to turn into a human like the one Zhao Hai killed and then use artifacts, they need to eat humans. For animal forms, the biochemical beats only need to observe them.

The two-form biochemical beasts also have a weakness. They couldn’t reduce their volume. This means that no matter which form they use, their body mass would stay the same. They couldn’t shrink or enlarge themselves.

The newly-hatched biochemical beast has almost reached the ability to get its fifth form. However, Zhao Hai didn’t think of feeding it with a cultivator. He wanted the five forms of this beast to be animalistic. Dead cultivators can still become Undead and provide faith power.

Looking at the huge beast, Zhao Hai turned his head to Cai’er as he said, “Cai’er, take care of it. I’m heading out.” Cai’er nodded and then waved her hand. A pile of bread fruits appeared in front of the huge snake. The snake swallowed the fruits that could feed a hundred people in one gulp, shell and all.

Zhao Hai shook his head as he left. Although he was focused on the biochemical beast for two days, he didn’t ignore the situation outside. Most of the biochemical beasts he spotted outside had been killed. The same was true for any cultivators, he wasn’t polite and killed them all.

Zhao Hai killed the biochemical beasts because he wanted to get the feeling of being a beast. This way, it would be easier for him to condense an animalistic avatar in the future.

Zhao Hai wanted a lot of avatars because of his Cloning Technique. The Cloning Technique allowed him to have a lot of incarnations. If he wanted to use his clones to fight the enemy, then he would need multiple dao avatars. 

Moreover, the spiritual cube in Zhao Hai’s soul has reached a thousand faces. After each dao avatar condensation, a face of a cube would be imprinted. Zhao Hai still has a few dao avatars. This meant that the spiritual cube was very empty. Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to add as many dao avatars as he could.

 The cultivators that Zhao Hai killed numbered as many as a hundred. Zhao Hai also obtained a lot of good things from them, especially some unique formations. These formations were very powerful and have special uses. For example, Zhao Hai gained a trapping light formation. It was a formation that used white light to hold cultivators, beasts, and even artifacts down.

So after collecting these formations, Zhao Hai thought of ways to fuse it to large artifacts. Even if he can’t, he could still add their functions to the sword formation. This would make the formation more potent.

If the stellar transformation sword formation suddenly turned into a huge spotlight and then anchored the enemy down, then the enemy would just be there for Zhao Hai to kill. What would that look like?

And even if the stellar transformations sword formation couldn’t hold the cultivators down, at least it would be able to disrupt artifacts. This would give enough time for the formation to kill the enemy.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t kill everyone, he wasn’t a homicidal maniac. He even spared some biochemical beasts. For Zhao Hai, killing in this trial was to make himself stronger. So when he realized that he could no longer benefit from the biochemical beasts, he stopped. He only killed biochemical beasts that had humanoid forms. At the same time, Zhao Hai killed the cultivators for their unique artifacts. There were times when a cultivator had a good artifact yet Zhao Hai still spared them. 

However, Zhao Hai didn’t leave the corpses of the biochemical beasts that the cultivators had killed. He took them all to the Space to feed them to the other biochemical beats.

Time passed and half a month has already gone by. During this time, Zhao Hai killed a lot of biochemical beasts. As for cultivators, he didn’t kill as much. And for the biochemical beasts that he killed, their corpses were sent to the Space to become food for the other biochemical beasts.

The population of the biochemical beasts inside the Space has increased dramatically. These biochemical beasts were strange. They were neither male or female and only the fully-grown beasts could lay eggs. 

Besides the biochemical beasts, Zhao Hai has also finished condensing ten animalistic dao avatars. Moreover, he had turned 13 special formations into three-dimensional formations. His harvest was quite large. Once the herbs that have been collected were added to the calculations, this meant that Zhao Hai has benefited a lot in the foreign trial.

At this point, nothing in the subspace could attract Zhao Hai. Even if it has, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to take care of it at this time. In any case, the Space has already mapped the subspace. He can come in at any time.

Zhao Hai continued to feed the biochemical beasts inside the Space. To rear the beasts properly, Zhao Hai had Cai’er prepare several planets for the beasts to live in. These beasts would have to survive on these planets so that they could prepare for battles later on.

After taking care of these things, Zhao Hai had nothing else to do. Looking at the time, it has been more than 20 days since he entered the foreign trial. The time to return was drawing near. Those who hadn’t been killed in the foreign trial were now on their way back.

Zhao Hai moved and appeared not far from the exit. Then he slowly flew towards the gate. Before long he arrived and then entered the gate. 

When Zhao Hai flew out, he immediately went to the Black Tiger Gang’s transmission formation. When the Elder who was waiting saw Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but be startled. He didn’t know what to say.

Zhao Hai gave the Elder a salute before going behind the Elder. The Elder looked at Zhao Hai and then after some time, he couldn’t help but ask, “Zhang Hao, did you see the others from the sect? Where’s Yan Wen?”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “Replying to the Elder. I didn’t see the others. The subspace is too big, it isn’t easy to see other people. As for Junior Brother Yan, he was separated from me when we entered. After that, I didn’t see him again. I was actually worried about him.”

Everyone who heard knew that Zhao Hai was talking nonsense. How could he not meet anyone? Although the foreign trial was big, the number of people who entered was also quite a lot. To say that it isn’t easy to see other people, only ghosts would believe it.

The Elder from the Black Tiger Gang was even more distrusting of Zhao Hai’s words. He could see Yan Wen’s purpose for being polite towards Zhang Hao. Moreover, it seemed like Zhang Hao trusted Yan Wen. He thought that Zhang Hao wouldn’t go out alive. But now, it was Yan Wen who didn’t return. It seems like Yan Wen was unlucky.

Thinking of this, the Elder examined Zhang Hao once more. Seeing Zhang Hao’s innocent appearance, the Elder couldn’t help but feel cold in his heart. Yan Wen had been tricked by Zhang Hao. All of his previous actions were fake. This person was too scary.

The Elder no longer dared to look at Zhao Hai. The more he looked at Zhang Hao’s calm face, the more he was scared. Looking at the Elder’s expression, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t say anything as he just stood in place and waited.

In the following days, disciples returned one after the other. Some sects have one or two disciples come out, while some sects have none.

However, the sects were already used to this outcome. It must be said that those who were sent to this foreign trial were disciples that were not valued much. Because of this, the sects didn’t care about the loss.

On the day that the gate closed, the sects began to head back. As for the Black Tiger Gang, although they had sent 15 people, only three of them came back, one of them was Zhao Hai.

After the Elder led Zhao Hai and the others back to the Black Tiger Gang’s transmission plaza, he immediately left the team. For such an expedition outside the sect, there was no reward. It wasn’t like they went out to win glory for the sect or enter a competition. The sect didn’t benefit from the foreign trial, naturally there would be no rewards.

Zhao Hai entered the transmission formation and then went to Zhang Feng’s mountain. Zhang Feng’s treasure ship was currently parked outside his main gate. By this point, Zhang Feng has traded his Battle Slave office for his mountain. He would now take care of his matters in the Black Tiger Gang’s headquarters. 

The reason Zhang Feng didn’t like to return to the headquarters in the past was because he didn’t have a large artifact. If he returned at that time, then he would be suppressed by the Core Disciples. Because of this, he continued to do his work outside the sect.

But things are different now. With a large artifact in hand, Zhang Feng was more confident and thus he returned to his mountain. In the past, if people wanted to seek help from Zhang Feng, they could only pass the message over because he wasn’t present. But now, this has been resolved. Those who wanted to take refuge under Zhang Feng’s faction can come directly to his mountain. Because of this, more and more people have joined Zhang Feng’s faction. 

Zhang Feng has been paying close attention to news outside these days. He knows that Zhao Hai and the others will be back in the next few days. He was afraid that something would happen to Zhao Hai. As long as there was movement in the transmission formation, he would quickly take notice. 

At this time, there was a flash of white light on the transmission formation. Zhang Feng immediately turned his head. Before long, he saw “Zhang Hao” appearing.

Zhang Feng immediately became happy. Naturally, he knew that Zhang Hao was Zhao Hai in disguise. This was because he just saw the real Zhang Hao arranging materials inside the ship. So how could Zhang Feng appear on the mountain’s transmission formation?

Although Zhang Feng was happy, he didn’t show it on his face. He just stayed in his room and waited for Zhao Hai. Zhang Feng was well aware of how many eyes were currently staring at him. If he behaved abnormally, he would definitely be noticed. This wouldn’t be good. Because of this, he continued to act normally and waited for Zhao Hai to report. Since Zhao Hai’s current identity was Zhang Hao, there was no reason for Zhang Feng himself to greet him.

Zhao Hai also knows what Zhang Feng was thinking, so he didn’t feel wronged. He nodded at the people at the gate and then proceeded towards Zhang Feng’s room. Suddenly, a person appeared in front of Zhao Hai. It was Zhang Feng’s close subordinate, Hao Xing.

Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Senior Brother Hao Xing.” He didn’t act out of character for Zhang Hao.

Hao Xing looked at Zhao Hai with curiosity as he nodded and said, “First Senior Brother is waiting for you. You should go in quickly.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Thanks, Senior Brother Hao.” Then he walked towards Zhang Feng’s room. As Zhao Hai left, Hao Xing became even more curious.


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