BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1689


Chapter 1689 – Unusual Discovery

 When the big snake entered the Space, a prompt was heard, “Transforming biochemical combat beast detected. A lifeform chip has been detected. The chip can record other lifeforms and allow the beast to transform.  Extracting transformation ability. Ability extracted.”

Originally, Zhao Hai didn’t think much of the prompt. But after hearing the term ‘biochemical combat beast’, he couldn’t help but stare. Then hearing ‘lifeform chip’, Zhao Hai could no longer stay calm.

Biochemical combat beast, lifeform chip, weren’t these things found in advanced science and technology civilizations? How could it possibly appear here? What’s going on?

Zhao Hai immediately entered the Space. He looked at the eagle in front of him. This eagle was the spirit slug from before. Since Laura and the others dislike snakes, they had the spirit slug transform into an eagle.

Cai’er and the others were curiously examining the eagle. Now that it has been subdued by the Space, the eagle was docile.

However, the eagle was nearly 50 meters tall. It looked like a colossus from where it’s standing. Cai’er and the others were floating in the air, chatting about something.

Zhao Hai could hear that they were talking about the biochemical beast. Naturally, like Zhao Hai, they were shaken by the prompt.

Cai’er and the others have followed Zhao Hai for a long time. Naturally, they knew what biochemical combat beasts might pertain to. Biochemical beasts shouldn’t appear in the Great World of Cultivation. This was because the Great World of Cultivation was a Cultivation Civilization. They gave priority to harnessing one’s potential instead of optimizing evolution.

Biochemical beasts only appeared in Science and Technology Civilizations. They were tools that helped a person fight. Biochemical beasts were only partially alive. This was because they have lifeform chips inside, which made them half-machine.

Zhao Hai flew beside Cai’er and the others and said, “How is it? Can you communicate with it?”

Cai’er replied, “Simple communication is possible. After I asked, it said that it didn’t know where it came from. It was already a few generations below the original spirit slugs. Also, this spirit slug is only a low-level one. This is the reason it could only switch between two forms. Higher-level spirit slugs can have five forms. At a higher-level, it can change into ten forms, then higher than that is fifty forms. At the highest level, a spirit slug can transform into whatever they want. But it also said that there has never been a highest-level spirit slug in this subspace. The strongest slug can only transform into 10 forms.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “How does it increase its level?”

Caie’r smiled and said, “This is simpler. In the past, they could slowly absorb energy and upgrade themselves. But now, after arriving in the Space, its genes were improved. Some beast genes have also been added to it. Now, they can eat anything. What they ate would be integrated into their body. If they eat metal, they could absorb it and strengthen their skin and bones.

Zhao Hai nodded. After he thought of it, he said, “Have the processing machine make the most suitable evolution path for the biochemical beasts. Then feed them according to the plan. Also, they seem to be unable to provide faith power due to being half-machine. That’s also good. I still feel heartache whenever I use the Undead as cannon fodder. From now on, we’ll use these beasts as our main troops.”

Cai’er nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll take care of this. I’ll make them powerful as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, let’s head inside. I want to see how many biochemical combat beasts there are.”

Everyone entered the villa and looked at the screen. The subspace map that was made by the Space was now bigger than before. Some cultivators could be seen fighting the biochemical beasts. Naturally, there were also battles between cultivators.

Laura sat beside Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, what should we do now? Do we just watch?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Of course not. It’s too boring to just watch. When they get tired, we’re going to clean them up. I also want to see how the spirit slugs could help people condense their dao avatars.”

Laura nodded and said, “I think this is an opportunity. Quite a few people entered the foreign trial. You can kill them off, make them into Undead, and then they can provide you with faith power. By the way, Brother Hai, you can also see if you can turn the spirit slugs into Undead. We can have the scanner analyze and let the biochemical beasts multiply. It’s good if we can diversify the biochemical beasts like the bug race.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Let’s confirm first if the biochemical beasts really can’t give me faith power. If they can’t, then we’ll have the Space diversify them. If the biochemical beasts can become Undead, they can provide me faith power. If that happens, it won’t matter if we can diversify them or not.”

Laura nodded. Then she pointed to the screen and said, “Look, there’s an opportunity.”

The opportunity that Laura pointed towards was a battle between a cultivator and a biochemical beast. The beast in the screen was the same as the one that Zhao Hai captured which could only transform into two types. On the other side, the cultivator was clearly from a powerful sect. The cultivator had multiple different artifacts. In the end, he was able to kill the biochemical beast.

It seems like the biochemical beast doesn’t show its real form when it dies. In fact, its first transformation seems to be its real form. To a biochemical beast, there was no such thing as a real body.

The biochemical beast that was killed had the form of a tiger. Therefore, it died in its tiger form.

When the biochemical beast died, a yellow light emitted from its body. The yellow light left the beast’s body and entered the cultivator that killed it. When the light entered the cultivator, there seemed to be no negative effects. Instead, the cultivator looked ecstatic.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. He couldn’t understand what was going on. Then he disappeared from the Space and appeared in front of the cultivator.

The cultivator was stunned by Zhao Hai’s sudden appearance. Then without delay he took out his artifact. Although the cultivator had a lot of artifacts, his most used artifact was a bronze mirror.

Since Zhao Hai saw the cultivator’s battle against the biochemical beast, he had a complete understanding of the bronze mirror’s properties. The bronze mirror’s offensive method was very simple. It emitted light that attacked the target.

Since he knew about the bronze mirror’s attack, Zhao Hai was very careful. At the same time, he was thinking of having the Space analyze the bronze mirror.

This time, Zhao Hai also used his sword formation. But then he quickly realized that the cultivator was hard to deal with. The cause of this was the bronze mirror.

Although Zhao Hai was already wary of the bronze mirror, he was still underprepared. He didn’t expect the bronze mirror to be a faith artifact.

Faith artifacts were special artifacts present in the Great World of Cultivation. Actually, Zhao Hai has one faith artifact, it was his crescent moon spade.

In the Great World of Cultivators, not everyone can use faith artifacts. Also, the term ‘faith artifact’ was something that Zhao Hai named himself. In the Great World of Cultivation, faith artifacts have a different name: Sacred Artifacts.

Also, faith power was termed as sacred power. Therefore, artifacts that use sacred power are called sacred artifacts. Usually, only Core Formation experts would use sacred artifacts. Since sacred artifacts use faith power, the strength they can demonstrate was much stronger compared to ordinary artifacts.

Just because sacred artifacts were only used by Core Formation Experts and above, this doesn’t mean that those below couldn’t use them. The main difference between sacred artifacts and ordinary artifacts was the capability to channel faith power. Even if there was no faith power, sacred artifacts can still be used as normal artifacts. The absence of faith power just limits the full capability of the sacred artifact.

Faith power was also the primary reason why Core Formation Experts and above use sacred artifacts. Sacred artifacts use a lot of faith power. Most cultivators wouldn’t have enough faith power to waste on using sacred artifacts. Cultivators below the core formation would prefer to use their faith power in improving their strength.

Despite this, the cultivator in front of Zhao Hai was actually using a sacred artifact. Moreover, he was using faith power. This can only explain one point, the background of this person wasn’t ordinary.

Zhao Hai’s thoughts revolved like lightning. He was able to infer a lot of things in a blink of an eye. However, he didn’t stop. He knew that he had truly offended this person, to the point of life and death. If Zhao Hai let this person off, then this cultivator would mobilize people to retaliate.

On the other side, the cultivator that Zhao Hai was fighting couldn’t help but feel bitterness. He prepared all he could for this trial. His father even gave him a lot of faith power to use. He even brought a sacred artifact with him. He thought that with the sacred artifact, this trial would be very safe. He didn’t expect to encounter an iron wall not long after entering. His bronze mirror couldn’t do anything to his opponent.


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