BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1688


Chapter 1688 – Kill The Killers

Zhao Hai looked at the cultivators surrounding him. He shook his head as he lightly sighed and said, “I thought I would meet the inhabitants of the subspace first. To think that I would meet other people, so boring.”

When the cultivators who surrounded Zhao Hai heard what he said, their expressions couldn’t help but change. The leader snorted and said, “Zhang Hao, to still be confident in the face of death. You’re too confident. Today, you will die!” Then he waved his hand and threw a ring-like artifact towards Zhao Hai. The other cultivators didn’t waste their breath as they also took their artifacts and attacked Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and released his sword formation to cover the killers from the Black Tiger Gang. The sword formation he used this time wasn’t the same sword formation that he used in the Outer Sect Competition. The sword formation he used was the three-dimensional sword formation. Moreover, it was reinforced with faith power and powered by the yin-yang lightning pond. It was his full-powered sword formation.

Zhao Hai made a calculation in his mind. There were eight people surrounding him. If Yan Wen was included, nine people intended to kill him. Among the fifteen people, only five of them didn’t try to kill him. The rest were sent by the core disciples and the major clans to deal with him.

In this case, Zhao Hai doesn’t need to be polite with these people. He should turn them into Undead in order to provide him with faith power.

The cultivators quickly discovered the problem. They found themselves under a starry sky while Zhao Hai disappeared. They knew that they entered a sword formation. Moreover, they felt that the sword formation was familiar.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t give them time to think as he used the formation to attack. Before the enemies responded, Zhao Hai made his move.

The cultivators felt that planets were directly hitting their bodies. They immediately used their defensive artifacts to defend. However, they quickly discovered that the planets were extremely powerful. They cannot defend. They can only try to evade.

Then they discovered another issue. They were completely blocked on all sides, they had no route of escape.

It didn’t take long for the sword formation to kill someone. Then they were turned into Undead. After that, Zhao Hai killed each attacker one by one.

Once all of the enemies were dead, Zhao Hai waved his hand and received the sword formation. Then he left the area. As soon as Zhao Hai left, a tree next to him shimmered before a person came out. The person let out a long breath as he patted his chest and said, “What a vicious person. Fortunately, I hid early and escaped the catastrophe. Otherwise, it would be dangerous. I didn’t expect people of the same sect to fight. What kind of sect would have cultivators that would kill each other?”

After he finished speaking, he heard a voice, “The Black Tiger Gang.”

The person muttered and said, “Black Tiger Gang? Where did I hear that? Wait, who’s there?! Come out!” Zhao Hai appeared not far away from the person. He looked at him and said, “You’re really good at hiding. Unfortunately for you, nothing can escape my eyes.”

When the man saw Zhao Hai his expression couldn’t help but change. Then he waved his hand and took out his flying sword. The sword wasn’t taken from his spatial bag but instead from his back. He was a sword cultivator.

But before the man could activate his flying sword, he felt a pain in his throat. Then his eyes turned black as he fell down. He didn’t even know how Zhao Hai killed him.

The reason Zhao Hai killed the man quickly was because in addition to being a sword cultivator, he was also a divergent ability user. If Zhao Hai let the man escape through the trees, then he would have a hard time following behind. Therefore, Zhao Hai led him out of the tree in order to kill him.

After killing the cultivator, Zhao Hai took him to the Space before leaving. He was certain that nobody was around him.

A short while after Zhao hai left, several cultivators went to the place where Zhao Hai just fought. They looked around before leaving.

The cultivators who came over were from the most powerful sects in the Great World of Cultivation. Although they were outer disciples and newly promoted inner disciples, their knowledge was still better than other people. Moreover, the artifacts they wield are more advanced. Because of this, they came over to take a look due to the strong energy fluctuations. They found traces of battle, but not of the combatants involved.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about these people as he leisurely flew forward. At the same time, silver needles went out of his body to scout out the subspace and map it using the Space. The flying needles were also receiving new plants for the Space.

After receiving these plants, the Space actually issued a prompt. These plants were new varieties or were mutations of previous plants. This caused Zhao Hai to be surprised.

What surprised Zhao Hai the most was the fact that most of these plants had medicinal effects. They can be used to make pills or potions. Moreover, their functions are quite strange. Besides those that can be used as healing medicines, most of the herbs can be used to aid in disguise. While some could be used to make people look younger.

Cultivators live long lives. As long as they form their Nascent Soul, they can transform back to their peak form and become younger.

Before forming a Nascent Soul, a cultivator would slowly age. This might not be an issue for male cultivators since they really don’t care about their appearance. But the same couldn’t be said for female cultivators. Women liked to look good. Although their strength wouldn’t change if they looked older, they would much prefer to have their younger forms.

The Great World of Cultivation already has pills and potions for the face. However, their effects weren’t ideal. On the other hand, the ordinary plants in the subspace had herbs that could make high-grade face potions. This was surprising. If female cultivators knew about this secret, then they would certainly be the ones who would enter the subspace, not outer disciples and newly promoted inner disciples.

Zhao Hai flew forward nonstop. The silver needles have also reached very far. The subspace was truly huge. Despite flying for some time, he hasn’t met other cultivators. This came as a surprise to Zhao Hai.

A lot of cultivators risked entering the subspace and yet Zhao Hai hasn’t met anyone else. It was unusual.

At this time, a cultivator appeared near Zhao Hai’s silver needle. The cultivator was wearing black clothing. However, the person’s clothing was very strange. He wasn’t wearing normal cultivator clothing but instead he was wearing clothes that an assassin would wear. His entire face was covered with a black cloth revealing only his two eyes. At this time, he was hiding behind a tree, looking ahead.

Fifty meters in front of this person was a huge snake. The snake was a hundred meters long and was as thick as a bucket. It coiled around a tree, sleeping.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be interested. He entered the Space and spectated the snake and the man. It was clear that the black-clothed person wanted to hunt the snake. Zhao Hai wanted to see if he could succeed.

The cultivator was patiently observing the snake. The snake quietly slept. Sometimes, its body would rise up due to breathing. It was the only indication that it was alive.

Half an hour passed. And as Zhao Hai began to lose patience, the cultivator finally made a move. He took out a weapon. Seeing the weapon, Zhao Hai raised his brows. The weapon that the cultivator took out was a sickle and chain.

A sickle and chain was a unique weapon. It was divided into three parts: the sickle, the chain, and the hammer at the other end. It can be considered as an assassin’s weapon. 

However, not a lot of cultivators use this weapon. This was because cultivators usually controlled their weapons to fly and attack their enemy. The advantage of the sickle and chain was completely lost in front of cultivators. 

The sickle and chain that the cultivator took out was special. It was completely black, just like his clothing.

After the person took out their weapon, they grabbed the sickle and then threw it towards the sleeping snake.

The big snake quickly reacted as it raised its head. However, it was too late. The sickle already latched onto its body.

When the sickle was locked onto the snake’s body, the black-clothed cultivator immediately pulled it back, dragging the snake over.

The body of the snake shook, it was obviously in pain. Then the snake made a hissing sound as it jumped down from the tree and charged straight towards the cultivator. The snake was very fast. The snake was coiled around the tree but it was able to jump out in an instant. The black-clothed cultivator didn’t expect this.

As the cultivator was stunned, the snake arrived in front of him. The cultivator paled as he kicked the tree he was hiding behind. He floated up like a bird as the hammer of his weapon was aimed towards the snake’s head.

However, the snake changed its form into an eagle. It sprang up into the air in an instant. It didn’t only repel the hammer, it shook off the sickle as well.

With a wave of its wings, the eagle became a black shadow and charged towards the cultivator. The cultivator didn’t expect the snake to change its form. Moreover, its transformation speed was very fast. He turned his body to descend, trying to fall down in order to avoid the eagle’s pounce.

But at this time, the eagle transformed back into a snake. The snake’s tail turned into a whip as it whipped the cultivator from below. 

The cultivator was caught off guard. He vomited blood as his internal organs were damaged. It was obvious that he was seriously injured.

But this wasn’t over yet. The snake turned into an eagle once more. It grabbed the cultivator’s head with its one claw and shattered it. The eagle loosened its claws and made an angry cry as it circled in the air. It was clear that it was very agitated.

Zhao Hai was surprised when he saw the battle. He didn’t expect the snake to turn into an eagle and vice versa very quickly. So that was a spirit slug, it was formidable.

Zhao Hai could see that the black-clothed cultivator wasn’t weak. Although he hadn’t condensed his dao avatar, Zhao Hai was certain that the cultivator had faith power. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to sneak so close to the snake without being discovered. Unfortunately, the snake’s strength exceeded the cultivator. And the cultivator was slaughtered by the snake.

As she looked at the screen, Cai’er said, “I didn’t expect the spirit slugs to be so strong. Young Master, what do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m now interested in those spirit slugs. I’ll head out and catch it.” Zhao Hai left and appeared not far away from the eagle.

The eagle immediately noticed Zhao Hai. It screeched and dove towards him. Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he waved his hand and threw a net towards the eagle.

The eagle immediately knew what was going to happen. It turned in the air in order to avoid the net. Then it turned into a big snake and went straight towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai noticed that the spirit slug could only transform between an eagle and a snake. It seems like it couldn’t transform into anything else. However, Zhao Hai didn’t underestimate it. He waved his hand and used his sword formation to cover the snake.

Although the snake was as strong as an expert who has a dao avatar, it was still weaker than Zhao Hai. And Zhao Hai didn’t use his dao avatar, the sword formation was enough to deal with the snake. The snake shifted its form into an eagle and back multiple times, but it couldn’t escape the sword formation. It was trapped.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. He waved his hand and the formation turned into a large net. The snake was trapped within. Although the snake was struggling, it was useless. Zhao Hai waved his hand once more and sent the net to the Space.


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