BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1682


Chapter 1682 – I Give Two

Zhao Hai sent Han Buli off. He now understood the situation of the Black Tiger Gang better compared to before. It can be said that the Black Tiger Gang has reached a critical situation. It has internal traitors and external enemies. If it continues, then the Black Tiger Gang would face extinction.

However, Zhao Hai cannot do anything about it right now. The situation of the sect was much more complicated than he imagined. Each of those clans are very powerful. He still doesn’t have the strength to go against them. If he wanted to change the current situation of the sect, then he would have to rely on Zhang Feng and the Han Clan.

Zhao Hai returned to the Space pondering about how he could help Zhang Hao and the Han Clan. This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai had a favorable impression of the Black Tiger Gang. It was because of his status. From the moment he entered the Great World of Cultivation as a Battle Slave to his promotion to the Outer Sect, he was already marked as a disciple of the Black Tiger Gang. It was almost impossible for him to erase this identity.

The only solution for this was to become a rogue cultivator. However, rogue cultivators in the Great World of Cultivation lived in very unsatisfactory conditions. It wasn’t good for his future development.

Moreover, now that he entered Zhang Feng and the Han Clan’s eyes, it would be impossible for him to become a rogue cultivator. Both Zhang Feng and the Han Clan wouldn’t allow him to leave.

Because of this, in order to develop in the Great World of Cultivation, Zhao Hai can only rely on the Black Tiger Gang. With his current strength, developing on his own wasn’t possible.

Actually, with his present strength, it would be easy for Zhao Hai to leave the Black Tiger Gang. Now that the Space has mapped further out of the sect’s domain and even the outer domain of the Roaring Flame Sect and the Wandering Soul Gang, He can just teleport out in either direction.

However, Zhao Hai wouldn’t do this. Although he has the Space, movement was very hard without a sufficient backing here in the Great World of Cultivation. Although cities were mostly controlled by rogue cultivator clans, sects still had enough influence in the world. Zhao Hai’s eventual rise would cause these people to suppress him. When the time comes, Zhao Hai would face huge powers alone. Zhao Hai didn’t want this to happen.

Therefore, Zhao Hai can only stay in the Black Tiger Gang, helping Zhang Feng increase the sect’s strength. Only then can he live comfortably.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but let out a long breath. Then he opened his eyes. Laura and the others were looking at him in confusion. They didn’t know what Zhao Hai was thinking about.

Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled as he said, “I’m alright, don’t worry. But I didn’t expect that the Black Tiger Gang’s situation would be this complex. It seems like we have to be patient for some time.”

Laura nodded. The Black Tiger Gang’s state was truly more complex than what they thought, especially the Hu Clan. They seem to be a malignant tumor in the sect.

However, this malignant tumor could no longer be eradicated. This was because the experts of the Hu Clan were also experts of the Black Tiger Gang. If the Hu Clan was extinguished, then the strength of the Black Tiger Gang would be heavily affected. Most importantly, even with Zhang Feng and the Han Clan’s strength, they have yet to come up with a solution to deal with them.

If the Hu Clan was pushed to a corner, they might directly invite the Wandering Soul Gang to attack the sect. When that time comes, the Black Tiger Gang would be in deep trouble.

The Black Tiger Gang has reached a fragile stalemate. A small move would cause the entire situation to erupt. The Hu Clan doesn’t have the strength to deal with Tie Zhantian and the Han Clan, but the same was also true the other way around.

Although the Hu Clan colluded with the Wandering Soul Gang, they also understood that if they used the Wandering Soul Gang to deal with the Gang Leader, the Wandering Soul Gang could also deal with them. It was well known that the Wandering Soul Gang were filled with lunatics, breaking faith and abandoning righteousness. They were very adept in this aspect.

Tie Zhantian and the Han Clan also couldn’t do anything to the Hu Clan and the others, so the two sides had achieved balance. Once this balance was broken, no matter which side did it, the entire Black Tiger Gang would be in chaos. When the time comes, there would be internal strife. And there were already enemies outside waiting to pounce. 

As he thought of this, Zhao Hai took out a jade sword message. He wrote of his meeting with Han Buli as well as his request to obtain faith power and dao avatar techniques. 

This jade sword message was intended for Zhang Feng. Zhao Hai knew that he shouldn’t hide what happened. If Zhang Feng heard contradictory words, then their relationship would suffer.

Moreover, Zhao Hai knew clearly that too much kindness would breed enmity. It wasn’t always good to be too kind to a person. Zhao Hai wasn’t too kind to Zhang Feng, but it was a fact that he solved a lot of Zhang Feng’s problems. If Zhao Hai had no desires or requests, then Zhang Feng might turn suspicious. Therefore, Zhao Hai specifically asked Zhang Feng to get him cultivation methods as well as Faith Power. This way, Zhang Feng wouldn’t feel that he owed Zhao Hai too much.

Zhao Hai also told Zhang Feng that Han Buli wanted to help him acquire faith power. He doesn’t need to hide this matter from Zhang Feng. This was because, at present, Zhao Hai wasn’t as valuable as Zhang Feng to the Han Clan. If he hid the truth from Zhang Feng, then once Zhang Feng heard about it from the Han Clan, Zhao Hai would be placed in an awkward position.

Zhang Feng soon received Zhao Hai’s jade sword message. After reading the contents, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but smile bitterly as he said, “I didn’t expect the Han Clan’s nose to be so accurate. Hahaha. This is also good. Later on, if the Han Clan wants to support other people, they would have to consider Little Hai’s existence. I didn’t ask Little Hai to woo people over, yet he managed to hook such a huge fish. Hahaha. Good. It’s just faith power. If the Han Clan gives one portion, then I’ll give two.”

Zhang Feng walked out and looked at the treasure ship floating in mid-air. He could store the ship away, but he didn’t do it. He liked the feeling of seeing the ship whenever he looked up. It makes him feel at ease.

Looking at the treasure ship, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but smile. Then his body vanished and entered the ship. Currently, the ship is populated by a number of people. Some of them were Battle Slaves while some were people from Zhang Feng’s personal mountain. Zhang Feng also set up several transmission formations on the ship. This way, his subordinates would be able to travel to and from the mountain. The ship would soon become Zhang Feng’s second base.

In the past few days, Zhang Feng has been taking care of the administration of the Battle Slaves. When he’s done with it, he can go to the treasure ship to work. The Battle Slave office would be left alone.

Zhang Feng’s actions weren’t wrong. The top ten Core Disciples treat their large artifacts as another base. The things inside the large artifacts weren’t any less than the ones on the mountains. This way, they could use the large artifacts whenever they need it.

Right now, Zhang Feng was busy moving his stuff to the treasure ship. Although the ship has been fully furnished by Zhao Hai, there were still a lot of things that Zhang Feng needed to add. For example, he needed a large stockpile of spirit stones. There were also pills that needed to be stored. Zhang Feng also prepared a refining room and an alchemy room on the ship. All of which were up to standard.

Seeing Zhang Feng appear, his subordinates immediately welcomed him and gave him a salute. Zhang Feng waved his hand and had them resume their tasks. Only one person was left behind. This person had an average stature but he was very handsome. He held a fan in his hand as he stood beside Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, why are you here again? It seems like you can’t get away from the ship for just two days.”

Zhang Feng smiled and said, “Don’t talk nonsense. I came here this time for proper business. Little Xing, go get me two portions of faith power. Fetch some Dao Avatar methods as well.”

The person called Little Xing was named Hao Xing. He wasn’t a particularly talented Inner Disciple, he was just in the middle. He couldn’t become a core disciple, but he also wouldn’t be demoted to an Outer Disciple. He could be regarded as an ordinary Inner Sect cultivator.

But because of his handsome appearance, Hao Xing was very famous among Inner Disciples, especially women. Females in the Black Tiger Gang liked to be with him.

However, his appearance got Hao Xing in trouble. He enticed a woman without knowing their background. As it turns out, the woman was a subordinate of one of the top ten Core Disciples. It was already too late for him when he found out. At that point, the woman was obsessed with Hao Xing. It scared him and he ran away immediately. Finally, Zhang Feng saved his life and he became Zhang Feng’s subordinate.

It was only after he became Zhang Feng’s subordinate did Hao Xing discover his talent. Although he looked like a pampered man, he was very good at logistics which made him in charge of managing Zhang Feng’s mountain. It can be said that Hao Xing knew more about Zhang Feng’s assets than Zhang Feng himself.

It was also because of this that Zhang Feng looked highly upon Hao Xing, to the point where Hao Xing can joke around with him. Hearing Zhang Feng requesting for two portions of faith power, Hao Xing nodded and before long he returned with two jade disks. These jade disks were used to store faith power. In the Black Tiger Gang, a portion of faith power can store 100 disciple’s worth of prayers. 

Besides the two formation disks, Hao Xing also returned with a jade slip. In this jade slip were dao avatar techniques. Hao Xing handed the items to Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, who will you give these things to?”

Hao Xing was Zhang Feng’s trusted aide and there were plenty of matters that Zhang Feng was open to talk with him about. However, Zhang Feng didn’t tell Hao Xing about Zhao Hai. Although Hao Xing had some guesses, he wasn’t confident about them.

Zhang Feng looked at Hao Xing and said, “I’ll tell you in the future.” After he said that, Zhang Feng turned around and lef.t

Hao Xing looked at Zhang Feng’s back in confusion as he said, “I don’t know what happened to First Senior Brother recently, could it be menopause? Hehe. I didn’t expect him to change this much. Interesting.”

Zhang Feng didn’t know that Hao Xing was joking about him behind his back. He took the faith power and returned to his office and used the transmission formation. After a flash of white light, he vanished and appeared in the Ignored Valley.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect Zhang Feng to come over himself. When he saw Zhang Feng, he immediately went out of the Space and greeted him. Zhang Feng looked at Zhao Hai and laughed as he said, “Good kid. Do you already want to learn dao avatar techniques? You have a good foundation, so you can begin studying dao avatars. However, one couldn’t refine a dao avatar in one day. It would take a slow effort to understand it. Here, these are two portions of faith power. This is also a dao avatar technique. Study it slowly.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then invited Zhang Feng over to sit down. Then he took out several jugs of wine and said, “Senior Brother, let me give you these spirit wines. It’s something I made in the lower realms. Although it doesn’t provide a lot of spiritual qi, its flavor should be enough for you to enjoy.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “You really have a lot of good things. Alright, I’ll accept these. But let me tell you first, I can only give you two portions of faith power per month. You’ll have to properly make use of it. After you complete your dao avatar, I’ll give you more portions.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright. Thank you, Senior Brother. Brother Han Buli also told me that he’ll give me one portion. I’ll have more faith power to play around with. Haha. At that time, I’ll have more faith power allowance than the Inner Disciples.”

Zhang Feng smiled faintly and said, “Also, in the meantime, you should stop making artifacts and recycling materials and make more pills. I only have a few pills left. If there are any special pills, I’d want them as well. Those pills are very useful.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll send you more pills soon.”

Zhang Feng gave him a nod, then he said, “The Han Clan are on the same side as us, so you can get in contact with them. However, you need to pay attention. Although Han Buli’s status is a secret, the Hu Clan has always been paying attention to the Han Clan’s actions. You should beware of being discovered by them. Remind Han Buli about this.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then Zhang Feng stood up and said, “I have too many things to do right now, and there are a lot of people staring at my back. So I won’t stay here for long. If you need anything, just send me a message.” Zhao Hai nodded, then Zhang Feng turned around and left.


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