BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1681


Chapter 1681 – Improving Relations

Han Buli was happy. In his opinion, Zhao Hai’s honesty meant that he also regarded him as a friend. And if not, at the very least Zhao Hai trusted him. Zhao Hai wouldn’t just easily reveal this matter.

Zhao Hai looked at Han Buli and said, “Brother Han, for you to know about this, you should have a relationship with First Senior Brother. Are you one of First Senior Brother’s subordinates?”

Han Buli stared at Zhao Hai, then he snorted and said, “Him? Do you want me to become his subordinate? He’s not bad, but he can’t get me. Little Hai, since you treat me as a friend, then let this brother tell you the truth. I’m from the Black Tiger Gang’s Han Clan.”

Han Buli proudly proclaimed his background to Zhao Hai. However, he discovered that Zhao Hai has a bewildered look. Han Buli tapped his head as he realized that Zhao Hai had just arrived in the Great World of Cultivation. Moreover, with the Han Clan being a clan in the shadows, it was normal for Zhao Hai to be unaware of them.

Thinking of this, Han Buli began to explain in detail what the Han Clan was as well as its status in the Black Tiger Gang.

After Zhao Hai listened, he couldn’t help but look at Han Buli and said, “Brother, you’re a child of a prestigious clan? Is that true? Or is that just one of your identities?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Han Buli said, “What are you talking about? I’m a true descendant of the Han Clan. I don’t need to pretend. Let me tell you, the Han Clan is in cooperation with Zhang Feng and the Gang Leader. This is why our Clan knows about you. You might not know this, but Zhang Feng’s large artifact has caused a large stir in the sect. To the point where those litter of old foxes came running towards the Hu Clan.” After he said that, Han Buli explained the Hu Clan to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai knitted his brows and said, “So I have placed myself under the limelight? That wouldn’t be good. I don’t want attention.”

Han Buli smiled and assured him, “Nobody will know about you. It must be said that Zhang Feng knew very well how to cover up his tracks. He killed the other Battle Slaves in your batch just in case someone knows about your background. Therefore, nobody will be able to know about your involvement. You can rest assured.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I cannot be exposed right now, otherwise I would be in danger. As long as nobody looks in my direction, then that’s good enough.”

Han Buli smiled and said, “Don’t worry. You see the transmission formation? If there’s anything wrong, you can use it to leave immediately and go to our base. As long as you arrive, nobody can move you, whether it be the Hu Clan or the Gang Leader. I’ll give you the coordinates in a moment, just in case you need it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he didn’t decline. He looked at Han Buli and said, “Then I’ll trouble you this time, Brother Han. If you need anything crafted, you can go look for me. Right, I’ll have to ask you to get me some pill recipes and artifact blueprints of the Black Tiger Gang. It’s also good if you can get me some jade slips regarding techniques.”

Han Buli nodded, “Don’t worry, you can leave this to me. It’s not difficult, I can take care of it with ease. Right, Brother, you might have noticed, but my cultivation talent isn’t good. Do you have any pills that can help? In the Great World of Cultivation, only strength speaks truth, the others are fake. You also shouldn’t divert from your path, personal strength is still the most important.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I don’t have such pills. But I can give you something else that you can drink every day. After you go back, get me techniques regarding Dao Avatars. If I can get techniques about the Core Formation Stage, that would also help me study.”

Han Buli frowned and said, “Getting the cultivation methods isn’t a problem. However, you need Faith Power. Without it, those cultivation methods would be useless. I think you should leave it for the future.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Who said I don’t have faith power? If I didn’t have faith power, how would I manage to ascend the Sky Tower? However, I don’t have a lot of faith power. I reckon I would have to ask First Senior Brother about this. I believe that he could help me.”

When Han Buli heard what Zhao Hai said, his eyes couldn’t help but shine. He believed that Zhang Feng would truly help Zhao Hai gain faith power. For Zhang Feng, this matter was very simple.

At the same time, Han Buli thought that the Han Clan could also give faith power to Zhao Hai. This way, Zhao Hai would owe them a favor. And in the future, it would be more convenient for them to ask Zhao Hai for a favor.

Thinking of this, Han Buli immediately replied, “I immediately remembered something when you said that. I can also go back and tell my clan to give you some faith power. Don’t refuse. It might be precious to other people, but to us, its very cheap.”

Zhao Hai believed Han Buli’s words. He was now aware of the Han Clan’s reputation. A Great Clan like them naturally wouldn’t lack faith power.

Zhao Hai didn’t refuse as he nodded and said, “That is also good. Right, Brother Han, will there be conflict with the faith power that I already have?”

Han Buli laughed and said, “Of course not. You don’t have to worry.” Zhao Hai was relieved.

Han Buli focused on the big jar that Zhao Hai gave him. Just now, Han Buli asked Zhao Hai for a pill, but Zhao Hai gave him this jar instead. The jar contained a transparent liquid that looked a lot like water.

Han Buli curiously turned the jar over. Then he immediately smelled the scent of alcohol. After covering the jar, Han Buli looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “This is wine? Are you giving this to me?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That is for you. Don’t worry, I added something to this wine. After you go back, drink a small cup of it every day. When you run out, just come to me and I’ll give you more. This is good wine. Not only can it help you refine qi, it also gives benefits to your physique. I won’t just give it to anyone.”

This wine was the latest creation of the Space. Because of the new materials that have been introduced, Zhao Hai was able to come up with this wine while using the processing machine. This wine can help people in refining qi as well as cultivating spiritual force. At the same time, it could increase one’s physique. It was more potent compared to ordinary pills.

Hearing Zhao Hai, Han Buli nodded as he said, “Then I’ll be impolite.” As he received the wine jug, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother, when you have time, how about giving me a large artifact to play with?”

Zhao Hai rolled his eyes at Han Buli as he said, “You really dare play around with a large artifact. You think its a toy? You don’t know how hard it was to make First Senior Brother’s artifact. Also, what’s the use of you having one? You would only attract people’s attention. Aren’t you afraid of being robbed?”

Han Buli thought the same. He couldn’t help but sigh as he said, “You’re right. Zhang Feng has the ability to hold on to his large artifact. If I have one, I’m afraid I would be killed. Or it would be taken by the clan. I definitely wouldn’t be able to hold on to it.”

Looking at Han Buli, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. At the same time, Han Buli wasn’t really serious with his request. He didn’t have any need for a large artifact. He sighed once more before letting the matter go.

After drinking a few rounds of liquor, Han Buli opened his mouth and said, “Little Hai, the current Black Tiger Gang isn’t peaceful at all. The Hu Clan have gone crazy. Our clan discovered that the Hu Clan has colluded with outsiders. You need to be careful.”

Zhao Hai knit his brows and said, “Colluding with outsiders? The Roaring Flame Sect?”

Han Buli shook his head and said, “It’s not. It seems to be the Wandering Soul gang. It would be better if it was the Roaring Flame Sect. The Roaring Flame Sect isn’t strong. Even if they get involved, things wouldn’t be difficult to deal with. On the other hand, the Wandering Soul Gang is strong. Those fellows are covetous.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I heard that the Wandering Soul Gang is a group of Ghost Cultivators. I have yet to see one.”

Han Buli shook his head and said, “You don’t want to meet those people. Each and every person from the Wandering Soul Gang is ruthless. They don’t abide by common sense. Today, they might be friends, but the next day they wouldn’t hesitate to chop your head.” Zhao Hai nodded and didn’t say anything.

Han Buli sighed and said, “Speaking of which, the Hu Clan are truly greedy. Their clan is already at the top of the Black Tiger Sect. They’re only below one person and above millions. Yet, they are unsatisfied and want to snatch the position of Gang Leader. They even colluded with the Wandering Soul Gang. Who knows what they’re thinking.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “A person’s greed is limitless. Even if they obtain what they want, they would still want more. It’s normal. Right, since you know that they colluded with the Wandering Soul Gang, did you take action? Or did you just watch them?”

Han Buli sighed, “Even if we want to deal with them, we aren’t strong enough. After many years, the Hu Clan was able to win large and small groups in the Black Tiger Gang. Even if the Han Clan and the Gang Leader worked together, it would still be very hard to deal with them. Moreover, our Han Clan isn’t as strong as the Hu Clan. After all, the Han Clan lived in the dark while the Hu Clan resided in the light.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he knitted his brows and said, “If the Hu Clan colludes with the Wandering Soul Gang, what do you do? Is it good to always stay passive like this?”

Han Buli coldly snorted and said, “Although this is the case, the Han Clan also existed for many years. We aren’t weak. If they want to swallow us, they would certainly break their teeth. Don’t worry, even if we can’t press the Hu Clan, they also can’t do anything to us.”


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