BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1675


Chapter 1675 – Preparing The Gift

Han Ren looked at the jade sword message and frowned. He didn’t expect Zhang Feng to take action against Han Buli. He couldn’t help but be surprised.

Han Ren was a division manager of the Darkness Hall. His other identity was Han Buli’s Uncle. He was the person who talked to Han Buli when he returned to the Darkness Hall.

When Han Buli asked him to investigate Zhao Hai last time, Han Ren didn’t find out that Zhao Hai had gone under Zhang Feng’s umbrella. He really thought that Zhao Hai offended Zhang Feng, so he was sent to the Ignored Valley. For the people in the Black Tiger Gang, being sent to the Ignored Valley meant that they were exiled.

Han Ren knew a lot about Zhao Hai’s actions in the lower realms, but he was unaware of Zhao Hai’s ability to recycle waste materials. This was because Zhao Hai usually recycled materials in the Hundred Treasures Realm, not in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Even if Zhao Hai used his ability in the battlefield, it was impossible for the Sky Tower to know everything in the battlefield.

And since Han Ren was aware of Zhao Hai’s background, he didn’t even think that Zhao Hai would be willing to stay in the Ignored Valley. In Han Ren’s investigation, he found out that Zhao Hai was ambitious. He wasn’t the type of person who would accept becoming ordinary in the Great World of Cultivation after his valued status in the Hundred Treasures Realm.

In Han Ren’s mind, Zhao Hai wouldn’t have stayed in the Ignored Valley if he hadn’t offended Zhang Feng. After all, the valley was the nightmare of all cultivators.

The Ignored Valley was called the nightmare of cultivators not just because nobody went there all year round. After all, cultivators close up on their own for long periods of time. Most cultivators were loners and didn’t have any friends. It is also not because there are no training materials in the valley. Although they were exiled to the valley, the watchman would also be given resources not any less than other Outer Disciples.

The Ignored Valley was called the ‘nightmare of cultivators’ because it was a place that trampled on a cultivator’s dignity. An Outer Disciple in charge of taking out trash was a full loss of face. And face was the one thing that cultivators cared too much about.

Because of this, it would be strange for Zhao Hai to get along with Zhang Feng given how he was treated. So Han Ren didn’t think that Zhao Hai would become one of Zhang Feng’s men.

But after seeing how Zhang Feng wanted to deal with Ban Li, Han Ren couldn’t sit still. Naturally he knew that Ban Li was one of Han Buli’s identities. He also knew that Han Buli used Ban Li’s identity to get in contact with Zhao Hai two times. Han Ren just couldn’t understand why Zhang Feng wanted Ban Li to be dealt with. Just because Ban Li was in contact with Zhao Hai? This doesn’t seem to be the case.

After many years of collecting information, Han Ren was able to develop a certain sense of smell. This matter was definitely far from simple. Han Ren felt that he would need to chat with Zhang Feng.

Han Ren has a certain understanding of Zhang Feng. The two met each other through the Gang Leader, Zhang Feng’s Martial Uncle. It could be said that the two were the Gang Leader’s left and right hand men. Therefore, the relationship between the two was good. The reason why Zhang Feng could hold on against the top ten Core Disciples was due to the Han Clan’s help.

Han Ren thought that if he declined Zhang Feng, then Zhang Feng would look for other people to help him. This would cause trouble. So Han Ren immediately set off to meet Zhang Feng.

Not long after Zhang Feng sent his jade sword message, the transmission formation lit up. Seeing the person on the formation, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but stare. He knew who this person was. Naturally, it was impossible for Han Ren to look for Zhang Feng using his real face. So when he went to Zhang Feng, he used his other identity. Therefore, Zhang Feng recognized Han Ren right away.

Zhang Feng couldn’t understand why Han Ren came over. Didn’t he just ask to help with Zhao Hai’s matter? Why did he come?

Although Zhang Feng didn’t understand what was going on. He immediately welcomed Han Ren over. They were currently the only people around since the Battle Slaves were busy cultivating. Because of this, nobody noticed Han Ren’s arrival. The two immediately went to Zhang Feng’s office.

After the two had sat down, Zhang Feng looked at Han Ren and said, “Brother Ren, why did you come?”

Zhang Feng held great respect towards Han Ren. This wasn’t only because of Han Ren’s background in the Han Family, but it was also because of Han Ren’s care of Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng understood that the Han Clan had already regarded him as the successor to the Gang Leader and were willing to train him. Naturally, Zhang Feng was deeply grateful for this.

Han Ren didn’t hesitate and immediately got straight to the point, “Little Feng, I came because of the letter you sent. What’s going on? Why would you care about who Zhao Hai comes in contact with?”

Hearing Han Ren, Zhang Feng’s heart couldn’t help but jump. He looked at Han Ren and said, “Brother Ren, you’re saying that we can’t touch Ban Li?”

Han Ren looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Let’s leave that aside for now. Let’s talk about Zhao Hai first. What’s going on with him? Why are you worried about his matters?”

Zhang Feng smiled bitterly and said, “Brother Ren, it’s not that I’m worried, but Zhao Hai is really important to me. I’ve already taken him under my wing and I don’t want other people to know about him. Let me be honest to you, Zhao Hai has a unique ability to recycle and restore waste materials. He can use waste materials and transform them into useful pills and artifacts. So what place is more suited to him than the Ignored Valley? As long as Zhao Hai is there, we can attract more and more people to our side. I don’t know who this Ban Li is, but I can’t help but be suspicious when he approaches Zhao Hai.”

Han Ren’s eyes shone as he replied, “So this is the case. No wonder you’re anxious. Then let me be honest to you as well. There’s no need to worry about Ban Li. He’s our clan’s little third child.”

When he heard this, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but stare. Then his eyes lit up as he asked, “Third child? You mean Thousand Faces Han Buli?” Thousand Faces was Han Buli’s nickname. But this nickname was only known among a very small circle of people. People outside don’t know about this.

Han Ren nodded, “Right. That kid met Zhao Hai accidentally and they hit it off. I didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be under your protection. If this is the case, then there’s no need to worry about it. I will handle this matter.”

Zhang Feng smiled bitterly and said, “This is quite a mess. I actually asked you to deal with Han Buli, what a joke. Alright, let’s have Han Buli interact with Little Hai more.”

Han Ren laughed, “I don’t blame you. It’s a good idea to check people’s backgrounds. After all, Ban Li has no status in the Black Tiger Gang. Alright, now that things are clear, I’ll take my leave.” Then he turned around and left.

Zhang Feng initially wanted to lead Han Ren out, but Han Ren waved his hand and told him to not bother. Looking at Han Ren’s back, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He didn’t expect Ban Li to be Han Buli. Fortunately, he asked Han Ren first. Otherwise, his relationship with the Han Clan would be damaged and his losses would be huge.

Zhao Hai and Han Buli were unaware of this. The two continued to drink as they chatted. After drinking a couple bottles, Han Buli left.

Once Han Buli was gone, Zhao Hai prepared his gift. He told Zhang Hao that he would give Zhang Feng a gift. This gift was none other than a large artifact.

Zhang Feng has been going against the top ten core disciples. However, the top ten core disciples have their own Black Tiger Ships. These were powerful large artifacts. Meanwhile, Zhang Feng has no large artifact on his own to show his status. This wasn’t proper. Therefore, Zhao Hai prepared to give Zhang Feng a large artifact to call his own.

Naturally, Zhao Hai would not give something like the Black Tiger Ship. After all, the Black Tiger Ship was one of the secrets of the sect. It involved countless hours of hard work. Even if Zhao Hai tried to make it, he wouldn’t have enough materials to use. So he can only make another large artifact.

Zhao Hai wanted to give Zhang Feng a large artifact like the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship. The Giant Spirit Treasure Ship was beautiful. Moreover, it wasn’t weak in combat. As long as Zhao Hai used good materials, he could make one that wouldn’t pale in comparison to the large artifacts in the Great World of Cultivation. It would be suitable for Zhang Feng to use.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to install a yin-yang lightning pond on Zhang Feng’s large artifact. The yin-yang lightning pond was Zhao Hai’s secret and couldn’t be shared outside. He didn’t even think about putting cannons on the ship. This was because ordinary cannons were useless for people like Zhang Feng. It was also useless against people in the Great World of Cultivation.

Although a lot of things couldn’t be installed, formations could be included. Ordinary qi gathering formations could also be installed. This way, the formation can absorb the energy of the surroundings to power the ship. Naturally, during battle, spirit stones would be needed to add additional power. But Zhao Hai believes that Zhang Feng wasn’t someone who lacked spirit stones.

As for the internal design of the ship, Zhao Hai wanted to do it well. He would use spatial techniques to make the inside bigger. Moreover, it would not be like the Black Tiger Ship where the space inside would be reduced. Even if the ship was large or small, the inside space would stay the same.

Naturally, this large artifact couldn’t compare to the Hell King’s Ship. But it would still be very good. Zhao Hai doesn’t want the large artifact he made to be shoddy work.

Zhao Hai hasn’t seen the Black Tiger Ship in battle. But he could see from its shape and movement that it would definitely be good in battle. Not only does it have the advantages of an artifact, it also has the mobility of a puppet. 

Zhao Hai knew some puppet techniques, but he didn’t delve deep into it. Now, it seems like he needs to study it for himself.

Naturally, Zhao Hai’s puppet techniques were those from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. His methods would definitely be inferior to the Great World of Cultivation. However, for setting his foundations, these techniques were already good. Later on, Zhao Hai can study the Great World of Cultivation’s puppet techniques. He believed that he would be able to refine a Black Tiger Ship sooner or later. 


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